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Blaze_of_Ares posted on Apr 28, 2012 at 02:28AM
You must make your own and cannot use the original characters.
1.Minimize cussing
2.Don't make your character too strong
3.No killing of other people's character
4.You can only have one character, if you wanna change, kill off your character and make a new one.
5.You can use original characters, to talk to or fight or etc, but make sure it's what they would really say and do what they really do.

Now, to make a wizard just tell us the following:




Place of living-





Pet[pets count as a member of Fairy Tail](optional)-


Any other things you would like us to know-

You can make your own kind of magic or use the original.
Makarov is DEAD. Yeah, we did a 5 years time skip. Mirajane is Guild Master


Blaze Phoenix(me)
Tierra Blanchett(temari101)
Saara Silverkin(Jennifer0)
Ginger the Exceed[pet](Jennifer0)
Alyss NightShade(Okuni)
Alek "The Monster" Valentine(AceDarkwolf17)
Seimon Kagnos(TheAdventGhost)
Omen Redcliff(wolfmaster3000)
Raion the lion Exceed[pet](wolfmaster3000)
Nami wingslayer(natcy08)
Black Leopard[pet](natcy08)
Blade Panther(GGMist)
Verdict the Exceed(GGMist)
Miyuki IceFyre(musicxgirl18)
Sasuke Uchiha(Sasuke106)
Rikku Caster(MyBlueDragon)
Ace the falcon[pet](MyBlueDragon)
Lily Cross(Animated_Heart)
Kiki the wolf[pet](Animated_Heart)
Chazz Fay(Jupiter305)
Shinji Elion(mcterra)
Ciel Taramaru(Gray-Dragneel)
Kai Hitaru(Gray-Dragneel)

Take your jobs here: link
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più di un anno fa Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai::*Walks in the cell*Hmm....there not here yet....
???: Well, well, well...isn't Kai Hitaru, the guy whom betrayed Dark Cross.Yet, you still have the bracelet.
Kai: *Looks at his wrist* *There's was a bead bracelet with a black cross at the bottom with a circle in the middle*So what Daisuke?
Daisuke: You don't deserve that, after what you did...

(Daisuke Konda: link)
Gray-Dragneel commented…
Daisuke Konda magics: Lightning and Nullifying Magic più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Gray-Dragneel said…
So we have:
Allen Brixs(It's pronounced like Bricks)
Silver Misturu
Night Walker
Kyte Lancer
Aqua Star
Red Star
Daisuke Konda
and there will be two more characters
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più di un anno fa Gray-Dragneel said…
Daisuke: Come on, if you're looking for a fight then I'll win.
Kai: That's not true*In his thoughts:Yeah he'll win unless...* Fine, let's fight*Withdraws sword*
Daisuke: Fine by me.
Kai: Phoenix flame Breath
Daisuke: Blue Magic:Flame Nullify
Kai:*Starts running into the fire and slashes at Daisuke*
Daisuke:*Grunts*So you know my weakness,huh?
Kai: Yeah.
Daisuke: Fine by me. Let's us continue....Lightning Shock Wave
Kai:*Screams in pain*
più di un anno fa killer24 said…
Alex: *wakes up but keeps his head down so no one knows he's awake*
più di un anno fa Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai:*Pants heavily*Phoenix Flare Rush*Runs at Daisuke*
Daisuke: Lightning Wall
Kai:*Runs through the wall and hits Daisuke multiple times due to Phoenix Flare Rush*
Daisuke: You really are stupid as always. This ends now!!!!Lightning Storm!!!!*A cloud appears over Kai's head*
???:*Hits Daisuke*Don't you dare hurt my friend!
Kai:*The cloud goes away* Thanks ace.
Ace:No problem,Kai.*Smiles*Go save your friends.
Allen:Not on my watch, you ain't.

(Ace Granchester: link Magic: re-quipping gloves and earth/ground magic)
più di un anno fa killer24 said…
Alex: *gets up silently and take out his pistols then walk around until he finds Silver he then walks up behind him and grabs him placing one gun to his head wile the other arm is around his neck* "shhh, no one need to know"
più di un anno fa Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: Like old times, Ace?
Kai&Ace: Fusion Raid.
Ace: Lightning Control Gloves(White gloves with blue lightning bolts on each knuckle)
Kai: Flame Pillar&Phoenix summon
Kai&Ace:Electrifying Phoenix End*The Phoenix turn blue and had shockings around it. Then crashed into Allen&Daisuke)
Kai: I knew his weakness, he can only nullify 1 magic at a time and he can't attack while nullifying magic.
più di un anno fa Gray-Dragneel said…
???:*Claps very slowly*Well, what do we have here?
Ace:Oh crap.
Kai: Don't tell me it's him.
???:Yes.It is me.
Ace&Kai: The strongest wizard here, Lyner Sato.
Lyner: So glad you guys remember me.But,you do realize this is the end.
Kai: Not if I can stop you.
Lyner: Oh,really?'Cause last time I checked you barely did any magic and did a lot with your sword.
Ace: Shut up, you bastard!I face you!
Lyner: Oh please. You guys can't really win against a Demon.

(Lyner: link Magic: Dark,Light, Demon Arm Morph, and death magic. Weapon: link)
più di un anno fa Gray-Dragneel said…
Lyner: What's wrong?Too scared?
Ace: Kai,go.I'll hold him off for you. Go save your friends.
Kai: I'm not going any where until I beat him.
Ace: Stubborn as always.
più di un anno fa killer24 said…
Alex: *knocks silver out with a nice blow to the head then keeps walk/crouching around*
più di un anno fa Gray-Dragneel said…
Ace:Re-quip; Cross-Hit Gloves(white gloves with black x's on the backhand and does twice the damage).
Kai: Phoenix Flare Edge*Body bursts into flames and "soars" to Lyner*
Lyner: Death ball*death ball charges up in a one hand*Die you stupid fool!
Ace:*Smashes the ground*Ground Wall*Wall grew from the ground and separated me and Lyner*
Kai: *Smashes in the wall and fire burns out*Damn, you could have warn me.
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
(hey guys what's going on?)
più di un anno fa killer24 said…
(nothing if you are lost read bac)
più di un anno fa Palin_X765 said…
Name: Palin

Age: 18

Magic: ( shadow) Deamon Slayer

weapons: black shield

apperance: curly black hair, grey eyes (blind) dark brown skin wear only black clothing mostly his black long sleeve shirt and black pants. he is 5'8 not slim but toned

personality: quiet doesnt speak much but is a nice person and cares for his friends

likes: to sleep

dislikes: the sun and being disturbed in his sleep

birthday: december 21

girlfriend: shay (deceased)

mark location: left palm ( black)

history: when he was younger his mother summoned the deamon Axrus and the deamon fused with with him making him part deamon it is a shaow deamon which allows him to make shadows in anyforms he wants like his shield . he needs death to survie and when he hasnt killed in a long time he turns unto the deamon human hybrid that killed his girlfriend if he hasnt killed in awhile. the deamon speaks to him in his head, but palin never wants to kill but has no choice
più di un anno fa Gray-Dragneel said…
Yay, a new member.Welcome to the guild newbie^.^
Palin_X765 commented…
sup più di un anno fa
Gray-Dragneel commented…
I'm gray-Dragneel a.k.a Kai Hitaru. Make sure te RP più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: link]http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/8214/t­ek5­1b5­cff­de4­5f1­480­124­9.p­ng[­/ur­l][­/ur­l]
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più di un anno fa Gray-Dragneel said…
*A hole starts burning through the rock wall*
Kai: Here he comes.*draws sword*
Ace:Yeah.Full Metal Punch.(Metal gloves with gantlets)
Lyner: I have enough off you punks.*Puts his hand in front of him and aims at Ace**12 magic circles rotated around Ace* Dark Poison Arrows*Arrows start flying out of the magic circles*
Ace:*Screams in horrifying pain as the arrow goes through his body leaving poison in his body*
Kai: Don't worry buddy I'll save you
Red: Not on my watch you won't.
più di un anno fa killer24 said…
Alex: "but who will save you!?, from me?" *walks out and is blinded by the light but then levels his guns at him*. "This is payback for knocking me out, go get 'Im kid I'll deal with this poser"
più di un anno fa Gray-Dragneel said…
you do realize you can use these characters?
più di un anno fa Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: Thanks,*Starts running trying to find Natsu*
Night:*Stops Kai in his tracks*
Kai: Damn it!!
Night: Nice to see you too.
Aqua:*walks up from behind Night*You really think that could stop me?
Kyte: *walks up from behind Aqua*Damn,this is gonna be fun!
*Kyte,Lyner,Aqua,Night,and Red circles around the two Fairy Tail members and Ace*
Kai: Alex? You got plan?*Readying his sword in a fighting position*
più di un anno fa killer24 said…
Alex: "yeah, kick these guys butt and get back 'ome in time for tea, I mean they not that tuff". *smiles and takes out his two pistols and aims* "you want two and I'll 'ave the three, this is going to be soooo fun"
più di un anno fa Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: Don't forget we have Ace on our side.And plus I barely have any magic.Ace has a little magic too. And I have a feeling there's going to be more than juts these five.So don't use to much magic.
Ace:Alex,right?I'll take on one 'cause If I move too much,the poison will spread.You take 2,Kai takes 2.Sound fair?
*Meanwhile with Natsu
Natsu: Natsu is reborn*Screaming on the top his lungs and blinks twice*Where is everyone?
più di un anno fa killer24 said…
Alex: "I guess but be careful Ace if poison is in you if you can't handle it I will take over for you" *smiles at him then at the enemy*. "You ready? Or too chicken"
più di un anno fa Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: Wait,do you still have your match book?
Ace:Oh, you're really gonna do that?Remember the last time you did that?
Kai: Yeah,but it is our only chance.
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più di un anno fa killer24 said…
Alex: "of course I do but why... Oh here". *throws him the matches*
più di un anno fa Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai:*lights the entire match book on fire and eats it* Remember the time my leg was in ashes and I light it up it turn blue?Well,there is a Blue Phoenix.So get ready.*Drops sword*As the Phoenix gets stronger by day,but weaker at night,his true self is reborn*Crosses his arm like the Ice Sealed and as blue fire started to burn around him*
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più di un anno fa Gray-Dragneel said…
Ace:Alex,get down!!!*Sits on the floor after his grunt of pain*
Kai: May he bring down the flare of Hell,Blue Phoenix summon*A Phoenix appears but it's blue**Smiles an evil smile*Blue Phoenix Flare end*The Phoenix burst in many different directions hitting every one and blowing up the entire place*There.....we..won...*Falls to the ground *
più di un anno fa Shadow-Blade said…
Name-Dante Spade
Magic-Ice Dragon Slayer
Living-Outskirts of Mongolia
Weapon- Katana
Personality-Fun,crazy,shy, can and will get serious when need to loves to eat fruit,falls asleep easily
Other things- He loves to go near a lake.Loves animals
 Name-Dante vanga Age-19 Magic-Ice Dragon Slayer Living-Outskirts of Mongolia Weapon- Katana Appe
più di un anno fa Shadow-Blade said…
Dante:*Walks in Fairy Tail*Wow!This place is how how I imagined it.*smiles gently*
più di un anno fa Palin_X765 said…
Palin: * walks in the guild the demon in his head told him its called fairy tail (he is blind) mabye he can start a new life here*
* walk through the door bumps into someone whose skin was very cold*
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
Shinji:"comes back to the guild after his long period of training.he stands infront of the guild door"it's been long but after all this i'm sure i'll be able to defeat Seimon Kagnos and even dad
Shinji:I'M BACK "smashes the guild door with a kick thereby destroying them.everyone turns to look at him"WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT YOU IDIOTS IT'S ME AND I'M BACK
Natsu:Hey Shinji you freak.you broke the door again like on your first day.what's wrong with you
Shinji:what's your problem Natsu?wanna fight
Natsu:I'm gonna silence you.FIRE DRAGON'S IRON FIST!!!!
Shinji:ROCK FIST!!!!
"Natsu and Shinji are both calmed down by Erza who knocks them out"
Erza:can't you guys behave yourselves.we've got new recruits you aren't giving them a good impression about us "points at Dante and Palin"
Shinji:new recruits?
più di un anno fa GraveyTrain said…
Name- Nazo Kyofu

Age- 19

Magic- Shock Wave Magic

Place of living- Magnolia Town

Weapons(optional)- A sword in which was crafted by his father who was terribly murdered before his eyes when he was of a young age.

Appearance- A tall man with gray/blue hair that sticks out over a mask here wears, in which resembles a reptilian creature. It covers the strange tattoos that go down the whole left half of his body. The tattoos appeared after his heart was filled with hatred from watching his parents die. His body was engulfed in anger and for weeks he was left in a state battling the terror inside of his body. The tattoos, at least that's what he calls them, remain on one half of his body though he conquered it completely from taking over his body. Nazo wears a black shirt and gray, plaid pants with black shoes. He wears gold gloves that match his mask.

Personality- Despite having a depressing past, Nazo though rather quite quiet, is very caring for his friends and thinks of them as family to make up for his short time knowing his family as a child. He loves them dearly and would go to the stakes of putting his life in danger to make them happy and safe. He has a slight sense of humor when he opens up. Though like every Fairy Tail character, he has a problem. At times the markings on him body will begin to glow and he develops a dark and insane mood. It goes away after a minute or so.

Pet[pets count as a member of Fairy Tail](optional)- Nazo's pet is a large, talking lizard with the ability to shape shift. It's named Henshin.

Any other things you would like us to know- After being put into the dark state, somehow Nazo began to have the power to use his Shock Wave Magic. Originally being a form of energy magic, Nazo created Shock Wave Magic by using his ability to manipulate waves of energy in the air. Nazo only talks a lot around Henshin.
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più di un anno fa GraveyTrain said…
Nazo: Heh, Henshin. *Looks up at the Fairy Tail building.* So this is the one and only Fairy Tail!

Henshin: It's not quite what I expected.

Nazo: What you expected or not, this is still one of the strongest wizard guilds out there.

Henshin: Got that right, Nazo.

Nazo: I hope we can become and official members soon. I would die of anticipation if we had to wait.
*Makes a face of boredom as he thinks about the possible future.*
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più di un anno fa GraveyTrain said…
Mirajane: Hello! *Smiles* I haven't seen your faces around, you must be new comers.
Nazo: ... *Stands in silence.*
Mirajane: o.o *Thinks.* He said nothing!
Henshin: *Cough cough!* Ahem!
Nazo: ...
Henshin: Why do you have to be so quiet and shy!? Thank you, Mirajane-san. My name's Hensh-!
Nazo: This is my pet lizard, Henshin and I'm Nazo. We would like to join Fairy Tail!
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più di un anno fa GraveyTrain said…
Mirajane: Why are you thanking me? -.- You should of said sooner! Welcome to Fairy Tail! The master is away at a guild meeting at the moment. Please, sit down and get to know some Fairy Tail members. *Smiles.* We'll get you stamped as soon as possible. By the way guys, just call me Mira.

Nazo: *Nods and grins. Whispers.* Henshin. My nightmares have came true. Darn it we have to wait!

Henshin: This is only you here. I'm perfectly fine with waiting *Begins to shake with anticipation.* I - I'm - I'm perfectly fine!

Nazo: You have more anticipation than me!

Henshin: Maybe you're right.

Nazo: You idiot.

Henshin: -_-

Nazo: ... *Silence.*
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più di un anno fa GraveyTrain said…
5 minutes later...
Henshin: It's b - b - been like 2 hours, Nazo. Do we really have to join?

Nazo: It's only been about 5 minutes.

Henshin: But look at the clock.

Nazo: It's 2:26 PM we got here around 2:20.

Henshin: Oh no, Nazo! It must have been two days.

Nazo: More like 5 minutes.

Henshin: Say what you want.

*Door opens!*

Random Fairy Tail member: Hey, guys! The master's back!

*Everyone goes crazy.*
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più di un anno fa GraveyTrain said…
Nazo: He's here!

Henshin: After two days!

Master: I'm back! *Smiles.*

Nazo and Henshin: *See Mira talk to the master about them. Master walks towards them*

Master: Hmm. I see, while I was gone we've had some new recruits. I sense good soul in you two. You will now be official members of the guild. Where do you wish to be stamped?

Nazo: o.o That was really easy. I guess I'll get it on my forearm.

Master: I guess I'll just stamp your lizard anywhere. After all he can't tal-.

Henshin: The master of Fairy Tail! It is so nice to meet you.

Master: *Stunned!* Holy crap! First Natsu's talking cat, Happy and now a talking lizard! I've seen it all these days!
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più di un anno fa GraveyTrain said…
(This place seems to be kind of unactive. Hopefully you peoples show up!)
più di un anno fa GraveyTrain said…
Master: Come on Fairy Tail! Welcome our new recruits!

Fairy Tail: *Becomes loud and crazy.* Welcome!

Nazo: Hmm. *Smiles and thinks.* Fairy Tail. I can't wait to finally start fresh.

Henshin: Don't you think they seem kind of rowdy.

Nazo: *Turns towards Henshin and grins.* We'll be perfectly fine. *Sits down at a table, kicks back, and relaxes. Sighs in relief and contentment.* I feel at home. (Out loud.) *Falls asleep.*

Henshin: o.O He fell asleep.
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più di un anno fa GraveyTrain said…
Nazo: *Suddenly wakes up in a warm bed.* W - where am I?

Henshin: You're home. You've been sleeping for about a day now. I didn't realize how tired you were.

Nazo: I couldn't sleep these past few days. There was a tense feeling in the air. It's gone now. *Smiles.*

Henshin: While you were asleep Mira showed me some houses around here for rent. I got a house for really cheap! 70,000 Jewels a month!

Nazo: How could a lizard buy a house?

Henshin: I stole money out of your wallet and gave it to Mira who payed this month's rent. :)

Nazo: You bugger. I'll get yo - *Snore.*

Henshin: He fell back asleep! o.O
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più di un anno fa killer24 said…
(well aren't you a enthusiast, names 24, killer24 )
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più di un anno fa GraveyTrain said…
(Lol. No one was posting. I just had to make up a story myself. Guess I took it overboard?)
più di un anno fa GraveyTrain said…
Some time in the morning...
Henshin: Nazo! Nazo! Wake up.

Nazo: What do you want? *Turns over.*

Henshin: I spent all your money on the house. We need to go on a job!

Nazo: Oh yeah. *Get's angry.* I'm gonna get you back for that.

Henshin: You're scary when you get mad. o_o

Nazo: Let me get dressed into appropriate clothes. We can do a job after that.

Henshin: *Mumbles.* Yes! He's not angry at me.

Nazo: Also, prepare yourself. I'm going to torture you for what you've done.

Henshin: I'm dead meat.
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più di un anno fa GraveyTrain said…
Later on near the job board...

Natsu: Newbie! Come and fight me!

Nazo: Why do you want to fight me all of the sudden?

Natsu: You look tough.

Nazo: o.O *Cracks neck back and forth.* I don't see why you must do this but a fight seems rather fun. Where at?

Natsu: I know a perfect spot not too far away from here.

5 minutes later...

Natsu: Here we are. Right outside of Lucy's house. :)
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più di un anno fa GraveyTrain said…
Natsu: Ready to get your butt kicked?

Nazo: *Smiles and nods.*

Natsu: *Suddenly jumps towards Nazo.* Iron First of the Fire Dragon!

Nazo: *Holds his hand up and suddenly a shock wave appears which ends up blocking Natsu's attack and then returns it.*

Natsu: *Eats fire.* Thank's for the snack! Now! Enough playing around! Wind Slash of the Fire Dragon!

Nazo: *Tries to block the attack but it breaks through. Nazo jumps backwards and manages to slip away from Natsu's attack.*

Natsu: Hmm! How about another Iron Fist of the Fire Dragon! *Natsu throws three Iron Fists.*

Nazo: It seems I underestimated you.

*Nazo quickly dodges Natsu's attacks and punches him hard in the gut which sends Natsu flying back a little but he catches himself. Natsu then uses Breath of the Fire Dragon! A shock wave appears from Nazo's fist and he punches towards Natsu. Natsu dodges it. The shock wave from Nazo's fist goes and hits Lucy's house, destroying it partially.*

Lucy: Natsu!!! Not another fight in front of my house! *Lucy walks out her broken door and punches both Natsu and Nazo which knocks them out. They lay on the sidewalk next to each other with a nose bleed.*

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più di un anno fa killer24 said…
Alex: *walks past the pair of knocked out boy*. "well well, a new kid fighting Natsu, and in front of lucy's house, this kids got guts hahaha". *walks away too fairy tail*
più di un anno fa topgun342 said…
Name: no formal name but goes by the nickname Sil

Age: only 16

Magic: Sil can use multiple types of magic> shadow, wind, ice, and fire magic. Sil calls it bundle magic which means he can observe and learn multiple magic types. Sil mostly uses the first three though.

Weapons: usually uses magic twin swords but requips pending on the situation. Sil does have one magic weapon no one else in the world possesses. It is a pair of black gloves with an eye on each palm and a metal band on the opposite side. The blades outline each finger. Sil can use his magic energy in order to form two single sword tips, when he brings his fingers together. He can then use his magic energy to extend the blades but only by one meter. The metal band has a special purpose when Sil uses one unique spell.

Personality: Sil is nearly silent hence forth the nickname Sil. Sil is also very observant, secretive, intelligent, kind, compassionate, patient at times, and passive but when somebody threatens a member of his guild or one of his trusted friends he uses a special spell called shadow disposition in order to save his guild member or friend.

Pets: none that anyone is aware of

Appearance: i can't really explain it

Living place: no one know if he has one or not

Weakness (es): not going to disclose them but there are some

Background: Sil was abandoned as a child by his own parents in a forest near there town. Sil was blessed with early knowledge of fire magic. He used his blessed gift of fire magic to survive in the forest. When Sil was six, he spotted members of a dark guild using shadow magic Sil didn’t know what a guild was or where he could find or join one. Sil used his gift of observation to learn how to use shadow magic in a matter of five years and learned wind magic in a matter of only two years. He wanted to enter a city but shied because he thought all the member of his guild would shun him away because he was too weak in comparison. He moved to a mountains summit in a cave where he perfected his ice magic use. He finally entered a city and bought some clothes that fit him, half a mask, and a bandana with a metal shard which is his magic weapon in disguise with a large sum of money he found in the woods. He often hides himself in the shroud of the wind or travels through the shadows. He is not a part of any team but often takes jobs that many people would not be willing to take.
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più di un anno fa GraveyTrain said…
Nazo: *Wakes up.* How long have I been knocked out? *Opens eyes. Jolts awake at the sight of Henshin staring him dead in the eyes.*

Henshin: Only a few minutes. Natsu woke up and returned to Fairy Tail not so long ago.

Nazo: Natsu. He was a tough opponent. Though, I was holding back.

Henshin: I'm sure he was too. I could tell by how his attacks were. After quickly jerking his fist forwards while using Iron Fist of the Fire Dragon, he would suddenly slow down the punch and his muscles would loosen.

Nazo: Nice observation but... we really need to go on a job.

Henshin: Right!
più di un anno fa GraveyTrain said…
Looking at the job board...
Nazo: *Sighs.* There's so many jobs! Which one will we go on?

Henshin: So many to choose from but a majority of them don't even sound fun.

Nazo: I can't decide between "Catch a Thief!" with a reward of 2,000 J or "Find an Enchanted Ring!" with a reward of also 2,000 J. Which sounds more fun?

Henshin: Catching a thief would be way to easy. Let's go with finding that ring.

Nazo: So be it. *Takes job from board.*

Henshin: Our first job! I can't wait!
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più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: *standing with his back to the wall*