Fairy Tail Fairy Tail RP!! (FULL!!)

sieluvzsoul posted on Oct 07, 2013 at 11:54PM
(heres wat u need)
appearance: (body type, hair color of eyes no clothes cuz their suppose to change each time)
age: (can b any age rlly)
power: (minimum is 2)
partners: (u culd mak ur own or team up with the other OCs)
attitude: a perv or sumthing like tht u get it)
crush:(no avoiding it, cuzzins idea, tru otaku lol)
(ya ik its short but ill cum up wit more along da way PLZ JOIN and yes there can b romance in the RP and cussing and pervy moments, i honestly dnt care, SO JOIN!!!!AYE!!!!)
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più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
liz: HOW BOUT U ALL SHUT UP, GOD DAMN, UR GIVING ME A HEADACHE *throws 1 of her sandals at natsus and 1 at grays head* and gray PUT ON A FUKIN SHIRT
gray: im srry liz
natsu: ya same
liz: now *floats bak down her wings fluttering* hello fier itz nice 2 meet u im Elizabeth
(sure LOL thnx for joining)
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più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
(any1 here)
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
I am)
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
Ang walks out to the yard:I'm ang and its nice to meet u
Spark:I'm Spark and I'm useless
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
liz: shut up spark stop saying tht
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
Spark:What all I can do is teleport and now that your ice fairy or what ever I'm the useless one
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
gray: ice fairy
liz: AND ANOTHER THING... hey w8
natsu: dude u hav no idea how wrong and harsh tht came out
liz: wut b4 i was wutever this is... u thot i was... USELESS
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
Spark:no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no u said that be4 we ki....
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
liz: mmm mm mm *puts a finger 2 her mouth*
gray: y do i get the feeling u 2 r hiding sumthing from us
arie: thtz cuz they r i can tell, well wut is it u 2 spit it out
liz: the only thing ill b spitting out is...ummm... vomit?
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
Spark:harsh anyway I need to go do something
Spark teleport away leaving a little red Orange white and blue spark were he was
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
liz: hey dnt leave me here 2, o u little b....hey yd he leave sparks
lucy: dunno itz strange
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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
Spark:I wonder
Spark walks around on abandoned island that no one knows about
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
lucy: liz do u lik spark, u kno more than a frend
liz: i um uh
loke; hey liz can i tlk 2 u outside *grabs lizs hand*
liz: uh sure
loke: *takes her outside closing the door behind him*
(hey can we mak it so tht spark leaves then cums bak and liz is all friendly and luvy duvy with loke? i think itd b funny, but ur choice)
liz: phew thnx loke ur a fukin life-saver *hugs him*
loke in mind: shes even more adorable in this form
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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
Yeah but I advice like better watch out)
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
Spark:all those years I was a fool I should've actually came in the temple
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
(sie: lol gocha *giggles*)
loke: cum on liz lets go hang out sumwer else
liz: id luv 2 but my wings
loke: dnt u hav a way 2 hide them
liz: no but i hav a way 2 make it seem lik theyre prt of an costume *her wngs droop down* there all better
loke: perfect now u look lik my kiddy but cute and adorable lil gurlfriend
liz: i lik the sound of tht, ALOT, finishing touch *jumps onto lokes bak*
loke: k *holds lizs legs* lets go *walks off*
liz: weeee *giggles and hugs lokes nek resting her head on his*
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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
Ang:spark is going to be upset
Spark:let's go in
Spark in mind:and I'm talking to my self again
Spark walks into temple :I remember when I lived here
Spark walks around reading weighting on the walls
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
lucy: ill say, wonder wut hell do
natsu: god he always jumps 2 fiting and killing
gray: wuld if he kills loke
tsukune: or worse wuld if he kils Loke ANDDD liz
arie: this is going 2 get interesting
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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
Ang:nah I sought that
Niccaji walks up:y'all wanna do a job I'm kinda low on money
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
Dought not sought)
sieluvzsoul commented…
doubt più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
arie: ooohhh, a job, sounds fun!!! IM IN *smiles sweetly*
tsukune: whoah ariels actually smiling INNOCENTLY, o no r u sik
arie: shut up *trips tsukune making him land on his face*
tsukune: oww
lucy: i guess ive gotta pay rent soon
natsu: sure i promised id keep lucy safe soo, im in *grabs lucys hip pulling her towards him*
lucy: *blushes*
gray: i dunno me and lyon promised 2 keep liz safe
arie: aww dnt b boring
gray and lyon: NO AND THTZ THT
arie: fine, guess its jus us 5
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
Any:including me right
Spark:dang that's a long time so I have to stay here for a month
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
arie; i said 6 duh
(sie: damn a month, no question: spark is so toatally screwed with lizzy, lol)
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
Spark:ok so this should help me
Ang :how long do u think spark will be gone
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
lucy: *shrugs*
gray: id hope 4ever
kani: gray this is angs baby bro were tlkin about here
lucy: cum here kanima! *bends down*
kani: LUCY *runs towards lucy hugging her*
gray: o no itz the hell pre-teen *hides behind ariel*
ariel: crybaby
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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
Ang:Gray how is she from he'll
Ang pokes animal with is finger
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
gray: SHE JUST IS, shes evil and wicked and a sneak and...
kani: dnt listen 2 him hes my boyfriend rite gray *lucy lets her go and she wlkz towards gray*
gray: hell na...
kani: WUT WAS THT, r u breking up with me
gray: um i uh
natsu: did any1 jus think about liz rite there, no wa-was i the only 1
bleu: runs in
(the pic is bleu wich is kanis pet)
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 gray: SHE JUST IS, shes evil and wicked and a sneak and... kani: dnt listen 2 him hes my boyfriend r
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
Spark:I need to get back to the glade
Spark says one he exits the temple some how teleporting himself to the maze with his memory wiped again and begins jogging back to the center of the maze a.k.a the glade
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
natsu: k so it wsnt jus me
kani; bleu cum here my wittle cutie *falls 2 her knees*
bleu: *runs towards her*
kani: *scoops bleu up*
happy: so shes cute and useless
blair: *flies in* hey guys hav yall seen liz
happy: o hey blair *blushes remembering her kiss*
blair: HAPPY *hugs him*
(wut memory wiped AGAIN, jesus)
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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
Yep just wait I copied this off a book )
Spark:walks into glade hey guys
Spark notices that there is a huge crowd surrounding the box
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
(its always bookz with u, but ok wutever)
loke: ok ok *strts 2 run*
liz: weeee
loke: *laughs*
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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
Spark walks over :what's happening
Minho:u tell me u come to the glade a few weeks ago
(Spark was on the island but went in the glade for a few weeks before building a raft and leaving and since that past year they like froze)
Spark:I don't know wait is that a girl
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
Just wait it will make since soon enough)
Minho:yeah weird right over has a girl been brought up anyway she looks like she has a note
Spark:I'll read it it says she is the last one
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
(ok ill play along)
kani: who u callin useless, i may nt b a wizard lik all of u but im pretty strong 4 my age
natsu: o plz, ur so lolita
kani: bich! ill show u, jus wach ur bak! *wlks out and slams the door behind her*
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
Any:name calling could dial it down a bit
Spark:ok weird med jacks get her to the home stead minho u take able to see the dead grevier in the maze
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
arie: so r we doing this job or wutt
(plzz hurry i dnt kno how 2 stall here)
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
Niccaji: yeah come on
Summary about what happens on island everyone dies accept for spark and Teresa a.k.a.the girl spark gets memories back about when he was on island how he and Teresa were gf and bf and spark remembers the year he was in magnolia and teleport him and Teresa to fairy tail and they can communicate via mind with each other
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
(huh ok summary of wut happened, ppl think liz and loke r dating wen rlly theyre nt, cuz they hardly appear at fairy tail and r alwayz at eachothers houses, but they do act exactly lik bf and gf, liz is always hugging loke or riding on his bak, supposivily flirting, if u even wanna call it tht)
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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
Spark:walks up to the guild:Teresa here's fairy tail
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
(o also liz 4got all about her and sparks kiss, and 4got she even liked u although deep inside she still does)
lucy: damn liz and loke dating itz so strange
natsu: ya itz a bit strange
gray: hey at least she is taller and more cxy than adorable now
arie: but she still has purple hair
kani: and wings *hugs bleu tighter*
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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
Spark:here fairy tail
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
lucy; i think liz doesnt even remember who spark is
gray: wut makes u say tht
lucy: this *shows them her phone tht had a txt from liz on it*
kani reads it aloud: wut lucy, who da hell is Spark?!?
arie: o no
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
Spark busts through the doors making any look up from his book and startling Teresa
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
lucy: oh speak of the devil *hides her phone*
kani: *wispers 2 gray* think he heard us
the others: KANIMA SHHHHH
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
KANI: YAY im nt stupid, *stops by teresa* bye dummy *laughs and runs rite past teresa and spark*
natsu; letz go lucy *puts his hand out 2 lucy and she grabs it and natsu grabs her hip and they wlk off*
lucy: *looks at teresa and scoffs then her and natsu laugh behind their hands as they wlk by*
gray; *gets up as kani runs bak in and jumps onto grays bak then he walks off* woopdeedoo, wenz ur wedding *him and kani try nt 2 laugh*
arie; eh wuteves *walks out laughing quietly *
blair and happy: kool sumone who can tak all ur bullshit, enjoy *flies out and the door slams behind them and all u here is laughing outside the door*
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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
Spark teleport away
Niccaji:ang your going to have a sister
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
liz and loke; *walks in laughing*
mira: wutz so funny now
loke: lucey jus tld me spark has a GURLFRIEND
liz; i dnt even kno who the hell he is, i just hit my funny bone on a wall
both: *laughs*
mira: w8 so u dnt remember spark
liz: no, WHO THE HELL IS SPARK!!!!! *hits her funnybone again* GOD DAMNIT
loke: b careful liz damn
liz: hehe sowwy loke *jumps onto his bak again*
lucy: lets head 2 my house
all the others: yahhhhh
(k liz is gonna go into a coma k)
tsukune: ik it seems lik theyre trying 2 b biches, but rlly there jus confused is all *stands up*
mira: bout wat?
tsukune; *walks away sadly* tht he jus dissapeard for a whole month and cumz bak with sum random ass chick, i am 2 *opens door slamming it hard behind him making teresa jump*
liz: *falls off of lokes bak eyes closed wings drooped her outfit and body r jus getting pale*
loke: wut happened *kneels down*
mira: *runs towards liz kneeling down* oh my gosh
loke: wut is it mirajane
mira: she didnt just collapse, shes in a coma
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più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
Spark hiding in the rafters jumps down:Teresa is not some random chick I've known her ever since I was on the island
più di un anno fa soulrocks said…
Ang jumps up:is she ok and ice spark