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can anyone tell me the names of all the vaults and what experiments went on there

 MRBiteme posted più di un anno fa
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tammy63 said:
volta, vault 87 - Use of the Forced Evolutional Virus administered to it's inhabitants resulted in the volta, vault being full of super mutants and centaurs

volta, vault 92 - musicians were invited to the volta, vault to preserve their talents for future generations. In reality, the volta, vault was rigged to expierment on it's volta, vault dwellers via white noise to implant subliminal messages into their heads, they hoped to make super soliders

volta, vault 101 - The purpose of this volta, vault was to test the role of the overseer and see how long they can keep the volta, vault dwellers from going outside

volta, vault 112 - Bulit to aid Dr Stanislaus Braun, he created a virtual reality, Tranquailty Lane, which his participants could not espace from

volta, vault 106 - psychoactive drugs were released into the air conditioning after the volta, vault was sealed. This drove the volta, vault dwellers mad.

volta, vault 108 - studied the conflict for leadership and power within the vault

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posted più di un anno fa 
vagos said:
I dont remember shit XD
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posted più di un anno fa 
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