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How should I credit images?

Specifically, if I get immagini to do with a tv mostra (eg. Buffy) from a website and they don't seem to be altered in any way should I credit each individual website I got the immagini from o should I credit the production company that produces the mostra (eg. 20th century fox)? Also, if I take screencaps off my own computer can I add those immagini crediting the production company o is it copyright infringement to screencap the immagini yourself?
 Amy41 posted più di un anno fa
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germany123 said:
to my knowledge the owner- in general *salutes*- of a picture is the always the photographer. that being detto in most cases i think they give the right to the company so "20th century fox" is okay as a credit.
if youre unsure who produces/owns the right to the tv mostra te can always check imdb.com (same for movies)since i think for movie stills they always give the rights to the studio as well.

if te get immagini from another website its usually a tad più difficult to credit unless they actually post a credit. if te have no idea who has the rights to the image te can put "unknown" and put the fonte in the description- so if anyone claims copyright o KNOWS the credit te can add that. i dont think anyone will pursue legal charges if te screencap yourself and credit the studio. for fanart te can credit the studio/owner and put the "artist" and fonte (e.g.creative changes da johnsmith456 fanpop.com)in the description. i dont think that there is need to credit the website (who does the same te do: take immagini who belong to someone else and post them..possibly though with written permission :P) unless like i detto if te just add them as a source.
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posted più di un anno fa 
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