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I think I've improved just a tad lmao
The giorno had slipped normal for the residents at the zoo, excluding the fact that Alice had been dragged out of the zoo after screaming, then pouncing, like a diseased animal, an innocent bystander. 'Skippa,' asked our innocent Private, 'What the dickens is going on with everyone?!?! Alice attacked a visitor, which probably would be her, Mort went cannibalistic and got put down, and These new people come in and say, New York is infected!!!' 'Hmmm... This could be something of Dr. Blowhole and hi-' detto skipper before being interrupted. 'No, even an epidemic like this would never be in his planning,'...
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Blowhole & I went to my closet and looked through all of the cool costumes to see if there was any thing scary enough to spook the penguins. We tried everything, but they weren't scary enough. "Oh this is hopeless" sighed Blowhole. "What are we going to do now?" "Wait a minute!" I said. "Remember that totally cool outfit I gave te about 2 o 3 months ago?" "Um, no I don't" detto Dr B. "I'll b right back" I said.

While I was coming out of Blowhole's room with the out fit, I saw caramelle and the lobsters spying on the penguins on their moniters. I asked caramelle if she'd gotten anything yet. "No...
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