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ivoryphills posted on May 09, 2012 at 10:26PM
I've been thinking about the rallying mantra of Feminism: "women are equal to men", and I've realized that, although it's true, it kind of makes us sound like little children trying to say we're grown-ups, which doesn't work for adults because they (well, we) know more than children and can do more, and the more the children say they're grown up, the more childish they seem. So I'm suggesting that we switch the wording in our motto around a bit: "men are equal to women".
I think that this works because when we as women and Feminists try to push up womanhood to the same social level as manhood by saying "women are equal to men", this somehow magically pushes up manhood in the mind of MRAs/chauvies, but when we say "men are equal to women", this halts the mind from trying to push up manhood above womanhood, and in fact, pulls it down to the same level as womanhood. What do you think? :-3

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più di un anno fa xHardcoreBunnyx said…
Hey, I actually never thought of that before. :D
Really, it's a good idea. I love it and your way of thinking. <3
più di un anno fa ivoryphills said…
big smile
più di un anno fa SelinaKyle said…
Great observation. Its like men think they are the standard for human and we women have to be like men in order to be equal. So we have to become more "macho" to be considered equal. I've even heard guys use that as an argument for violence against women...that if we want to be treated like men we can't complain about men beating us up because that's what they do to each other (I kid you not).