Feminism Film suck sometimes.

firerose4457 posted on Feb 20, 2013 at 10:48PM
okay i just want to know.... why is it that in EVERY PRINCESS MOVIE the WOMEN ALWAYS GET SAVED BY THE MEN! you know what ? no. just no. showing these films to children is showing them one thing. that WOMEN CANT FIGHT FOR THEMSLEVES. THAT THEY NEED A PRINCE TO SAVE THEM. no! i am a knight too....
all this sexism has got me to think.... what does god have to say about this? if god hadnt created man first then everything would have been different. but IN THE BIBLE it says that "the man shall will rule over the woman." i myself have always been christian, but im honeslty doubting it now. i always thought that men and women have always been equal in gods perspective... but i guess not. WHAT TO DO? WHY DOES MY DAD GO TO WORK WHILE MY MOM STAYS HOME? WHY DOES MY MOM COOK EVERY MEAL? WHY ARE GIRL'S CLOTHES PINK AND FRILLY, AND GUY'S ARE BROWN AND GREEN? WHY DO PEOPLE SAY " YOU THROW LIKE A GIRL"? WHY? FEMALES ARE JUST THE SAME AS MEN. IM SORRY GOD, BUT THIS IS WHAT I THINK. WE ARE JUST AS GOOD. I WILL BE NO HOUSEWIFE. EVER. PLEASE COMMENT WHAT U THINK, AND PLEASE END SEXISM. ITS NOT FUNNY:( AND ITS GLOBAL.

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