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Dragonclaws posted on Jul 22, 2010 at 05:16AM
I was reading something lately about how we use words to describe rape. The common phrasing is that "Person A was raped by Person B", but this makes it sound as though it was just something that happened rather than that aggressive action was taken by Person B to Person A as with "Person B raped Person A". I think this is insightful, and I have been trying to phrase it this way when I think of it.

Just thought I'd share.

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più di un anno fa JessiNO said…
When I hear something on this subject I feel sorry for the person A and person B disgust, because it is strong...and that nobody should pass by the violation...is just asking God to protect those who have or have not gone through this problem and compassion and consideration that if a past. But not have to stop this evil in some way but it has to be stopped because many people end up suffering...this is what I think you and God bless!
più di un anno fa Slayerette89 said…
That is a very interesting observation, thank you for sharing. In addition to that, passive also moves the primary focus from the doer of the action to the object of the action. While it might be for the sake of putting the emphasis on the suffering of the victim, I wonder if it might also be to weaken the accusation that should be aimed at the rapist.
più di un anno fa Dragonclaws said…
I'd be careful about saying people word it that way to weaken the accusation. I'd say it serves that purpose, but likely because it was phrased that way during more sexist times when that's how people thought and that phrasing was an expression of what they felt, and now people keep phrasing it that way because that's what people have done. The word "OK" comes from a political campaign in 1840 (where it meant "oll korrect"; creative spelling was in then too), but people don't use it now because they agree with that guy's politics. It's just something people say.
più di un anno fa pandawinx said…
Well...I think there are bigger, more malicious issues with rape language.

I think the "rape-ability meter" would be one.
"I just raped a button. LOL" would be another.

But yeah, i agree. it is a little insensitive, but i don't think its intentional.