Ferrets Quite a Dilemma, pretaining to the furetto admirers!

katielou22 posted on Aug 23, 2009 at 12:54AM
I recently discovered that this site is very slow-going. I joined this club, being the 55th fan and I have been the 55th fan for about a month now. lol That is sad. We need to recruit our friends to show how cuddly and cute these little devious creatures are. Mention this club in the chat room and while in chat with friends. Ferrets are such great animals, just as great as a dog or cat! I will try my best to keep this fansite going and I hope you will do the same! Add more videos and I have yet to add some quiz questions. Also if anyone could point me toward the direction of the creator of this site, that would be greatly apreciated! Thank you, keep on loving your furry, mischevious companions.

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più di un anno fa Buck7 said…
I too, have joined some clubs that are slow going. I understand.
I do not own a ferret myself, but would like to. They're so cute and mischeives. I love them! But most of my concerns mostly go out for the endangered Black Footed Ferret, whose numbers are quiet low right now. If you would like to join the Black footed ferret fan club, please do!
That's all I really have to say now. Thanks for your time.
più di un anno fa katielou22 said…
big smile
Will do! Thanks Buck 7.
più di un anno fa xxtailchu said…
I see this was posted four months ago, the ferret club seems to have grown fast since then. :) It still needs to be more active, though.
This is a very nice post! Thumbs up.
più di un anno fa Dark-Blood said…
ill do what I can
 ill do what I can