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The Anime isn’t finished. I doubt they’ll ever make a secondo season. The manga, on the other hand, is finished. Out of 136 chapters of manga, the Anime only makes it to chapter 33. A lot of things happen in the other 103 chapters that the Anime never gets to, including things that happen to Tohru, Yuki and Kyo. Their relationships change; people learn secrets and meet other people. I’m not saying te have to read the manga, I’m saying te have to read the manga to get the full story. Whether te want the full story o not is a different matter.

I’ve noticed a lot of people here are...
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posted by kyonkichi
i Amore fruits basket but i have some complaints.

1. why does it have some things in japanese and the rest english?
2.why is it that it only has 23 volumes? i think we needed 100 is a rooster somehow turned into a bird? it's not "year of the bird". no. not in history has it been that.
3.they never explained why kyo turns into that ugly monster pokemon thing.
4. why ren didn't like akito, nobody knows...
5.those stupid side columns are just annoying! they never detto why they were there in the first place o why they took them away.
6. why was tohru picked on when she was little ( actually, i think it's because she's an idiot)
7.why does rin like shigure so much?
8. why does shigure act stupid even though he'a a creeepy bastard in real like? why?

these are all i can think of for now but i bet all the money in my bank account that i will think of più

posted by Alchemistlover
Original / Romaji Lyrics    English Translation
Hajimete no takaramono yo konna ni suki ni natte
Tsuyokute yowai kokoro toki ni wa sabishigaru kedo

Dear my first treasure, I have loved te so much.
I miss te when my cuore is strong and weak.

Kimi ga warau to sore dake de mou ureshikute
Subete ga mukuwareru 'n da

I become joyful just to see te smile.
Everything is saved da it.

Utsumuiteta hi wa koko kara miteta no wa
Demo ima wa sora wo miageteru

During the gloomy days, I was watching from here.
But now, I am looking up the sky.

Tohou ni kureru senaka ni kotoba wo kaketai kedo...
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 The Sohma Family (Not yet Tohru)
The Sohma Family (Not yet Tohru)
Their curse still isn't broken.

"Yuki,I'm almost packed okay."Tohru giggled."This is so exciting that we are going to America!!"Momiji yelled. "Shut up!I don't really want to go." Kyo grumbled.Yuki just shook his head and got Tohru's bags in the car."Amazing te got this far Shigure-san."Kisa detto holding Hiro's hand."I know it seems to wierd."Yuki said.Shigure laughed and shook his hand,"Ah,Yuki te don't have faith in me like the others.Well,the others probably don't have enough faith but Tohru's faith have enough!"They all hopped in the car one da one.They had a 4 ora trip which really...
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posted by Mushii
Darkness. Everywhere I look, everywhere I see, it’s dark. It’s pitch black. “Young Master, would you-” that was one of the maids in the Main House. She works here, works for Akito. As I heard she was interrupted da someone, in the middle of a sentence. I take a look out the window, at the raindrops that are sliding down. Sliding down to other raindrops, they are searching for friends. From the moment they land at the window, til the moment they slide down to other drops, it only takes a few secounds. I wondeer if thoose secounds are like years for them. Still, they either have, making...
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Tohru never ceased to disappoint on any case especially Natale she was proving to the entire Sohma family just that.
Dressed in a cute Santa outfit picked out just da Shigure she managed to please everyone at the banquet Yuki and Kyo were running late picking up some più snacks and probably taking even longer figuring they fought the entire time but Tohru didn’t mind her mind was far too busy on pleasing everyone.
Kagura offered to help but it seemed as if Tohru felt guilty for letting anyone help her, this was her job as a new Sohma was to make an exceptional part of this family.
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posted by Alchemistlover
a La La, A wonderful feeling, Amore & Life
La La La, Loveable, Amore & Life

To the giorno that was dato our best,
Along with a `goodbye` and `thank you`,
Let`s end it smiling,
That is my small prayer.

When the spring fiori bloom,
and the greenery sprouts,
Look, some of the tears
are floating away on the wind!

La La La, A wonderful feeling, Amore & Life
La La La, Loveable, Amore & Life

English Version *from original

Now lets all gather
enjoying the company we share
our tear`s will disolve into thin air
as we drink up this wonderful life
la la la la la la la la
Takin` in all this sweet Amore and life
la la la la la la la la
Drinkin` up all this good Amore and life
la la la la la la la la
Take it in all this sweet Amore and life.
posted by kkprettygurl
 hiro sohma
hiro sohma
if te know the legend of the Chinese zodiac, then te should know that there are fifteen animali not twelve. the animali are, the rat, dog, monkey, horse,boar, tiger, sheep, bunny, rooster, cat, fox, and squirrel.
In Giappone there is an ancient family, the Sohmas, who are cursed with these animals. since there is no way to tell who is going to be cursed, many of the Sohmas have stayed close to home for the protection Akito, God of the zodiac, offered.
However, a few of the family, those not cursed, have left. Kyoko and Katsuya Sohma did. They went to America. As unlikely as it is, both...
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posted by animefangirlz
tohru has been staying with yuki,shigure,and kyo for 3-4 years now.akito has died a couple months ago.tohru has been loved da all the sohmas.the older ones talked about what will happen now(shigure,aayame and hitroi)

H.shigure tohru honda is still staying with you,yuki and kyo right?
S.yes long will she be staying with te three?
S. i don't know yuki and kyo seem to really care about her.she is impotent to us.
A.i agree with shigure,mimi and i Amore to see her around the shop.we were thinking of her being our little model.
S.and the other boys like her too.
blaa blaa blaa.........................................
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posted by Invader_K
 suzuki atayo
suzuki atayo
I walked down the hall. Which class was I in? Ugh, this was so me. Late to every class, always getting lost. I wish I was perfect. But that was the problem. I'd never be perfect. Not even once. I sighed, getting irritated. "Class 2-D.. hmmm...." I thought aloud. I finally found it. I walked into the classroom. I felt my face get hot. "Class, this is our newest student, Suzuki Atayo." The teacher introduced me. I waved nervously. "Um, where will I be sitting?" I asked. "You'll be sitting right there. successivo to Mr.Sohma." he said, pointing to a red headed boy. He looked angry. Sort of like an angry...
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posted by MissieMidget
Tohru had many preferito holidays, so when one came around she always imagined it to be perfect.
Christmas might have went well but it was time for New Years and her excitement was in a way contagious she had almost everything prepared true the party was tonight, but like her mother always detto “Better to be fashionably early than to be fashionably late!”
Somehow, some way she had Kyo in the cucina making riso balls along with her. He was quite the hand in the kitchen. His riso balls were almost perfect, if there were such a thing.
Sometimes she’d stop just to watch him shape them he was...
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posted by NightFrog
My friend on Tumblr wrote something in regard to Akito, her actions, and why she did them. I agree through-and-through, so I figured it would be beneficial to share it here. Also, this opinion is mainly directed towards the manga (which I highly recommend, da the way.)

**Spoiler Alert**

"Alright. Most readers probably hate Akito. And that’s reasonable; she does truly terrible things and really hurts a lot of people. She almost kills two people in the course of a series and abuses many others.

But (and let’s be clear here—this isn’t excusing her behavior) Akito is mentally ill. Akito...
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posted by Invader_K
4 MONTHS LATER.........

I sighed. Akito had threatened me again. My mind had a flashback; "One day, te will be mine. One giorno Suzuki Atayo. Whether te like it o not!" he screamed, slapping me. I winced. Yuki and kyo held him back. "No, te won't!" I snapped. All of my anger boiled up inside me. I growled. "YOU WILL NEVER BE WITH ME!" I shrieked. All of a sudden, kyo and yuki had fear in their eyes. "Suzuki, please calm down!" kyo pleaded. "Miss Atayo, let's go noe!" yuki called out to me, holding out his hand. Akito scurried away. "Your hair, it- it was white! How?" kyo demanded. I calmed...
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posted by Mushii
te realise that your strong the instant someone tells te so. te realise that your special when someone shows you, te understand Amore only when a person is willing to give it to you. That person, the one who makes te realise and see all this, that person is your happiness.
Tohru, te are my happiness.

When she smiles, she does it as if there was no worries, no depression. To her, a smile is just a way of apperiance, to me it is a new world. Sadly, she is also a human, and at times even she is weak. From the strongest individual in this world known to us, to becoming a little brat who's only...
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posted by Julyangel16
After Kazuma left, Kyo and I continued to fight. My foot connected with his chest. He flew across the room and landed with a satisfying thud. I stood up and smirked.
“I win,” I gloated. I looked down at my watch. “Dang it!” I began to get ready to leave.
“What? Running away?” Kyo growled.
“No, I have to go to work, stupid,” I rolled my eyes. Apparently, that offended him. He suddenly grabbed my shoulders and spun me around. I looked into his beautiful auburn eyes. They were shining with anger, but, the deeper I looked, I could see pain and sadness. My eyes widened and my mouth...
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posted by kyonkichi
MAY 26: Everything happens too quickly. what is this feeling of falling? am i dieing? even if i am, i know that kyo will always stay in my heart. i hope the sohma family will be okay without me. at least i get to see my parents, Kyo, i te can hear me, it's okay. everything's okay now. te dont have to Amore me back. if i do survive, i'll smile the successivo time I- "SOMEBODY! SOMEBODY! ANYBODY! IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE?!"

MAY 26, LATER: That must be Akito. She doesn't have to help.I'm already on the ground, half dead already. I can hear voices- "No! this isn't what i wanted! no... no!" Is that...
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posted by christalthefox
Ok, maby te will remember me from my last articolo , " why shadow is a better boyfriend". This articolo explains why Kio Soma (fruits basket) is not in the Zodiak sings while the holl of his family is(except from Torou she isn't a part of the Soma family).Well he is più hot from the other parts of his family(maby te have already seen it, his fangirls like me), he's the ONLY one in the family who's got arancia, arancio hair and he always go to 0 on his tests( maby he's hot but not smart).Also his symbol is not something te will see in the Zodiak cerchio because a legend had detto that a cat had saved...
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posted by shortynme
A funny poem I wrote for kicks and giggles :)
Please, don't take it seriously, it's just for laughs! Written December 18, 2008

Anime guys are like dreams come true,
doesn't matter your taste there's pleanty of them to choose.
If te like them pale, angry, and immortal, Sesshomaru would be your best choice.
Perhaps Howl and his moving castle, although his name has nothing to do with his voice.
If tough Shinigami guys are più your taste,
Bleach with Ichigo and Renji is your perfect place.
If genius, and a little darkness, is your desire,
Light Yagami and L would be best with their angst like fire.
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 "Cus We Looooove YUUUKI! Yuki, Y-Y-Yuki, Y-Y-Y-YUKII!"
"Cus We Looooove YUUUKI! Yuki, Y-Y-Yuki, Y-Y-Y-YUKII!"
"Finually, I never thought a subject could be so boring!" te stetch you're right arm and look at it. "I'm so sorry, Right-y... Just around six years più and you'll be free from Scrivere ever again!" te baciare "Right-y" and smile a little.
"HEY, tell you're sliming little hand to stay the hell away from him!"

You turn around an look at a bunch of girls right before you. "Excuse me?" te raise the right eyebrown and stare a little at each of them.
"You heard me, snake! Stay away from Yuki, o you'll get with us to do!" one of the girls gets a little closer and pushes you.

"Don't... Touch... Me..."...
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 This is about how te look! ^__^
This is about how you look! ^__^
te pick up you're school bag and go out the door with you're breakfast in you're mouth.
"Tripp, tripp, tripp" te repeat as te go down the stairs outside you're apartment. te take a look at you're watch.

"WHAT?! AM I THAT LATE?!" te scream out loud and everybody on the strada, via takes a look at you. "Wops... Ehehehe..." te start to run down the strada, via in high speed. "Oh no, oh no, oh no! I hope the teacher dosen't notic that I'm getting in to the classroom to late!"

Finually! There it is, The new High School. I'm the new kid. Some days fa I started there. "Don't be too late, Don't be too...
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