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posted by DarkChibiShadow
This may sound old and tired, that someone's life was changed da an anime.

But mine was.

Back in 7th grade, when I first saw FMA at my Friends 13th birthday party I was awe-struck.

I had always thought the name "FullMetal Alchemist" meant it was a mech Anime but I was wrong.

I remembered I had wanted to watch YYH but the T.V.s at the hotel we were staying in were 3 hours ahead and I ended up watching FMA.

I remember me and my friend were very shocked when we saw Ed's arm and leg and when we heard Al talk. We both thought Ed was cute though.

After that my friend had researched it and it was kinda...
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posted by Dearheart

Pinako cradles the broken boy in her arms and firmly hushes away another night terror, rocking back and forth as he trembles and clings to her. She feels his hot, silent tears on her shoulder, but she doesn't say a word, for fear he will ingoiare, inghiottire them back and poison himself further with his own guilt.

"I'm so selfish, Grandma," he whispers. "Sometimes, I wish me 'n Al could switch places...and it's for all the wrong reasons." He speaks through gritted teeth, voice laced with self-loathing. "My brother would give anything to feel and dream, to sleep again. But sometimes, I..." His breath...
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posted by Dearheart
Ours is not made
Of rose and candles
Or daydreams dipped
In sunset's gold.
Ours is not spun of fairytale's flax
Or starry gazes to fix and hold.

For candlelight flickers and rose wither
And dreams, however sweet,
Will yield to dawn.


Ours is the unromantic romance.

Sprawling, stubborn, untidy,
Covered in bruises and erba stains.

A soft and subtle warmth creeps in,
To temper the rough edges.

We ingoiare, inghiottire back fear to taste the change;
And with clouts and embraces applied when necessary,
We steer our friendship into deeper waters

For ours is the journey
Comprised of pain and promises,
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posted by RobinFan360
Stone of philosophers, ruby red stone,

which caused so much sacrifice and misery unknown.

Deceptively though, the stone did appeal

and made foolish men think its happiness real.

O wise philosopher te must grieve no more

if te wish to revive the mirth of before.

te must face your past, for te cannot atone

for the damage te wrought with the wretched red stone.

Where is the land? That land from the past,

which many before te sought and amassed?

Take heed of their folly, and don't be deceived

da the trap which left many despaired and bereaved.

Though for happiness, power and ease they did strive,

instead they found death and now none are alive.

Consider these perished; this warning adhere.

Will te continue to seek out this stone you held dear?

te who beheld it’s baneful hue red

when the blood of your own arm and own leg was shed?

Stone of philosophers, ruby red stone.

When will te cease and leave mankind alone?
posted by FmaChimeraGirl
I'm going to make fanfic articoli with my avatar: Vengeance. This is about her. Please enjoy. :D

Name: Vengeance <her actual name is unknown>
Age: 13
Alchemy: Metal, Chains, Ice, Air
State Alchemist Name: Feral Alchemist
Age When Became A State Alchemist: 8
Appearance: Brown hair with no bangs that is pulled into a ponytail that is dyed blue green, dark blue eyes, the same giacca Ed wears but is light gray, light gray gloves, black jeans, brown knee length boots. She wears a sword sheath on her back that has alchemical powers.
Bio: She was 7 when her mother, father, and two brothers were killed. She tried to bring them back and Lost her left leg to the knee, part of her right side and her right arm to the shoulder.
If te don't know my roleplay character, Vengeance, go to the new roleplay on the forum.

Ed had just become a State Alchemist. mustang led the 12-year-old boy to a large room. Ed peered into the glass. There was a 9-year-old girl in the room. She was scowling at the chimera across the room. She grabbed a coltello and cut part of her collare bone. The chimera growled and ran at her. The chimera leaped and she ducked and the chimera leaped over her. She clapped her hands and held them together. Sparks flew from her hand and she narrowed her eyes. Her right arm became part sword since it was Automail....
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posted by ElricLuv
Chapter 8: Midsummer Night's Dream Under A stella, star Soaked Sky 

"So I'm guessing we'll have to just trek until we get there, huh? Where are we?" Al asked, carrying an unconscious Ling on his back. They had headed down road of the mutilated track, letting the officials deal with the wreckage. All Ed knew was; Ling was beyond lucky he was aboard that specific train. 
"What's wrong with him?" Hayden asked, holding Boston up so he could smell the young lord's body. Ed groaned as he palmed his eyeball. 
"He's hungry. But we don't have any food. Don't tell me we have to carry this zombie around until...
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posted by zanhar1
“I started this whole thing because I’m awesome” Greed declared. “Not as awesome as this!” Lust exclaimed and took her lazar bra to a whole new level. “I found out it has a celebration mode!” She grinned and fired off (instead of her typical lazar) a bunch of fireworks. “How freaking dazzling.” Envy remarked sarcastically. “Why thank you!” Lust bowed. “That was actually pretty epic.” Greed admitted. “You think that’s epic… te should see party mode!” Lust seemed ecstatic. “Party mode?” Greed, Envy, and Wrath asked all at once. “Oh yeah…” Lust smirked....
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Hello everybody and welcome to my secondo review. Today's Anime will be ( drum roll please...): the original Full Metal Alchemist! Note i will be doing Brotherhood review and will be posting it on the Brotherhood spot and here to probably. Since we are fan here and know the plot i will not explain it and get right into my opinions. Let's begin....

Plot: Few anime's have captivated me the way this one did. It's plot about two brothers trying to restore what they Lost was beautiful. This Anime as i'm sure most know doesn't follow the original manga but does that mean it was a failure? no. This...
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《Audrey's P.O.V.》

I board the train and sit as far away from the other passengers as possible. The ride would be long, but I had to catch up on some reading. I pulled a book titled 'Rivean Alchemy: Laws and Basics' and began reading. My eyes flew over the words and the pages were quickly turned. I pulled my bag closer to me and my cappotto tighter as I saw a man nearing my seat. He asked in a kind voice, "Is this sede, sedile taken, Miss?" I say, "Please, sit somewhere else..." He looked confused. "Is something wrong?" I look up at him and growl, "Just sit in another spot!" He held his hands up. "Alright,...
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《Audrey's P.O.V.》

It was morning and the bright sun nearly blinded me. I grunted as I sat up and stretched, before standing up. "I should go to the library..." I started walking, pulling my cappotto tighter. I heard metal clanking and identified them as the hollow suit of armor's before I even turned in that direction. I frowned. "Have te been following me, Alphonse? Edward?" I look at his older but shorter brother. Ed replied to my question, "No, we just headed to the library, for a reason other than your accusations." Al detto quietly, "Brother..." I turned. "As long as te don't stalk me."...
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《Edward's P.O.V.》

I ask, "What do te mean, it is everyone?" Audrey merely says, "To know what I mean... te have to have seen what I have seen and felt what I have felt..." She shivered again and I reached over and put my hand on her left shoulder. Her eyes widened and she looked like she was about to scream. "D-Do-Don't t-touch me!" She manages to say. I pull my hand back, confused as to why she had reacted that way. I look out of the window. "We're almost there." She says quietly. I nod. When the train finally stops, we stand up and get off. She pulls her cappuccio closer. "Let's find the...
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OK, I know my precedente fanfictions pretty much suck, so... Give me some feedback, please. I think that this site is dead. :( Also, I have a new-ish OC. Let me know if I get any facts off.

《Audrey's P.O.V.》

I walked through Central, heading to the Command Center. I pulled my black and white cappotto cappuccio tighter over my head. I held out my trademark pocketwatch to mostra the guards I was a State Alchemist. I went into Roy's office. A golden-haired boy sat on the couch. He turned to look at me as I walked in. I said, "Hello, Colonel Mustang. What do te have for me? And who is the boy?"

《Ed's P.O.V.》...
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posted by ElricLuv
Graffiti fiore 5

Chapter 5: 100 Proof Attitude

"That's right, Colonel. This town called..." Havoc had ran back to the  phone booth, fumbling his fingers across the phone keys. He turned himself around in the cramped booth almost as if to cerca for an answer. 
"I think it's called Mercy. A giorno away from Holt. He was with some blonde girl." mustang tapped his sharp chin with a gloved finger. 
"Was it his mechanic?" Havoc shook his head; as if Roy could hear it on the other end of the phone line.
"No. She looked way different. They headed East out of the town." Mustang's blood coursed through...
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posted by ElricLuv
Chapter 3: Reclusive Paramour 

"So te understand your objective?"  
A violet-eyed child gazed eagerly up at his companion. 
"Of course." 
The reclusive man smirked and licked his lips. He was dressed in a bleach white suit from head to toe. His gild eyes were narrowed at the thought of his successivo assignment; capturing a homunculus. He knew there would probably be no payment from the deal; but he felt  a high like no other during his killing sprees. Kimblee ran his pale finger along the edge of his silken hat, drinking in the pure thrill from bloodlust. 
"She was the first homunculus, huh? How...
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Chapter 6: Charlotte's past

Mason hefted his bag of provisions over his shoulder, and walked slowly out the door. He walked slowly, but making good time. Why? She didn't have to help me. I only helped her, because i don't see whats so bad about her. Shes a nice person. In fact, i think i heard my uncle Mason mention like her mom o something... but why did she save me? The mob group is all but completely insane, but i know all they wanted was info about my dad. te can get that from just about anybody around here. But... Mason stopped in front of the hideout, and looked around carefully, before...
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posted by ElricLuv
My Alchemic Romance 2
Chapter 2 : The Awakening

"Charlotte?" detto girl stirred in her slumber, the  once bleeding wound now closed up. "Ma'm?" slowly, carlotta, charlotte came to her senses and sat up, with the assistance of the blonde woman adjacent to her.  Charlotte looked up at her with half questioning eyes, the other half was partially asleep. "Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, I was put in charge of te for your time in the infirmary."  Riza put out her hand, which Charlottee eventually took. "Charlotte Wintercrest. Thank you."  Riza was a motherly figure, she was put on this earth to be a mom it seems...
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For everyone else... She was smiling that day.

The giorno of the wedding was gorgeous. The air was fresh and the trees was blooming so beautifully.

She didn’t know why, but that made her feel sick to her stomach. Her cuore was drained and her stomach was empty. The wedding Cibo that surrounded her was tempting, but she made a solemn vow to not eat the tainted treats of the occasion that had ruined her life.

....Maybe she was just being silly....

She noticed that her feelings were all a blur. One minuto she was in sorrowful distress, and the successivo she was steaming mad. She just couldn’t make since...
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posted by Dearheart
Continued from link WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD FOR THE ENDING OF THE MANGA/BROTHERHOOD! Don't read unless te don't mind spoilers!


NaokoElric writes...

"I mean in chapter 84, Edward tells her to bake him as mela, apple pie and keep it warm for him and she agrees! I mean, in reality, Edward was saying, as AveriaAlexandros puts, "Get back in the cucina and make an mela, apple pie for me" and Winry was responding, "Of course, I'll do something stereotypical and sexist as you're my man and must tell me what to do."

I think te completely missed the point of that scene. I encourage te to look back a few...
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《Kaste's P.O.V.》

I dropped the equipment I was carrying. I saw a hooded figure. I could only tell it was female da breasts and voice. I could only see part of her eyes and under. She said, "You are going to be taken into custody for disturbing graves." I watched in utter confusion as she clapped her hands together and then pushed them against the ground. Instantly, I was in some kind of cage. She holstered the gun she had dropped and a boy appeared. He had golden hair in a braid. I growled, "Stupid little girl, I'll get you. Better watch your back."

-Back In Central-

《Ed's P.O.V.》

I see...
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