Fullmetal Alchemist manga fan Characterz

LunaShay posted on Apr 10, 2010 at 06:16PM
talk and explain your fma fan charcters!!!

Fullmetal Alchemist manga 3 risposte

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più di un anno fa xEnvyious said…
Totally Ed!!!!!!! No contest!!!! He's amazing!!!! Bcuz:
1. He's smexy
2. He's been thru hell And back but he doesn't take it out on people.
3. He's got a metal arm and leg! How ligit is that?!
4. He's mischievous and blonde, like me
5. He's just the best!
più di un anno fa rosie_nightshad said…
well theres Winry...but Ed is still the best, my friend wrote a story about her marrying him. O_o...but yeah, Winry totally--after Ed still..but mostly cuz she throws a wrench at Ed's face everytime he breaks his automail...O yeah...go winry...
più di un anno fa Taiwan01 said…
I have 2 favorites I have Ling Yao because he's funny and hot and Lust because she is my favotite homunculi