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macgaulyver posted on Oct 31, 2010 at 05:48AM
You know, somewhere in the back of my head, I secretly hope that someone from the GenRex writers brain-trust randomly skims fanposts like the ones we forward. Who knows...maybe they do on occassion. I have to wonder with the recent charater treatment they've given Bobo, but saving the best for later could have been part of the master plan. I rule nothing out with MoA:-)

Acknowledging that we are (sadly) closing in on the end of the season, I thought I would initiate some pre-season end disscusion. We've seen the upcoming episode teasers (sweet, sweet, SWAT Six - when doth your badassary cometh?) In prep for the season's end, I've randomly been checking for info on upcoming eps. Well, the GenRex Wikia keeps changing - no surprise - BUT I did read something interesting that has since been removed - I'll come back to that in a few.

Presently following the "Basic" episode, which is to air next week, the ep. following that is titled "Plague" - as of right now. Ok, I'm not sold by any means that its written in stone - this is Wiki we're talking about - BUT the ep. blurb sure does sound interesting to say the least:-) And, given that the other clips we saw during the season promo (which included SWAT Six - *Squee*) seemed to have Rex getting some weird new black tentacle-arm ability, along with a shot of Van Kleiss with what appeared to be Providence computer control panels in the background, this makes me wonder if Van Kleiss does in fact try to infiltrate Providence in an upcoming ep. While I have been seriously skeptical of this concept, I'm totally down with it if it is done intelligently - 'Providence ain't no pushover' - unless you're a Red Shirt but well...That's why we have Six, Rex, Holiday, and an increasingly more amusing Bobo, right? Right - Okay.

While Van Kleiss attempting a ballsy infiltration of Providence base is tantalizing, there was a briefly posted ep. summary on Wiki that absolutely caught my attention - it of course has since been removed, but it layed out the basis for an episode that I have really been hoping would come to fruition.

For any X-Files fans out there, do you remember "Arcadia"? Well, in the recesses of my mind I have conceived of a GenRex ep. that plays off of this concept. The Wikia ep. summary I saw last week (again, since removed) touched on this. It taked about White sending Rex undercover as a high school student. I've thought of this before and it sounds like the makings of such an awesome ep., which is why I got so excited when I saw that summary. But, alas...

Anywho, IMHO, the perfect comedic GenRex episode could follow this train of thought. Rex goes undercover - again, I have full confidence that MoA can come up with a clever and believable reason why - as a high school student. Six and Holiday pose as his parents, and the family has "just moved into town" for whatever EVO monitoring reason MoA comes up with. Picture it - Holiday would play her part so well - working mom and wife, whatever, she'll pull it off - all the while monitoring "the mission objective." Six - Oh, goodness, Six - will be stiff as a board, green sweater vest, tie - Ward Cleaver essentially. God love Hugh Beaumont - ok, anywho. As an aside piece of comedy to the main plot, Rex gets in trouble for something at school, and the parent-teacher conference is necessary. This is where our disfunctional little Providence family gets hysterical:-) Rex is bummed and irriated with this mission hang-up, Holiday goes into mommy/wifey mode to save the mission, and Six - well Six forces out a few parental words, and is then forced to squeak out a few affectionate spousal words/guestures to Holiday on the spot - because you know, for her own amusement, she'll back him into that corner to play up her own part:-)

I am praying that we see an episode like this - I don't care what age you are - this is an ep. everyone can love:-)

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più di un anno fa LinaTrinch said…
XD That sounds awesome! And I seen that summary some where. (Might of been wikia)

Anywho, the only flaw I find in that is the fact that Rex will have a hard going undercover, mostly thanks to The Hunter ep in which he was the news spotlight for a while. Everyone knows he works for Providence now.

My only wish is Holix fluff/kiss/etc. And not that one sided thing they shoved in my face at the last ep. REAL HOLIX. Like Holiday having to be saved (but this time, Six actually does it). Or maybe Six outright admitting he has something for her.

That and more Circe. She's only been in a few eps and I want to see more of her, to clear her story and argument a bit more. Though, she's basically done that the last few times.

More Breach. More Kleiss. More answers (like that Rylander nanite thingy).

And, if possible, the return of (zombie?) Death Bunny.
più di un anno fa macgaulyver said…
Yeah, I did think about Rex being more recognizable to the public following "Hunter" so here's my solution to that - which also lends itself to some fan service:-)

I think Rex, Holiday, and Six would have to change up their appearances for this episode to a degree - I never have a problem with this concept! And since so many fans have wanted to see Rex with a non-gelled hair style, this would be a good opportunity to utilize that look - change up his clothes too, and HA HA maybe even have him grow a sweet soul patch for the ep. too - like "father" like son, right?:-) Also, we still haven't seen Holiday with her hair down! How about now! And dress her in some "wifey" civilian's clothes - no lab coat, no Providence field uniform:-) Six, I admit, might be a bit more difficult, but I think MoA could rise to this challenge - maybe muss Six's hair up just a bit (Squeel!), and how about this - NO GLASSES - just for one ep.:-) And certainly give Six a tidy Ward Cleaver look - that should throw a few people off for a minute:-) Oh, the possibilities:-)
più di un anno fa LinaTrinch said…
I just want no glasses!Six XD That and I've been dieing to see Holi's hair down.