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shirleylind posted on Nov 24, 2009 at 09:30PM
How Do?
I am a new fan of Country music. My 14 year old daughter got into riding, rodeo, and country music when we moved to a small town a few years ago.. When I heard George Straits voice for the 1st time...some months ago, I just thought it was so beautiful. What a gift. Then I heard the new 'Twang' CD and "Seems Like a Lifetime without You" just broke my heart. I have been there. I am a writer, and I would like to send Mr. Strait the lyrics to a song I wrote for him. He seems like a real gentleman and has the perfect voice for this song. I do not seek money, the song is a gift for a gifted singer. I also am somewhat of a recluse and want to keep it that way. If anyone has a P.O. Box #, website address, or fan club mail I could send this out through, can u plz advise. I don't know how to tweet, twitter, use facebook, or my-space. Thanks for any help. Shirley Lind

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