Girl sonic fan characters Who is te favourite?

Pick one:
Stacy the cat
Spunky the bunnie
Sheena the Echidna
Osaka Miyamho
Added by frylock243
Freya The Cat
Added by freya-the-cat
Saraz the Lynx
Added by ChaoFan2
Added by jordibubbles
Red Rose
Added by TheDarkEmpire
Rebecca The Hedgehog
Meaghan The Hedgehog
Devil the kitten
Added by devilthecat56
Pella the volpe
Added by Gir35
Anna Suzumiya
Added by AmyRoseReal
Dimond the hedehog (sonic's girl friend)
Added by amyrouge00
Tokyo The Cat
Added by Tokyo_The_Cat
lily the hedgehog
Added by animeXlover
Diamond the Hedgehog
Added by DiamondShadow
Cosmo the seedrian
Added by 00michele00
Coco the bat
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