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 The NJBC w/ Humphrey hidden in the corner;) reunite?!
The NJBC w/ Humphrey hidden in the corner;) reunite?!
Okay, so to start off I’m so nervous. This is MY VERY FIRST fic about, about ANYTHING really, and plus very first time publishing something of mine on the net. Oh god, haha I’m starting to regret it now. I can 100% guarantee te I have ABSOLOUTLY NO experience in writing, so don’t expect AMAZING writing. So, please don’t be too harsh if te don’t like it=P
Well, this fic is about The NJBC + Humphrey, haha I had to add him in this too=) But mainly about the one and only epic CB.<3




-You must stay in the car at ALL times with exceptional bathroom breaks.
-Last one in the car wins, and receives the grand prize, a new silver Ferrari 2009 sports car
-You may only bring two items with you.
-No drugs, cigarettes, and violent weapons.
-Food and drinks are provided.


“Bass! Hands off now!” Blair scolded Chuck slapping his warm hand off her blue opaque tights.
“What?” Chuck asked innocently smirking.
“You know what. Hands. Off . Me.” Blair stated fixing her golden headband.
“Serena, I give up, it has only been two minutes, and I’m already suffocating and dying in here.” Blair whined fidgeting in her sede, sedile in-between Chuck and Dan in the back seat.
“Come on Blair, te detto te would do this with me.” Serena said.
“No, correction te wanted to do this.“ Blair huffed.

----------- 30 minuti earlier --------------------------------------

“Come on B we haven’t had any te and me time in forever, how about te and me go to this new indoor mall that just opened up?” Serena asked whining to her best friend in her glamorous apartment.
“That’s because you’re always making out with Cabbage patch 24/7 that te forget the whole world even exists, which reminds me, why aren‘t te now even?” Blair rolled her eyes touching up her mascara.
Serena fidgeted on her chair uncomfortably.
“Well,…I…we...kind of…sort of broke up.” Serena revealed.
“Again? Shocker there.” Blair detto sarcastically.
“Fine, fine, I suppose you’re here now to make me take your mind off him, huh?” Blair said.
“Well,,,well, we haven’t talked in so long…”
“Which I detto was because of Humphrey.” Blair bit cutting her off.
Serena’s eyes saddened, and her lips quivered and twitched, the way they usually do when she was nervous o uncomfortable.
“Fine. Let’s go” Blair huffed giving in.
“OH B! You’re the best.” Serena smiled rapidly, suffocating her with warm hugs.

At the mall…

“Oh B! Look how ridiculous this is. There’s a contest where te must have to stay in the car with 4 other people. And whoever is in there the longest without coming out, is the winner!” Serena laughed.
“Who would be an idiot to do that?” Blair snickered.
It was like the universe wanted to make Dan look even worse, and there he was looking at the pamphlets on the rules.
“Oh god S, looks like my theory was correct when I detto whoever does that is an idiot.” Blair smirked in the direction where Dan was standing two feet away.
“B, who are te talking….” following her gaze
Dan suddenly felt the presence of two females looking over at him, and he instantly knew who it was from the corner of his eyes, when he saw that glowing goddess blonde mane staring back at him.

He looked over, and put up a soft smile, and hesitantly walked over.

“Oh, ciao Serena….Blair.” he nodded politely
“Hey Dan, er, um…what are te doing here?” Serena asked scrunching her feet.
“Oh um, well ….I read in the paper, that there was this contest, and since the prize is an expensive car, well I was thinking I could sell it and…”
“You mean te need the money.” Blair snapped annoyed.
“Blair!” Serena yelled.
“Well it’s true..” Blair mumbled.
“Yeah, well we kind of really need the money right now…” Dan detto looking down to the floor.
“Yeah I LOVED too!” Serena cut in quickly.
Dan quirked his head trying to look confused, but really he was trying to hold back the smile escaping from his lips.
Damn it. Stupid. Serena scolded to herself once again.
“I mean…me and Blair would be honoured to help you, te know if we win, then te can have the money.” Serena smiled sheepishly.
“UH NO I won’t” Blair cried.
“It’s okay Serna, I know, thanks anyways.” Dan smiled uncomfortably.
“Blair can I have a word with you…alone” Serena mumbled, then looking up and smiling innocently at Dan.
Once they were alone Serena started hesitantly.
“No don’t te start with me Serena, I am not getting stuck in the car with te and Brooklyn for who knows how long. First talking about your feelings, then te guys getting all lovey dovey on me and making out the entire time. And, I am not going to sit there with some random strangers.” Blair detto firmly putting her foot down.
“Blair, please, this will be a great chance for me and Dan to reconnect again.“ Serena said. “As in, friends.” Serena quickly piped in.
“Right of course, that is what te detto last time at the Gelato parlour, first it started with some innocent ice-cream, then it went to te two licking Gelato of your noses” Blair wrinkled her nose in disgust.
“Blair…that was one time!” Serna piped.
“Please, and….I know…how much te want to stop thinking about “him“, maybe this will get your mind off him, and let te just relax” Serena whispered smiling lightly.
Blair’s face turned pale.
“I don’t know what te are talking about.” Blair mumbled.
“Oh please Blair, just last week te were telling me all your plans on how to ruin him. And in your own words I quote “Let’s get him, we’ll be wiping his sweat of the floors with his precious scarves” Serena gleamed proudly. “And then just a few days later I saw te two at the back of the school, te pining him up and strangling him with his scarf, and smiling wickedly, and him with his signature satisfied smirk” Serena cracked up laughing out of breath.
“SERENA!” Blair exclaimed.
“FINE FINE. So are te in o not?” Serena continued laughing trying to calm herself down.
“Ugh, fine let me get this straight te are the only one, and I do mean only one, who will let me do these outrageous stunts.” Blair sighed in defeat.
“Yay! Let’s go tell Dan. Oh, I wonder who are the extra suckers joining us too.” Serena smiled.
And that is when Blair truly believed in irony.


“Nathaniel, shall I make myself clear again, I do not want to be stuck in a car, suffocating to death for who knows how long.” Chuck declared.
“Awe, come on Chuck. Think about it, the grand prize is a LIMITED EDITION silver 2009 FERRARI!” Nate exclaimed enthusiasm taking over his voice.
“Cars are all bore to me Archibald. Women, scotch, and te is all I need.” Chuck smirked.
“Uh huh, certain women like the one and only Miss.Waldorf.” Nate grinned wickedly.
Chuck’s face turned a bright tomato.
“I,,,Nathaniel….” Chuck started.
“Don’t need to say anything “Bass“” Nate laughed mimicking Blair’s voice, continuing to smile.
“How about te and Brooklyn girl, how is that going?” Chuck asked quickly trying to change the subject. He was never to good at discussing his feelings, especially with Nate.
“Well,,,,good, she went to visit her grandparents in Detroit today for the summer” Nate detto smiling sadly.
“Ah that’s good news!” Chuck exclaimed.
“Shut up Chuck!” Nate defended.
“Fine, fine, no più Brooklyn-trash jokes, whatever let’s go sign up.” Chuck said.
Nate starred at him in shock.
“What?! Oh wow? That was fast.” Nate said.
“No need to thank me, let’s just say I need some distractions for a few hours.”
“Uh Chuck, it’s not for a few hours, it could last a few days, possibly a week.” Nate informed.
“Please, Archibald, te forget who te are talking about, I’m Chuck….”
“Don’t te dare finish that sentence, that is really an over kill Chuck” Nate chuckled.
“Whatever Archibald, all I’m saying is that I’m the master at persuasion, and not to mention seduction.” Chuck glistened proudly. “Which means I could win the car for us, whoever it is, we all know that I could crack them.” Chuck smirked picking up a pamphlet Leggere it while heading towards the death trap.

“Is there any other volunteers? There are already two lovely ladies, and a man in it already.” Cried the spokesman with the microphone.
“OH TWO MORE!” Nate yelled over the speakers making his way towards the jail celled car.
“Ah great, thank te for your participation. I expect that te already read the rules.
Two bathroom breaks a day, water and Cibo will be provided, and only allowed two items with you, except for any violent….”
“Yeah we got it!” Chuck huffed already frustrated.
“Great!” the man smiled.
“Let’s give a hand for these two other volunteers.” The man clapped.
A few people in the audience clapped, most of them smirking and thinking to themselves of what kind of fools would ever do this. And for once, Chuck agreed.

Nate carefully opened the 1975 car door and glanced around to see the new silver grand prize car sitting perfectly in the corner that was just screaming to him. Nate gave a slight smile to Chuck and hopped in the staled front seat.
Once in, the first thing he heard before jerking his head was..
“Serena!? Blair! ?Dan!?” Nate exclaimed surprised twisting his head back and forth at the passenger sede, sedile that Serena was sitting in, and the back sede, sedile with Blair and Dan.
No…Blair thought ….Nate would never have the courage to do this alone, and he has only one true best friend that would give in for him…that doesn’t mean……….
“Waldorf?” Chuck smirked rapidly, his eyes shining with curiosity and sparkling as if there was no tomorrow. He entered the old car carefully not taking his eyes off her, and tightly closed the door shut.

Crap. Blair mumbled.


Okay so I managed to get this far. =)
If te have any domande feel free to commento o PM me=]
It makes me get inspired to updating it, honestly I feel that if not many people read it, then its pointless, and yes sad but true I lose my interest in Scrivere it too.
 Not what te expected B?
Not what you expected B?
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