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Reality of Perfection

This fan Fiction is totally science fiction but the characters are still roughly based on Gossip Girl characters up to the end of season 2...
It might be a bit confusing to begin with because of the whole science fiction story but just orso with me and if te don't get anything just ask...usually where there is something that doesn't make sense it usually gets clarified in the successivo chapter...hopefully! but please try to keep an open mind when Leggere because it is just fiction so te kind of have to accept the unrealistic things that i write! I really hope te like it...i've been Scrivere this fiction kind of sporadically so I haven't separated the chapters as such so im sorry if the aggiornamenti are really slow because this fiction is really hard to write...(so if te have any ideas for story lines please feel free to message me)!
ok so here goes...



"I'm almost done S, keep going...faster!" he shouted almost as loudly as Serena had screamed his name, furiously attempting to strengthen the signal.

"B! Where are you! Nate come on! te guys have to be faster!" screamed Serena as she cried out to her Friends running as fast as she could towards Chuck amidst all the fury.

"it's ready!" shouted Chuck looking desperately for the rest of his team. He, Serena, Blair and Nate had been a team since forever, he was kind of their leader, well he had been elected as the safest choice seeing as Serena and Nate weren't as intelligent o as logical and confident as he was and Blair...well Blair apparently had some internal issues according to Chuck and he always felt that if she could never look after herself how could she ever look after their team. Serena had already reached him. She embraced him hungrily, "I cant believe te actually found one Chuck!" she squealed.

"Dont tell me Nate and Blair are still shooting?" he searched for them with his eyes.

"They were right behind me" she responded sighing as she finally spotted Nate and Blair racing towards them.

"What is it with te two! Are te trying to get us all killed! te know we dont have much time and te know how bloody hard it is for me to find these bloody things and there's no fucking way i'm staying here!" roared Chuck as he glared visciously at Nate and Blair, but particularly at Blair. He knew her obsession with winning would get them all killed one day, fuck why couldn't she just get over herself, thought Chuck as he looked into the distance at the burning buildings trying to relieve his anger!

"Well im sorry that te dont have the guts to defend yourself but I for one wont let anyone o anything get away with trying to harm me!" she retorted, sending him one of her own glares.

"You fucking bitch, i've been working my culo off to get this thing going so that we can finally get the fuck out of this place te ungrateful bitch!" he snarled back at her taking a suffocating grip of her arm. She would have used a grenade on him right there and then if it weren't for Nate pointing out the reason they were there in the first place, "hey, guys please, can we just get out of here now!" Nate looked straight to Serena to back him up.

"Yeah guys we might not get this chance again" Serena reminded them, "we have to be quick before it closes" she added taking both Chuck and Blair's hands in hers.

"We will leave now, have te forgotten my dream S?" detto Blair, looking at her surroundings, hopefully for the last time.

"Oh dont start that again te bloody drama queen!" laughed Chuck.

"Please! Let's go! Now!" pleaded Nate as he lifted his wrist and activated his siluro ring followed immediately da Serena and then Chuck then they all looked to Blair who hesitated as she heard a loud bang followed da Nate yelling out in pain and falling to the ground.

"Oh my God he's been shot! His leg I think!" screamed Serena as she knelt beside Nate who was struggling in pain.

"You have to go! Now!" demanded Nate. Chuck had frozen, this wasn't meant to happen.

"Blair activate te damn torpedo! Do it!" ordered Nate as he clutched at his leg. Blair was in shock she quickly obeyed him without thinking about what she was doing.

"Blair what the fuck! Not yet! Never leave a man behind!" roared Chuck racing toward Nate. Within a secondo they were engulfed in blinding light and sucked into the portal that Chuck had opened just moments ago...


His eyes opened, he could barely breathe, there was...something....ontop of him...

"Nathaniel! Fuck get off me man!" drawled Chuck as he rolled his friend off of his own body. Nate was motionless.

"Fuck! We made it! Nate te made it!" shouted Chuck nudging his best friend. Just then he heard screams around him. Blair. Trust her to scream.

"SERENA! Oh my God! You're here!" screeched Blair, pulling on Serena's arm as she awoke from her trance.

"Wait...we made it? Oh my God B! Where's Nate?!" They both stood up and spotted Chuck leaning over Nate, they raced towards the boys.

"Is he ok?" squealed Serena falling to the ground beside Nate.

"His leg isn't bleeding...but he's not awake either...he got shot S, but I know that injuries dont stay after a portal jump...but....if te die in one world then that's it...' conceded Chuck.

"No, are te saying he's dead? He cant be...I didn't see him die! Chuck do something!" pleaded Serena, flooded with tears now.

"There's this thing te can do to check if someone's breathing...you have to check for movement in the neck o something, like a drum beating." whispered Chuck.

"It's called a pulse Chuck." detto Blair quietly whilst placing her hand on Nate's neck.

"I dont need your fucking sarcasm, not everyone reads those fucking ancient libri like te do. If anything happens to him it's your fault!" snarled Chuck, knowing that if it hadn't been for her delaying the jump they would have made it through the portal without Nate being attacked.

"Well? B, is he alive" asked Serena, wiping away her tears.

"His cuore is beating faster than mine..." she smiled in relief, "he's going to be fine S! He probably got knocked out after hitting the ground o something." she suggested, trying to ease Serena's worries.

"He fucking landed on me, not the ground!" exclaimed Chuck whilst rubbing his own head.

"Well he must have had a pretty cushioned landing then judging da the weight you've put on recently!" giggled Blair.

Chuck couldn't be bothered wasting his breath on a come back and sent her a deadly glare instead.

Serena began whispering to Nate in the hope that he would wake up, whilst Chuck studied their surroundings. They seemed to be in some sort of neglected playing field where all the nearby buildings in sight were rundown and isolated. There were no people around, that was for sure. He sat back down successivo to Serena and looked over at Blair who was also now sitting nearby on the erba fiddling with her siluro ring. They must have been there for over half an ora before Nate finally began to stir and wriggle. Blair immediately noticed and began calling his name in the hope that he would wake up. And he did.

"Welcome back bro." smiled Chuck, seeing Nate alive and well was the biggest gift anyone could have dato him right now. Serena and Blair were already hugging him and peppering him with kisses.

"Hey...Chuck...thanks for not leaving me behind." he finally said.

"Never leave a man behind...the four of us made a pact remember...that was one of our promises." returned Chuck with a grateful smile plastered across his face.

"Chuck picked te up te know, te were flung over his shoulder when we jumped the portal..." added Serena, making sure that Nate knew the sacrifice Chuck had made for their friend, knowing full well that they could have both been left behind if Chuck wansn't able to make the jump whilst holding Nate.

They sat in silence for a while before Serena finally touched the subject they were all dying to bring up.

"Do te think we're 5th time lucky?....I mean we've been in 4th for più than 3 years, that was the longest we've ever been in a world and it was hell...maybe....maybe this alternate universe will be più like 2nd....but better....and not end up breaking into another bloody war!" Serena stated looking at the others with hope in her eyes.

According to Chuck's intelligence, they were one of, if not THE only surviving team of originals left trying to find a safer più promising world to live in after their own had been destroyed almost 5 years ago, (their time). They lived in a world they called the CW (Capital World) and after years of world and civil wars there had been only one way to survive. Escape.
A discreet group of scientists had secretly invented technology which would stimulate a rare cocktail of chemicals in a particular spot in the planets atmosphere and enable the appearance of a black hole which would be a portal to another world. However the scientists would have to use satellite technology to locate the spot in the planets atmosphere where this rare cocktail of chemicals would form and then predict the exact moment the chemicals would merge in order for their well equipped device to offer the stimulation for creating the portal.

Chuck was offspring to one of those scientists and he was dato the technology to have access to the portals and find a better place to live. Not only for him but for his three friends, together. Where the team came from things ran in a particular way, the elders told historical stories about a time hundreds and thousands of years fa where people were born through human reproduction and Chuck and his Friends would laugh at the fact that sex was once used for something other than just pleasure. But they had come to believe that sex for making bambini was just one thing that had died out over the past few millenniums. They were told of a time where people were unable to reproduce and the world population had declined so drastically that people had to resort to science to create life. Now hundreds of thousands of years later, the population was still at an all time low and not many scientists were alive to continue the growing of bambini in laboratories, as many had been born over the last few millenniums, of course including Chuck and many of his ancestors. Each person would have a donor, basically a parent, who would donate DNA for the creation of another person to continue the human race.

Chuck's donor was Bart Bartholemew Bass, Serena's donor had been Lilly furgone, van Der Woodsen, Blair had two donors Eleanor and Harold Waldorf who had been a pair and lived together and Nate also had two Donors Anne and Howard Archibald, who were also a pair. It wasn't unusual to be a pair, if two people loved each other and wanted to live loyal together then it was accepted. When wars engulfed the CW Bart had begged Chuck not to accept defeat and take the remaining young ones that he trusted and use the technology he had created to find a better place to live and start over. Chuck only trusted three other people out of the few of them that were left and so one giorno he had assembled them and made them make a pact, a pact to stick together and find another world to live in. So they had agreed, they would cerca for an alternate universe, one that all four would agree on, otherwise they would keep looking. They were all 15 when their journey began, Chuck had been trained to use the equipment, the Cypher, which was their fonte of information, a computer system giving them endless information about the world they were in and detailed descriptions of their lives and the lives of the alternate versions of themselves in any universe they found themselves in. It was also the device used to locate and create portal spots, the device was invisible to everyone except them. Then there was their siluro rings, which they had to wear at all times, invisible in the same way as the cypher, when activated it would allow them to travel safely through a portal and into another world, once someone entered the portal it would cease to exist, that's why it was so important for all of them to enter simultaneously. It was Blair's biggest fear that she would jump a portal and someone would get left behind da accident.

The first world they visited was where they had educated themselves regarding the in's and out's of alternate universes. When they entered a new world they would automatically replace their alternate equivalents in that particular world and the Cypher would be their only way of learning più about their new world and the people they would have to become to live the life of their equivalents (i.e. The alternate universe's versions of themselves). If either one of them were unhappy with their new life they had promised to cerca for another world and again they would cerca for a portal spot and jump, their equivalents of the world they were leaving would return as if nothing had happened. It is why Chuck had suggested that they call themselves the Originals!

None of the worlds they had visited so far had been good enough to stay in forever particularly the 4th one, which was also engulfed in war. 2nd had been reasonably acceptable except for Nate. Blair had been in a rich family, had many Friends and attended high school, somewhere people went to be educated da other people! Serena was the daughter of a wealthy actress, Chuck was the nephew of the President of America, from he developed the obsession with jumping into a world where he would actually be president himself! The only problem was that Nate was poor and only had Anne as a mother, his father was in prison for drug dealing and he was extremely unhappy. So the team had decided it would be best to find another world, and so they did only things seemed to get worse with the successivo couple of jumps.

Serena desperately hoped that this world would be the one. She had listened to Blair going on about dreams she kept having about finding a portal to the perfect world two weeks fa and the 4 of them were ecstatic when Chuck had announced that after desperately searching for a portal spot over the past 3 years he had finally found one, and that it had nothing to do with Blair's dream.

Blair was reluctant to leave at first, she claimed she was tired of running and just wanted to give up. She had insisted that they go without her but they hadn't taken her seriously, but then her recurring dreams convinced her to agree the jump.

Anyhow, it was Chuck who responded to Serena's uncertainty.

"S, let me check the Cypher. We need to find out where we are. Then te can judge whether this place is any good." he detto whilst opening the bag that was previously secured to his body.

Blair had stood up, playing with her siluro ring, Serena eyed her suspiciously knowing there was something on Blair's mind, just as Serena was about to domanda Blair, she spoke up right on cue.

"I believe what I saw in my dreams....that this is it....this time we've found the perfect world....I just know it." she looked down at Serena and Nate who both eyed her worriedly.

"B, I know te really believe in your dreams....but nothing is set in stone...you know that better than anyone...I don't want te getting your hopes up. No matter what happens we will find happiness...one day" Serena assured her.

"We're back in New York...its 2011 ..." drawled Chuck as he read information from the Cypher.

"I know that the 'one day' you're talking of is today Serena! It's today!" exclaimed Blair, knowing that she was just being assumed a fool, a dreamer.

"...it's September....the 19th, i'm not the president" continued Chuck.

As did Blair, "I....made a decision before we jumped the portal..."

"Oh my God...there have only been 2 recorded modern giorno World Wars...that's incredible...the world must be full of Amore o something!" exclaimed Chuck as he noticed the worried look on Serena's face.

"What decision?" asked Nate, finally sitting up and looking much più awake.

"I...i'm not travelling again...no più portals...I cant do it any more..." she waited for someone to say something, but there was silence, she had just announced her intentions to break their pact and no one had anything to say? Just as quickly as the silence had erupted, it was gone.

"What the fuck do te mean! Who the fuck do te think te are! We made a pact to stick together, there is no way in hell that i'm letting te break our pact! Chuck was on his feet now having closed the Cypher.

"Chuck wait, let me handle this," pleaded Nate as he also stood up to face Blair, "Blair, why would te say that? We don't know anything about this place and te know we can never leave this world without you...you would have to leave with us if we ever did" he reminded her calmly.

"Nate...i'm done...I have faith in what I dreamt...this is it," she turned away from them and wriggled with her fingers, "and to prove how sure I am about this..." she removed her siluro ring and turned to face them, they looked at her in disbelief and Serena stalked towards her giving her a warning look.

"B! Please...if you're thinking of doing what I think you're going to do....please...if te press the button...it'll be gone forever...you'll be stuck here forever! For good!" screeched Serena attempting to walk closer to her best friend.

"Blair I swear I will kill te if anything happens to that ring...I swear...!" threatened Chuck, that seemed to push Blair in the wrong direction as she immediately pressed the self destruct button on her ring. There were screams of "No!" from the others as they watched the ring disappear, for good.

"What the fuck Bitch! Why do te only ever think of yourself! These torpedo's are irreplaceable!" scowled Chuck as he almost lunged at her before being pulled away da Nate.

"Leave her Chuck...it's done...can we just....maybe we should continue checking the Cypher...we need to find our homes, im dying for some sleep." reasoned Nate. As dense as Nate usually was Chuck swore that there were some useful brain cells in that head of his to stay calm and logical at times like this.

So Chuck reached once più for his Cypher and began looking for più information about the Chuck basso that existed in this world and where he lived, as much as he'd like to stay and yell at Blair, he also needed some sleep.

"Can te check me first...I need some good luck this time round...I would hate to be poor again." asked Nate. Chuck nodded and decided to check Nate first.

"Wow...Nathaniel...your grandfather is a Governor...you're father is too...and you're in politics too! ...fuck i'm jealous!" Nate and Serena laughed at Chucks reaction and asked him to continue.

"You live in a fucking mansion...im sure you'll get a well deserved sleep tonight then!" added Chuck patting Nate on the back.

"Aaw! Im so happy for you...you deserve this Natey!" smiled Serena whilst hugging Nate.

"Perfect so far then?" added Blair, also patting Nate's back to congratulate him.

"Right..Serena...you...are....a model!" exclaimed Chuck, they all beamed...trust Serena to have such a glamorous career!

"You live with Lily and you're basically a celebrity...also live in a mansion...like Nate you're marital status reads single...congrats! Oh my God...wait a sec..." Chuck looked up at Serena in shock before continuing, "we're related! Your mother married my father!...well hello step-sister!" he giggled, Serena was a little shocked but eventually they all burst out into a fit of giggles.

"Ok...so my dad married your mother....it says my mother....died....during childbirth..." they were all silent for a while taking in that piece of information. Of course it didn't really mean anything to Chuck but he kind of felt sorry for his equivalent to have had to live with the fact that his mother died whilst giving birth to him.

He continued to read his own profile.

"I'm a multi-billionaire! My father is the most successful business man there is! Wait...was....he died...last anno some time...I inherited everything. Well I officially own his estate when I turn 21...Lily's my guardian...my marital status...," he paused, looking at the screen in utter disbelief.

"What Chuck? What is it?" asked Serena urging him to continue.

"That has to be a fucking joke right? This is a bloody joke! This thing says i'm fucking married!" Chuck was shouting now worrying Serena but making Nate laugh.

"it's not fucking funny Nathaniel! The thing says im married...to....Blair!" he shouted out, clearly disgusted.


please R&R to let me know what te think! It would be very much appreciated! p.s sorry for any spelling o grammar mistakes o any other irregularities i've been Scrivere most of it on my phone so that i dont be stuck on the computer all day!

thanks for Leggere everyone!
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