Gravity Falls Episode Ideas

poppyfire333 posted on Jun 09, 2013 at 10:05PM
I know this is just an idea, but wouldn't it be cool if on an episode of Gravity Falls, there's a lot of evidence and weird occurrences and things that go on in Gravity Falls, Oregon like teeth marks on pigs (causing Mabel to try to protect Waddles), fake teeth that look like they'd belong to a teenager, weird sunscreen, and wooden stakes leading Dipper to believe that there are vampires in Gravity Falls, but nobody else believes him. Then he just decides to go off and prove them wrong by finding out who the vampire is and bringing it to them so Stan can show them off at the Mystery Shack. He goes off an leads everything up top a place where he hears a voice talking about keeping their secret from the Pines family into what Dipper suspects is a phone. They hang up the phone and turn the corner trying to fix their shirt so Dipper goes to hide and when the person looks up, he sees Wendy.............. Obviously, he goes into a state of total shock, denial, and insanity. He would beg Mabel not to tell anyone earning a disappointed groan that his crush was a vampire and hers wasn't. Then Stan would notice Mabel acting differently and would try to figure out why by pressuring her to tell him so she does. He calls the news seeing this as only a great job opportunity and the next day when Dipper, Mabel, Soos, and Wendy are all working their shifts he grabs Wendy's hand and drags her outside to where the newscasters, Toby and Shanmica, are waiting as well as the rest of the town, including Robbie and her friends, and Wendy would just be really confused. He would tell all of them what Wendy was and she would get really nervous. Dipper would realize that Stan pressured Mabel into what was going on and when everyone gasped at the news, Dipper would step forward confused and told Mabel that she got names wrong and that Dipper was actually a vampire and not Wendy. Then the town would chase Dipper with pitchforks so Mabel got Dipper and Wendy on one of the golf carts apologizing. Wendy answer that it was ok and that she was just surprised that they knew. When they got back to the Mystery Shack that night, they go up to Wendy's ledge again and just goof off. Eventually, Wendy would ask why Dipper stood up for her and didn't want Mabel to tell anyone in the first place. Dipper would start to blush and stutter before Wendy kissed him on the cheek and thanked him.

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