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Dean opened the door of Cas and Meg’s house and whistled when he entered the fancy hallway. “Wow” he said. “You sure te don’t need an extra room mate to fill in the space?”
“We have plenty bedrooms” Cas replied. Dean turned around and raised his eyebrows. “I was joking”
“Oh” Cas detto soft, looking away. He felt something soft in his back and stepped aside; Sam was passing through with his luggage.
“Where can I drop these?” he asked, lifting the bags.
“Here” Cas answered. He tried to scratch his neck again, but Dean grabbed his hand. “Aaahh!” Cas exclaimed...
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Rebekah smiled viciously at Katherine, but Stefan pushed Rebekah off. “Katherine, where’ve te been?” he detto casual.
“Not in your pants, that’s for sure” Katherine detto sarcastic.
“Restricted area, staff only” Rebekah detto smug. Katherine rolled her eyes.
“Can I have a word with you?” she asked Rebekah. Rebekah leaned inoltrare, avanti and kissed Stefan. She then followed Katherine outside.
“Now what?” she asked short.
“I’m done with this” Katherine said.
“With what exactly?” Rebekah detto bored, playing with her nails.
“This whole doppelganger blood stealing thing”...
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Adele gaat haar kindje waarschijnlijk al over twee maanden op de wereld zetten. Het Britse magazine Heat beweert dat de zangeres begin september al is uitgerekend.

De Britse maakt eind juni zelf bekend dat ze zwanger is furgone, van haar eerste kind. Een bron meldt aan Heat dat het haar en de vader furgone, van haar kind, Simon Konecki, gelukt is om de zwangerschap zeven maanden verborgen te houden.
De anonieme bron heeft tegen het blad gezegd dat Adele de afgelopen maanden amper de deur uit is geweest, waardoor het haar goed lukte om het blijde nieuws uit de publiciteit te houden. (Belga / KAV)
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Two months I didn't see you
Except in my dreams
And I could finally get over you
So it seemed

I prepared myself to your beautiful eyes
I prepared myself to your amazing smile
I told myself I would be cool
But who am I playing for a fool

What am I pushing myself through
The only place I wanna be is with you
Saying to myself you're not the one for me
But I can't help but feeling we are meant to be
Why should I keep holding on
When loving te won't harm anyone
I just wish I could sleep forever
'Cause in my dreams we'll always be together

I've just seen te for one day
It was like the very first time
I guess the...
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Rebekah and Elena were both sitting on the couch, as far away from the other as possible. “So, te and Stefan are getting married? When did that happen?” Elena asked slightly surprised.
“Stefan and I know go way back. We knew each other long before te were even conceived” Rebekah answered smug. “But Nik compelled him to forget, until I convinced him to break the compulsion. He was a little off, Nik, I mean. I think he’s having trouble making Caroline and Tyler break up. He told Tyler to stay away from Caroline, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference”
Elena nodded, then frowned....
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In de populaire serie Thuis op één keert Bram terug uit Ibiza. Het personage wordt gespeeld door Bert Verbeke. Bram is een populair personage in de serie en heel wat fan kijken uit naar zijn terugkeer.

Het is geleden furgone, van 26 oktober dat Bram nog te zien was in de serie. In die aflevering vertrok het personage met de noorderzon en liet hij alles en iedereen achter om naar Ibiza te trekken. Verbeke moest een tijdje zijn activiteiten in de serie Thuis stopzetten, vermits hij meespeelde in de musical Ben X en hierdoor enkele maanden niet beschikbaar was voor de populaire één-serie.
In Thuis mag Bram zich opmaken voor een stevig onthaal. In de serie is bekend geraakt dat zijn ex-vriendin Jana (gespeeld door Joy Anna Thielemans) zwanger is door hem. zappa zal ze op zijn terugkeer reageren? (Belga / MVL)
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Got no reason to cry
I’m okay
Got no reason to hide
I’m okay
Got no reason to run from life
Or to fake a smile
Everything’s perfect this way
I’m okay

Bury me while I’m still breathing
Haunt me while I’m still sleeping
Torture me while I’m still feeling
Everything’s perfect this way
I’m okay

Got no place to run to
But I’m okay
Got no heaven to go through
Still I’m okay
Got no idea what to do
Or how to live without you
But everything’s perfect this way
I’m okay

Bury me while I’m still breathing
Haunt me while I’m still sleeping
Torture me while I’m still feeling
Everything’s perfect...
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Elena lay in her bed, but it had taken Stefan two hours to reassure her Damon was alright.
“I brought him to Ric’s loft” he had said. “If I would’ve brought him here Bonnie would’ve found him in no time. te can go see him tomorrow. I promise”
“Where’s my phone?” she asked shaking. “I want to call him. I want to hear him say he’s okay"
Stefan gave Elena’s phone and she dialed Damon’s number. It went straight to voicemail. “He’s not picking up” Elena detto scared. “Something happened”
Stefan took her da her shoulders. “Elena, his phone is probably dead and...
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Poor poor Cas, stuck in a house of lunatics
One will make te cry and one will cut your cuore out for kicks
Better make it for a run and better make it quick
Or you’ll be stuck forever in this house of lunatics

No, I can’t be your savior
And I won’t be your slave
I’m not reaching my hand out
You’re not mine to save
You’re gonna want to go back to the water
You’re gonna wish te would’ve drowned
‘Cause you’ll be breathing still
When they’ve buried te in the ground

Poor poor Cas, stuck in a house of lunatics
One will make te cry and one will cut your cuore out for kicks
Better make...
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Police cars were parked in front of the hospital in such way they wouldn’t block the ambulances driving in.
“I’m going in” sheriff Forbes said. She had been informed about who the target was and knowing Damon’s a vampire she decided it best to have a chat with him herself.
“What the hell?” Elena detto from inside the car. “What are all these people doing here?”
“They don’t know about Damon” Stefan said. “They must think he’s just some lunatic who’s Lost it”
Elena saw how Liz put something in her inside pocket. “She has a stake” she detto scared. “She’ll try...
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te can break my fingers
You can cut my hand off
You can stab my eyes out
You can cut my legg off
You can kill me
But in the end you'll see
That no matter what te do
I'll always be haunting you

The feelings of guilt won't be gone
You'll always remember whar you've done
And I could let te live and die in peace
But that's so not me

You can spread gossip 'bout me
You ruin my world
You can chase my Friends away
You can be that bitchy girl
You can make me freak out
But in the end you'll figure out
That no matter what te do
I'll always be haunting you

The feelings of guilt won't be gone
You'll always remember whar...
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Isabel got in her car and started the engines.
“Hello, Isabel”
Isabel jumped up and screamed. She looked behind, over her shoulder, but there was no one to see.
“I’m going crazy” she mumbled and she rubbed her eyes. She hadn’t been sleeping very well, not with everything that was going on.
“You’re not going crazy” the voice commented. “You can’t see me, but te can obviously hear me. My name is Anna and I’m an angel”
Isabel shook her head. This was impossible.
“I see te have trouble believing so” Anna noted. “However, I need te to get over the shock and listen...
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This is my first rap song. It's about my co-worker. It's not very nice. Also, somewhere there's the line 'i don't mind being the hottest chick around' I usually don't say those kinds of things. She just really pissed me off.

Talking shit like a twit
That’s all te can do
But when it comes down to it
Nothing gets through to you

You’re all big talk
But te got no game
And this poor me crap
Is really fucking lame

Who the hell are you
To play victimized
We’ve all got issues, bitch
But I guess yours are worse than mine

If you’d be the honest person
You claim to be
You wouldn’t talk third
person singular...
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De Amerikaanse countryzangeres Taylor veloce, swift heeft de smaak furgone, van het acteren flink te pakken. Na "Valentine's Day" heeft de jonge blondine opnieuw een rol te pakken in een Hollywoodfilm. De 21-jarige veloce, swift zal haar stem lenen aan een personage in de 3D-animatiefilm "The Lorax", gebaseerd op een verhaal furgone, van de Amerikaanse schrijver Dr. Seuss.

Eerder raakte bekend dat Danny DeVito en Zac Efron ook in het filmproject stappen als stemacteurs.
Het verhaal draait om de Lorax, een besnord wezentje dat het opneemt voor de bomen die door een harteloze ondernemer worden geveld. Danny DeVito speelt de rol furgone, van de Lorax. (Belga / LEE)
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I never met anyone quite like te before
You are the reflection of my soul
But I know it’s another one way strada, via again
No matter how hard I push te won’t let me in

I never believed in Amore at first sight
But now I believe I must change my mind
‘Cause from the moment I saw te everything fell into place
And now the thought of te haunts me every day

You don’t have to worry I’ll hunt te down
And your girlfriend will remain sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza and sound
I’m not one of those crazy people, killing to get what they want
I’d rather kill myself than to break your heart

I know it’s not healthy what I’m doing...
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Opnieuw succes voor zangeres Adele. Op de uitreiking furgone, van de Brit Awards, de Britse tegenhangers furgone, van de Grammy's, viel ze tot twee maal toe in de prijzen, met name voor Beste Vrouwelijke Artiest en Beste Album.

De uitreiking vond plaats in de O2 Arena in Londen. In een uitverkochte zaal bedankte ze iedereen en sprak de zangeres over een 'verbazingwekkend jaar'. Adele mocht ook al zes Grammy Awards mee naar huis nemen.
De 23-jarige Britse behaalde in het afgelopen jaar wereldwijd succes met haar cd '21' en de hitsingle 'Rolling in the Deep', die ze op de avond furgone, van de Brit Awards ook zong. Volgens de Britse openbare omroep BBC werden er wereldwijd al 24 miljoen exemplaren verkocht furgone, van '21'. De single 'Rolling in the Deep' belandde in 24 landen op de eerste plaats furgone, van de hitparade.
De Award voor Beste Britse Single ging naar 'What Makes te Beautiful' furgone, van One Direction. (Belga / MVL)
While Cas put his clothes back on Meg wrapped the sheets around her and walked towards the door.
“Where te going?” Cas asked.
“Going to take a look in Heather’s wardrobe. I don’t like these clothes” Meg replied and she left the room. Cas took advantage of Meg’s absence to look around in the room. He lifted the mattress, opened the closets and threw all its content on the floor. He pulled the drawers open and threw them on the bed.
“Where is it, Heather? Where do te keep it?” Cas mumbled as he kept looking.
Meg opened the closet in Heather’s bedroom and checked her wardrobe....
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De Amerikaanse actrice Lindsay Lohan mag na een behandeling furgone, van 3 maand de ontwenningskliniek verlaten waarin ze verplicht werd opgenomen. Ze moet nu een opvolgingsprogramma afwerken buiten de instelling. Paparazzi zagen de 26-jarige actrice de Cliffside Malibu Rehab Center in Californië verlaten met een grote glimlach op haar lippen. Lohan werd begin dit jaar door een rechtbank veroordeeld tot het volgen furgone, van een ontwenningskuur nadat ze vorig jaar een auto-ongeluk veroorzaakte. Haar moeder Dina liet weten dat Lohan nu op weg is naar New York om de drukte te vermijden. Later zal ze nog te gast zijn in de talkshow furgone, van Oprah Winfrey. Daar zal ze vertellen zappa het is om een ontwenningskuur te volgen. (Belga / Belga)
A couple of hours later Meg opened her eyes. She sat up, but regretted it immediately. She removed the sheets and pulled up her hospital grembiule and discovered a bandage on her side.
“You have to leave it there” a gravelle voice said. Meg looked up and saw Cas standing in the doorway. “Are te still angry with me?” he asked careful.
“Yes” Meg detto insensitive.
“Are te scared Crowley will come after you?” Cas asked.
“He already did” Meg replied bitchy. She climbed out of bed. “Where are my clothes?”
“Why? What are te going to do?” Cas frowned confused.
“I can’t...
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I came, I saw and I got Lost in your eyes
I tried to cut te out but te got stuck in my mind
Now it’s already past midnight
But in my cuore the sun still shines
You pass me da and you’re never aware
That when te do I always stop and stare
I don’t know how I can make te care
About me, ‘cause we would be the perfect pair

I’ve found the perfect way to say I Amore you
I just need to get the words out of my mouth
Trying not to think about all the dignity I will lose
When I speak up and te turn me down
I was never meant to grow old
Without someone to Amore and hold
I just hope te Amore me, too
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