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 Hannah Montana Season 1
Hannah Montana Season 1
You get the limo out front............
best of both, best of both Best of both worlds!


While Lilly now knows Miley is Hannah Montana, Oliver still doesn't. When he tells her that he loves Hannah, Miley and Lilly try to get him to turn his attention to other girls, since Miley is worried that if she told him the truth he'd be in Amore with her too. The girls come up with a plan to get Oliver to hate Hannah. Oliver and Hannah meet up at the Malibu spiaggia and she chews gum since Oliver hates it, but the plan backfires. Eventually, Miley reveals to Oliver...
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EPISODE 1 Lilly, Do te Want To Know A Secret?

Miley: "I say this because I care about you: get some help!"

Jackson: "Oh believe me, she's screaming in the inside."

Robbie: "This it this way Miley, he goes out with a girl, they fall in love, they get married and he moves out."

EPISODE 2 Miley, Get Your Gum

Miley: "Yes, and maybe just maybe that's insane!"

Miley: "Do u hear what you're saying o is there a big roaring in ur ear?!"

Miley: "Look at te all upside-right"

EPISODE 3 She's A Supersneak

Robbie: "Look at the size of this bad boy. We had quite a battle o two. First it was him, then...
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Do do do do do
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Do do do do do
When you're a superstar
They know your name wherever te are
Life is crazy and I like it

Pctures on magazines
Autographs and 90,000 screams
Get the dream and then te live it

Oh, wouldn't te want that too
Who could blame you
Oh, 'cause what I say is true, yeah

When you're a V.I.P.
You get whatever te please
What's not to like
The fan screamin' your name
All the fortune and fame
What's not to, what's not
What's not to like

Do do do do do
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Do do do do do
Life in the spotlight (Oh)
Designer clothes te wear one time
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