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emilykuru posted on May 20, 2011 at 07:15AM
Hey guys! The Harmony picture contest forum has been growing popular, thanks to the particapation of many loyal Harmony fans. So I’d like to thank you guys for all the support! I earlier thought of displaying the results there in the question itself – but once many rounds started getting played, I thought that the place wouldn’t be enough.So from now on, only the latest results will be posted there and it will be changed once the next round is played.

So I made this forum – PICTURE CONTEST RESULTS so that we can keep a record of the winners and preserve it. Below I will post the list of winners until now and even if place isnt enough, we can update it. And if at all, at any time I stop coming to fanpop (not that it is going to happen – but what with 10th std, public exams and all) someone else can take over the job and continue holding the contests until I come back. Even if you cannot edit what I have posted there, you can come here and keep posting the results below. And oh yeah, as an addition we will have props ranking too.

Hope this benefits everyone! Once again I thank all the hardcore Harmony fans who supported and played in the forum.Continue to show your support for Harmony always! HARMONY FOREVER!

PROPS RANKING (from March 14 2011 to May 20 2011)

link : 16 props
link : 14 props
link : 19 props
link : 9 props
link : 11 props
link : 2 props

Link to the pasge with the list of all particpants until now along with the link to their profile is link
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più di un anno fa emilykuru said…
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Typing links for every round is tough. So here are the links of all particpants – See the results and incase you want to fan any of them – get the direct link to their profile by clicking on their names :


2. link





Want your name to be added to this list too? Then go on and particpate in the Harmony picture contest! Have fun!

più di un anno fa emilykuru said…

Winner : OnlyHarmioneHJP
Runner : Lunafan
Third place:Suman
Consolation :emilykuru

The round is closed but if you want to vote for fun click link


Runner:Persephone 16
Third place:OnlyHarmioneHJP

The round is closed but if you want to vote for fun click link


Third place:Brucas Love
Consolation: Persephone 16, OnlyHarmioneHJP, emilykuru

The round is closed but if you want to vote for fun click link


Winner: Brucas_Love
Runner: Persephone 16
Third place: Suman
Consolation: OnlyHarmioneHJP

Round 5 is open!!!!
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