Harry Potter vs Twilight 1000 REASONS TO HATE HARRY POTTER

Amalyn posted on Jul 11, 2011 at 08:09AM
If you think the series is horrible say so AND WHY.

Comparisons to Twilight are acceptable but not required. What I really want is to know what problem people have with this series, other than the fact that its not Twilight and that there's magic in it.

So, do your worst, I'm listening.
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più di un anno fa KateKicksAss said…
Ditto my response to your other forum post.

This is immature, childish, rude, need I say more?

Regardless of your OPINIONS (read OPINIONS, NOT FACTS!), this sort of thing is not okay to post.
Feel free to think whatever you want to think, just STOP TRYING TO SPREAD HATE! Really, if you can't be a civilized, polite Fanpopper, you should just leave.

più di un anno fa zanhar1 said…
I don't hate anything about it really
più di un anno fa boolander25 said…
I hate Harry. He always acts recklessly, he's stubborn and thinks everything is about him. He constantly puts his friends in danger because he doesn't think and he deals with anger badly.

I could also put why I dislike James, Lily and Dumbledore, but I'm tired.
più di un anno fa MeLikeyHermione said…
1000 reasons why I hate Twilight series (I refuse to call it a saga) The books have many plot holes.
più di un anno fa bri-marie said…
^That has nothing to do with this forum.
più di un anno fa RandomRebekah said…
I agree with zanhar1
più di un anno fa bri-marie said…
Hedwig's gender confusion?
più di un anno fa bri-marie said…
I agree with boo: there's quite a few characters I don't like.

I also don't like the way JK did relationships. Many of them were forced and awkward, and didn't make a whole lot of sense.
più di un anno fa boolander25 said…
^I agree with that as well. Mostly with Ginny/Harry though, but I can see how the whole Remus and Tonks thing fits too.
più di un anno fa phoenixwand said…
reasons to HATE? thats inappropriate, dont you think?
più di un anno fa TheLoneWolf said…
It ended?

I didn't really have many problems....all the ships I wanted to happen, happened...except LunaXNeville but I can pretend they used to go out :)
più di un anno fa ClaireVoyant said…
hey if this is allowed does that mean HP fan can make 1000 reason to hate twilight too? :P
più di un anno fa pokerface22 said…
All I hate about the series is that Ginny was a Mary Sue with a Gary-Stu husband Harry.
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più di un anno fa ClaireVoyant said…
@pokerface22 speak for yourself
più di un anno fa phoenixwand said…
Ginny was a Mary Sue? You amaze me pokerface22. Please explain!
più di un anno fa zanhar1 said…
She is though, perfect life, supposed to be perfect, no romantic connection to Harry and out of nowhere there one is.
più di un anno fa FawkesTears said…
Zanhar, are you describing Ginny, cause her life is hardly perfect. She lives in a poor family and must face abuse from people like the Malfoys, but does she renounce her family? No. On top of it all, she lost a brother. And to say she has no romantic feelings for Harry made my choke on my tomato soup.
più di un anno fa zanhar1 said…
For one I never said she had no romantic feelings for Harry I said they popped out of nowhere.
Her life isn't perfect I suppose but any non pureblood takes abuse from the Malfoys. It was stated that she was part of what Jk Rowling wanted to be, that is part of the definition of Mary Sue, I think she's an ok character, just a flatish one.
più di un anno fa phoenixwand said…
Feelings pop out of nowhere? So do feelings have a 'source', a definite one and from there only they should come? She is awed by Harry first 3 years, then she realises she likes him but on Hermoine's suggestion she dates other guys (which is a very pratical way and not at all Mary Sue-ish)and then both Harry and her gradually realise that they love each other. I have not ever read that Ginny's character is based on what JK wanted to be so wont comment on that. (It would be great if you could support that statement with some evidence). And lastly Ginny grows from an emotional, scared, protected by brothers, sentimental girl to a self-dependant, no-nonsense, awesome at quidicth, holding head high with pride girl. I think that is some character and 'flat' is just not the word to describe it!
più di un anno fa zanhar1 said…
I personally believe that in the first 3 books Ginny loved him in that preteen-girl-has-a-crush-on-hot-pop star way. I think she loved Harry no more then I love Helena Bonham, as an idol and a role model. I personally believe that their realization was not gradual, to me it was like one minute they barely know eachother the next they're making out in the room of requirement. Harry made no prior mention of loving her that I remember, but I haven't read the books on a while and I don't have it all memorized so I could be wrong. That's called character development not complex. Her story is a bit typical, little frightened naive girl grows to be confidant brave and powerful, nothing more nothing less. Snape for instance is complex, he is a double agent his love for Lily is his back story his reason to hate Harry. The fact that he has a back story and a complex personality puts him out of the flat character section. Whilst Ginny doesn't really have any back story, complexity, or (in my unpopular opinion) depth to her.
più di un anno fa zanhar1 said…
I actually in all honesty font remember were I heard the Rowling based Ginny off her hopes but I'll let you know if I do.
più di un anno fa FawkesTears said…
First off, I noticed that you said non purebloods received abuse from the Malfoys. Ginny IS a pureblood too though, she just doesn't believe in muggle born eradication.

Also, Harry and Ginny did not have feelings spring out like a jack in the box. Throughout Half-Blood Prince, Harry starts to see what kind of woman she has become and fights his attraction to her because she already has a boyfriend. Now, for Ginny, don't you think you'd cash in on the oppurtunity for your crush if they showed interest in you?
più di un anno fa zanhar1 said…
Yes I said nonpurebloods take crap from them meaning there are a whole bunch of others who the Malfoys look at distanfully. It's not like Ginny is the main target. Any non pureblood, muggle or half blood supporter, or muggle lover is targerted be Malfoy... Lots of people. Ginny has nothing there to take personally.

The thing is it was too sudden for my taste. How quick love should develop is all a matter of opinion and I believe it happened to quickly. Ginny had 3 other books to jump in and say she loved Harry. All of the sudden in book 6 she decides to. There were many other times she could've asked him such as during the DA meetings. Yes he had a thing for Cho, but after that? Or perhaps sooner in book 4 she could've asked Harry before he got Parvati he was totally open and looking for a date.
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più di un anno fa Hermione7 said…
Why would anyone hate Harry Potter? Now Twilight that's some thing to hate. And HP is far from immature so STFU haterz.
più di un anno fa FawkesTears said…
Well, I'm pretty sure that given how things ended between Harry and Cho, I don't think that he wanted to jump into another relationship quickly. And the reason she and Harry didn't go to the Yule Ball was because Neville asked her relatively early and wasn't gonna drop him like a tissue. And to be fair, Harry sort of surprised her with a kiss and of course, she gave in because she was finally getting her crush.

Now I won't say there is a proper definition for sudden. That is strictly opinion and I can respect that, but keep in mind not all loves take time. Some do happen quicker than others.
più di un anno fa KatiiCullen94 said…
I don't hate it, but I grew out of it...
I just love Twilight better. Much better.
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più di un anno fa FawkesTears said…
That's understandable, but do you think you'll feel the same way in 10 years?
più di un anno fa cassie-1-2-3 said…
I don't hate Harry Potter either, I just didn't enjoy the actual act of reading the words on the pages.
As for the story, it was somewhat interesting. It was a passive read, done to pass the time. I would have quit half way through if I weren't deterrmined to finish every series I start, whenever possible.
più di un anno fa emmarupertluver said…
*In Amazement* How did we get onto this controversy?!
più di un anno fa lostandhp4ever said…
There is only one storyline I disliked about the series. And it was the end. As I read the final chapter I had a feeling that J.K Rowling was not really honest, that she was afraid to do contrary to society´s expactations. And if it´s true I have to say I think it is very hypocritical. Because throughout all the 7 books she tried to teach us how important it is to be brave.But I don´t want to judge someone without knowing facts. It's just the feeling I've got.
Why was everyone of the good side saying Expelliarmus or something? I can´t remember that one wizard of the good side said Avada Kedavra. It´s a war, people are in the war to kill or get killed. So it´s ridicoulus when their target is to kill, but they can't even say it loud. Also Harry is searching for horcruxes over a year and finally Voldemort stands in front of his eyes and he says "Expelliarmus" three times or so??? What was she thinking? And why did Harry survive again? The first time as a baby, it made so much sense that he survived because he was a horcrux. This was such a great explanation for the huge storyline. And it would be such a tragic but noble ending if Harry died. But he rises as he would be some Saint Jesus of the Wizarding world? That doesn´t make any sense, it was a forced and not well-thought clichee by which the author took the easy way out. Even if she didn´t want to kill Harry, she should have considered something else which would make sense. Well this is the only storyline I dislike about Harry Potter & at least a reason for your forum.
più di un anno fa ThePrincesTale said…
"And why did Harry survive again? The first time as a baby, it made so much sense that he survived because he was a horcrux."

Wrong. Harry survived the first time because Lily Potter sacrificed herself for him- Voldemort gave her the choice to leave, unharmed, but she chose to stay and protect her baby. Voldemort killed her, then tried to kill Harry. But Lily's sacrifice, her love, meant that he couldn't- the love was so much more powerful than the hatred, and the Dark Magic backfired.
The second time, Harry survived because Voldemort actually acted like a Horcrux to him. When Voldemort took Harry's blood into his new body in the fourth book, Lily's blood, the sacrifice again camne to protect Harry- Harry couldn't die while part of his blood was on earth, in Voldemort.

So you see, it was actually very well thought out and made perfect sense. All through the books they detail how Love triumphs over Hatred, Dark Magic. Harry couldn't have died- that would've meant evil had won, and the power of love had lost. And he couldn't have died even if good had triumphed, because the prophecy tells how "neither can live whilst the other survives"- Voldemort would have won.

Just had to clear that up.
più di un anno fa lostandhp4ever said…
Wrong. Harry survived the first time because Lily Potter sacrificed herself for him- Voldemort gave her the choice to leave, unharmed, but she chose to stay and protect her baby. Voldemort killed her, then tried to kill Harry. But Lily's sacrifice, her love, meant that he couldn't- the love was so much more powerful than the hatred, and the Dark Magic backfired.

I am aware of this. It was mentioned at least 100 times. :) I just summed up this storyline and said I really liked the idea that Harry was a horcrux and that it made so much sense to ME.

The second time, Harry survived because Voldemort actually acted like a Horcrux to him. When Voldemort took Harry's blood into his new body in the fourth book, Lily's blood, the sacrifice again camne to protect Harry- Harry couldn't die while part of his blood was on earth, in Voldemort.

Hmm, I wasn´t aware of this, nor did I ever think about it. But why did he have to rise? lol And I just don´t understand the fact or rather it doesn´t make sense to me that Harry can´t die but the horcrux in him can get destroyed without Harry dying?

più di un anno fa FawkesTears said…
"But why did he have to rise?"
You're kidding, right? The most diabolical wizard who's living in a weak form obviously wants to rise to power again.

And like Prince's Tale explained, Harry's blood ran through Voldemort's veins, allowing him to live. The horcrux though, was strictly Voldemort, allowing it to die.
più di un anno fa lostandhp4ever said…
You're kidding, right? The most diabolical wizard who's living in a weak form obviously wants to rise to power again.

No, I am not kidding. I was only talking about a perception of mine. I think I am entitled to this. With "But why did he have to rise?" I was not talking about Voldemort. I was talking about Harry. Voldemort said "Avada Kedavra", right? Everybody in this book died after this spell. Harry didn´t. He was in limbo for a short time, saying Hi to Dumbledore and then rising, coming back to life. What you say makes all sense about why Voldemort died. I did understand that also, I just didn´t understand why Harry didn´t die.

P.S.: I am a huge Harry Potter fan!
più di un anno fa slytherin713 said…
Don't worry lostandhp4ever..
The Battle of Hogwarts confused me too..
But why Harry died...
In the white room...that was the Deathly Hallows
The creature that was said to be on the floor is the dying Voldemort part of Harry (from when he was a Horcrux)
if you're asking WHY Harry went back to fight...I'm guessing he didn't want more "Dobbies" (they said that about the House Elves)
The other people didn't die, it was just Harry and the Deathly Hallows.

the reason why Harry didn't die yet was because he had all 3 items to the deathly hallows, meaning he was the Conquerer of Death, or whatever it was

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più di un anno fa traceyhp said…
The only thing I hate about the Harry Potter series is the deaths of the following:

1. Fred Weasley (My fav)
2. Hedwig
3. Alastor "Mad-eye" Moody
4. Sirius Black
5. Remus Lupin
6. Nymphadora Tonks
7. Ted Tonks
8. Colin Creevey
9. Severus Snape
10. Albus Dumbledore
11. Dobby
Other than that, I still love the series overall.

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più di un anno fa britishboy said…
katekickass back off hp does suck i say we spread hate and hp fans will leave we kill this club and all hp fans and all hp clubs till twighlight rises join me now all u twilght fans
più di un anno fa luv_warriorcatz said…
What is with the 1000 reasons?
I bet you wouldn't even reach 500
più di un anno fa ClaireVoyant said…
^I don't think they can even reach 50 without being irrational and childish.

most of the reason i read are not about hating HP, but thing that people confuse/disagree in Hp.

@britishboy LOL, you sound like some supamegavilain planning on conquering the world in a cartoon show. I can't even take you seriously. and you better watch your mouth. katekickass is one of T fans with the most rationale and strong argument among you T fans. telling her to back of you lost a strong ally :P
più di un anno fa RebeccaCalzone said…
I dont like how the next generation kids weren't described (except those in the epilogue) Theres so much confusion about who is like what and who looks like who!
più di un anno fa RebeccaCalzone said…
How Rowling made the marauders jerks, she suddenly turned nearly an entire fanbase against James! James is described as having matured and being noble and kind, etc. Why did she have to overshadow all of that with him being a bully?
più di un anno fa RebeccaCalzone said…
The Snape/ Lily shipping being canon. Ew, just, ew
più di un anno fa RebeccaCalzone said…
I was waiting the whole time for Harry's Slytherin side to come out! Who doesnt want sarcastic-witty-dark-Harry? I do :) not sure about the rest of the fans actually... I can't believe he was a 'hero' through and through! This is why i liked the beginning of OoP, he was pretty Slytherin in that part. I liked when he used the taunting baby voice... Bellatrix moment!
più di un anno fa -Harmony- said…
Umm...what were the first reasons? So anyway here's mine:

1. Relationships in HP were too forced
2. Death were not well planned (except for Snape's)
3. The used of curse words
4. HP can be too violent(e.g killing a baby)
5. It makes us think that ordinary life is boring (well for me)

That's my opinion. I would never hate Harry Potter.
più di un anno fa KateKicksAss said…
1000 Reasons why this forum topic is incredibly immature, anyone?
più di un anno fa -Harmony- said…
@KateKicksAss I'm on it.
più di un anno fa cassie-1-2-3 said…
I don't think the forum is very immature.
The intent probably was, but people are just listing listing things they don't favor.

All the "they probably can't even come up with reasons" is pretty dense, though.
più di un anno fa KateKicksAss said…
I think the topic of this forum is immature. People are fine to dislike Harry Potter, I just think it's immature to try and spread hate. This is FANpop, not HATEpop. And it doesn't matter if people are hating on HP or Twilight...I like both, and I'm not going to tolerate hate like this for anything. Wasting energy hating stuff is just immature.
più di un anno fa serious_claw said…
@boolander25 Harry is reckless?! Bella jumped off of a cliff, not thinking about what it would do to Jacob, who was busy protecting HER from Victoria, Alice, who was listening to Edward and trying to make Bella forget she existed, and Edward, who still loved her. Bella is the most reckless character of the series: Twilight: Got into the car with Edward, who she didn't know. New Moon: Motorcycle, Biker Gang, Cliff, Volturi. Eclipse: KISSING Jacob. Breaking Dawn: Having SEX with Edward, a vampire, unprotected, then refusing to abort the baby that almost killed her. Bella is the most reckless and self-centred character in any series, and she deserves to be recognized as so.
più di un anno fa Phoenix_Tears said…
I whole heartedly agree @serious_claw!!! And I would like to expand on that. Harry is not reckless, but willing to do the right thing no matter what. He is also willing to protect others no matter what danger he faces. To some (crazies...) that may sound reckless but I believe that it is bravery. I cannot say the same for Twilight though....That was recklessness.