Harry Potter vs Twilight 1000 Reasons Why Harry Potter Is Better Than Twilight

lauracullen66 posted on Aug 27, 2009 at 01:29PM
just start at one and see if you can get 1000

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più di un anno fa DracoFanGirl said…
1425: HP has humor. You're laughing at Toilet 'cause it's so horribly written.
più di un anno fa LoveforSeverus said…
1426. No Twitards have any reason to come on here and yell at us for how "horriable" this forum is... it was STARTED by a Twitard. Don't believe me? Go look.
più di un anno fa LilysLittleTwin said…
LoveforSeverus: I believe she is a Twilighter, she doesn't talk 'lik dis' or LIKE THIS!!11!!1! .
più di un anno fa LoveforSeverus said…
Her name says so and just her attitude shows it
più di un anno fa DracoFanGirl said…
Twilighters, Twilighters, Twilighters. *shakes head*
più di un anno fa LoveforSeverus said…
Oh DracoFanGirl if only you knew. They piss me off so much! I go to Harry Potter places to calm myself. I shall do that now
più di un anno fa Harrypotter148 said…
1428: we don't say harry potter is better because it is and take that for a good reson! a twilight website "50 reaons why twilight is bettr :be cuz it is!!!!!"
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più di un anno fa DracoLove777 said…
I'd just like to point out that the point of this board is not to argue over who in Harry Potter is hotter. I'm not trying to be mean but I don't want us to look like a bunch of Twazis. So if you could please stick to the topic that'd be awesome.
più di un anno fa Harrypotter148 said…
big smile
DracoLove777 your right!
più di un anno fa LoveforSeverus said…
DracoLove777 you're right... I shall start a different forum haha
più di un anno fa Harrypotter148 said…
What do you think!!!
 What do te think!!!
più di un anno fa DracoFanGirl said…
*sigh* I know. This Twihard in my class gets annoyed that i don't like The-Peice-of-Crap-that-Meyer-tried-to-pass­-up­-as­-a-­boo­k 'saga'. It bothers her more than it bothers me.
più di un anno fa potterrox said…
1427: Edward Cullen is undesirable number one
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
DracoFanGirl, you found a new name for the Twilight series. =D
più di un anno fa LoveforSeverus said…
DracoFanGril and LoveDraco123 can we shorten it? Twilight isn't worth that space.
più di un anno fa Harrypotter148 said…
lol ha!!! right!!!

HARRY POTTER Forever!! (am i right)
più di un anno fa TonjoursPur said…
1428: Twilight is a four part book series about a girl struggling to decide between beastiality, and necrophiliasm =)
più di un anno fa Harrypotter148 said…
1429: the love in harry potter is real and its not cheeesy and corny with lines like "the lion fell inlove with the lame," and boing seens of his face

1430" you can see how old they get its 7 year not 2 in half
più di un anno fa Harrypotter148 said…
1431 sorry
più di un anno fa LoveforSeverus said…
now would be 1431.

1431. We have comedy bits after Harry Potter like "Potter Puppet Pals" which i have been watching since 5th grade! and "A Very Potter Musical"
più di un anno fa Harrypotter148 said…
A Very Potter Musical what is that???
più di un anno fa LoveforSeverus said…
it's a musicial about Harry Potter. youtube it :D
più di un anno fa XDRoseLuvsHP said…
1432. Harry and his friends act their age, whether it is 11 in the first book or 17 in the last book or anywhere in between. Everyone in Twilight acts like they are 7-12 year old kids trying to seem like adults, when they are supposed to be 18 (or over 100 in Edweird's case, but that is beside the point).
più di un anno fa Harrypotter148 said…
okay i will ha!!

they do act there age!!

bella acts like she is 4 years old
più di un anno fa LoveforSeverus said…
Bella acts like a 4 year old on crack :D
più di un anno fa Harrypotter148 said…
HA Right on the Spot
più di un anno fa Roonil said…
big smile
Hello :). Okay so I'm going to admit it, I used to be a Twilight fan *hangs head in shame*. However as someone wise once said to me "even Hermione fell for Gilderoy Lockhart at the start". That makes me feel better :).
Anyway I found this site and joined up to input in this discussion with my reasons (which im suprised no-ones picked up on already).

1433. JASCOB CANNOT BIOLOGICALLY EXIST. In Eclipse I think it is, S.Meyer wrote something about werewolves and vampires having different number of chromosomes to humans. This means THEY CANNOT INTERBREED. ie. a human cannot get a donkey pregnant, correct? And seeing how there are only MALE werewolves (until Leah CLearwater) that means that the werewolves would have had to have mated with humans to produce their offspring. Which means, biologically, there should be NO offspring. However, interbreeding can happen (donkey+horse=mule) however in that case the offspring is infertile so they cannot breed. And seeing how Jacobs great-grandfather or something was the Alpha wolf, well Jacob is a biological miracle.

1434. I know this has already been addressed before, but Renesme. She also can't exist biologically. Vampires have different numbers of chromosomes to humans. They cant interbreed.
Also, Edward can't get an erection. Erections are caused when blood accumlated in the *ahem* male genetalia. Vampires cant have blood, or else Jasper would be killing every single one of the Cullens. IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE SMEYER.

1435. Harry Potter would kick Edwards sparkling ass :)
più di un anno fa -SlytherinGirl- said…
I have to say that after reading this, I made an account xD I love a good argument :D
più di un anno fa LoveforSeverus said…
1435. Harry Potter would kick Edwards sparkling ass :) -- Can I quote you on that from now until FOREVER!!!!
più di un anno fa hpotterrox said…
1436. Twilight Has Little To NO Plot.

Twilight lacks a consistently well rounded plot and what 'plot' it does have is poorly slopped together and covered in clichés. You could say there is a plot in there...somewhere...but there's only one, and there are barely any subplots either. And for those that do pop up, they are then quickly dropped and/or forgotten by the writer. Stephenie Meyer lacks the ability, planning, and forethought to think ahead and finish everything she starts. There are plenty of little subplots that pop up and make some of the readers go, "HMM!!!" so you hang in there, wondering how it'll develop...and then after 400+ pages and three more books you realize...you've been punk'd. If that wasn't bad enough, when she actually does have enough brain cells colliding with each other to spark an intelligent thought bubble she then has the audacity to backpedal and completely rewrite already established subplots which in turn completely contradict with previous chapters or books.
1437. Stephenie Meyer Rapes Her Own Characters.

Stephenie Meyer, the noobish writer that she is, doesn't understand the importance of building a three dimensional character. Which, you know, is hilarious because in all her interviews and speeches she always brags about how her CHARACTERS drive the story and how they're the most important people everz! So you would think—okay she sucks at establishing an original thought or actual plot but maybe she can really churn out some unique and strong characters (strong as in; they have a strong impact on the reader, not strong as in they can HULK SMASH TYLER'S VAN!). But no, of course, she sucks at that too. She establishes your basic cookie-cutter characters. You've got your Marysue (and by default Garystu). You then have your cardboard cutouts simply placed and only existing to benefit the lead character (Bella) to help answer her questions and nudge her in the right direction (a cheap copout most amateur writers take when they aren't creative enough to drive the story themselves) not to mention all the other favorites like the evil blonde bitch, the brute, the shy quiet one (ohhh still waters run deep LE GASP!), the noble family man, etc.

They all come off like they're ordered off a menu. And then, when Meyer ACTUALLY attempts to allow her characters to evolve (if THAT'S what she calls it...) all the characters jump out of their skin and do a complete turnaround. Reading it, I honestly thought they were possessed because how she went about introducing these 'new developments' were so poorly done I figured something had to be controlling these people for them to be acting so out of character. The most important ones off the top of my head that completely make you go WOW WOW WOW WTF?! HOLD IT RIGHT THAR MISSEH! Happen to be Jacob who is turned into a cuddly pedophile and Rosalie who's turned into a bitter sweet attempted baby snatcher.

Let's not even get started with the lead characters, Bella and Edward. Unless you know, you want my head to explode DX.

1438. Being Clumsy Is Not A Character Flaw.

Bella is perfect, but no wait...Stephenie Meyer didn't want her to be no Marysue! So she gave her a blaring character flaw...or at least what she intended to be a character flaw which clearly...is not. That is, being horribly clumsy. But this is NOT a flaw seeing as whenever Bella actually takes a nose dive or does something obnoxiously klutzy it's seen as an endearing act, more so a positive trait than a blaring fault.

To make matters worse, her clumsy antics actually act as a device to give Edward even more opportunities to swoop in and act as Bella's knight in shining—I mean *ahem*—sparkling armor. I MEAN REALLY?!?!? COME ON!

1439. Twilight Is Poorly Written.

Many have claimed it reads like fanfiction, and the sad truth is...it does. Aside from being constantly showered with Marysue babblings you're forced to struggle with poor writing, blatant grammatical errors, poor sentence structure, and the mother load of them all...thesaurus rape.

Twilight is 400+ pages of flowery prose regurgitated onto every page by our special little snowflake of a lead heroin; Bella. She spends the entire book reassuring us that yes, Edward is so fucking hot your eyes will bleed if you stare at his dazzling beauty for too long. She then tries to save this redundant piece of fluff by injecting your 'villain of the week' variety of INTENSE ACTION SUSPENSE GO! That is commonly seen in Saturday morning cartoons geared towards six year olds. All this mayhem is quickly avoided just in time for prom! How bloody convenient yay!

1440. Twilight Is A Pile Of Repetitive Fluff.

There's no denying Twilight is horribly repetitive. It's as if Stephenie Meyer assumes all her readers have the attention span of a yippy chihuahua and that the reader has to constantly be reminded just how hot Edward is and that seems to be the only apparent reason the fans hang in there for that long. There's no 'plot' development to speak of, no underlying suspense, no revelations, no character growth, nope...all we get for 3/4ths of the book is the assurance that Eddiepoo is the hottest man alive and whatever anti climactic shit the lead endures it's all totally worth it just to live another day to gaze upon that incandescent chest and those marble smooth biceps. Oo la la.

1441. Stephenie Meyer Loves To Tell, Hardly Ever Does She 'Show'...

Stephenie Meyer bluntly tells us what is going on instead of just showing us, entrusting us to use our brain to figure it out for ourselves. However I don't assume she does this because she believes the majority of her readers are too dense to interpret events and actions on their own instead I personally believe this is just one of her many amateur mistakes when 'writing'.

She has no problem telling us Bella is smart, that Bella can do this and this, That Bella enjoys doing this and this, but NEVER does she actually show us that she does these things. Never once do we actually see Bella doing or saying something smart that isn't ripped out of last week's class assignment. Never once do we see her delving into a good book, we're told these things have occurred but never once are we shown. The narrator is biased, sure Bella claims to do these things and to embody certain traits and abilities but she never once takes advantage of these attributes she so loves to brag about. Is there something in the water of Forks that turns its citizens into helpless, brainless, drones?

1442. Stephenie Meyer Can't Write Worth A Darn.

(This applies not only to the Twilight series but The Host and her short story in Prom Nights From Hell as well.)

I'm sorry, but it's true. She can type, sure. I don't deny this. But can she write? Write in the sense that she has some shred of talent or grasp on how to rightfully portray a story. The answer is simply, no...no she does NOT.

Even with an editor her books—all four of them—are plagued with grammatical errors. In an attempt to sound intelligent as a writer AND to make her lead character appear smart, wise, and ahead of her generation; she—without a shred of dignity—rapes the thesaurus like there's no tomorrow.

Sometimes, less is more. A concept Meyer has failed to comprehend. Fattening up your book with a chain of redundant adjectives only hurts you in the long run. Not only does she use a fluffy adjective followed by a handful of its synonyms before getting to the point but in some cases she ties together certain adjectives that actually contradict each other or cancel each other out.

To a devote Twihard, those fancy words make them feel smart and convinced that because they don't understand what half the words mean but can only guess by their context (in most cases, these flowery words are commonly misused or misplaced) that Meyer is actually a genius. That she is the epitome of a talented writer.

If you've taken high school English, you should acknowledge the complete opposite and facepalm yourself till you're red in the face.

Meyer can jot down a fantasy, but there's a difference from etching down your wet dreams and actually TELLING A STORY. She lacks talent and a purpose. She has no concept of writing structure, certain story elements that accomplish certain aspects of storytelling that should be used at any given time to portray a certain feeling or event. There is no depth in her books, writing, or story. Because of this Stephen King couldn't have said it any better, "Stephenie Meyer [just] can't write worth a darn."

1443. Stephenie Meyer Does Not Have The Mentality Of a TRUE Writer.

SMeyer has the mentality of a sheltered and coddled infant. Even now, being placed on the Best Seller's List for AGES, being praised for her books worldwide, and having a movie franchise causing a huge uproar among the masses Stephenie Meyer still lacks the ability to act accordingly.

A writer should strive to grow and learn, never do they stop improving their work—this is probably one of many reasons why it normally takes the average writer six months to two years to complete just ONE book. Instead SMeyer believes she's mastered it all, she shows no signs of improvement or willingness to hone her 'skills'. Because of this she lacks the capacity to not only acknowledge criticism but to learn from it and grow from it. Most writers STRIVE for criticism, the harsher and more honest the better. Most writers WANT to be the best and never—no matter what—do they ever think they're the best because assuming such would be blatantly childish, naive, and arrogant.

Because Stephenie Meyer can't accept criticism she is then led to throw a tantrum and act like a spoiled brat. She goes into the fetal position whenever something turns ugly. When her books were leaked she cried buckets of sobbing tears and refused to continue writing. Although this would be a wonderful thing it was highly unprofessional and insulting to other writers in the business who take their jobs more seriously.

She doesn't respect her fans, she doesn't respect her profession, she doesn't respect the art of literature, she doesn't respect the English language, and she doesn't respect constructive criticism—one of the most important tools a writer could ever have is honest feedback. Having a swarm of cheerleaders is a great ego booster but it doesn't help you...and too much of it can severely cripple you. Stephenie Meyer is a perfect example of just that.

1444. Twilight Fails At Attempted Symbolism.

The marketing team at Little Brown realized one crucial thing about Twilight, there is NO depth to the books WHAT-SO-EVER. Because of this they tried to slap on a half-assed attempt towards symbolism, a false notion that Twilight actually has some...meaning...or purpose. Which Stephenie Meyer many a time has denied at book signings confessing that Twilight is meant to be a light read (despite its size), that you really shouldn't think too much about it, and that it's basically just fun and pointless mind candy. Stephenie Meyer, I couldn't agree more.

In the first book—Twilight—they went with a cover image of two pale hands clasping an apple. This image was interpreted to supposedly represent the 'forbidden fruit'. This is further instilled onto us with the quote in the beginning of the book referencing a passage in the bible.

There is no 'forbidden fruit' in Twilight, however. There is no forbidden love. Besides childish jealousy that is easily thwarted there is nothing and no one refusing Bella and Edward to be together besides well...Edward. And that's because he's a brooding drama queen.

They inevitably do end up together, no surprise there. And really, even with the Volturi, there is no fighting or actual sacrifice made by either of the two lead characters to hold on to their 'love'. The only 'suffering' they do endure they brought onto themselves and are not brought on by outside forces.

They were and are their own biggest enemies and that doesn't really say much, they both act like immature brats who constantly make a big deal out of nothing. Which you know, any teenager is bound to do every now and again. I'm sure Bella would act the same over Edward leaving as she would if Charlie took away her internet or if Tyler accidently smashed her iPod.

1445. What Exactly Does Edward Look Like Again...?

You know it's funny I actually have to ask this but seriously, what does Edward look like again? Sure we get that he's hot but the attractiveness of anyone is subjective. Bella thinks he's hot, but we don't actually get much description of how he really looks aside from his cliché Fabio appearance minus the tan and long flowing hair that was sooo 80s!

All we're given when it comes to actual descriptive elements is that he's pale, slim but ripped, and has a dirty ginger mop. That hardly narrows it down.

Despite the constant obsession with his biceps and pecks that's all we get, a slight step up from a helpless old lady describing her--albeit fit--purse snatcher who just pranced off through the park with her bus money and denture's case.

Never once are we given a clear image of his actual facial features besides vague references to what Stephenie Meyer assumed to be pleasingly manly adjectives that are constantly changing throughout each chapter.

This is probably the main reason why the fangirls screamed in agony whenever the official casting list was released for Twilight. They were all unanimously displeased with who the casting director(s) chose because to them he looked nothing like their angst ridden Eddipoo because Edward's description was ever changing and incredibly vague to the point where everyone just assumed his actual appearance was just their interpretation of the hottest man ever to exist on the face of the planet which (surprise, surprise!) differs from one drooling fangirl to the next.
più di un anno fa hpotterrox said…
I got that off of twilightsucks.com. I didn't write that. chill dudes. givin them all the credit.
più di un anno fa -SlytherinGirl- said…
1446. Anyone from the Harry Potter books would destroy the Cullens. What are they going to do? Blind them? :P
più di un anno fa DumbledoreRocks said…
1447. edward cullen, 104 year old dude climing into a 17 year old girls bedroom to watch her sleep.... paedophile.
più di un anno fa DumbledoreRocks said…
1448. Harry potter is consistent, and the plot twists and turns but still makes sense and is totally brilliant, which is more than you can say for twishite. One of the many things about twishite I don't understand is why the cullens don't attack girls when they have their period, i mean, it's still blood, isn't it? Smeyer fails again...
più di un anno fa LoveforSeverus said…
^ i know!!!!! wouldn't Jasper be all like "mmmmm blood! period blood!!!!!!!!" and .... what happens to EDTARD when BELLAS on her period!!!!!!!!
più di un anno fa -SlytherinGirl- said…
Perhaps Edweird wears nose plugs :D Hahahaha.
più di un anno fa magu29 said…
1449: You can really feel what the character is going through.
"the prince's tale" Snape's "Always". You can't help bursting into tears! I JUST realized Snape told Harry to look at him because Harry has Lily's eyes! I Think I'm gonna cry! that's so sad!!!

1450: Harry suffers through all the books because he doesn't have Parents, doesn't have a family. Sirius, the only family he had left, was murdered by Lord Voldemort. Harry stares in a mirror for hours just to see his parents next to him.
All of this pain Harry goes through the books, and Bella has a family and just screws and ingnores it, and even abandons it (Am I including he lies to his father constantly and runs away) just for a sparkling guy who wants to eat her. Thats not moral at all.
più di un anno fa magu29 said…
1451: Were loyal fans. we get into a forum and write 1000 reasons to prove harry potter is better than twilight (bah...we don't need to prove anything, ITS A FACT) and not only we give you 1000 reasons, we give you 1451!
più di un anno fa haropuff95 said…
hpotterrox:it was really good,whoever wrote it..:)

magu29:true enough,WOOT WOOT! XD


1452.someone at Twilightsucks.com is making a "Twilight sucks & why" Wiki,I've never seen a Harry Potter one,*grin*
più di un anno fa jadle811 said…
big smile
1453. If Edward was not super hot (which he's not) Bella would probably not even look at him.

1454. Twilght is written like my best friend wrote it (my best friend suck at writing)

1455. You always want more! (and in my case stay up littraliy half the night reading it)

wow! you know that we were trying to get to 1000 right, not 1455!
più di un anno fa acromantula_ said…
1456. I know people have said that twilight reads as though SMeyer looked up half the words in a thesaurus, but personally, I'm betting she used microsoft word synonyms

1457. All the freakin Twilight fans that go on and on about werewolves, THEY'RE NOT EFFING WEREWOLVES!! THEY'RE GODDAMN SHAPESHIFTERS! If your going to obsess over a book series (if you could call it that) then at least get your facts right like all us Harry Potter fans!
più di un anno fa acromantula_ said…
1458. Twilight would've been a much better series if a. Jacob had enough sense not to save bella when she jumped off the cliff, and b. Edward had gone out into the sun and exposed himself, and the volturi had 'had words' with him, resulting in his death.
più di un anno fa acromantula_ said…
1459. Many Harry Potter fans have signed up here to be a part of this argument, can you say DEDICATION? oh wait, sorry, the twilight fans will need a thesaurus for that one :P

1460. Ron is sexy.

1461. So is Draco.

1462. When I read the part in New Moon where Bella is drowning, I got excited. That didn't happen when Harry was in the lake during the second task.

1463. We've reached number 1463.

1464. Team Switzerland? Don't drag an innocent country into your pathetic little quarrels!

1465. What the HELL was with the cover art on the books?!

1466. We have quidditch.

1467. And Dobby. Well, we did have dobby :( R.I.P
più di un anno fa LoveforSeverus said…
ok i've herd the term "Team Switzerland" used before and i understood it when i read Twilight and now i don't get it. Doesn't it mean "Team I-Can't-Decide-Which-Guy-Is-Hotter-So-I-Li­ke-­Edt­ard­-AN­D-J­ake­tar­d&q­uot­;? I really don't know.
più di un anno fa DracoLove777 said…
How does Team Switzerland= Team I-Can't-Decide-Which-Guy-Is-Hotter-So-I-L­­ike­­-E­d­t­ar­­d-A­­ND­-­J­ak­­eta­­rd­? Is Switzerland supposed to be an initialism? If so, EPIC FAIL.
più di un anno fa peaceoutsuckaz said…
DracoLove777- Team Switzerland=Team 'I-Cant-Decide-Which-Guy-Is-Hotter-So-Ill-­Lik­e-E­dta­rd-­AND­-Ja­ket­ard­' cuz Switzerland was neutral in some war (i think)
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più di un anno fa Mrs-Grint said…
acromantula, I love your answers!
più di un anno fa DracoFanGirl said…
HULLO! Oh Godric, you guys wish you were'nt at my school today. Ok, here it goes:
This Twihard (which, how wonderful, is named Victoria) got all irked 'cause i was bashing that crap-pot 'saga'. Well, she got into the whole 'powers' and 'sparkle' and 'we'll keel you'. So of course, I had to bring a few vital things: One: You can' read our minds. A lot of us are taking 'Remedial Potions' (-wink wink-) with Severus. We KNOW how to block those crap-lovers out. Two: -conjures stake out of midair- HA! -throws it at sparklepyres- Three: We have all the spells we possibly need. We could torture those sparklepyres into the state of Neville's mum and dad, than we could round up the Parselmouths (like meself... thanks, Hagrid...) to set a basilisk on the sparklepyres. I think the Order of the Potters and Bellatrix's army wins, eh?
più di un anno fa DracoFanGirl said…
Oh, and feel the pwnage!
 Oh, and feel the pwnage!
più di un anno fa -SlytherinGirl- said…
Snape has pwned Twilight! :D