Harry Potter vs Twilight 1000 Reasons Why Harry Potter Is Better Than Twilight

lauracullen66 posted on Aug 27, 2009 at 01:29PM
just start at one and see if you can get 1000

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più di un anno fa LoveforSeverus said…
-SlytherinGirl- I love love LOVE Severus!
 -SlytherinGirl- I Amore Amore Amore Severus!
più di un anno fa DracoLove777 said…
big smile
*Sees Snape vs Hufflepuff picture* OH MY FREAKING SEVERUS! THAT IS HILARIOUS!

DracoFanGirl: You think your school day was bad? I walked into school today wearing a Harry Potter hoodie and a freaking BUFFY STAKED EDWARD SHIRT! I WAS ALMOST ATTACKED! Haha, but I got a lot of laughs from the looks on the Twazi's faces!
più di un anno fa LoveforSeverus said…
DracoLove777: WHERE DID YOU GET THAT SHIRT!!!! It is needed for the Twazi's at my school... Even though we only have, like, 2. *shrugs* they're still a$$holes. (even before Twilight)
più di un anno fa -SlytherinGirl- said…
@ LoveForSeverus - I love him to! :D
più di un anno fa Harrypotter148 said…
HA SEVERUS!! shya!!

the twilighers ay my school are so eeffin annoying omg when i see a twilight shirt i want to freak out

i want a harry potter shirt!!!!

twilight freaks need to get it through there head that EDWARD AND JAKE ARER NOTTT!!! REAL!!!! AND YOUR NOT GOING TO GET MARRIES TO THEM!!

for real i hear kids at school like

"omg jake is my man we are going to fall in love the sec are eys met and grt marries" omfg wtf!!!!

i will be happy when the movies are done (for twilight)
I will cry when i walk of Harry Potter DH part 2 for two resons

1. the last movie ever ...WHY!!!
2.all the poeple who died ='(

i have a question for you guys who read DH

What did you think off the epiloge? oh and ADD MEE!!

Harry Potter VS. twilight (twilight dose not get a capital T its not wothy!!!)
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più di un anno fa MoodysEye said…
HarryPotter148: You talk like a House Elf.

1468. House Elves. So much character and detail into very minor characters (who play very big parts later on) and break the traditional views of elves (living in trees, working for Santa).
più di un anno fa acromantula_ said…
Why thank you Mrs-Grint :)

1469. There was a twazi in my class last year. She left the school cause she apparently "didn't have any friends". The truth? She drove us away with her constant plans for her wedding to Edweird Cullen.

1470. We could stake Edward any day.

1471. Edward is clearly just a deceased Cedric who got covered in floo powder when he was being transported to his grave, got lost in the floo network, winded up in some horrid little town named forks where there were no magical folk, and made up a story so he could live there for a while in fear that Voldemort would come after him.

1472. Millions want to go to Hogwarts. Who wants to go to boring old Forks High School?

1473. Check out our awesome display names. What do the twazis have? andthenthelionfellinlovewiththelamb, bella4edward, wolfgirl (THEY'RE NOT EFFING WOLVES!!!)
più di un anno fa acromantula_ said…
1474. In the last term of school last year, while we were having assembley, my principal announced that the library now had new Twilight books. The responce he got? A hall full of groans, someone yelling out "Noone fu**ing cares!" and one guy in my grade calling out, woo! I love twilight! He was serious. My class didn't speak to him for a week.
più di un anno fa DracoLove777 said…
LoveforSeverus: I got the shirt at Hot Topic. The guy working there was relieved to see I was a TEENAGE GIRL buying the shirt!
più di un anno fa LoveforSeverus said…
DracoLove777: i always knew i loved Hot Topic... :D
più di un anno fa -SlytherinGirl- said…
My hot topic is stupid. All we have is Twilight crap. DANG IT!!! I found some Draco & Snape ones online and I want them sooooo much :D
più di un anno fa acromantula_ said…
We don't have Hot Topic here in Aus :( though I'm hoping my parents will let me order stuff online as long as i pay for it...
più di un anno fa shru_sgk said…
the main characters suck.
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più di un anno fa shru_sgk said…
i think hp is better cuz it IS a story, and an original 1.twilight is kinda like a modern romeo and juliet.
"d gal and guy fall in love(smeyer knows when)
dey get seperated
then kinda try 2 suicide
teenage marriage
baby with controversies
dey live happily ever after....."
twilight's d world's oldest story.
più di un anno fa DementeDream said…
Okay, this is my opinion.

I honestly think Harry Potter is a lot better. Why you ask? Well at one point, I was actually a huge twilight fan. After i read the Twilight series, I basically ran to books-a-million for more vampire books. And is it just me, or are the books by Charlaine Harris awfully close to Twilight? It's almost like Stephanie Meyer Ripped off a lot of her ideas. Examples:

SHAPESHIFTERS - Sam is a shapeshifter and can turn into a dog and other animals. Jacob is a shapeshifter that can turn into a wolf (It is said in the last Twilight book that he is a shapeshifter and not a werewolf)

PSYCHICS - Sookie can read minds and can not hear only Bills mind. Edward can read minds and can not hear only Bellas.

VAMPS TRYING TO BE GOOD - Both Bill and the Cullens are vegetarian vamps trying to fit into human society

And yes, These books came out 5 years before Stephanie Meyers Twilight.

BUT then again, they BOTH ripped off Anne Rice.
So your choice I suppose.
più di un anno fa DracoFanGirl said…
I need the Buffy Staked edward shirt. (edweird doesn't deserve a capital) I'm wearing my Slytherin shirt right now. The Twihard gets so irked. I either wear a HP shirt or my Hogwarts necklace or Slytherin bracelet. Buffy's my hero.
più di un anno fa LoveforSeverus said…
I NEED a Slytherin/Snape shirt!!!! and my Hot Topic just has music and a few Twilight things but mostly Fred.
più di un anno fa Harrypotter148 said…
huh an elf??? oh thats only becuz

1. i cant spell to save my life

2. my keybored is crapy
più di un anno fa melody13 said…
i dont know if this was written and what number we are on
but the actors in Harry Potter actually read the books!
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
That ^^ would be 1475.

1476. The fact that many people, even Harry Potter fans, thought that it was sort of impossible to reach 1000 reasons. I bet many of the Twilight fans didn't post stuff on the other forum because, well, 1000 reasons are a lot. But we showed them- which shows Harry Potter fans loyalty to the books and their perseverance. =)
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
1477. The fact that even villians can be loved in the Harry Potter series. How many Twilight fans you know feel sorry for James, Victoria or what not... at specific times, we feel sorry for Voldemort. Draco is another example and so is Narcissa if you look at her situation from a mother's point of view.
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
1478. The fact that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 is already on the 'Most-Awaited Movies of 2010" on the MSN list. But Eclipse is nowhere to be seen.

1479. The Twilight 'saga' movies are rushed and that's why, pathetic. Harry Potter movies take time to come out and it shows. The settings are amazing, the effects are believable.. even if people don't like the movies as much as the books, they are worth watching.

1480. JK Rowling lets the reader THINK before revealing things. Not everything is direct like in Twilight. It was almost like Meyer knew that 12 year-olds would read the book and wouldn't have a clue about what was going on. When everything is slapped in your face, it really isn't fun.
più di un anno fa shru_sgk said…
meyer didn't put the 1st book together properly, so she had to write a second version of twilight(midnight sun).
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
^^ Which means more torture. Which brings us to another reason...

1481. JK Rowling knows what is necessary and what is not. We already KNOW what happens in Twilight so why write another version from a different character's point of view when the main plot is going to be exactly the same?
più di un anno fa animagus29 said…
1482. Rowling's characters draw on established classic characters, for example the similarities between Bellatrix Lestrange and Madame Defarge (A Tale of Two Cities), while the characters of Twilight are a poor "modern remake" of classic lovers.
più di un anno fa LoveforSeverus said…
Can I just say that I am so proud of us for doing this. It's taken about 3 months but we stuck through it all and proved our loyality to Harry Potter and made some good times on the way. You guys wrock.
più di un anno fa Harrypotter148 said…
omg! it was a few days but i read all and i'm so happy, i feel more love with harry potter!!!!


1483: in harry potter you see all the charicters (spelling suck) change in time

Draco was a good kid kith a shity father he wants to be good he doe not hate harry at then end

Hermione at frist was all "we cant do that its breaking the rules" she was still like that but less annyoing about it

Harry The Boy Who Lived he has to grwo up so fast =( but had fun in the long run!

twilight its just boreing

bella same
edward same for the bast like 100 years!!
jake same
so on and so forth!!

this is randow but i love in the 7th book how harry calls voldamort Riddle!! i love it!!

1484: i was taling to some twilighters and i was like
"why do u like twlihght hot guys dont count"
they said " its a love story"
then why was it better then hp? the said
"ummm because it is!"

pfft see thay cant think of good resons why iys better

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più di un anno fa Confuzzle said…
1485: Harry Potter doesn't have sparkly vampires
1486: I read the first page of twilight. Then I through it on my sister's bed and started re-reading the seventh HP book. Twilight has no flavour, no real humour, you don't laugh at Ron's jokes. Everyone is Perfect. Everyone is Serious. Everything turns out just fine and they all skip away and dance (according to the Wikipedia page). I cried when Cedric died. I cried when Dumbledore and Snape died.I sobbed my head off for Dobby. You really get into the books, and for those who call us Potternerds, we are, but that's because it's a good book, not because we want Edward to come Skipping down the lane.
più di un anno fa Harrypotter148 said…
you are so right

più di un anno fa DracoFanGirl said…
I'm a HPTard and PROUD.

And check out my new avatar:
 I'm a HPTard and PROUD. And check out my new avatar:
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
1487. DracoFanGirl, dedicated to you!
The fact that if Buffy staked Edward at the end, it would have made a much better book even though it might have been completely random and pointless. =P
più di un anno fa LoveforSeverus said…
^^ but isn't the ENTIRE BOOK random and pointless?

1488. HP fans aren't shallow.
Ok a cupple of days ago I posted a fan pick on the Severus Snape fan club. It was "What is your favorite thing about Snape?" one of the options was "His Looks" and I was reading through the comments and here is what one said:
"LadyLilith picked His snarky, sexy attitude:
He's hawt! Lol just kidding. I'm not a shallow Twihard only obsessed with looks. :) Severus is way too cool for that!"
That shows we love our characters for WHO THEY ARE not what they look like!!! We can think their so hot and stuff but in the end we love them for all the right reasons.
più di un anno fa afi_slytherin said…
1489. The fact that HP has its own freaking THEME PARK, and Twilight doesn't.
più di un anno fa Pensieve_Seeker said…
1490. According to a poll currently on BOM, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I at 18.8% is the second most anticipated movie of 2010. (Iron Man is at #1 with 21.6% of the vote and I'm fine with that.) Eclipse? That's at #7 with 3.8% of the vote.
più di un anno fa Harrypotter148 said…


cant wait
più di un anno fa I_Love_Neville said…
I know I am only just joining now, but I have 2 things to add. Sorry if they have already been added.

1491: At least Harry and Ginny didn't call their son Jamthur Lilolly.

1492: Neville Longbottem, 6 years of boring, turns in one year to AWESOME!!!!
più di un anno fa Harrypotter148 said…

he was never boring !! w00T he was just different but i see your point!!!
più di un anno fa H-pots-is-hot said…
1493- Every little detail in Harry Potter somehow comes up somewhere... everything that JKR wrote meant something, it wasnt just words to fill a page. I.E The mentioning of Scabbers in the frst book, turning into Peter Pettigrew in the third who reserected Voldemort in the fith, who inturn died to give a little help to Harry in the seventh. Where as in Twilight there is meaningless garbage written for the soul purpose to fill a page.

1494- before "RPatz" was Edward Cullen, he was the ever compationate Huffelpuff Cedric Diggory... those Twihards who are always bagging on Hpots always forget that simple matter....

1495- The fact that the biggest triumph in Bellas life was getting her man, simply makes it more pathetic...Harry went through loosing parents, loosing loved ones, and vanquishing the Dark lord in his 18 years of life... Bella Married a Vamp...ohh clapps for her.

1496- It fully upsets me that Bellatrix has to share the first part of her name with a wimpy love sick teen. I mean look at Bellatrix ( awsome character) she loves her master, and shows loyalty by getting of her ass and actually doing something with her life.

1497- When we turned 11 we waited for our Letters from Hogwarts... 17 we were stoaked because we could legally use magic...We were not being depressd because we were "technically" older than our Sparkly boyf... we were also not doing dodgy shit to hear our boyf... someone really needs to got to Saint Mungos... im just saying :-P
più di un anno fa annariotx3 said…
1498- twilight shows that abuse & being controlling = love. harry potter shows that friendship & loyalty= love.

1499- twilight set feminism back 100 years. im terrified to see my generation full of women who believe their husbands/boyfriends out of control bullying means love

1500 (wooo)- there are no gay characters in twilight!!! in stephanie meyer's christian fantasy world, gay people don't exist (but sparkly vampires do). j.k. rowling had balls to make a main character gay
più di un anno fa annariotx3 said…
1501- kristen stewart mumbled and blinked her way through 2 movies, effectively ruining any small chance that they would be good. emma watson has become a great actress and a fashion icon because she grew along with the harry potter movies
più di un anno fa annariotx3 said…
1502- bella lives to cook and clean for her father, and to produce children for her boyfriend/husband whom she can't live without, and in fact, goes crazy without. smeyer is a female chauvinist.

1503- twilight ruined romeo&juliet for me.

1504- its 2010. women dont get married and reproduce at 19 anymore.

1505- harry potter transcends genre.
più di un anno fa LoveforSeverus said…
^^ Dude KStew can't act. She has terretts or something. She's like "yeah yeah yeah i can totally understand" and jerks her head and she looks like shes high as a kite if you ever see a pic of her on the street
più di un anno fa DracoFanGirl said…
1506- KStew was better in ZATHURA than in Toilet. And Zathura was a lousy movie.

1507- we know more about HP than Twilighters know about TS. We know more abotu TS than they do.
I found an icon that states the truth:
 1506- KStew was better in ZATHURA than in Toilet. And Zathura was a lousy movie. 1507- we know mo
più di un anno fa Pensieve_Seeker said…
1508. On BOM, 4141 out of 5358 viewers (77.3%) gave HBP an A rating, whereas only 665 out of 1667 viewers (39.9%) gave NM the same grade.

1509. HBP is currently in the running with six other films to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Visual Effects. NM never made it in the original list of 15 contenders.
più di un anno fa DracoFanGirl said…
1510: I know people who've never read or watched HP and TS. They know what HP is, but they don't know what TS is.
più di un anno fa Harrypotter148 said…
Pensieve_Seeker realy shya HBP RULES!!!

1511: we were tring to get 1,000 but instead got 511+ over!!!

1,512: the love snape had for lily was so strong he hated james becuz he picked on him. snape still protected harry forgetting his hatrd for james and seeing his love for lily that is STRONG love!!! edward and bella (marie-sue) love is crapy no cemostry except "you are my life" yes how? you have only known her for like 2 friken mounths!!

1513: the fact that there are no like Team Harry, Team Ron, Team Draco ect is a good reson hp fans never want to pick between then i know i don't! PLEASE DONT MAKE TEAMS PLZ

più di un anno fa LoveforSeverus said…
^^we do have SIDES. I mean, I've met people who are Death Eaters and "Good Guys" but those are entire GROUPS not just "hawt" guys. We don't pick who we are in the books becuase of the people we like.

...Otherwise I'd be pretty messed up (My 3 favs are Severus, Bellatrix, and Draco)
più di un anno fa LoveforSeverus said…
I thought of another one!!!
1514. Harry Potter actors are people to LOOK UP TO. Emma Watson's going to an IVY LEAGUE school!!!! Daniel Radcliffe's on Broadway. Helena Bonham Carter has some of the COOLEST roles ever! And because I just love Alan Rickman i shall say he and his girlfriend have been together since he was 19 i think it was.
These are people who I'd love to follow. Learn things from! Now what does Twilight have?: A lead man that never showers, a lead lady that smokes pot, and an entire cast that seems to be fighting 24/7
più di un anno fa VampyreFey said…
1515. Harry Potter enhances the intelligence of the brain by expanding the imagination and it teaches good morals. Twilight, on the other hand, is the definition of stupidity.
più di un anno fa VampyreFey said…
oh, and 1516: We actually know who the author of our book is...
a friend on Fanpop, told me how there were these Twi-Hards, who didn't register Stephenie Meyer with Twilight. They behaved as if they hadn't ever heard of her, but they drooled all over Edward Cullen....
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