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lauracullen66 posted on Aug 27, 2009 at 01:29PM
just start at one and see if you can get 1000

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più di un anno fa holesluver said…
1683- Harry Potter has a theme park. Does Edward Cullen? I think not. (Sorry if this reason has been posted before :P)
più di un anno fa souflizzle317 said…
1684. i know i said this before, but i just love it so much i want to say it again (if you don't want to count it as another reason, that's fine).
JKR got asked to do the commencement speech at Harvard. Not some random college, not even a really good state college, it was *Harvard*. Smeyer hasn't been asked to do the commencement speech anywhere, not even community college :)

did anyone go to her speech in 08 at harvard graduation? or if not, did anyone watch her speech on leaky or youtube or somewhere? it was amazing!!!!!!!
più di un anno fa potterrox said…
soulfizzle- sadly no. i heard it was really good!
più di un anno fa Pensieve_Seeker said…
Well, no, holesluver, Edward Cullen does not have his own theme park, but I'm sure there are those out there who would like to ride him.
più di un anno fa mooimafish17 said…
LoL Pensieve_Seeker that was very very good.
Everybody who loves harry potter does it based on more than just good looks.
più di un anno fa Quakefur said…
1685.Everyone in twilight is described as beautiful. Where are the charactors with their personalitys that make you like them, not their looks

1686.Her dad is a policeman... Yet some 110year old sparkling creeper breaks in every night to watch his daughter sleep

1687.I asked some twitards at school why they like Twilight so much and got this: "Because Edward is sooo hot! Duh." ( I felt my brain cells die as I typed that).

1688.I was sad when charactors from HP died, like Snape and Sirius, - I laughed when Bella jumped off a clif.

1689.The "Battle" the Breaking Dawn was dissapointing because they just talked it out. And because Bella didn't die. They lived happily ever after. *rolls eyes*

1690..Edward doesn't let her see Jacob, her best friend. Possesive, much?

1691.Bella wants Edward to break Jacob's jaw after he kisses her. I thought he was her best friend. . . 1692. More Halfway to 2000 <-308 more to go) , how many do the Twilighters have that arnt about how hot they think the guys are?

Oh, and I'm not sure if this counts a a reason, but after I read the first Harry Potter book, i thought 'this is the best series ever' and began reading all the books, but after reading the entire Twilight Saga I felt like I had to go clean my brain with fire.
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più di un anno fa Pensieve_Seeker said…
Quakefur- In regard to #1686, maybe that's because Bella's father is the Chief Wiggum of the police force.
più di un anno fa Quakefur said…
Pensieve_Seeker- lol, you are probably right.
più di un anno fa DivyaHarry said…
Harry about-
1. Dumbledore: Albus Dumbledore is the greatest sorcerer in the world.
2. Hermione: She's the best in our year.
3. Ron: My best friend.
4. Sirius: A mixture of father, brother and friend.
5. Neville: He should kill Nagini. I know he can do it.
6. Snape: One of the bravest man I ever knew.
7. Lupin: Appreciated Neville. Best DADA teacher.
8. Mad-Eye-Moody: Respect for appreciating Neville.
9. Hagrid: I trust him.
10.Ginny: She has a great personality and is funny. I love her.
11.The Weasleys: The best family in the world.
12.Voldemort: Either he dies or I die.
13.Draco: I hate him but don't want him to die.
14.Cedric: He asked me to take his body back.
15.Dobby: Here lies Dobby, a free elf.

Bella about-
1. Edward: You are so beautiful,sparkly,marble-chested,good-look­ing­, Adonis blah blah blah.
2. Jacob: My friend who is also gorgeous.
3. Alice: Gorgeous and can see the future.
4. Rosalie: Gorgeous bitch.
5. Jasper: The reason Edward left but he's gorgeous.
6. Carlisle: The reason Edward is so gorgeous because he's gorgeous.
7. Esme and Emmett: I'm sure they'll be useful to me sometime later for now they're good-looking.
8. Mike, Eric and Tyler: Who cares if you like me, you're not as gorgeous as Edward.
9. Renee: Come on, I need to name my kid something.
10.Charlie: He cares, but who cares.
11.Volturi: They are gorgeous too.
12.Renesmee: My daughter. She's gorgeous.
13.James: He was gorgeous, but he had to die.
14.Victoria: She was also gorgeous, but she was better off with James.
15.Lauren,Angela,Jessica: I don't need them now. When I do I'll call them. They're bitches anyway.

Appreciate someone for their worth not their looks.
(Sorry for the language. It's PG-13)
più di un anno fa mooimafish17 said…
haha that was so funny and true.
più di un anno fa clevercaoimhe said…
yeh twilight is just a bunch of pretty people who have lost all emtion because there so old and bella is a plastic doll who is only capable of missing ed. or wanting ed or jumping off cliffs to hear ed she shuld have died then :0
più di un anno fa grainne93 said…
harry potter has 47 seven pages of ACTUAL reasons.
twilight has 12 pages and its full of people sticking up for harry potter.

is it not obvious?
HP, has always and will always ROCK.

LoveForLuna! :D
più di un anno fa souflizzle317 said…
ok thats 1694 so

1695. i'm so devoted to harry potter that i check this forum several times a day to see what sorts of reasons people are coming up with

1696. kristen stewart does drugs and robert pattinson hardly ever showers. on the other hand, dan radcliffe extended his talent to the west end (equus), and rupert grint and emma watson are both acting in movies that have nothing to do with harry potter, doing great jobs, and NOT doing drugs.

1697. harry potter is a real world. not real in the sense that it actually exists, but it's a realistic world. they have hospitals, jails, banks, and schools. in twilight, everyone's so perfect that they don't get sick, no one's a criminal, and they already know everything so they don't need to learn anything else.

1698. fred and george weasley. enough said.

1699. no one who's worth a damn runs away in harry potter. they stick together to fight and overcome voldemort with love. when the cullens are faced with people who are going to come and kill renesmee (even though they know that once they hear the truth, nothing bad will happen), alice takes jasper and runs away for basically no reason at all

1700. we're exactly 700 reasons past our goal :)
più di un anno fa potterrox said…
1701: We are 299 reasons away from 2000.
1702: The Ministry is an actual goverment wih departments and a Minister but the Volturi are just a random group of abnormally powerful vampires.
1703: My Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone Book has beet read so many times it has literally fallen apart. Twilight was opened just the once.
1704: Because when characters die you feel like someone you knew passed away.
1705: Dobby
più di un anno fa souflizzle317 said…
1706. neither JKR or Smeyer ever bring up girls having their periods, but JKR not mentioning it didn't make holes in her plot. Hermione's period wouldn't have affected the plot at all. in twilight, on the other hand, it makes no sense that edward can be around bella practically every day when a week out of every month, she has blood coming out of her.

1707. ralph fiennes is so much cooler than cam gigandet (he plays james)

this is really short for me, i know, but it's late where i live and i'm tired (:
più di un anno fa LilysLittleTwin said…
1708. I almost cried from happiness when I saw a picture of Bella jumping off the cliff. *sniff* Happy moment :')

1709. The characters are interesting. Points LIKE this have been made, but not this one, I don't think.

Sirius: Sure, we know he's Harry's godfather, but what was he like in his childhood? What about what went on at home? How did he and Regulus get along?

Bellatrix: She's so interesting! How did she finally say 'I'm going to be a Death Eater'? What was she like at school? How did she and Andromeda treat each other?

Eileen Prince Snape: Do I really have to explain why she's interesting? Cool.

And many, many more :)
più di un anno fa clevercaoimhe said…
buy she had a really abisive husband, even though he was a muggle..
più di un anno fa minty19 said…
seriously, do we even need to compare HARRY POTTER SERIES with the twilight nonsense..definitely HP IS WAY BETTER...HP depicts the real n true meaning of love and friendship which is relatable and flawless..while in twilight smeyer has twisted it all whn bella is apparently in luv wid both edward and jacob , goes at the hieghts of bieng disloyal n selfish ..n later the same jacob falls in love wid her daughter(A BABY)..WTF!!n then she has to die herself if one of them leaves her...so lame!! HP involves ppl seeing thngs as good n bad, right n wrong and taking tough decisions..lik whn harry leaves ginny to save her n he had more imp business to attend to!!

twilight s almost so predictable...if bella s in danger of death we knw fr sure she ll be saved by her vampire or werewolf saviours...bt HP s so intresting and unpredictable one can read the books so many times only to find new thngs on every read...

battles in HP are the real battles and damn cool at that...bt in twilight hardly so..its more of descussions in twilight and we already predict good guys are nt gonna be dead...but in HP JKR actually killed the good ppl with whom readers could relate coz of ther in depth referrals in the books that we feel SAD at thier death...

1713. needless to mention JRK's writting is immensely talented and way better thn smeyer...so HP rocks!!..i hv more ...bt later..:P
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più di un anno fa LoveforSeverus said…
thanks guys for everything! And if one of you could post a few reasons on my behalf i would love you forever. This puppy is insane... deffinatly takes after Draco Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange.
più di un anno fa mooimafish17 said…
LoveforSeverus - a friend of mine taught her dog to play dead when she said A.K, and come for Accio. Just an idea. :D
più di un anno fa killlacuna said…
i think the starter of this forum should be a little humiliated considering their name was lauraCULLEN66 and we have over 1700 reasons!!!
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più di un anno fa souflizzle317 said…
haha killlacuna i think her point was she was making *both* forums (1000 reasons hp is better and 1000 reasons twilight is better) so that there would be two of the same type of thing and therefore a good comparison between the two series. but i see your point anyway, she probably expected us to come up with about as many as the twilighters did on their forum haha :)

1714. when HP4, 5, and 6 (the movies) came out, each time there were 3 different midnight showings (12:05, 12:10, and 12:15) at the main theater because there too many people to only show it in one theater. when new moon came out, if there *was* a midnight showing (i don't remember), it only showed in one theater.

1715. in both series, there's this message that says "love conquers all." however, in twilight, the love conquering all is in the form of, you have one totally hot boyfriend who you're desperately in "love" with and if you don't see him every day for hours at a time, you should go emo and convince yourself that you're not good enough for him. in harry potter, the love isn't even very present romantically. it's love in the form of friendship, parents, siblings, even unrequited. and all of these extremely powerful and unbreakable feelings come together to defeat the one person who has never understood love.

1716. in twilight, you feel like you know the characters because you know every detail about what they look like. in harry potter, you feel like you know the characters because JKR gives them so much depth and personality.

1717. in response to 1716, because you feel like you really know the characters, when someone dies, it's like losing a friend. personally, fred and george have always been my favorite characters and (SPOILER!) when fred died, it was such a personal blow that i wasted about 10 minutes just rereading that page over and over, trying to convince myself that i misread something. even when hedwig died, i got choked up because she was such a loyal pet and friend in a way to harry for six whole years. literally no one in twilight ever dies except for the extremely minor character irina so i can't *really* compare what i felt like when someone in twilight died, but i can say that i was disappointed when jacob saved bella from the ocean.
più di un anno fa minty19 said…
1718. twilight is just some love story between a human n a vampire, it follows 2 or 3 yrs of there so called eternal love (obsession) with story revolving around how she loves him and that she s in danger, while in harry potter JKR has covered so many things like friendship, loyalty, sacrifice, grief, love and not just for your hot boyfriend but to ur friends, family, parents, crushes, teachers and the whole world..harry went and died to save the whole world nw thats some depiction of love and sacrifice,his parents sacrificed their lives for him, sirius risked his life for him, he risked for sirius to let him free n so on.. also its a story which is well planned and written taking the reader from the childhood to the adolescence of the characters, i hv practically grown up wid it, while twilight was mere development of a dream!!

1719. the message given by HP is that one always doesn't get what they desire in lyf and that they just have to deal with whats right and not whats easy, in twilight the message i could find was that all one should care abt is their hot looking boyfriend and let the rest of the world go to hell, it shows how to be selfish and play the game to get things done as we please ex. bella pays hardly any attentions to her friends when there s Edward around otherwise she acts as if she loves them, abuses them behind their back!...that's not how friends are to be treated!!

1720. HP is far more interesting than twilight, JKR has given so much depth and thought to small little details which have great significance in the story at some later point while twilight has not been so well thought and well written, fans may claim that its been emotionally written in depth bt then how come the reader finds it as almost pathetic bella falls in luv just in few weeks cos some guy keeps avoiding her, a whole book on how she goes emo and needs another guy to live her lyf..this portrayal of females is so wrong and impracticable, girls of today are not like that and their lives dont just fall apart just coz some guy left them after a few months..ok it might be hard bt they deal with it properly!!in HP they go through normal things as crushes and break ups and growing up together and developing luv over the years of growing up together, even fights..ready to risk their lives for their friends, but in twilight she always gives up to his looks in the end, keeps hurting those who love her most, hardly ever bothers about her parents!!

1721. in HP all the characters are created so well and their roles are well played and well used in the plot of story but in twilight she created so many characters lik for ex. bella's friends i dont quite remember thier roles other than bella abusing them or some of those guys asking her out, lik already mentioned above when hedwig and fred died in HP i felt real sad but whn irina died it hardly mattered, i would hv preferred had their been more deaths, there ws no depth to them and also why to create so many when u r not using them!!

1722. in HP JKR didn't just created a fight between good and evil and a job for harry to finish voldemort but a whole new world of wizards, she created Quidditch (involving a lot of imagination) school, ministry, rules and other important social and political aspects as well...so well thought out...in twilight there were all loose ends in the name of authority it had volturi sitting in Italy n waiting to get d news, we cant hate the bad guys enough coz we know nothing abt them other then they wanna kill bella ( might like them for that), baseball in the name of game, bike riding in d name of adventure...n vampires live in hiding as if humans really are so stupid and wont realise a pack of vampires or werewolf living nearby..when they take no lunch n are so pale n all. I don't hate twilight but it stands nowhere in comparison with harry potter!!
più di un anno fa peaceoutsuckaz said…
souflizzle315: i think there was a midnight showing 4 new moon. i only know this cuz its all my friend talked about last year.
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più di un anno fa souflizzle317 said…
haha yeah i wasn't sure because the time new moon was coming out, basically everyone in my grade who had loved it had stopped and moved on (thank GOD!). but i know for a fact that it wasn't as popular as the harry potter movies. our tiny local theater (not the one with 3 showings of hp) needs as much money as it can get so it won't sell out a movie and at HP5 and HP6 midnight openings, they had to bring in chairs to fill up the aisles because there were so many people. when my friend saw new moon the day it came out, she said only about a third of the theater was full :)

1723. i pulled an all-nighter when HP7 came out and read it in 8 straight hours (midnight to 8 am), stopping only to go get a box of tissues when hedwig died. i was in absolutely no such hurry to read twilight.

1724. i can't remember if this has been said, but i'll say it just in case. stephenie meyer grew up in a completely privileged life. she has had no serious hardships in her life. on the other hand, JKR was poor, raising a baby girl all alone, and had to write in cafes while jessica (her daughter) slept in the stroller. she poured her entire heart into harry potter and completely deserves everything that has come from it. not to mention, even though she knows what it's like to be poor and struggling to make ends meet, she doesn't just take all the money from HP and feel happy that she won't be poor again. instead, she donates a HUGE amount of her money to different charities. Smeyer had plenty money to begin with and yet, i haven't heard a thing about her donating to any sort of charity.

1725. this is subjective, but i'm choosing to dedicate my time to this forum instead of working on my homework :)
più di un anno fa souflizzle317 said…
1726. in twilight, in addition to being perfect, everyone is rich, or at least very high middle-class. in harry potter, there are rich people (malfoys, harry), *true* middle-class (hermione with her dentist parents, dean and seamus), and extremely poor people, who aren't bad people for it. the Weasleys are probably the poorest people in Harry Potter (except for maybe Mundungus as he's sort of portrayed as homeless and hobo-ish) but they're also some of the most loyal and loving people in the entire series.

1727. harry potter shows that sometimes people aren't what they appear. for example, in the beginning of HBP, fleur seems to be this airhead, perky, annoying French girl and Molly Weasley isn't happy about Bill marrying her. However, after the Death Eaters invade Hogwarts and Bill is in the Hospital Wing, everyone realizes that Fleur isn't as shallow as they thought. She loves Bill and still wants to marry him, even though he's scarred (literally) for life. also, lucius malfoy is always portrayed as a heartless Death Eater, only interested in ridding the world of Muggle-borns and keeping his family rich. At the end of DH, though, he's seen running through the battle with Narcissa, searching for his son instead of fighting and it's clear that while he may have a wrong view on Muggle-borns, he knows how to love.

edward and bella's wedding=perfect. boring.

bill and fleur's wedding=interesting (auntie muriel & elphias doge telling harry about dumbledore), and totally NOT perfect (the Death Eaters show up)

if i went to ______'s wedding, i would be:

edward and bella: surrounded by vampires and "werewolves". no thanks

bill and fleur: having an amazing time dancing and eating and enjoying the magical aspects of a Wizarding wedding. even with the Death Eaters showing up, I'd much rather attend Bill and Fleur's wedding than Edward and Bella's
più di un anno fa minty19 said…
1729. considering the lead characters, Bella is shown by meyer as being strong, mature, caring, brave, loving, self sacrificing, but i didn't found so on the read she seems to be a big hypocrite, all she cares about is her hot boy friend, she is no where strong and brave that's all just pretension, she had never sacrificed anything, she got her bf, her best friend, despite hurting him like anything her parents for whom she hardly ever bother and her lovely cullens too!! Edward is just stalking, creepy and abusive bf in the name of loving and protective bf...harry on the other hand is very modest as he is very brave, mature, strong, highly self sacrificing and loves everyone around him..he never accepts that it was his instincts, talents and quick thinking responsible for his achievements in addition to some aid from frnds, he gives all the credit to his friends..ron and hermione must be the best examples of friends JKR could have shown in HP.

1730. s. meyer has given a very wrong meaning of bravery in her books.. as the cullens never enter a fight they know they don't have a chance to win, they will enter a battle/fight when they know for sure they will win, in twilight it was 5 against 1 (i don't call that bravery)new moon they knew they wont win so they talked their way out of it, eclipse there was sure chance of winning wid aid of werewolves so they fought the pack of newborns, Edward also knew he was better than Victoria, breaking dawn (i was finally glad of some action) but there again all they did was discuss with some of bella and jane's mind work and walk out.... in harry potter harry, ron and hermione know they may fail and may not even be back alive at times, still risk their lives and enter the situations, ron and hermione always risked their lives for harry. harry never thought twice to save some one, even saved malfoy in DHs. in DHs they knew the pros and cons yet went in the ministry of magic, entered gringotts and they fight there way out of those situations. That's called true bravery.

1731. twilight shows the message that killing is wrong if u kill a fellow human and killing of animals is fine, in fact Cullens seem to enjoy killing animals, when it should have been that killing itself is just wrong whether u kill a human or an animal for that matter, its quite a hypocrite behavior of Cullens and even werewolves they find killing a human as damaging ones soul but killing animals is fun!!..however, in HP JKR has shown love for animals and harry, ron and hermione go to great lengths to save buckbeak, harry loved hedwig and her loss was really sad, ron and hermione actually fought coz of their pets in PoA, hagrid loved all his animals despite their being creepy and dangerous sometimes.

1732.this one's against s.meyer. i recently heard that she compared her writing to that of William Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Anne Rice! in my opinion that's most ridiculous as they are some of the best writers ever and her writing can be compared to worst i have read so far but definitely not to them(i have read all her books).adding to that is the fact that she got angry and decided not write further when midnight sun got leaked, that behavior is not exactly mature one!..JKR gave 10 to 12 years of her life to harry potter series, her books also used to leak many time before their official release but she never stopped writing as she already had a plot ready and her heart was already in the whole series so despite all the problems finished what she started. meyer could have also finished what she started without giving up excuses..n i agree JKR deserves everything she got out of her efforts!!

1733. the whole issue of imprinting seems like a rescue to jacob's loose end, its supposed to be true love but since when did true love involved force in it! As the imprintee has no option but to accept the imprint or else risk being attacked by the werewolf(Emily's case). S.meyer has easily ignored imprintee's right to choose, seems like a flaw! this is twisted love cos Jacob who loved Bella sees a baby fells in love and forgets even the slightest thought of Bella, and Bella has no problem wid her daughter being in luv wid the guy she was in love with!...in HP there no such thing as imprinting they fall in love the normal way, they have crushes, they fight, they break up, they take their own time to know if its the true love, not fall in love with babies of their friends but treat them like their own kids, lupin initially was ignoring Tonks as he did not wanted to affect her and having a family of werewolves was the last thing in his mind but in twilight they imprint to take the family of werewolves further..personally i would rather be with a wizard them being imprinted by a werewolf or bitten by a vampire!!
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più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
1734. In the '1000 Reasons Why Twilight Is Better Than Harry Potter' forum, the first reason is: Twilight is much easier to relate to.
So tell me... how exactly do you relate to Twilight?
Having a vampire for a boyfriend and a werewolf for a best friend? Or is it the fact that you have to choose between the vamp and the wolf? Is it the fact that when your boyfriend leaves, you hear his voice in your head? (Crazy *Whistles, drawing circles around temples*) Or is it the fact that you think you are completely not attractive but all the guys end up falling for you, anyways...
In Harry Potter, you can actually relate to the characters.
Harry- many orphans have been treated badly by their guardians. They have had to live lives, rejected before they get their share of happiness.

Hermione- the know-it-all. Many girls are given that name, as well as boys just because they are intelligent. How many here have been called nerds and geeks because they LIKE to learn?

Ron- some people just aren't as well-off as others. So what if you don't live in a mansion? At least you have a nice family who loves you. How many people have been picked on because of their family background?

Luna- how many people have been called weird because their interests are unique?

Neville- how many people are a BIT slow but deep inside, very courageous? How many people have been laughed at because they are not as quick as others?

Fred and George- how many people are the class clowns? That get into trouble for making others laugh, for standing up and facing teachers?

Draco- How many people bully people but deep inside, they have their own problems?

See what I mean? Every character can be related to! Every character teaches us something... that is what makes Harry Potter superior to Twilght. =)
più di un anno fa DivyaHarry said…
I am so glad that I am on this side of the world. I love Harry Potter. Wands down.
più di un anno fa mooimafish17 said…
I know what you mean, harry potter brings people together, twilight pulls them apart!
più di un anno fa icychase said…
1735: twilight passed the time.
harry potter made me bawl my eyes out.

the emotions are so real.
it's not to cry, isn't it?
più di un anno fa souflizzle317 said…
haha instead of more reasons, i have a few responses. first, to minty19 reason #1732:

first, not only is smeyer's writing horribly worse than shakespeare, jane austen, and anne rice, but even if it was just as good, it's extremely egotistical and arrogant to decide that you are one of the best writers in the world.

second, this isn't a criticism, it's just a correction, JKR didn't spend 10-12 years on harry potter, she actually spent 17 years, which is even better. she started in 1990 and because of her daughter jessica, it took 7 years before she finished and got it published (it got published in '97 in the UK and '98 in the US) and then, DH came out in 2007.

then, in response to LoveDraco123 #1734. you're completely right. i'm not as insane (that's a compliment) as hermione when it comes to studying, like i don't depend on the library or flip when i'm not the best at something, but i'm one of the smartest people in my grade so even though i'm not a loser or anything, everyone's ALWAYS calling me a nerd :P i also relate to ron not because of money but because i look asian and my friends make fun of me for it even though i have no asian heritage.

i also know someone who is extremely weird like luna, but she's actually really nice. so i agree, it's much easier to relate to the characters in harry potter than the ones in twilight :)
più di un anno fa minty19 said…
yea i think harry potter does bring people together, one of the evidences is this forum itself which has gone way ahead 1000 reason n people like me are still posting!!..we all know wt happened at that other twilight forum..:P!

@ souflizzle317: yeah i wasn't that sure about the time period, i was just referring to the amount of devotion and dedication (by quoting the time period) both meyer and JKR had to their books...thanks for the facts though...now that's pretty clear as to who wins!!:D HP rocks!

and of-course all characters of harry potter are so relatable but relating to werewolf and vampires, i cant quite do that!!(no offense to twilighters, just an opinion)

più di un anno fa ForteMystery said…
In response to #1732: Don't forget Margaret Mitchell (the author of Gone with the Wind).
Anyway, I read the quote of that, and it was offensive. She literally said that her romance was soooo much better than the classic ones, and Edward was so much better than Rhett and Romeo.
Right, ya fat cow. Like Eddurd's better than Rhett.
Here's the quote:
"WHAT IF... What if true love left you? Not some ordinary high school romance, not some random jock boyfriend, not anyone at all replaceable. True love. The real deal. Your other half, your true soul's match. What happens if he leaves?
The answer is different for everyone. Juliet had her version, Marianne Dashwood had hers, Isolde and Catherine Earnshaw and Scarlett O'Hara and Anne Shirley all had their ways of coping.
I had to answer the question for Bella. What does Bella Swan do when true love leaves her? Not just true love, but Edward Cullen! None of those other heroines lost an Edward (Romeo was a hothead, Willoughby was a scoundrel, Tristan had loyalty issues, Heathcliff was pure evil, Rhett had a mean streak and cheated with hookers, and sweet Gilbert was much more of a Jacob than an Edward). So what happens when True Love in the form of Edward Cullen leaves Bella?"

...Reason 1736: JK Rowling is not arrogant, while SMeyer is.
più di un anno fa XDRoseLuvsHP said…
1737: I don't hear JK comparing herself (and claiming herself to be far superior) to authors such as William Shakespeare, Jane Austin and Anne Rice (though I personally believe she is somewhere up there... just a personal opinion XD)
più di un anno fa PotterRocks said…
Okay, I read this somewhere: ' I think that Harry Potter fans should take it easy on the Twihard fans.'

1738: Twihards. Seriously?! What kind of fan name is TWIHARD.
1739: The title of the Harry Potter books actually made sense:

HP: Philosopher Stone ( Sorcerer Stone) = The book was mainly about it.
Twilight: ... Twilight = Helloooo.... In the entire 498 pages it, it was mentioned ONCE.
HP: Chamber of Secrets = Literally a chamber of secrets in the girls lavatory that only a Parseltongue can open it.
Twilight: New Moon= What. The. Heck. Did it even RELATE to the BOOK? I mean seriously? Yeah, werewolves, new moon, got the concept. Since the entire book was mainly about Bella dying because Edward wasn't there then meeting the Volturi then describing about his kissy lips, yeah, werewolves, out of the way.
HP: Prisoner of Azkaban = Brilliant. It's all about Sirius Black who turns out to be Harry's GODFATHER!!!! * sorry to those who haven't read it . SPOILER!! * He escapes from a highly secured prison. Dementors are introduced. JKRs imagination is fantastic.
Twilight: Eclispe= DUDE. Same as the 1st book, in all the 629 pages, it was only mentioned ONCE.
HP: Goblet of Fire = Don't even get me STARTED on this one. The Triwizard Tournament? And Harry, under the age of 17 gets to be the FOURTH participant. Helloo... A definite WIN here.
Twilight: Breaking Dawn = Not to sound like an idiot but, what DOES Breaking Dawn mean. All we know is that they had s*x, Bella gave birth, Bella became a vampire, Volturi attacks, they TALK IT OUT, ga-blah,ga-blah and BABOOM! Happy ending.

1740: The humor was better in Harry Potter.

Everyone knows Ron's fear of spiders.
Ron: * suddenly wakes up* SPIDERS! They want me to tap dance! I don't wanna tap dance!
Harry: You tell em' that, Ron.
Ron: Yeah, yeah. I'll tell em'. * Falls back to sleep.*

Bella: What, no dungeons, moats?
Edward: Yeah... ( WTF, btw)

The Characters:

1742: Hermione Granger was in it instead of Bella Swan so therefore, Harry Potter is better than Twilight.
1743: The Weasley Twins were in Harry Potter, another reason for Harry Potter to be better than Twilight.
1744: Severus Snape was in it.
1745: Some lame teacher from Twilight that teaches Biology wasn't in it.
1746: MCGONAGOLL was in it!
1747: Dude, PEEVES was in it.

1748: TWILIGHT is about a emo girl who's hearts literally HAS A HOLE in it when her bloodsucker boyfriend leaves. HARRY POTTER teaches people how to be independent!
' All those great wizards started out like us, students. So if they can do it, why can't we?' - Harry Potter, DA meeting.
1749: Smeyer has a LAME NICK NAME!!. The first time I saw it I was like, ' Are they making fun of her?' Then I realized that it was StephanieMEYER. JK Rowling. It's so COOL. JK Rowling is a nickname someone would never forget. SMeyer on the other hand....
1750: Smeyer critisizes her own character badly. She tries to make up bad names of Edward and I think the only one that made sense was Bloodsucker.
1751: Jacob= Smelly dog... Right.
1752: Smeyer wants a happy ending. JK Rowling made good guys die. Hellooo... Dumbledore is a GREAT example. And who dies in Twilight practically all the bad guys, James, Victoria, Newborns...

What we expected in Breaking Dawn - BIG BATTLE.
What happened- NOTHING.
What we expected in Harry Potter- Nothing because it was completely UNPREDICTABLE...
What happened- A huge battle, unexpected deaths, unexpected endings and much more.
1754: Was reading the Twilight Saga a waste of time? Yes.
1755: Imprinting was an excuse for SMeyer to write about Bella attacking Jacob.
1756: Okay, in the books Edward is GORGEOUS. In the movie, ' Ew. Who the heck is that?' ' That's EDWARD!' " WTF?!'
1757: Ow. I got bitten by a vampire. I scream in pain. My blood turns to ice. Great use of emotion.
1758: Edward's angel voice. Edward's cold lips. Edward's muscles. Edward's crooked smile. EDWARD FREAKING SPARKLES!!!
1759: The story in Harry Potter actually explains a lot about Voldemort.
62442 spells Magic with T9 on a phone.
JKR explained about Voldemort past. His abused mother and his under-a-love-potion-muggle father.
1760: SMeyer only writes that the Volturi is a group of people that is closest to Royalty. Anything else? No....
1761: Compare LORD VOLDEMORT and the Volturi.
1762: Compare DRACO MALFOY and James, who by the way I just realized doesn't have a last name.
1763: Compare HARRY POTTER and Edward Cullen. ( Edward = Edweirdo)
1765: Compare Forks with HOGWARTS
1766: Compare BELLATRIX LESTRANGE with Victoria
1767: Compare NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM with Eric. ( See, he's so unimportant that I can't even remember his last name. Was it dog? No, that was the other guy that fell in love with Bella, Or was it? AH. WAIT. It's....It`NEWTON. AH HAHA. Eric...Eric..Uh... I can't remember... Forget it.)
1768: Fantastic, Bella Swan gets 5 guys chasing after her because her dad's the chief of police and she gets modest and goes after the sparkling vampire...I bet Hermione can get more without even trying. Hey, she got VIKTOR KRUM!!
1769: JKR doesn't have a big aired head unlike some author we know...
1770: Stephen Wright says so :)
I don't CARE how many times anyone said this on this forum:
1771: Harry Potter is and always be BETTER than Twilight.

The only thing I like about Twilight is the nicknames:
1) TwiSHIT.
2) Nightlight ( It's a parody written by.... and it's published. GO BUY IT!! )
And other Parodies like Twilite.

più di un anno fa PotterRocks said…
My friend told me

1772: Butterscotch, Topaz, Amber, Gold. YES. WE KNOW HIS EYES ARE YELLOW!!!!!!!
più di un anno fa DivyaHarry said…
I loved #1756. I'm still laughing at that.
@PotterRocks: Keep going. It's hilarious.
più di un anno fa Mrs-Grint said…
@PotterRocks, please, KEEP GOING! This has made my day. :)
più di un anno fa PotterRocks said…
Thanks to the two above!
Got more.

1773: Word has been going around that Bella Swan is a self-insert of Stephanie Meyer. I think it's true. ( Obviously since I'm on JKRs side)


It's a joke :)

Person A: Woah. Are those vampires SPARKLING?
Person B : Wow... That's Gay.

1775: I read it somewhere and laughed straight of 10 minutes.
' He ( Edward) glitters in the sunlight. He has to be gay, anything that glitters in the sun, and looks that sexy, has to be gay'
1776: The plot drags. And drags and Drags. Two books could be enough for Twilight. Unlike Harry Potter, each book is unique but links to the others.
1777: It has a flawless main character. Okay. She's clumsy. That's all. And SMeyer makes Edward Cullen like Bella because she's clumsy. So it doesn't count.
1778: The serious truth: Twilight is stupid.
1779: Why is called the Twilight Saga ( Which isn't a saga.) when only ONE book is titled Twilight.
1800: Edward is gorgeous, attractive, desirable, alluring, tempting. FOR PETE SAKE. HIS HOT. WE GET IT. STOP using the THESAURUS to use BOMBASTIC words to look smart.
1801: SMeyer, we know he smells nice, he looks fantastic, he is super fast, he is old fashioned, he is fast, he is funny. STOP REPEATING THEM!
1802: Bella doesn't have a mind. That's why Edward can't read it.
1803: SMeyer doesn't explain why Edward can't read Bella's mind.
1804: Edward skips classes by 'dazzling' the school's admin.
1805: A hundred years difference - Pedophile
1806: It would have been much better if Jacob and Edward discovered they were gay: no sequels, no whiny Bella. Amen to that.”
1807: Hilariously predictable.
1808: The fact that it sucks SO MUCH that we actually came up with 1808 reason to why HARRY POTTER IS WAY BETTER THAN TWILIGHT!! ( Whoo! (: )
1809: Hermione Granger can Avada Kedavra anyone in Twilight anytime.
1810: It's easy to make fun of
1811: No one I know or no one has told me and ACTUAL and VALID reason that Twilight it WAY better than Harry Potter.
Harry Potter Fan: AVADA KEDAVRA. * smirks*
Twilight Fan: * Wears a sign that says: BITE ME EDWARD*
Compare and tell me which one is pathetic.
1813: Bella nearly dies 100000 times but Edward always saves her.
1814: Supposedly Meyer never uses the word ‘said’ in the entire first book, instead using breath.
1815: People who think SMeyer is the best writer obviously haven't read Harry Potter.
1816: ' Harry Potter is too hard to read/follow." Probably because you are under 9 and can't understand some of it, we're fine. But for those ABOVE 14 and STILL can't understand it... There possibility is that you are either stupid or.... Oh wait. Just stupid. :)
1817:She smells wonderful. He is hot. BABOOM. They flaw in love. How sweet. * pukes blood*
1818: All Twilight fans are insane, proved by several responses to criticism such as…

1819: “What is your name, address and phone number, just so that i can track you down ank kill You with my super awesom vampire powers THAT I AQUIRED FROM READING THE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!”

1820: And this…
“do you WANT a cult of angry twilight luvers like mysef at your doorstep at night trying to behead you????? you shouldnt voice an absurd oppinion like this on the internet.”

1821: And this…
“you must have not read much good litterature in youre life, because if you cannot appreciate the quality of this art…..YOU ARE MENTALLY UNSOUND!!!!!!!”

1822: ( to the above 3) , Right....
1823: New hot couple name for Bella and Edward = Bedward
Okay. I'm getting from ' Harry Potter is better than Twilight' to ' Why Twilight sucks'. There's just SO MUCH TO WRITE!
1824: Harry Potter characters have depths.
1825: Battles in Harry Potter are better.
What Twilight has: Inhuman speed, inhuman strength... OH. Inhuman sparkly-ness.
What Harry Potter has: Spells that fill up books. books. and more BOOKS! Wands that have a history.
Ex 2:
Harry Potter: EPIC BATTLE! YAY!
Twilight: EPIC.... Conversation. ..... Uh-huh.
Harry Potter has Diagon Alley. ( which is preeeeeeeeeety cool if you ask me)
Twilight has... a camping store. Right? I forgot. Yep. Camping store.
1827: The effects are seriously more realistic in Harry Potter than in Twilight.
Imagine the people helping with the sparkling scene:
Art Person 1: QUICK! Shake all the glitter onto his body!
Art Person 2: This is the 457th time we're doing this! * shakes glitter*
Edward: * moves a little*
Person in-charge: HE MOVED. CUT. Let's TAKE IT FROM THE TOP!
Art Persons 1 and 2: * groan*
1828: Every person in Harry Potter can at least defend themselves.
1829: Every person in Twilight cannot at least defend themselves.
SMEYER: I'm so much of a genius that it isn't funny...
JKR: THEY SPARKLE??? * talking about the vampires as you all know*
1831: People who have read both Twilight and Harry Potter agree that Harry Potter is better. Others agree that Twilight is better. Its 99% and 1% respectively.
Will be writing soon!
più di un anno fa mooimafish17 said…
PotterRocks you are my new hero :) are they real quotes - tell me there not!!!! my faith in humanity is slipping, thank god we are all here!!!!

1831: After asking my "friends" why they liked twilight, they came up with 6 points. 6!!!!!

1) Eddikins is HWAT!
2) Its soooooooooo romantic
3) Alice is funny
4) its realistic
5) (and i quote) *sigh* "i wish i was bella"
6) There all so in love (all characters) its sooooooooo cute.

più di un anno fa souflizzle317 said…
haha mooimafish17, at least the reasons were all different, even if they were pathetic...

potterrocks: please don't take this the wrong way because i absolutely LOVE your reasons, but i also already know why twilight sucks and i would rather hear different reasons why harry potter is amazing that i haven't thought of yet. so please keep giving us tons of reasons 'cause i love them, but try and focus them more on harry potter :) thanks :)

1832. we're doing research projects in my class right now and there's a long list of people to choose from. after scanning the list, i realized that my teacher put stephenie meyer as a choice and NOT JK rowling. i pointed it out to all my friends and every single one of them immediately agreed with me that our teacher has no brain :) (not to mention, i put down that i absolutely do *not* want stephenie meyer for my research project)

1833. HP fan fiction is so much better than Twilight fan fiction. What can you possibly write about, and make it your own, that's Twilight-related? Back when I was a twihard, I tried. I failed. On the other hand, I've written countless Harry Potter fan fiction and they're all original with different characters, yet still sticking to canon.

1834. in twilight, everyone's equally smart, beautiful, sane etc. in harry potter, there are varieties of smart-ness such as dumbledore, who's brilliant, hermione, who's very clever, harry & ron who are average, and people like neville who aren't as bright when it comes to school. i'm not even going to go into the looks area, and then not everyone in harry potter is even *sane*. there's trelawney, who's definitely a little out of it, dumbledore, who's a genius but a little mad, xenophilius & luna lovegood, whose hearts are in the right place but they're definitely not completely sane, and moody is the best Auror around but he's so paranoid he's gone crazy. not to mention neville's parents, who were literally driven insane. all of these varieties of characters make harry potter much more interesting to read.

1835. in twilight, you're good or you're bad. in harry potter, no one's all good and no one's all bad. umbridge, for example, is against voldemort, but she has severely wrong ways of going about ridding the world of Death Eaters. snape is clearly good, but he's not the kindest of characters. the malfoys were Death Eaters (at least lucius was) but when it got right down to it, all lucius and narcissa cared about was finding draco and keeping their family together. it makes the series much less predictable, and much more interesting and realistic.
più di un anno fa AceofHearts said…
Oh hey. I've been looking for a list this long for a while, and I've read all 48 pages of this one and feel like it's time I posted on it. :D And yes, I did join fanpop specifically for this purpose.
Here goes.

And sorry if any of mine repeat, with 1800+ reasons (by the way, that's a big number) it's hard to remember if you've already said some.

1832: Remus John Lupin. :) I needn't say more, but I will, since Lupin isn't the point I'm making (even though he could be).
Remus is not attractive. He wasn't swooned after in school. He's described as gray and shabby throughout the whole series. He looked at least five years older than his actual age when Harry met him on the train in PoA (I don't remember the exact description of him). But the reason that he's so well-liked (especially by me <3) is that he has an attractive personality. He has a heart of gold, has an excellent sense of humor, and manages to be amazing at magic, too. I'm not saying that he's ugly, no, but he's definitely no Draco Malfoy.

1833: I love how things just seem to go in a complete circle at the end of Deathly Hallows. Teddy Lupin and Harry Potter are kind of the same: They both grew up as orphans and raised by relatives. But the difference is that Teddy grew up in a completely different environment, a loving one. (And I found it interesting that he, like Neville, was raised by his grandmother. lulz.) Basically what I'm saying is that HP had some actual closure. I haven't read Breaking Dawn, but from what I hear, it's not a very good ending.

1834: And who says there's no romance in Harry Potter? I find Lily and James's story quite amazing, and was I the only person who grinned when Tonks and Lupin were holding hands at Dumbledore's funeral? Not to mention Harry's whole Cho/Ginny conflict, and Ron and Hermione's jealous fights and random kisses in the middle of wars. Really.

And that's it for me for now. Sorry for the long post. :0
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più di un anno fa PotterRocks said…
Thanks mooimafish17.

And, yeah, I got it souflizzie317.
più di un anno fa MissDK said…
big smile
1835. Because Twilight fans have admitted that HP are smarter than them. This is a quote from a Twilight fan:

"okay, harrie potter fans just because your smarter tahn us doesnt meenyou cna rubb itin our facez, OKAY? SOMME OF US JSUT DONTUNDERSTAND!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!! Yeah,twiilight iz oviously more axessable to pppl cuz you don't need like aneenligh lit digreee to read it. like siriusly. DUH DUH DUH. I f u rsoooo smaarrt whi cant u figure taht out, huh? Oh burn!"

1836. Because Robert Pattinson likes Harry Potter better!
più di un anno fa PotterRocks said…
My last reason:)

1837: JKR is a better writer than SMeyer.
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più di un anno fa minty19 said…
1838. (may be a repetition)i don't understand how ppl can say that twilight series has more depth to emotions and love as all bella cares about in the entire series is about marrying her hot BF n that she s aging!!..while in harry potter it may not be the only concept, JKR has dealt with but it is surely one of the most significant ones, love between Lilly n James, their love for their son harry, Harry's love for his friends, Ginny, Ron's family, in fact for anyone who has ever been nice to him, love of Ron n Hermione (she cried so many nights in the woods when Ron had left them), bill n Fleur, all d Wheasly family loving harry, and needless to mention that it was due to love that harry was able to conquer on Voldermort!!

1839. i could not find much of parental love in the whole twilight series, does bella really even care about her parents!! she leaves for italy and all she could think of was to leave her dad a note, could have at least made a call! lets not go one the parental love between cullens...while in HP the plot is so rich with it:
a) harry couldn't have survived all those(4) years had his parents not sacrificed themselves coz they loved him, that shows courage and their selfless love!

b) sirius' love for harry was so deep and strong that it made him try to escape from azkaban, a prison from where it was impossible to escape, after that also he was risking his freedom to stay close to harry (hogsmeade), sending him letters and all, risking his lyf and going to the ministry to save him, dying while trying to save harry and his friends from the death eaters n harry was not his own son!! who would go to such lengths!!

c) molly wheasely's ;love for all her children and the same love for harry, as if he was her own son. she s a very loving mother and highly protective of them all and an amazing witch, in DHs in the battle scene bellatrix tried to kill ginny and then her mom left all rest and started dueling bellatrix which ended with bellatrix being dead! that shows the power of a mom's love for her children and that if any one will try to mess wid her kidz they ll have to pay heavily for it!

d) Harry's love for his godson teddy lupin which made him get into an argument with lupin (almost a parent to him)n say some real harsh things when lupin wanted to join the trio in DHs, so that lupin doesn't abandon his child!

twilight just cant beat any of that!!

i ll come up with more later!
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più di un anno fa Athiya said…
1840. Besides being whiny, Bella is anti-social. I get it, fine, she's the new kid in school -- but Harry was too, and he was able to find himself two best friends and a whole lot of close ones. He introduced himself properly, shared a conversation, and finally defeating a troll and save the philosopher's stone with them. Pushing the troll and stone thing aside, was it so hard to make friends or at least remember people's names? At Twilight, I remembered perfectly that when Bella sat besides Jessica, she couldn't even recall her name. If I were Jessica and could read her mind, I'd be very offended. I mean, Jessica and Mike and Eric all helped her! Bella was being ungrateful by labeling Eric as "overly friendly" or whatever that was. Harry, on the other hand, though clearly was new to the wizarding world, made an effort to be social.

1841. Harry was an orphan. Does that fact make you teary? No. But if you read what he saw in the Mirror of Erised (which was "desire" backwards, btw), and how he felt when he was visiting his parents' grave, then it would. Bella, though had a divorced parents, didn't share her thoughts at all about the matter. This point could arguable, however, as the story didn't resolve around her parents.

1842. The little mouth fights in Harry Potter were enjoyable and refreshing. I particularly like Hermione and Ron's arguments concerning the Yule Ball and Harry and Cho's drama. The only non-physical fight in Twilight were those between Bella and Edward, and those were about her being a vampire. Not really relatable to people, if you ask me.
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
1840. Observe.
"The clouds I can handle but I can't fight with an eclipse." And that's one of the BETTER quotes.

Harry Potter:
"To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure."

Need I say more? =)

1841. The fact that Bella loves Edward so much but was so hesitant in marrying him. Huh. That's more proof that she LUSTS for him... and that's it.
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
Oops. Go on with 1845. =)