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lauracullen66 posted on Aug 27, 2009 at 01:29PM
just start at one and see if you can get 1000

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più di un anno fa mooimafish17 said…
Potterrox - and a sprog to, this woman is SUPERWOMAN!!!!
più di un anno fa potterrox said…
mooimafish- sprog?
più di un anno fa IsyLovesHarryP said…
Im new haha. so Hey.

1909: The fact that there is extra books to the HP series. "The Beedle and The Bard" for example.
1910: The fact that my sisters waited 10 years for the final book.
più di un anno fa LoveforSeverus said…
hey guys I'm in Speech and Debate and we're going into debate soon and I'm going to debate with a friend about how Harry Potter is better than Twilight and just wanted to make sure it's ok if I use, like, all of the ideas that are on here. Because I didn't come up with all of them, you guys did!
più di un anno fa pogga said…
fact number 50 from pmt the only reason you say so much people hate twilight is because there are more males than females in the world and twilight has many themes
più di un anno fa LoveforSeverus said…
oh and 1911. I named my puppy after a Harry Potter character. I fits him. And, I love the latin meaning: "Dragon"

of course, it's DRACO! this is him sleeping today :) (sorry but he's just so cute)
 oh and 1911. I named my cucciolo after a Harry Potter character. I fits him. And, I Amore the latin meani
più di un anno fa souflizzle317 said…
LoveforSeverus, I don't know about anyone else, but feel free to use my reasons :)

1911. my 5-year-old sister has never heard of Twilight (I asked her) but she's obsessed with the Harry Potter movies (she can't read yet).

1912. JKR promised a Final Battle and fans were talking about for months before the release of DH and debating who would die. Smeyer promised a battle from around the middle of Breaking Dawn and built up this huge hype about getting witnesses and special talents to win the battles. JKR followed through on her promise and created an extraordinary, and heartfelt, battle. Smeyer completely wimped out and nothing even happened in her "battle".

1913. fred and george pwn jane and alec any day. plus, oliver and james phelps are actual identical twins in real life. I don't know who plays alec in twilight, but I'm positive that dakota fanning (jane) doesn't even have a twin.

1914. voldemort will go to any lengths to kill Harry, or even just to get inside his head. the volturi won't even give up their goody-two-shoes reputation as perfect royalty. impressive? I don't think so.
più di un anno fa souflizzle317 said…
sorry, make mine 1912, 1913, 1914, and 1915 :)

and "fact number 50 from pmt the only reason you say so much people hate twilight is because there are more males than females in the world and twilight has many themes" -pogga?

what? is it just me, or did that not even make sense?
più di un anno fa Pensieve_Seeker said…
LoveforSeverus, I'd recommend using the freshness ratings for the Twilight and Harry Potter movies from rottentomatoes.com for your debate. Good luck!
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
LoveforSeverus, go ahead and use my reasons too. =) I don't mind. You win that thing or else. =P Haha. xD
Souflizzle317, you're right- it doesn't make sense at all. =|

1916. JKR isn't afraid to take risks. She puts SO many themes in her books. There's love, hate, conflict, war, confusion, misunderstandings and she has nailed ALL of them. Even if some parts are boring, she tried and that is what matters. Authors should take risks- they should go for it.
SMeyer, on the other hand, can only write about love. Correction: lust. The reason she didn't write the last battle was because she didn't have the guts to and was afraid she'd mess up, so she didn't take a risk. And if a Twilight fan will argue with me on this, saying that she did write a battle in Eclipse- the one with Victoria, Riley and Edward... I'm sorry but that was not a fudging battle. She described fighting as DANCING for Heaven's sake!
più di un anno fa mooimafish17 said…
LoveforSeverus - Mine to, good luck with that :D

Potterrox - Sprog means child (its a north london thing, you'll get used to me lol)

Wow, so many great reason - i love you guys!!!
più di un anno fa potterrox said…
mooimafish- I'm American so thanks for the British/North London translation! haha
LoveforSeverus- Yeah you can use mine as well. And Draco is really cute!! Both the dog and Tom Felton... haha
Pogga- Wait are you a HP fan or Twihard? Pleas clarify, thanks.
più di un anno fa yankovic said…
Harry Potter is sooooooooooooooooooo hot! I'm not into Twilight.
più di un anno fa mooimafish17 said…
lol, this is true potterrox. BTW what do you call kids over the pond - ive always wanted to know.
LoveforSeverus - Draco is really cute!!

Sorry ive gone so off topic - allow me to make it up to you.

1917 - Even the smallest, tiniest characters, the ones that we dont care about, the ones we never hear from again are "good" characters. They are well rounded, well thought out and have there own hopes and desires. (In acting circles we call this "units and objectives", and it is the mark of a very, very good writer.)
più di un anno fa TeamSiriusBlack said…
1918. I don't think too many people flinch at the name Aro....
più di un anno fa Plotlynn17 said…
1919. No one mentioned this:
the fan fiction. i know its not the originals authors work.. but is sort of that 'you are who you hang out with' thing. jkr left the playing field open- you can experiment with so many characters and plot lines and reading some of th HP fan fiction is almost as good as the original story- the authors experiment with all the topics you wondered while you read the books 'how did greengrass and draco get together' and 'what are the grandchildren up too'. even though harry potter's story is over- that world, those characters still exist in our hearts, in our pens..
Twilight fanfiction and mostly dirty truth or dare and Emmett is high/hyper while he babysits..
più di un anno fa Plotlynn17 said…
*molly and arthur's grandkids*
1920. i did read twilight and New Moon is actually my favorite. i know it gets crap for bella going all 'emo' and pathetic but that was the only of m's books that i FELT emotion- and it was gut-wrenching
In harry potter- you get that every page.
(not the manic-depression-- the emotions and stuff)
più di un anno fa TeamSiriusBlack said…
1921. There is actually a Musical for harry Potter. It's called A Very Potter Musical on YouTube. Does Twilight have one? Nope. Because it's all about Edward and Bella, not the little characters. Hermione and Ron were main characters and so was Luna, Ginny, The Weasleys, etc.
1921. The people in my school who like Twilight don't even have good reasons to like it.
Me: Why do you like Twilight? I mean, it's about sparkling vampires.
Fan: Bacuase its a good plot.
Me: An emo girl who just wants a vampire boyfriend?
più di un anno fa TeamSiriusBlack said…
big smile
1923. (Made a mistake on the last post :P) Stephen King has yet to criticize JK Rowling. And for all you people who don't know who he is (I'm not trying to be mean cuz I didn't know either), he is a well respected author.
più di un anno fa XDRoseLuvsHP said…
big smile
Wow, we've almost hit 2000! That's double the number we needed to prove our point! YAY XD
più di un anno fa TeamSiriusBlack said…
1924. Twilight promotes teen pregancy.
1925. Harry Potter actually has things that are sentimental. Godric's Hollow was where he was born and there he finds out that he has to be alert. What does Bella learn from the Volturi? We're coming back next year.
1926. Nobody even read Twilight until the movies came out. Then they saw it because of the 'hot' guys. Most people read Harry Potter before the movies.
1927. You actually fear the creatures in HP. When I read the third book, I closed my closet because of the Dementors (I was like 9). I just laughed at Twilight and the gay vampires.
1928. Harry Potter has original werewolves.
1929. You can't make people alive in HP. I mean, you could use the Resurection Stone but they are not truly back. Meyer makes everyone alive by being vampires.
1930. Rowling shows how life doesn't turn out how you want it to be. Meyer just shows that everything will turn out ok if you love stalkers.
70 more until 2000 reasons :D
più di un anno fa TeamSiriusBlack said…
1931. Twilight ends with 'The End'. Not original! Harry Potter ends in a complex sentence that makes you feel that everything is all right in the world.
1932. Most people tell me, "Oh, Edward cant read Bellas mind!" Why? There's no sense to that. When Harry survived the killing Curse, it made sense because he was protected by Lily's love.
1933. We are so dedicated to Harry Potter that we're almost to 2000.
1934. There are more reasons to like Harry Potter than there on the Twilight list to like it.
più di un anno fa TeamSiriusBlack said…
1935. Dumbledore!
più di un anno fa dobbyssocks said…
1936. Harry Potter is no the human form of glitter glue
1937. Most of my friends that were crazy for twilight have moved on. Us hp fans are still standing strong
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più di un anno fa TeamSiriusBlack said…
1936. Bella's parents aren't ever mentioned in the book again. It's just when she's a vampire. Ginny is mentioned in Harry Potter again and so is Neville, who is barely a main character.
1937. Harry Potter actually has background stories. Like Snape was in love with Lily and they knew each other, he hated James, and he made a potion for Remus Lupin. Edward's background story is that he was bitten when he had Spanish influenza.
1938. Harry isn't afraid to do anything. He goes after Horcruxes and kills Voldemort. Edward was too scared to kill himself.
1939. In Fanfictions, Twilight fanfictions are basically about nothing since the story is basically over. You could right about the rest of the characters lives or their childrens lives in Harry Potter fanfictions.
1940. They don't even fight in Breaking Dawn. They just talk which is more of a discussion. And they vote. -_- Losers.
più di un anno fa TeamSiriusBlack said…
1942. (Miscount) Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress. She blinks too much and stutters. Alan Rickman (Snape) Doesn't blink and plays his part with extreme accuracy.
più di un anno fa TeamSiriusBlack said…
1943. J K Rowling doesn't match everyone up with someone else.
1944. People say they started to read after Twilight. They did that to get the foul images out of their heads.
1945. I actually read Twilight and didn't read for a long time. Then I read Harry Potter and I keep rereading the series ever since.
più di un anno fa TeamSiriusBlack said…
1946. Twilight Moral: Do suicide if your boyfriend leaves.
Harry Potter Moral: Friends will help in your time of need but can also leave if not entirely trustworthy.
più di un anno fa TeamSiriusBlack said…
1947. There aren't strong female characters in Twilight. Thats only Angela and she's barely mentioned. Harry potter is full of them. In fact, all of them are.
più di un anno fa TeamSiriusBlack said…
1948. Harry Potter has songs that people who aren't famous made. Twilight doesn't.
più di un anno fa IsyLovesHarryP said…
1949. The fact that Neville [not really a main char.] Has his own story at the nd of the 7th book.
1950 [!!!] The fact that JKR cares about every char considering she gave even DRACO a story.
1951: That she didnt write four books, she wrote 9-12. Harry Potter series AND the extra books.
1952: She cared to go on for that long.
1953: JKR Doesn't have her child check her emails nor does she tell her readers we read too much into it.
1954: When Harry gets upset @ Sirius [i think] in the 3rd for killing his parents.
1955: That Stinky Meyer makes her char. emo throughout the 2nd book + shows that Grinderbella isnt strong enough to prove shes a woman- she jumps off a cliff to hear a stalkers voice?
più di un anno fa IsyLovesHarryP said…
1956: I was reading through the earlier comments [im on pg 25 xD] And i have read 2 comments [maybe more] that say: "okay, i just had to join." including myself, whereas the twihards have noneone like that, just the same people over, and over

^ oh and the fact that sure, we started off with the same people over and over but we gained more and more, like myself.

più di un anno fa potterrox said…
mooimafish- I widh I had a better answer but kids are just kids over here. Do you have any more cool British slang I can confuse my friends with?
1957: The Hungarian Horntail could kick the Volturi's ass!
1958: Victor Krum
1959:JKR invented a whole sport for her series with complex rules and guidelines. The only time SMeyer mntioned sports was the baseball scene, which lasted for two pages.
1960: Twilight glorifies complaining.
1961: The fact that dumbledore's full name is Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore! How does JKR make this stuff up?!?
1962: We have 52 pages of actual reasons!
più di un anno fa souflizzle317 said…
1963. adding to the realistic reason, Smeyer states that Bella was the first girl Edward ever "loved" and vice versa. in fact, I'm pretty sure it's said that Bella never went on any dates until she met Edward. That's just not realistic. I know it happens (ex: high school sweethearts getting married) but I'm going to go ahead and say that most people don't marry the first person they have a crush on. In Harry Potter, Harry liked Cho and was even in a sort-of relationship with her before Ginny, and Ginny dated two other guys (known to us) before she got together with Harry. Even Ron went out with Lavender and Hermione had her thing with Krum.

1964. Edward left Bella to "protect" her but it was basically because he thought he wasn't good enough for her and he didn't want to end up killing her. Nice. Harry broke up with Ginny because he knew that Voldemort would use her to get to him and he didn't want her to get hurt. Personally, if I had to be dumped by one of them, I would rather get dumped by Harry...

1965. Harry and his friends aren't prejudiced towards Muggle-borns, house-elves, centaurs or anyone because they know that everyone should be equal. Every single person in Twilight, even the supposed "good" guys, is prejudiced (vampires vs werewolves) except for Bella, who has so many bad things about her anyway.
più di un anno fa souflizzle317 said…
1966. i know a bunch of people have already compared characters before, but I'm sick and home from school with nothing to do so I want to do my own comparison, with characters who aren't the main ones :) If it's too repetitive, you don't have to count it as a reason:

Mrs. Weasley vs. Esme (connection: described as motherly)
Mrs. Weasley-she's been like Harry's own mother because his own is dead. She even describes herself that way: (not exact wording, from OOTP) "Sirius: He's not your son! Mrs. Weasley: He's as good as! Who else as he got?" In every book, she shows that she loves all of her children with all of her heart and she counts Harry as a seventh son. Even in the first book, when she barely knows him, she sends him a homemade sweater for Christmas. By the end of the seventh book, Molly Weasley has lived up to her expectation of being motherly and gone beyond. On the other hand, Esme is described as motherly, but what does she ever do? She gives clothes and food to Jacob and the other werewolves and that's about it. If she ever showed motherly affection toward any of the other characters in the book, then it wasn't very clear because I don't remember any at all.

Fred & George vs. Emmett (connection: described as funny, pranksters)
I'm not sure I can do this one justice, it's just so obvious but I'll try. Fred & George are the best pranksters in the world. They start out simple, being the jokers of the school (but still getting good grades) but then they end up inventing pranks and opening their own shop, which is the only one in Diagon Alley that has business because all of the other stores have closed down. And they're twins, which makes it even better because they have this unbreakable bond that they're using to be funny (ex: "Mrs. Weasley: How do you feel, Georgie? George: Saintlike. Fred: (looking extremely pale because his brother's ear was just blown off) What's wrong with him? Is his mind affected? George: Saintlike. You see...I'm HOLEY, Fred, get it?") Emmett Cullen makes sex jokes and waves a knife. Wow. You know, something doesn't have to be sexual to be funny.

Severus Snape vs. Caius (connection: sort of the most trusted henchman of the evil guy. Voldemort & Aro respectively)
No comparison really, but I'll still explain. Not only is Alan Rickman an amazing actor, but Snape himself is an amazing actor. He's been loyal to Dumbledore ever since Voldemort even threatened Lily Potter, but when Voldemort returned in Goblet of Fire, he had a perfect story and made himself Voldemort's most trusted Death Eater. And then, in Deathly Hallows, he's still loyal to Dumbledore, but literally no one knows that (until the end) except for him. Everyone who's on the side of good truly believes that he's a Death Eater, and all the Death Eaters (including Voldemort, who might be evil but he's also an insanely talented wizard) believe that he's on their side. And to top it all off, he ends up dying so that the son of the girl he always loved can live and save as much of the Wizarding World that's left. I'm not even going to explain Caius. There's no way he - or any of the Volturi for that matter - can match up to Snape.

Neville Longbottom vs. well, no one. (the friend who ends up being a huge part of the climax of the story)
The point can kind of be made just with the title of this little section. Neville isn't a main character in the way that Harry, Ron, and Hermione are but he was their friend and he ended up killing Nagini and helping Harry defeat Voldemort. Bella doesn't even have any friends that she kept when she became a vampire. She just ditched all of them for Edward and the Cullens. So I think Neville automatically wins this round.

Dean Thomas vs. Mike...something (connection: the guy who is a friend, but ends up losing the girl)
First of all, I'm just going to point out that I can't even remember Mike's last name while Dean Thomas comes naturally to me, so that can be a point on its own. But anyway, Dean was friends with Harry and Ron and dated Ginny, and he ended up losing Ginny to Harry. But he was graceful about it. He might've been a little upset, that's natural, but he didn't try to break them up and he accepted that he had lost Ginny. Mike, on the other hand, if I remember correctly, tried to break Bella and Edward multiple times and tried to push himself into Bella's life. Maybe there are girls who would be flattered by that, but I think that when it comes down to manners and being a good friend, Dean wins this part.

Sirius vs. Charlie (connection: parent/parental figure. I'm using Sirius instead of Lily and/or James because Sirius was alive for more books than Harry's real parents so he had more of a chance to act parental)
Charlie is Bella's real father, and he doesn't give a shit about her. Sure, when Edward leaves her, he flips out when she goes all emo in the forest, but then he threatens to send her away when she keeps being upset. And besides that, he never cares where she goes and barely says a word when she announces she's getting married at age 18. Not to mention he's the chief of police, and he never notices someone sneaking into his house every night. Sirius, on the other hand, isn't even blood-related to Harry but he cares so much more for his godson than Charlie does for his own daughter. Sirius breaks out of prison to kill Wormtail, and then returns to the country in Goblet of Fire, risking recapture, just to be close to Harry while he's a champion in the Triwizard Tournament. In OOTP, he leaves the safety of his own home to go fight Death Eaters in the Ministry and ends up dying for Harry. And, I just realized that Sirius is barely even in the books (portrayed as a Death Eater for most of the third book, barely in the fourth, and then the fifth), but his love for Harry and Harry's love for him just shines so much that Sirius seems like so much more of a main character than people who show up in every book.

Okay, I think I've written a lot so I'll stop there :) Hope you guys enjoyed that (if you read it haha)
più di un anno fa mooimafish17 said…
wow ^^ this are great hun - keep up the good work, some props coming your way ;)

Potterrox - ill get on it hunny - cant think now lol - let me know is you have heard any - ill tell you if there true or not!!

for the record people really do say "bloody hell" like ron - i do it all the time :D
più di un anno fa minty19 said…
1967. fan commitment levels can be compared, i know this s not exactly in relation to proper reason but still...we needed just 1000 reasons and we have over 1960 reasons, even now fans like me are not stopping to post more reasons!!...needless to mention HP wins this one!!

1968. there is a lot more creativity involved in JKR's writing in comparison to smeyers, she came up with so many creatures..lik dementors, thesthrals, house elves, centaurs, giants, giant spiders, werewolf, n so on..on the other hand all meyer came up with was messed up version of werewolfs and vampires!!!

1969. in HP there were some hidden messages in the ability of wizards, for ex. it takes a patronus to get rid of dementors(reminds one of his worst memories, while sucking souls), conjuring up of a patronus involves concentration on happy thoughts..message being that happiness and positive thoughts always win over bad times, sad feelings, etc!!...i could hardly decipher any such message in twilight books..other than one should be able to read others minds, or look in future,..so unrelatable!! HP wins this one as well!!

keep the reasons coming...we are going to reach 2000 soon!!..i ll post some more later!!:P
più di un anno fa teampotterduh said…
1970.(this one is not that good but its a reason) Harry Potter wears converse where as Edward Cullen wears bare ugly feet!

1971. Harry Potter has seven books that really explain the plot and all the characters! Twilight has 4 books about nothing
più di un anno fa mooimafish17 said…
teampotterduh - that first one was funny!!!
più di un anno fa entallar said…
Not sure if this has been done, but:
1972. Victoria in Twilight is killed in a "dance", while Bellatrix in Harry Potter killed the man who escaped Azkaban by pushing him through curtains. Who do you think is more hardcore?
più di un anno fa potterrox said…
entallar- When you put it like that neither sound very hardcore. Not sure what your point was...
mooimafish- Are shoes called trainers?
1973: Harry Potter fans are generally happier people than Twilight fans.
più di un anno fa entallar said…
I'm not quite sure what exactly I meant...
più di un anno fa souflizzle317 said…
haha entallar this might not be what you're saying, but I thought of what you said like this:

Edward killed Victoria in a "dance" while Bellatrix killed Sirius in an epic battle that ended in him dying and falling through the arch that just happened to have curtains over it :)

By the way, thinking about characters dying and such, does anyone else still cry when Sirius dies (and Harry goes ballistic) and in HBP (the movie, not the book) when McGonagall raises and lights her wand after Dumbledore dies and then everyone else does the same and it's really emotional?
più di un anno fa Athiya said…
Lol I thought entallar was saying that a man who broke out from Azkaban, escaped on a Hippogriff, and almost got a Dementor kiss actually was killed through a drapery. That made it sound like even the most hardcore person can end in a not-so-hardcore way, which is awesome :D

@souflizzle317 I cried at both and at Fred's dying D': Then, at the last few chapters, when Tonks and Remus were seen dead, I had to reread the sentence six times to make sure that my eyes didn't deceive me. THEN, I cried. :p

1974. You can use a straw, a twig, a candy cane, or even the real WB wand to pretend you're witches/wizards, than use your imagination. That could create an epic battle or the remake Remus and Harry's lessons about Patronuses. With Twilight? Yeah, putting glitter on is very fun! -,-

1975. In fact, if you want to dress up as Edward, you just wear normal t-shirt and normal jeans with glitter. On Halloween parties, people would laugh at you for being a male fairy and forgot your wings.

25 more reasons till we double the 1000 reasons! :D
più di un anno fa DivyaHarry said…
It was so painful to watch this scene. I was crying at the end of it.
last edited più di un anno fa
 #1976: It was so painful to watch this scene. I was crying at the end of it.
più di un anno fa DivyaHarry said…
Eddy-Poo. Jacob darling. Eddy Poo back. Yipee!
last edited più di un anno fa
 #1977: Eddy-Poo. Jacob darling. Eddy Poo back. Yipee!
più di un anno fa souflizzle317 said…
@DivyaHarry wow looking at those pictures right beside (well on top of) each other makes it even more obvious that not only is dan radcliffe so much better at showing real emotion than kristen stewart, but harry potter has wayyyyyy more reasons to show emotion like that than bella swan does :P

@Athiya Right, I cried when Fred, Tonks, and Remus died too, I was just thinking more along the lines of movies because I was watching the fifth movie as I posted. God, when Fred died, I was in hysterics because he and George were always my favorite characters :(

1978. This has nothing to do with being better than Twilight, but in the end, Percy came back. He betrayed (in a way) his family for three years and completely shunned them, but when he heard about the battle at Hogwarts, he came and apologized and fought and cried when his brother died :( That's love. (And also, the humor of when he appeared and it was all awkward and Fleur turned to Remus and was all "so how's teddy?" and remus started to reply and then percy just started shouting that he was a git. i always liked that part :)

1979. In Twilight, only the main characters show emotion (and they do a pretty crappy job at it anyway). In Harry Potter, ALL the characters show emotion. The first thing that comes to my mind is in the OOTP movie, after the first DA meeting in the Hog's Head, Hermione says to Harry "Cho couldn't keep her eyes off you, could she?" and even though she's kind of in the background at that part, you can see that Ginny's expression is pure half-shock, half-jealous that Harry clearly likes Cho. I don't think I ever saw any background character in Twilight show any kind of acting emotion.

1980. The entire cast of Harry Potter is British, on the request of JKR, except for the odd couple of people (Richard Harris I think was Irish? Maybe? Brendan Gleeson is Irish I'm pretty sure and the woman who plays Madam Hooch is technically American but she grew up in Britain and made her name as a British actress) Anyway, my point is JKR went to the trouble to make sure the movie productions of her books were as good as they possibly could be. She was a part of making the movies. Smeyer didn't have any part of making Twilight (as far as I can tell) and she didn't care that Edward, who is purely American, is played by a British actor. I know, not much of a point, but I still think that JKR cares more about her books as movie adaptations than Smeyer does.

1981. Wow, I feel like I've been focusing only on movies for this post. Okay, let's see....ooo, okay. In Twilight, no one *learns* anything. Ever. The one thing that the Cullens and Bella are "good" at (more like the thing they claim as their own) is that they're vampires, and they didn't have to work at all to be that fast, or that strong, or that pretty. In Harry Potter, the thing that Harry claims is the only thing he's good at (even though it's not true) is flying. And while he may have a natural talent for flying, he still had to take a flying lesson with all of the other first years, and not everyone was good at it. In other words, people have to learn in Harry Potter and THEY'RE NOT PERFECT!!!!!

1982. Let's face it, both JKR and Smeyer make mistakes in their works. For example, in Goblet of Fire, JKR mentions Dudley throwing his Playstation out the window, even though Playstations weren't around in 1994, when the book takes place. And for Smeyer, she stated that vampires can't have babies (and also can't produce semen) and then Edward manages to get Bella pregnant. Both minor mistakes, right? NO. Sorry Twilighters, but JKR makes minor mistakes that don't affect her plot at all. Smeyer has huge plot holes that if she followed her own rules, she would realize she doesn't even have a story at all.
più di un anno fa Athiya said…
@souflizzle: I know, I was literally staring at the page where Fred died and I couldn't think. First sign of grief: denial -,- Anyway, I reread the sentence twice, and closed the book and cry for ten minutes(?) Then, still teary eyes, I continued. The part about Luna and Ernie and Seamus rescuing the trio with their patronuses brightened me up a bit, because Harry was the one that taught them how to conjure patronuses in the first place xD

1983. With the Resurrection Stone still scattered on Hogwarts' ground and Harry's children was told, fanfictions becomes more easy and canon and creates multiple stories about James and Albus :D Personally, I don't really want to read about Nessie's life with Jacob together. Pedofile-ish and kinda dull.
più di un anno fa souflizzle317 said…
OMG!!!!!! sorry, Athiya, you just gave me an amazing idea...I never thought about the Resurrection Stone still somewhere on the grounds....Hmmm I might have to use that :) haha thanks and I agree about the denial thing. When Sirius, Dumbledore, Hedwig, Moody (especially him because he doesn't seem like someone who can die...), Fred, Tonks, and Remus died, I had to reread the sentences over and over before I believed it :(

1984. Bella is possibly the most selfish person in the world. Even though Smeyer tried to make her seem like a total selfless martyr, just think about. She ditched her human parents and human friends to be a perfect vampire surrounded by total perfection. Harry, on the other hand, had so much power in his hands by the end of Deathly Hallows. He had all three Hallows: the Resurrection Stone, the Elder Wand, and the Invisibility Cloak. However, instead of taking them to be an all-powerful wizard, he left the Resurrection Stone in the forest where he can't remember where he dropped it, and he used the Elder Wand only once - to fix his phoenix wand - before putting it back in Dumbledore's tomb. And who knows? He probably passed along the cloak to his children. Not to mention, he also sacrificed his life without defending himself so that all the people he loved could be safe from Voldemort. Bella Swan can't even *begin* to compare to Harry's selflessness.
più di un anno fa Athiya said…
And to top it off, the Hallows were all still there; the Invisibility Cloak is still with Harry, and the Elder Wand in Dumbledore's office. :D

1985. JKR wrote the book in a third person perspective; yet we only know how Harry felt and what's he thinking, not other character. She always used the word "as though" or "seems like", which is awesome, because that made me connect with Harry more and see the characters through his eyes. :D