Harry Potter vs Twilight 1000 Reasons Why Harry Potter Is Better Than Twilight

lauracullen66 posted on Aug 27, 2009 at 01:29PM
just start at one and see if you can get 1000

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più di un anno fa Kersian said…
250. Twilight absolutely has no logical thinking in the plot
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
Hmm so far so good. 1/4 to our goal.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
251. Twilight has also led to fans being obnoxious and deny anything negative said about the Twilight series
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
252. I love how I have a craving to tattoo the Dark Mark to my skin but will die before carving the Twilight apple to my body! Haha.

253. Harry Potter makes us dream and want to do things that we can never do. Like flying on a broom- that just won't happen but how many of us want to do that? I know I do!

254. Even the weird characters are awesome. For example, Luna Lovegood... she is brave, funny and really cool. While in Twilight, I find Alice very weird... she is NOT funny, she is whiny. And she is stupid. And too girly. -_-

255. QUESTION: If Edward's body is unable to change, how the hell do his eyes change colour? How was he able to make Bella pregnant? Holes in the plan- holes in the story... absolutely NO holes in Harry Potter. Every single one is filled up at some point.

256. Harry doesn't stalk Ginny... enough said.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
257. Hermione and Luna compared to Alice and Rosalie are more intelligent
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
258. In the whole book series Twilight, everything goes perfectly fine throughout the whole book for Bella.

259. Everything Bella says in the book makes no sense, making it sound dreamlike.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
260. Harry Potter has a bittersweet ending.

261. Twilight's ending was just cliche.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
262. Meyer's characters' names are too plain and are obvious she looked into a list of baby names site.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
263. Since Meyer is a self centered women and she didnt want Jacob to be alone she gave Bella's child to the pediphile
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
264. Meyer gives unnecessary details to the reader.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
265. Bella had a perfect wedding. Boooring.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
266. Bella is supposably clumsy, but if Edward catches her. How boring, crack your skull already Bella.

267. Bella says she is clumsy, but at most time she only says that.

268. How come in her wedding her clumsiness didn't in the way? That would of been a good way for comic relief in the first part of a book.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
269. Harry Potter has fun snack names in the book
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
270. JK Rowling got her idea while on a train, Meyer got her idea from watching internet porn
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
271. Bella is the boss of the family, since she acts like one.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
272. There are no cliques in the school, except the Cullens apparantly, but I dont count them

273. There are no mean girls in the school be cruel to Bella

274. No one insults the Cullens or bullies them for being loners
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
275. In Harry Potter, there are cliques, divided by the Houses.

276. There are actual bullies in Harry Potter, Draco for example
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
277. Edward who has been alive for more than 100 years has never been laid before.

278. In a 100 years Edward and in that time he has yet to find anyone who he cant read their mind other than Bella
più di un anno fa PirateNinja3815 said…
279. The characters have flaws, which makes them stronger.

280. People pay around $5 extra just to get copies of Twilight with red pages

281. People in Harry Potter don't get married and have children at 18

282. There's good character development

283. There's a really good, strong plot line.

284. EVERYONE can guess that Bella and Edward end up together and Bella becomes a vampire, but you'd never guess that Snape loved Lily.

285. There's less soppiness in Harry Potter and more action and friendship

286. "I was wearing my favorite shirt — sleeveless, white
eyelet lace. It was a farewell gesture. My carry-on
item was a parka." - Bella Swan.
Yeah, we really needed to know that...

287. Twilight(the first book, not the series)'s about how a random girl comes along to a town and becomes the girlfriend of her sparkly, psychopathic science partner and in the end, they go to the prom!!! Yeah, great plot line...
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più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
288. Harry Potter doesn't cause boyfriends to lose their girlfriends because they're not like Edward Cullen. I mean, that's just sad. :( I feel bad for some guys.

289. Every single detail in Harry Potter is important later. For example, the beatle on the leaf of the hedge in the fourth book- I admit that when I read that first, I was like why the hell is that important? Turns out it was real important, no? :)

290. The main character is much more likeable. Bella is a Mary Sue who whines about everything and can't have anyone NOT like her while Harry is brave and is ready to make sacrifices for people. Bella is too afraid to let Edward go- she'd rather hold on to him even if it doesn't make him happy- that's not love. That's an obsession...

291. Plus, Bella falls in love with Edward in a week or something... and what did she know about him? He was an incredibly good-looking vampire... that's it? Harry falls in love with Ginny after six years and there is the 'denial stage' there too which is more realistic thatn plain out admitting that you love someone... if you know what I mean.

Almost on 300! :) We are such rockstars. Hehe.
più di un anno fa Mrs-Grint said…
big smile
292. Hmm...Why can't Edward read Bella's mind?
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
293. Because Bella's crazy! Harry is not that too! :P ^^^^
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
294. Bella rushed through her relationship with Edward.

295. Harry did not get all obssessive with Ginny, he felt not attractiveness towards her in the beginning, but he began to as the reached towards the end.
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più di un anno fa Kersian said…
296. Harry Potter immedietly (whatever cant spell it anyways) catches the readers attention

297. Twilight does not catch my attention and is a waste of my spare time
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
298. Twilight has no realism to it making it again such a wasteful of paper.

299. Harry Potter is able to help the reader visualize everything.

300!!! Twilights descriptions gives a blur to the reader, making the reader having to create their own scenery and their own visuals of how the characters look like in the book in their minds.
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
301. Notice how there are no ugly people in Twilight. Jacob is beautiful, Edward is perfect, all the vampires are gorgeous, all the werewolves are exotically beautiful- get my point? So, it all comes down to looks to SMeyer while JKR makes us love the characters not because of their looks but because of their personalities.

302. ... Porn. That just shouldn't be in a novel- especially one which 12 year olds read. -_- It's just gross...
più di un anno fa lauracullen66 said…
can i just ask... what part of it is porn? i didnt find it innappropriate or gross?
sunnny946 commented…
um all they did was Kiss. How many 12 anno olds do te find that like kissing! più di un anno fa
Shiro_Hittori commented…
The Breaking Dawn Movie is porn. Because of that movie, My pure and cute 6 y.o little sister is traumatized, She avoid her classmates (boys only) for 2 months because of that più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Mrs-Grint said…
Well...there is sex scenes in it...
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
Yes, and detailed, DETAILED, disturbing kissing scenes. And ripping clothes off? Descirbing how perfect Edward is without his clothes? Yeah, if that's not somehow porn, what is it? :) OWNED!
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
303. Wizards can stand out in the sun without sparkling.
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
304. None of the vampires would stand a chance against any of the wizards!
più di un anno fa XDRoseLuvsHP said…
305. Harry Potter has good messages. (No, Twilighters, "stalking is hot" does NOT count as a good message...)

305. The main character isn't a Mary-Sue

306. JK Rowling isn't against blonde people (no, I am not blonde.)

307. The main character of Harry Potter isn't a completely pathetic needy whiny complainer who abuses "friends" and expects them to be okay with it

308. Harry Potter has REAL love in it, not "oh, you're hot! and you smell good! that must mean I'm eternally in love with you! after I make out with another guy... okay I love you again!"

309. Harry Potter isn't anti-feminist... in fact it is quite the opposite.

310. Harry Potter has respect to animals

311. Harry Potter is much more realistic (I'm not talking about "magic is real" I'm talking about how the characters react to everything and how everything works in general. For example, school cliques. Meyer needs to understand that a person is not automatically popular because they are pretty and that not everyone is popular.)

312. In Twilight, Bella is the only one allowed to complain, and she has nothing to complain about, really. Of course, she's the Mary-Sue, so she's still seen as "selfless" and "strong"...

313. The Harry Potter characters have personality

314. Harry Potter HAS A FREAKING PLOT

315. Harry Potter has Snape. Add all the Twilight characters together and you don't get anywhere near as much personality as Snape alone has. Snape is amazing :)

316. Harry Potter doesn't try to pass off abusiveness as "selflessness"

317. Both Ginny and Bella are sluts. But at least Ginny is supposed to be. And at least Ginny grows up and becomes a better, stronger person.

318. Bella doesn't grow a bit throughout the story. Harry grows incredibly.

Sorry if any of these have been mentioned before. I would add more... I'm just getting bored of this now. XD
bestpotterhead commented…
Ginny is not a slut!!! All she did was data two different people at different times before she dated Harry!! Now is that so wrong?!?! più di un anno fa
Potterrocks112 commented…
bestpotterhead well ginny kind of was because right after she dumped Micheal Corner she chose Dean almost immediately più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa lauracullen66 said…
there are NO detailed sex scenes in breaking dawn, and if you think kissing is porn and find it gross then thats a tad immature
più di un anno fa Bellatrix93 said…
Aside from kissing scenes Breaking Dawn contains sex scenes.

319. I earned a few IQ points trying to find the plot that didn't exist in Twilight.

320. It was offensive to someone like me who falls straight away for villains in any book or movie, to find Meyer's villains so comical and laughable.

321. Twilight fans cannot reach the 100 reasons why Twilight is better than HP, while HP fans are working on a 1000 reasons list ;)

322. While both authors love their characters Jo wasn't 'in love' with Harry.

323. Twilight is full of grammar mistakes.

324. Harry Potter is full of logic and thinking that helps kids and even adults' minds to work.

325. Jo is far more creative with her stuff. She created a lot of things. Quidditch comes to one's mind.

326. Jo didn't go imitating other authors.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
327. Meyer is a pedo after writing her last book.

328. In Harry Potter, there is no pedophiles.

329. In Harry Potter, Hermione is actually intelligient and shows it through her character of going to the library many times, studying, passing all of her classes showing effort.

330. Jacob is the pedo

331, Meyer has to pair up all the main characters, cause she doesnt want to leave anyone out, even if that means pairing up step brothers and siblings and babies and ex's

332. Meyer gets Bella to have all A's in her classes without at least any shown effort in the book

più di un anno fa Kersian said…
334. Twilight was so terrible it made me improve in my English classes.

335. Twilight was written so badly that people began to look at their own writing to make sure it wasn't like Twilight, suckish.

336. Harry Potter was written so well, people begin to like reading, so did I.

337. Stephenie Meyer makes pedos sounds okay
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
338. Stephenie Meyer gave her characters their own island to do it on.

339. Meyer described the sex on the island not only through kissing, but also with many many vivid words that Bella would not use just to describe sex.

340. Ironic how her parents don't care much about Bella, guess they realize she's going to ruin her life anyway.

341. While you have "James" we have Lord Voldemort, who obviously sounds more sinisterly.

342. Lord Voldemort is actually given an evil personality, not a stupid one like James or Victoria.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
343. In Harry Potter the protagonist, Harry, fights along side with his friends.

344. In Twilight Bella does not fight, but instead decides to cut herself to try to "help"

345. In Harry Potter, the fight scenes are very vivid to the reader, and they make sense.

346. Fighting scenes in Twilight are described as dancing, enough said.

347. Bella described fighting as dancing, shows what she knows.

348. In Twilight I could not take the fighting scenes seriously since all Im getting in my head is the waltz, salsa, and b-boying
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
349. The werewolves in Harry Potter make sense, and they not all freakin young.

350. The werewolves in Twilight sound unreal, they were raped just like vampires by Meyer.

351. People in Forks, must be pretty stupid if they cannot distinguish a bear and a wolf
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
352. Add up all your Meyer vampires, compared to Bellatrix from Harry Potter, they couldn't do a thing
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
353. Giants from Harry Potter can pawn your small ass vampires no matter how much strength those "vampires" possess
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
354. Jk Rowling gives her characters the benefit of the doubt, Snape, instead of making him look entirely evil, she gave him a side in which made him favorable.

355. Meyer made Lauren look like a total bitch
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
356. Meyer made Bella a total complete ideal woman for guys, someone who cooks, and stays in the house while the guys go out to work. In this modern age too.

più di un anno fa Kersian said…
357. Harry Potter is popular for an actual reason in his school.

358. Bella as a Mary Sue, become popular for no freaking reason, just because she's a new girl is not counted as a reason
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
359. The Death Eaters, from Harry Potter, actually do sh*t.

360. Did the Death eaters take over the Ministry of Magic? Yes.

361. Did the Death Eaters take over the wizard world? Yes.

362. Did the Death Eaters revive Lord Voldemort? Yes.

363. Did the Death Eaters manage to kill Harry? Yes.

364. But opposing them is the Volturi, they did something after the rising action, they decided to talk to Bella.

365. The Volturi are p*ssies if they just talk it out in their fancy lair.
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bestpotterhead commented…
363: NO THEY DIDN'T!!!!! They thought they did but they didn't!!!!! più di un anno fa
Potterrocks112 commented…
bestpotterhead technically they did because they killed the part of harry that was the horcrux più di un anno fa
RyanDawnset-40 commented…
Technically VOLDEMORT killed Harry while the Death Eaters stood there and watched( Well, Bellatrix used the Cruciatus curse on Harry but other than that). più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa PirateNinja3815 said…
big smile
Yay! 300+ reasons!!! (Check out '1000 reasons why Twilight is better than Harry Potter' and you'll find several pages of arguments...)
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
Yay! Not to brag or anything, but yay for me. Yeah I know, how conceited of me. Lol
più di un anno fa lauracullen66 said…
363. Did the Death Eaters manage to kill Harry? Yes....what???
più di un anno fa Justchillin said…
364. Harry Potter is interesting in every scene even when they are sleeping.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
Yes in the end the Death Eaters killed Harry off, well at least they "thought" they did.