Harry Potter vs Twilight 1000 Reasons Why Harry Potter Is Better Than Twilight

lauracullen66 posted on Aug 27, 2009 at 01:29PM
just start at one and see if you can get 1000

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più di un anno fa souflizzle317 said…
"uhmm.. der r nun!! :D twilight roolz alllllllllll!! HP sux!"

ok, it took me a few minutes (don't worry ncisfan001, it's not confusing to just you) but i think it means "umm...there (der) are (r) none (nun) :D twilight rules (roolz) all (allllllll) HP sux (sucks"

and now, @iluvtwilight, if there aren't any reasons why harry potter is better, why are we well into the 2200s of reasons why? and why, if you truly think all of our reasons are false, aren't you backing up your statement with proof?
più di un anno fa potterrox said…
to all (hp fans that is)- We have a really good anti twilight system in place here! Every five or so pages a twi fan comes in, postes some reason about why "uhmm.. der r nun!! :D twilight roolz alllllllllll!! HP sux"." We then shoot them down and they almost never reply again. Effective twihard repellant! My point is, I wish we could bottle this stuff!
Keep it up!
più di un anno fa PygmyPuff14 said…
@souflizzle: Thanks for the translation :)
@iluvtwilight: Do you even realize how incredibly stupid your comment looks on the 66th page of the thread "1000 reasons why harry potter is better than twilight"? And, please, typing complete, sensible words isn't going to hurt you one bit.
più di un anno fa mooimafish17 said…
been away for a few day - must just get some things out - sorry if im a bit late :D:D

- "SPARKLY BOOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
- "ICE CREAM VAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
- the Mormons banned her book!!! LOL!
- oh dear - you poor poor twishite fan - better luck next time!
più di un anno fa 1-2vampire said…
@iluvtwilight... it's very ironic that you say "der r" no reasons that HP is better than Twilight on after about 2200 reasons posted? seriously, what??
più di un anno fa electricelle said…
haha potterrox may be onto something here, a twihard repellent would be worth billions :D i'd spray it everywhere i went!!
più di un anno fa Italktosnakes said…
2228. Because when the 7th HP book came out, I stayed at home for three days, even though it was near summer time just to read. And when the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince came out on film, I missed my friends party so I could be one of the first to watch it. And I would do the same again tbqh :) x

più di un anno fa kwlski4ever said…
2229. My mom read me HP when I didn't even know how to read.
My aunt read it to my sister when SHE was little. I will read HP to my children as well ( well , when I have them ). Will someone here read Twilight to their daughters ? No.
2230.HP is one of rare books that gets better and better every time you read it.
più di un anno fa ravynflyte said…
@iluvtwilight_: Really? Are you sure that there aren't any? I guess that out of 67 pages of "Why Harry Potter is Better Than Twilight", there are NO good reasons?
I totally see your point.
Anyway, I'm not going to lecture at you. I hope that you've learned a valuable lesson: Saying HP sux on a pro-HP board is not a good idea. Especially when we have such dedicated fans. :D
più di un anno fa PygmyPuff14 said…
Haha... every anti-HP person who posts anything here gets pwned mercilessly :P
più di un anno fa ryomaidol said…
^^^ 2231: That's because Twilight fans argue non-sensibly and annoyingly.
più di un anno fa ryomaidol said…
2232: I can pass my books and DVD's to my child/children and to future generations.
più di un anno fa apukarajagi said…
2233: the women in harry potter are portrayed as stronger and independant, much like the modern women.
bella is a moaning whimpering moping and crying bitch that just cant live without her boyfriend even when he left her for her own protection.
harry left ginny for her own protection, and she understood and didn't resort to doing stupid reckless stuff
più di un anno fa apukarajagi said…
@ iluvtwilight
what an idiot u must be
clearly, the twilight saga appeals only to people with the brain of your size
this could be point #2234 i think
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più di un anno fa DivyaHarry said…
J.K.Rowling is more like Hermione. Self-made, inspiring, innovative, imaginative and independent. An inspiring rags-to-riches story.
Stephenie Meyer...Well! Maybe she smells good.
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più di un anno fa LUV_4_BIEBER said…
the main character doesn't SPARKLE.
più di un anno fa ryomaidol said…
2237: cool word: "AUROR!"
più di un anno fa ryomaidol said…
2238: Because hundreds of people have replied here (and counting), unlike in the thread "1000 reasons why Tw*light is better than HP"
più di un anno fa souflizzle317 said…
ok I hate Twilight as much as any of the people on this forum, but you guys have to stop saying "Tw*light" like it's a swear. How would you like it if Twilighters went around saying "H*rry P*tter" ? I know I wouldn't like it too much, and the whole * in the middle of the word thing is kind of annoying anyway, no matter what book it is. So if you're really that much of an ass (pardon my French) that you can't spell one little word (that technically is an English word meaning a time of day anyway...) then just don't say it at all and find some synonym. Thanks :)

2239. What author is brave enough to make the main character/hero distantly blood-related to the villain? And no, I don't mean the part when Voldemort takes Harry's blood and uses it to make himself even more powerful in Book 4. It's not said explicitly, but I think JKR knows what she was doing when she made Voldemort descended from Cadmus Peverell (the Resurrection stone, handed down and made into a ring for Voldemort's grandfather, Marvolo Gaunt) and Harry descended from Cadmus's brother Ignotus Peverell through the Invisibility Cloak. Personally, I found this fact very interesting, and like the fact that JKR's brave enough to kill off multiple main characters (unlike Smeyer), she is also brave (and clever) enough to make her two opposing characters distantly related. I don't think Smeyer would even have thought have making Bella related to James or Victoria or the Volturi, and if she had, she wouldn't have done it.

2240. Harry wants to be an Auror, so he talks with Professor McGonagall in his fifth year and she informs him of the classes he has to take and the grades he must receive to be accepted into Auror training. In other words, it takes work. Bella wants to be a vampire so she talk with Edward and after much whining and bitching and "compromising" on her part, he impregnates her with a mutant baby and then turns her into a vampire. In other words, you get the message that if you whine enough, your boyfriend will marry you, have a baby with you, and turn you into a vampire. Nice message...
più di un anno fa Pensieve_Seeker said…
2241. Here are the results from two polls from boxofficemojo.com-

When will you see 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?'

60.4% Opening Week
14.2% Sometime in Theaters
8.9% On DVD
2.1% On TV
14.4% Never

When will you see 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon?'

32.1% Opening Weekend
11.9% Sometime in Theaters
15.6% On DVD
4.1% On TV
36.4% Never
più di un anno fa apukarajagi said…
that was just brilliant @pensieve_seeker
più di un anno fa Pensieve_Seeker said…
Thank you, apukarajagi. I thought it was rather funny that over twice as many respondants voted that they would never see New Moon compared to those who would never see HBP. Also 'Never' was the top vote getter for New Moon and 'Opening Week' was the top vote getter for HBP.
più di un anno fa apukarajagi said…
big smile
i think if all of us comment on the rival page and diss their every point, we will drive them nuts (they are nuts already)
there are more of us than there are theirs so i guess we can sabotage them ever reaching 1000.
più di un anno fa apukarajagi said…
2242 do you guys actaully want to explain how jasper dealt with bella's monthly visits when he freaked out about a paper cut????
and they go to school right???
dont kids get paper cuts all the time in school????
più di un anno fa SuperFab15 said…
Am I the only one who thinks the paper cut part is REALLY STUPID?! First of all, most paper cuts don't even bleed! Second of all, wrapping paper? Are you kidding me?! How the hell do you get a paper cut from WRAPPING PAPER? If anyone has, let me know because honestly, I don't see it happening.
più di un anno fa SuperFab15 said…
Good point, apukarajagi. I've always wondered about that. I mean, they go to high school almost everyday. How do they handle girls during their "time" but Jasper loses it over a paper cut? I swear, if boggarts were real, Smeyer's would be logic!
più di un anno fa potterrox said…
SuperFab15- I actually have gotten a paper cut on wrapping paper. It has an edge just like regular paper.
This is adding on to whoever was talking about harry wanting to be an auror and having to take certain classes. Edward, of course, got into Dartmouth etc. Do we ever see him doing any school work whatsoever? No. Smeyer made it easy for him, just like every other freaking thing! If you want the grades to get into an ivy leauge school you have to really work hard. Which he did not do. Also, during class, he is talking with, and passing notes to Bella. He wouldn't have learned a thing. And since becoming a vampire doesn't make you omniscient, there is no way he could have made the grades to get into Dartmouth.
più di un anno fa souflizzle317 said…
@ potterrox, that was me about Harry having to take classes, and I agree with what you're saying about Edward. He does absolutely nothing, and somehow he's getting not only himself into like all the Ivy Leagues, but he's also getting Bella into them.

@ SuperFab15, what you said about Smeyer's boggart being logic, that's great! It's true though, she ignores every single rule she creates and nothing in her books is logical at all
più di un anno fa ncisfan001 said…
I think Smeyer thought that because the Cullens went to High School over and over again they would just know what they needed to. Although, they would still have to pay attention and work hard because cirriculums change depending on what school you are in. But apparently Smeyer doesn't know that.
più di un anno fa badvamps said…
i cant agree with any of this crap no twilight has a realistic ending all harry potter is crap im mean long crappy movies with no point ppl that read harry potter r obviously lifeless i mean who wants to read about a gay wizard!!!!!!! lol and i think this club is a debate so no offense
più di un anno fa badvamps said…
i mean meyers book r very realistic and superfab18 i hve gotten a papercut i mean just the word PAPERCUT!! and i dont hate harry potter but im not going to waste my time and pretend to like it and jasper goes all freaked because he is the newest vegetarian i love meyers book because she has taken a clasic tales and twited them into modern vampires
più di un anno fa ryomaidol said…
2243: Everyone dresses up and waits at midnight just to get the newly released HP book in the morning :D
più di un anno fa venvargie said…
@ badvamps

First: WTF!? Really!? You're REALLY gonna go there with that gay wizard comment? How dare you. You say it like being gay is bad. I approve of JKR making Dumbledore gay! (even though you were talking about Harry.) And the fact that you're obviously using gay as an insult makes me want to beat the shit out of you SO badly.

Second: Yes, having a half-human half-vampire demon baby, having a shapeshifter/pedo fall in love with it, being turned into a sparkling fairy and living happily ever after with an abusive, stalker husband is a MUCH more realistic ending than Harry Potter's.

Third: What does you getting a papercut have to do with this?

Fourth: And if Jasper is the newest "vegitarian" then wouldn't he freak out when girls at that goddamn school he went to got their friggin' period? Oh wait, I forgot that Smeyer's world is perfect and he has TOTAL self control around school, and that's "dead blood" so it doesn't count. *facepalm*

Fifth: People that read Harry Potter are lifeless? WTF does that even mean? Do you mean "People who read Harry Potter have no lives"? Well, if so then you, my moronic twitard, are wrong on so many fucking levels. I would say people who read twishit have no lives. (no offense to the few who DO read it and actually have lives =p)

Sixth: That's all I have to say and, forgive me fellow HP fans I'm in a bad mood, go pull a Bella Swan and jump off a fucking cliff. One less moron is the world. /end rant

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più di un anno fa venvargie said…
Oh, and to add on to my last comment. Modern vampires my fucking ass. They aren't vampires, they're fucking sparkling fairy princess'. Jesus fucking Christ, someone get this chick a REAL book about vampires. -_- /f-word abuse
più di un anno fa apukarajagi said…
i am with venvargie at this.
mr. badvamps thinks harry potter is gay when clearly robert pattinson wears lipstick and sparkles aroung like a freaking fairy.

più di un anno fa PygmyPuff14 said…
^ Rofl!! lipstick and eyeshadow.. he has "pale lavender lids" :P
@badvamps: We will respect your opinions only if you respect ours. Also, have you ever come across the term "punctuation", by any chance?

Why are all Twilight fans that appear here so freaking rude?
"all harry potter is crap im mean long crappy movies with no point ppl that read harry potter r obviously lifeless i mean who wants to read about a gay wizard!!!!!!!"

Please, do us all a favour: crawl into a hole in the ground and stay there.
più di un anno fa souflizzle317 said…
@ badvamps, like venvargie said, you say gay like it's a bad thing. Well, I know three gay couples (well two are technically lesbian) and they're no different than any straight person I know, other than the obvious fact of what gender they're attracted to. also, you said that you think this is a debate, and you're absolutely right. But nothing you said contributed to the debate. All you did was insult Harry Potter with no evidence to back you up. About Jasper, if he flips about one papercut, why doesn't he flip every day at school? Even if you go along with Smeyer's claim of "dead blood" for periods, nearly everyone has little tiny cuts, usually around their fingernails, at most times and papercuts must happen around the high school many times a day. If Jasper flips the way Smeyer claims he does at any sort of blood, he would have to be kept locked in a cage, far away from typical modern teenagers. Sorry, but it's just not realistic. Please, use some evidence next time you rage at us.

2244. Twilighters come on this forum a lot, and they rant and rave about how stupid Harry Potter is and how Twilight is amazing, but as soon as we ask them to simply explain their reasoning, we never hear from them again. This doesn't just happen once or twice, it happens every single time a Twilighter speaks a word on this forum. I think this shows something....

2245. Literally growing up with Harry Potter has probably given me much more of a creative imagination than I would've had otherwise and I'm sure this is true for a lot of people my age who grew up with Harry and his friends. It taught me early on that love (NOT just romantic) is more important than anything else and if you need something to be done, it takes real work and courage. I wouldn't be the same person without Harry Potter, and I'm sure I speak for thousands of teenagers out there when I say that the lessons in Harry Potter are ones that I'll carry forever. Twilight taught me absolutely nothing, except for the fact that someone actually can be famous for something so morally wrong and horrible for young girls growing up to read.
più di un anno fa potterrox said…
@badvamps- If you don't have something to say that's articulate, properly punctuated, and backed up with evidence from either series, then you don't have any business being on this forum.

2246: the characters in Harry Potter go through a rebellious phase, just like almost every teenager in the world, including Bella. In HP, however, they channel this into forming DA and bringing down Umbridge. That's undeniably a positive way to use that rebellious energy.
But Bella lashes out at Charlie, hurting him when he obviously loves her. She even threatens to move out when he won't let her see Edward, which would crush him.
più di un anno fa souflizzle317 said…
^ Adding to the threatening Charlie about moving thing, isn't family supposed to come before boyfriends? I mean, sure she's desperately "in love" with Edward, but still, her father should come first, always and forever. In fact, I'm going to make this a reason:

2247. In Twilight, the underlying message is that romantic love wins above all and is more important than anything in the world. Now, some people might disagree with me, but I think that that's a horrible message. Romantic love is important, and I get that - I've been in love myself, but it's not the most important thing. As the saying goes "hoes before bros" (or bros before hoes for guys), and I know it's a crude saying, but it's true. Friends, and family, in this case, should always come before your significant other, no matter how much you're in love. Well I shouldn't say "should" because it's opinion, but I personally think that friendship and family love is more important and shouldn't be sacrificed for romance. Harry Potter shows that friendship and family love is equally important, if not more so, as romance whereas Twilight shows that romance should come before absolutely everything.
più di un anno fa venvargie said…
Didn't Bella, like, totally break her dad's heart by saying what her mother said to him when she left him just to see Edwart? Talk about a bitch.
più di un anno fa ravynflyte said…
@Badvamps: "I can't agree with any of this crap. Twilight has a realistic ending (Please do show me sometime!). Harry potter is crap. I mean long, crappy movies with no point. People that read Harry Potter are obviously lifeless. I mean, who wants to read about a gay wizard? LOL. I think this club is a debate, so no offense. I mean Meyers books are very realistic. To superfab18P: I have gotten a papercut before. I mean, just the word "papercut"! (What?) I don't hate Harry Potter but I'm not going to waste my time and pretend to like it. By the way, Jasper freaks out because he is the newest vegetarian. I love Meyers book because she has taken a classic tale and twisted them into a story about modern vampires."

Wow. That took me a good 10 minutes to edit. Now, Ms. Badvamps (What a name. I hope that you are not perverted enough to understand that meaning.). At least, I hope its a miss. I really can't imagine a boy like this. Not being sexist, its just a lot harder to imagine.
So, Badvamps. Out of this "crap", would you say that all 68 pages of this forum are completely useless reasons made by no-lifes who read about a homosexual wizard? Because if you do, dump a glass of ice water on your head and come back later. Maybe the chill will wake you up.
You say "gay" like its a bad thing. I'm not going to get that into it, but be open minded. Not everyone wants to be a stereotype. I have a friend who is homosexual, and honestly, he is one of the most amazing people I have ever known. Don't judge people on such a small thing.
"Long, crappy movies with no point." Hmm... where have I heard this before? Oh yeah. From every person who has ever watched a Twilight movie. Even my Twihard fan admits that the movies suck. Half of the movie is just Bella staring at Edward, or Edward staring at Bella, or just watching someone breath, for 2012's sake.
"People that read Harry Potter are obviously lifeless." Don't go there, dude. Don't go there. It's fine to DEFEND Twilight (Note: I said "defend." Not rant.), but its a completely different thing to go insulting people just because they like Harry Potter. It would be like me saying that you fit the Twilight fan-girl stereotype: obsessive, never gives ANY reasons for their opinions, and types badly.
Please explain to me how Twilight has a more realistic ending than Harry Potter. Seeing that you'll probably never come back here, I guess I'll do that for you.
Twilight: Edward and Bella have a baby that almost kills her but since Bella is a vampire, she lives. Jacob, Bella's ex, falls in love with Bella's newborn child. (Ew.) Bella soon discovers that she is one of the most powerful vampires ever to exist, and that she doesn't need "vegetarian training" since she has so much self-control. And, now she's even more god-freaking-damn pretty. "The end."
Harry Potter: Harry sacrifices himself to save Voldemort, then he comes back to life and kills Voldemort. Harry marries Ginny, Ron marries Hermione, they have kids, etc. Harry becomes a regular adult wizard. "All was well."
PAPERCUTS, goddammit. Jasper, Jasper, Jasper. I really don't want to get into this that much, but I'll try to make it vague so no one here pukes. A girl's period is technically blood, even if its "dead." When you are cut, your blood is red. When a girl, say, pms's, blood is still red. If blood was truly dead, then its color would no longer be red, it would be brown or black like a scab. And really, papercuts don't bleed, unless you get like, one that's 3 inches long. In fact, I just gave myself a papercut to test this theory, and I can assure you that they don't bleed. Wow, that sounds creepy.

Anyway, Badvamps, I hope you learned your lesson from everyone who replied to you. Don't mess with us on our home turf. :D
più di un anno fa venvargie said…
Well said, ravynflyte!
più di un anno fa GemonkDruid said…
2248. It encouraged a certain Druid to take up Latin next year. :D
più di un anno fa venvargie said…
2249. Did the Volturi get transfigured into ferrets? No. Another reason why Harry Potter is cooler. The villains have been transfigured into rodents, which is hysterical.
più di un anno fa venvargie said…

I think the comments is this thread are reason enough. Girl told me to jump off a cliff.
più di un anno fa GemonkDruid said…
^That's a bit harsh... :P
più di un anno fa venvargie said…
Putting it as a reason or the jumping off a cliff thing? =p
più di un anno fa GemonkDruid said…
The cliff. It's kinda pathetic.
più di un anno fa venvargie said…
I know right? Kinda mean, telling me to basically go kill myself. T_T
più di un anno fa TheQuibbler said…
2250. In "Eclipse" during the fight scene, Edward and Victoria were described as "dancing." I siriusly (haha I love saying that) had to read that like 4 times, because all I got were images of them doing the tango. Then it said "the dance parted" and I got an image of a West Side Story dance-fight! Here's a tip Meyer, if you want to be a good author, don't make it sound like that.