Harry Potter vs Twilight 1000 Reasons Why Harry Potter Is Better Than Twilight

lauracullen66 posted on Aug 27, 2009 at 01:29PM
just start at one and see if you can get 1000

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più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
365. JKR doesn't waste time on insignificant little details- no one cares about what Edward or Bella are wearing. Get on with the story. If she didn't put all that detail in the book, it would have been like 100 pages long. Jo adds so much detail- it's vivid but it isn't insignificant- it doesn't bore you to death. Hermione, Ron and Harry are not described on the basis of what they are wearing. :)

By the way, Kersian, yay to me too. I added loads too! :p
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
Oh yeah by the previous posts by you lovedraco123, I can see that you posted a lot. So high five for us.

366. Meyer can not be original, since she made Edward a total mystery

367. Edward is not a mystery in the first book, since its pretty much a romance book and they slapped vampire on the back of the book.

368. Twilight does not surprise me in anyway. Im not speeding through to read it since all the details are all so poorly written.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
369. In Twilight, these vampires are not vampires. They are merely walking diamonds.

370. In Twilight there is no logic like I said. Like how does Edward even get an erection? An erection requires blood, it's blood streaming through it.

371. How the hell does Edward produce semen? He's dead.

372. Okay this is just weird, Edward is a vampire, so that gives him the ability to be really rough in sex.

373. Wow rough sex, just as Meyer would just adore.

374. Rough sex should not be in a book targetted at young teenage girls.

375. Breaking Dawn taught girls that rough sex is the bomb
(enough said)
Bunhead19 commented…
I totally agree. JK Rowling made the enging 19 years later to NOT promote teen pregnancies. più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
376. Twilight teaches that if you become 17 you are a woman and you should go reck your life and get some man candy downtown

377. Bella narrates out of character

più di un anno fa Kersian said…
378. Harry Potter has good morals in it. Example: Friends will always be there to support you.

379. As to Twilight, most of her friends do nothing. They are like tissues to Meyer, once used they are forgotten, but mentioned in a minor part later.

380. There is magic in Harry Potter, Harry could pawn all the twilight characters with a freaking stick.

381. Harry Potter has it's own shops. There's a candy store, that just gives the reader a warm feeling.

382. There is real humor in Harry Potter, not "Oh the lion fell in love with the lamb, haaahhaahaa..."

383. In the fifth book Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It has a major plot that makes the reader hate on this one character. I forgot her name, but she was part of the Ministry. Umbridge? Well her part in the story really gets the reder going, all her restrictions, all the changes she does, it really stirs the reader's emotions
Bunhead19 commented…
to 378. Even if they are people te were never expecting (i.e. Snape, Draco, Narcissa, etc) più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
384. How come in Twilight, there are just beautiful vampires, why no ugly ones. That's why these "Vampires" are diamonds. Just freaking stupid.

385. Werewolves are very abusive in Twilight. Imprinting, like makinng someone their bitch.

386. I can find no real romance between Edward and Bella again. They have no relationship, they are not even compatible. Meyer MADE them compatible, but in reality if those two existed AS HUMANS they would hate each other.

387. Edward is so out of character in the end of the books. He speaks all proper and well mannered in the beginning, but really he talks casual in the end. Stupid sparkling diamond.
RyanDawnset-40 commented…
#384. I prefer to call them "Incubus/succubus Golems" Because they're animate stone beings( A golem) that seduce people, which results in the victim transforming into an identical demon( Incubus/ succubus) più di un anno fa
Bunhead19 commented…
384. o as Snape would say, a glittering fairy princes! XD più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
388. If I were given a choice to meet the Cullens(Diamonds) Id say no since they are just this totally happy, beautiful, flawless, and perfect family.

389. The Cullens are so perfect with no personality, they make me want to kill them all off. Except Carlisle, since he spent his immortal life on something good.

390. The Cullens are over freaking 40 years, they should act more maturely, they should of gotten life skills, improved. Not isolation.

391. The Cullens dont age so they keep having to move around, that is so dumb. Their like freaking nomads. They have records of people you know.

392. All vampires have special powers. Stupid, I would have just accepted enhanced strength and speed alone. Not someone who can see the future or some love shield.
Bunhead19 commented…
I also hate when Twilight fan say their characters are both perfect AND realistic, it just doesn't happen. Even the best have their flaws più di un anno fa
Bunhead19 commented…
in reality, that is più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
393. Lol Meyer totally raped the concept of vampires beginning with Edward making Edward this totally gay character.

394. How many guys have you seen that are hot, muscular, can stop a car from hitting you with his own hands, and sensitive? See no reality.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
395. So let me guess, Edward is attracted only to Bella in his 100 year life? Just no real, guys in their teen stage, especially Edward since hes been there for what 90 years, have raging hormones.

396. No one dies in Twilight, I do not count antagonists and other new born vampires.

397. Bella has some sort of mental disorder if she thinks this, "Edward Edward Edward. Sex Sex Sex. Baby Baby Baby."

più di un anno fa Kersian said…
398. Bella clearly just threw herself in Edwards arms. What a slut.

399. Hermione grew from a young 11 year old to the end 17, where she finally developed a strong relationship with Ron, who is now her love interest.

FREAKING 400!!!!! Hogwarts, Forks. Compare which school pawns. Hogwarts of course.
Bunhead19 commented…
To 399, she always had feelings for ron, she just took a long time to admit to them più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa CunningLilRat said…
401. Bella is an idiot and is borderline psychotic. She does really stupid things, just so she can "hear" Edward's voice. Not only that, but she gets lost IN SIGHT OF HER OWN HOME.

402. Bella has really boring (and among that sometimes psychotic and depressing) dreams as compared to Harry's dreams where Voldemort has tapped into his brain and caused him to see really freaky stuff which is way more interesting than Bella's "Nothing jumping out and saying boo. Nothing at all" (that's a quote that I can sort-of remember)

403. I've hear girls say that they want to be just like Bella. If that's the case, I fear for the future of my gender.

405. Twilight has no strong female characters. (Come to think of it, there are no strong characters whatsoever, male or female... but that's a different story). Often Twilight fans argue that Alice is strong because she can see the future. She is not a strong character. Sure, she has a relitively cool power, but, it is unreliable as compared to the boys' powers.
Men = Strong?
Women = Unreliable?
Ooh, Meyer, you've put yourself in a pit haven't you! Any of the twilight characters can not compare to, say, Hermione.

406. I cried in twilight because I felt a part of my brain dying.

407.Edward can't read Bella's thoughts because she has none.

408. In HP Hermione campaigns against elf slavery, and what does Bella do? Nothing.
Bunhead19 commented…
te missed 404, so I'll add one. più di un anno fa
Bunhead19 commented…
404. My english teacher detto all good stories have conflict in one form o another: man against man, nature, society, o self. HP shows all four. Twilight barely showes any of them. CLEARLY, HP is better written più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
409. I wonder, was Bella really moaning during the sex with Edward, or was she screaming. If she was screaming, that should be classified as a horror book instead of a romance.
più di un anno fa Faith-Rulz said…
Forgive me if i repeated any of these ...

410. SM says her book has strong female characters? I think the only one is Angela, who had alot of potential to grow but didnt. While harry potter has numerous strong, independent, female role models: Hermione, Luna, Ginny, Lily, Petunia, Pansy, Bellatrix, McGongall to name a few.

411. (Harry Potter) Themes: Peronsal Empowerment, Personal growth of a character, friendship, bravery, self sacrfrice, loss, relationships, so on...

412. Life isnt perfect in Harry Potter! Which makes it much more realistic as life isnt perfect if it were it be pretty god damn boring
più di un anno fa honeydukes said…
413.be it the movie or book,harry potter doesnt need to try hard.the characters r more real(not considering they are wizards)..harry and ginny symbolize true love.They dont need to clinge to each other in the movie poster to show any chemistry..unlike edward and bella.its just there.with them looking at each other.ginny isnt a cry baby like bella.she is strong.also in harry potter series...despite it not being those romance novels,as twilight is said to be..still the akward sweet romance outdoes the clingy one "Jump on the bed" one in twilight
414.ron and hermoine too for that matter...they dont just fall in love in weeks...same for harry and ginny....they gradually realise it.true love isnt love at first sight.so despite its main theme not being romance.it still does capture young teenage romance pretty well...just on harry potter and half blood prince(i say this coz it has majority focus on romance amongst remaining books in series) can killl the hell outta all the twilight books together
415.harry potter is for all age groups...my 8 yr old cousin to me to my aunt to my grandpa...all can enjoy it....twilight..even i cant stand it forget the rest age group.twilight is all abt stupid teenager gals like bella...
416.like someone said what makes harry potter series more realistic is that all characters arent flawless...and rowling didnt make it all goody goody and easy for harry.the books make u enter his world rather when you read it.and u can read these as many times you want rather than twilight
417.it has everything:friendship,love,loyalty,fun.jus­t all of it.that makes it special.twilight looks like a joke next to it
bestpotterhead commented…
Jk wrote a better Amore story between Severus SNAPE and Lilly Evans in one chapter than sm did in four books. Enough detto più di un anno fa
Bunhead19 commented…
about that poster... notice in HP they are all side da side, mean while in twilight everyone is in the background except Bella, and occasionally Edward più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa kerikeri said…
Harry Potter is soooooooo much better than Twilight!
i like Twilight but i'm not a fan!
i love Harry Potter! =)
più di un anno fa silverandgreen7 said…
big smile
we're almost halfway!!! You guys rule ;)
più di un anno fa XDRoseLuvsHP said…
418. Twilight teaches kids that abusiveness is "selflessness".

419. Bella uses her friends when it benefits her, then dumps them like trash and still expects them to remain loyal to her.

420. Any strong female character (Rosalie, Leah, etc.) is seen as "bitchy" and "whiny" when the only one like that in the books is Bella herself. Anti-feminist much? Harry Potter, on the other hand, has many strong characters that Harry and his friends often would not have survived without, not to mention REAL dangerous villans. Example are including Hermione, Luna, Ginny, Tonks, Mrs. Weasley, Bellatrix, etc.

421. The Harry Potter characters grow. The Twilight characters don't change from their idiotic, one dimensional selves, not one bit.

422. Meyers attempt at creepy characters was an epic fail.

423. Meyer contradicts herself countless times.

424. Why are all the good characters of Twilight beautiful? What does this say about Meyer's morals?

425. Harry is an interesting character, whereas Bella couldn't be more bland and annoying.

426. Meyer fails at logic.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
427. Bella fears that she will be older than Edward, impossible, Edward is fucking over 100 years old, she will NEVER be older than that guy.

428. The words in Twilight were so large it felt like I was holding a bunch of wasted paper in my hand.

429. Jk Rowling uses up her pages with smaller words, so her books dont end up triple the size of what it should of been.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
430. In the first Harry Potter book, Harry has to live with his uncle and aunt, who mistreat him.

431. Unlike that Bella is showered with freedom and joy by Charlie who doesn't seem to give a darn.

432. Harry's relatives actually take away his freedom at times, for example, placing a lock on his window in his room.

433. Bella can go where ever she pleases, even in dark alleys pretending to be some cheap hooker while guys walk by wanting to rape her.

434. Harry Potter has good humor

435. Twilight fails in humor, this doesnt make me laugh or giggle, it makes me want to scowl at it which it did.

436. Bella gave birth to the anti christ, Reneesme
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
437. twilight has driven girls to become very hostile

438. Harry's parents are dead, unlike Bella's parents who of course don't die cause they have nothing to do with the story.

439. Lily from Harry Potter actually has a major part in the story involving story.

440. Renee has nothing to do with the plot of Twilight, only sending email to Bella, which is really unecessary.

441. Minor details in Harry Potter become big ones. 2nd book, Ron's wand breaks, but it actually serves as something good in the near end of the book.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
442. Twilight's antagonist, James, looks like some queer guy in a gay bar really.

443. Twilight's protagonist does not die once, sooooo...yup shows how much experience she has

444. Bella gets so depressed easily.

445. Bella scowls at anyone who calls her Isabella

446. Bella is an avatar of Meyer, but more dull

447. Harry Potter, there is no avatar of Jk Rowling.

448. The ending for Breaking Dawn was just terrible, they live happiley ever after~, wow nice ending Meyer >:p
sugarpalstar commented…
Actually hermione is the Avatar of J K Rowling. più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
449. Harry Potter has gotten so much praise for it, that compared to Twilight, it overshadows it.

450. In Harry Potter, Hermione doesnt go around like,"My boyfriend duuuuuuumped meeeee!"

451. Hermione stands up for what she beleives in, unlike Bella who clearly is just a mindless doll, obeying the every wim of Edward.

452. Bella didn't kill herself in the 2nd book.

453. In New Moon, there are freaking blank pages in Septermber, October, November, all the way to the next year, Meyer you are clearly lazy

454. Charlie must really ignore Bella if he did not take her to counseling

455. Bella did not get over her depression in like 4 months.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
456. There are old people in Harry Potter, and they look old too.

457. Most characters in Twilight are all beautiful, woooow~

458. Harry Potter, Nevil does not start out all perfect in the first book, but his minor part totally become a freaking huge one in the last 4 books.
Bunhead19 commented…
In the first book, Neville earns Gryffindor the house cup for his bravery. I don't call that minor più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
459. Harry Potter has a variety of fantastic characters.

460. Twilight has barely any good characters.

461. One of my favorites, being Trelawny, was that in the last book she fought also, despite her personality. She didn't need no man to be doing everything for her.

462. Though Trelawnys predictions did not all come true, but the major ones turned out to be true, which showed she wasn't just some fraud.
last edited più di un anno fa
Bunhead19 commented…
So true. Even the tiny ones, ei the rabbit, Hermione leaving, thirteen ppl dining (after Moody's death)and many major ones too più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
463. There are actual cool organizations than the Volturi in Harry Potter.
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
464. Another favorite of mine was Dobby, a great character. Serves as an awesome plot device in the books.

465. And you know what Jk Rowling does, she has him die cause while he was saving Harry he got killed. See Jk does not fear criticism on that
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
466. The Death Eaters look absolutely like someone to be feared.

467. The Volturi dress like casual. OOOOO~ scary...

468. The Death Eaters killed people.

469. The Death Eaters have many evil objects that have affected characters in the book.

470. The Volturi as mentioned are complete p*ssies, they have not killed anyone important.

471. The Volturi? Sounds threatening...not.

472. The Death Eaters, wear masks that just scream evil
last edited più di un anno fa
Bunhead19 commented…
and just the name: death eaters. It has to do with Voldemort's fear of death, so his followers are "eating" it, o conquering death più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
473. The Death Eaters succeeded in killing Albus Dumbledore.

474. The Death eaters took over Hogwarts and actually got shit done. They taught many evil spells to the students.

475. Okay if I were to compare images of the Volturi and the Death Eaters, I certainly will know which one pawns in evil poses.

476. The Volturi, the member's images, it looks like they are posed for a magazine or some make up commercial.

477. The Volturi's "lair" looks nothing frightening, you can just tell these are not villains if they even care if there is a small drop of dirt on the tile floor.
last edited più di un anno fa
Bunhead19 commented…
473. Actually it was planned. If dumbledore did not plan it, he probably would still be alive at about, um... 200 anno old? lol no, più lie 100 :) più di un anno fa
Harry_Fazbear commented…
@Bunhead19: It's actually mentioned in HBP that dumbledore was ''150. Give o take a few years.'' ~ Ronald Bilius Weasley più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
478. If I were to whisper the following names: Bellatrix, Jane. dreadfully who do you think will sound more terrifying? Bellatrix.

479. Bellatrix does not look like model awesome, but she doesn't care, she doesnt give a shit about her hair or her face, she only cares about serving her master.

480. Your stupid vampires cant even teleport from place to place.

481. The Volturi is really such a small organization, the members are limited.

482. The Death Eaters have a mass variety of members, who are not p*ssies.
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
483. The vampires powers are all stupid and pretty much serve no use in combat.

484. In Harry Potter, the Death Eaters have many people serving under Voldermort, showed that through out the books, there were many characters that betrayed the heros

485. The Death Eaters have members that are not all too pleasing to the eye.

486. Voldemort had fucking balls to split his soul in 7ths and transfer them into objects.

487. Voldemort is dominant and does not share his ranking with any other Death Eater.

488. Voldemorts servants were captured and punished, imprisoned too.

489. Volturi are not popular since only vampires know of them.

490. Voldemort is feared since people would say He Who Must Not Be Named. Showing that he is so evil that people do not even speak of his name.

491. Voldemort just looks evil, you can tell by one look at his face. He is not very appealing to the eye which quits his character.
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
492. The Deathly Hallows were just amazing, they were just these powerful objects.

493. What does Twilight have in objects? Oh spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Wooow

494. The Cloak of Invisibility in the first book of Harry Potter served a great purpose in the future of the plot.

495. It also served to be one of the Deathly Hallows, somethign that just interests the reader.
Bunhead19 commented…
yeah, I had no clue about that untill they mentioned the hallows and that most invisibility cloaks have charms that wear off over time più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
496. Alice really sounds like a real irritating person. She actually helps Edward "kidnap" Bella.

497. This kidnapping, is the most stupid kidnapping ever, oh wow you get to spend your days with your favorite people wooooow~

498.Harry Potter, the characters actually get to eat REAL, again, REAL FOOOOD.

499. In Hogwarts, in the great hall, food appears on the tables magically, and it's good

Almost there!!! 500! It is showed that women do not cook the food for the students in Hogwarts, but house elves. This is still prejudice to Hermione's eyes.
Harry_Fazbear commented…
Actually you're only half-way there. So considering the amount of pages it took to get here, we will probably be done da page 16. o 17. più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa silverandgreen7 said…
big smile
501. J.K. Rowling created a magical world that someday would be known worldwide from tissue paper in a cafe...=]

YAY! half-way there!!! I'm so happy! ^___^
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Muffinator said…
502. It sounds corny but when you read the H.P books, you can't put it down. The short but brilliantly awesome chapters force you to continue. J.K cleverly uses the whole "To be continued..." at the end of the chapters so you have no choice but to find out what happens, unless you want to lose all your hair from trying to guess. I read Twilight :| and I got a bit "eh" about it so I left the book and went back to it a couple of days later. Note: This did not occur for the H.P books.

503. I think that all the attention for Twilight has resulted from either the off set drama surrounding "Robsten" or the looks of the male characters. With Harry Potter, it's the attention to the storyline and what will happen next, not how good Dan Rad looks in a suit.
Bunhead19 commented…
502. I know, right? I pulled an allnighter a ouple weeks fa to finnish Leggere the sieries in less than 10 days più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa rokstar said…
504. Harry Potter is actually a piece of great literature.
più di un anno fa rokstar said…
505. Harry Potter actually has depth and underlying messages. One of the most prominant ones being acceptance/discrimination. In Harry Potter, anyone who is not pureblood is considered second class by death eaters. It also describes how wizards treat their inferiors such as house elves, and Hermione advocates for their rights.
più di un anno fa rokstar said…
506. Twilight is an extremely sexist, backwards, conservative book that encourages women to submit to men. In the final book, Bella gives herself completely to Edward; she has no backbone and can't even stand up for herself.
più di un anno fa rokstar said…
507. Harry Potter encourages people to open their minds and accept people who are different from themselves.
più di un anno fa rokstar said…
508. Harry Potter has a large variety of different characters. Twilight, in comparison, is very monotonous with underdeveloped characters who simply stumble around throughout the book. The characters of Twilight don't really accomplish anything.

509. The characters of Harry Potter grow, adapt, change; Twilight characters simply stay the same.
più di un anno fa rokstar said…
510. Harry Potter has meaningful symbolism, metaphors, and numerous literary devices. Twilight is simply an English teacher's nightmare.
più di un anno fa rokstar said…
The gay community should find it offensive that people refer to Edward Cullen as gay. Do not put him in the same category as Albus Dumbledore.
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
512. See, Hermione ACTUALLY cares about other stuff rather than boyfriends. Bella was ready to sacrifice every single person just so she could keep Edward to herself- shallow much? While Hermione actually stayed with her friends... letting go of RON, who she loved, because she knew Harry needed her more. =|

513. All the characters are just better than Bella even if they aren't the main characters.
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
514. See, no matter who likes which character in Harry Potter, no one gets bored. I've noticed that Team Jacobs get frustrated when there is a scene of just Edward and Bella- and Team Edwards just hated New Moon because it was all about Jacob. Technically, Twilight is dependant on which boy you like- Harry Potter is dependant on how much you like the plot.

515. Harry Potter has real men- not sparkling fairies. Enough said.

più di un anno fa DracoLove777 said…
516: Molly Weasley. Nuff said.
più di un anno fa Kylie90210 said…
517. Apparating and Disapparating.

518. Flu power.

519. The history of Hogwarts.

520. The fact that the Harry Potter series paved the way for books like Twilight to even be considered to be published. If there was no Harry Potter, chances are, there'd be no Twilight.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
521. When I borrowed the last book of Harry Potter from the library, when I read near the middle, in the very emotional parts, I found stains indicating tear drops.

522. In Breaking Dawn I found a message tagged on the back of the cover of the book, it read, "Edward IZ MIIIINE!"

523. Twilight attracts emo people.

524. Twilight is the symbol of the end of romance.

I don't count this as a reason, if Bella had a dependent personality disability I would of beleived that since she's a total bitch without Edward or Jacob. Waaaaiiit. 525!!!
più di un anno fa HPFTW said…
526. When i watched New moon (Because i could get a lift and for free) I was like literally the only boy (under 20's) in the movie. Rest was just adult men with their girlfriends.

527. I actually heard one of the girl saying "throw out the effing baby" simply because it was crying a little? What does this tell you about influence?
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
528. Edward and Bella's romance is just dead while Ginny and Harry's is not. Honestly, when have Bella and Edward had a good laugh with each other? That's right- never.

529. JKR just doesn't ditch the totally good characters. Take Jacob for instance, he was a perfectly good character who wasn't OBSESSED with Bella but cared for her like a real life boyfriend would! When SM decided that she wanted Bella (who is also herself) to be with Edward, she ditched Jacob and put him as a side character- and made him a pedo. =| Not fair, Meyer, not fair. He was the only one I liked.

530. I'm sorry but Stewart and Pattinson just can't act! The chick has NO emotion in her acting at ALL and the dude looks constipated half the time. I don't remember any Harry Potter actors looking like they needed to go the toilet during filming.

531. When you ask a fan girl why she likes Twilight- mostly, you hear one answer. Because Edward is hot and Jacob is hot. Seriously- is hotness all that counts nowadays? =|

532. Twilight has NO normal teenagers- I'm not counting the ones at school at all because they were hardly in the story. No pranksters- no nerds- no dumb asses. Harry Potter has the pranksters- the nerds- the socially rejected and the complete idiots. That's what makes HP more realistic and more easier to relate to.

533. JKR put SO much research behind her work. Every name has a meaning- every person has a personality ready to spring out. Meyer has dead characters with no personality and seriously, her book is not informative at all.

534. I bet New Moon will only be a hit because of the wolves because, to be honest, I think they are something worth watching- they are the only reason I'ma WATCH the movie and I READ that books. Harry Potter is a hit for many, many, many reasons. Acting, story and pure awesomeness. ;)
Bunhead19 commented…
530. they can act, they just chose to act like that, SPECIALLY for twilight. Pattison admited (quite gleefully actually) that he looks like he's constipated in twilight più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Mrs-Grint said…
Aww, goizz, all you Harry Potter fans... I love you all.
più di un anno fa xvoldemortx said…
535. Harry Potter and Twilight are long but Harry Potter actually FILLS its pages. Shit actually happens in Harry Potter while twilight is just jammed with random crap we don't give a damn about. Harry potter deserves its paper.

536. It took me 3 tries and skipping 200 pages to finally get through the first twilight book. I also skipped at least 200 pages in all the rest of the books.

537.Teenagers don't fall in love with babies in Harry Potter. Nuff said.

538. Voldemort used to be hot but gave it up so he could fulfill his ambition to obtain eternal life by splitting his soul. You can't have beauty AND eternal life.

539. Edward and Bella are going to live for hundreds of years... AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! D:

540. Daniel Radcliffe and his fellow Harry potter actors seem to shower.

541. Harry's parents loved him enough to f*cking DIE for him. Bella's parents don't give a shit (Of course, why should they?)

542. None of the Harry Potter characters are cannibalistic.

543. Twilight villains are p*ssies who just go on bloody rampages while harry Potter villains are powerful, calculating, and truely evil people.

544. The worst an "evil" vampire can do to you is kill you. How original. The death eaters can kill all your loved ones until you're nothing but a miserable shell. They can infiltrate your mind and force you to do unspeakable things without your knowledge. They can Unhinge your mind and mess with your darkest fears and feelings until you're begging for death. Or they can torture you (Like Frank and Alice Longbottom) until you totally lose your mind and are just a confused ghost of the powerful person you used to be. Those are true things to fear.

545. Harry potter's fans are dedicated enough to keep this page going.

546. Severus snape's story alone has more complexity than the entire twilight series.

547. Jk's writing makes me want to read what she's written until my eyes drop out. SMeyer's writing makes me want to burn her books and bury the ashes deeep deeep beneath the earth.

548. Battles in Harry Potter are intense and my heart seems to be behind every spell and my mind is in tune with every detail. Twilight battles are like, "Wtf? ok, they're dancing and moving at a blurring speed, how exactly is this supposed to look? O, the bad one died. its over already? Wow, what shit."

549. Bad things happen to very good people in Harry Potter which is realistic and no one ever truly lives happily ever after, it's always a mixed bag. Quote from the end of Breaking Dawn:"...hapily ever after."

550. The narration through all of the TS books sounds like its being told by some one who is heavily stoned, has no ambition, and is on the road to a life panhandling and living in a cardboard box.

551. somewhere in the English countryside vs. Forks, Washington. Is there really any competition?

552.Harry Potter kisses feel so much more passionate than Twilight kisses because they are so rare and not as revolting.

Harry Potter is So F*cking cool.
Bunhead19 commented…
I read one paragraph of twilight, then I gave up. I practically memorized HP on the other hand più di un anno fa