Harry Potter vs Twilight 1000 Reasons Why Harry Potter Is Better Than Twilight

lauracullen66 posted on Aug 27, 2009 at 01:29PM
just start at one and see if you can get 1000

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più di un anno fa HPFTW said…
553. The acting for Crucio is way better than Jane pain stare.

554. Harry potter actually has dramatic moments and its unpredictable. EVERYTIME bella got into trouble edward was there and saved her like that. In new moon it was jacob.

più di un anno fa HPFTW said…
hey jess!
più di un anno fa Muffinator said…
555. Edward cannot possibly sparkle if he's yet to come out of the closet. Please explain, Meyer.

556. In Harry Potter, the characters balance their education with saving the wizarding world. Ginny didn't get married and have a baby at 18 like a certain someone...
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
557. JKR's writing style doesn't look like she had a thesaurus with her all the while- it shows that she actually knew how to write and had an idea about what she was writing before she started the book.

558. The Death Eaters have a Dark Mark- a skull with a snake coming out of it's mouth. The Volturi have what? A teeny castle with beautiful, sparkly things walking around it- wow, very evil.

559. Quidditch vs. Baseball? Yeah, I'm pretty sure which will win.

560. The fact that Twihards have less than 20 reasons on their page and we're already halfway to 1000. :)

561. The fact that the poster of this page was sort of sure she would be able to kick Harry Potter fans' as*es but we proved her wrong- in fact, the Harry Potter fans are kicking the Twihards' as*es.

562. The fact that Bella was ready to rip out her best friend's throat in the last book shows us what kind of friend she was.

563. Harry doesn't use people- he didn't use anyone when he broke up with Ginny. Yes, I'm talking about Bella using Jacob.
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
564. How Molly Weasley actually cares about her children- Esme is ready to give up everything to save an outsider. Shows us what kind of parental love is really in Twilight.

565. I'm sorry but was the first novel meant to be MYSTERIOUS? SM kinda ruined it when the first line a person reads on the back is, "First, Edward was a vampire."

566. The Philosopher's Stone's blurb actually gave an idea about what the book was going to be about- Twilight's blurb just told us how gorgeous Edward was.

567. See, the apple on the cover is meant to symbolize 'forbidden love,' no? Well, how the hell was it forbidden? They fell in love- no one stopped them from doing that. They married- no one stopped them from doing THAT either. Forbidden? Come again?
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
568. See, Harry doesn't really care about looks. He liked Cho but he stopped when he realized that she was only ready to talk about her ex. Then he went for Ginny after he had known her for six years! This is Bella:
"Oh my God, he's gorgeous. I'm deciding I love him."
And Edward:
"Holy. She smells yummy- I want to eat her so I love her!"
Very nice, Meyer- very nice.

569. The fact that almost every single POLL between Harry Potter vs Twilight ends up in HP's favor.

570. The fact that Dan didn't have to take off his shirt to get fans to watch the movie.

571. None of the guys in HP had to be seen with fake abs because they didn't have any. (Yes, I mean Robert.)
più di un anno fa xvoldemortx said…
572. I can't have a favorite Twi character, when I first read the books I tried but I don't like any of them. They don't seem like people I want to be friends with because all of them just seem like shallow, boring, assholes to me.

573. Harry's smart enough to not want Bella.

This is fun. It makes me happy. :-)
più di un anno fa peaceoutsuckaz said…
574. in book 2 of both series, sum "hurt" the main character 2 save them (edward"hurt" bella by leaving, dobby did all sorts of crazy stuff 2 sotp harry from real evil) but dobby did it waaaay better(and hes better looking 2!)
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più di un anno fa peaceoutsuckaz said…
575. Theres no lust in harry potter (wait...in the 4th ron with fleur...but it didnt overshadow his life)
più di un anno fa peaceoutsuckaz said…
576. Harry Potter has its own EXHIBITION!!! sumthin twilight will never have (if u havnt gone to the exhibition, GO. its AMAZING. i went on opening week)

578. When HP gets spoofed, its LOL but iznt as good as the original. when Twilight gets spoofed, its better thaan the original ;)
più di un anno fa peaceoutsuckaz said…
579. HP fans arent psychotic or rabid. 1 of my friends is the biggest twilight fan i know. she liked me when i liked twilight. (i regret that part of my life) i stopped liking it and re-became a devoted HP fan. she hates me now. woooow
più di un anno fa peaceoutsuckaz said…
crap i 4got 577

577. potter puppet pals ;) twilites not good enuf 4 a sick puppet series haha
più di un anno fa VballBaby158 said…
In the first Twilight book Meyer uses semi-colons as if she WANTS to sound smart on the first page. Rowling doesn't use any until the second page and doesn't over do it. Her senteces before were great and didn't need punctuation like that to sound smart.
più di un anno fa peaceoutsuckaz said…
581. if their kid is haif vampire half human, wouldn't she suck out her own blood? i mean, really.

582. Even though its mythical, HP does teach good life lessons:

racism is REAL (e.g: mudblood, half-bloods, purebloods, blood traitors, etc., etc.)

nobody's perfect. imperfections are normal. (Twilight shows the opposite)

583. Long-time HP fans get the pleasure of watching the characters and actors grow and mature. i enjoy that :)
più di un anno fa eli218 said…
big smile
584. female roles in HP teach good lessons =D

585. none of hp characters are emos

(sorry if my grammar is not good, i'm still learning english =P)
Bunhead19 commented…
OMG I Amore ur user pic più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa myerskid14 said…
586. They have N.E.W.T's and O.W.L's!
più di un anno fa PirateNinja3815 said…
587. There's HEAPS of different types of love in Harry Potter. In Twilight, there is a little bit of love, but it's overpowered by LUST. Seriously. The relationship between Edward and Bella is NOT an example of true love.
più di un anno fa nati30 said…
big smile
.... this is so cool
più di un anno fa LilysLittleTwin said…
big smile
588. Our villans actually do stuff. Unlike the Volturi who just sit there and freaking talk it out.

589. The killing curse. GREEN BOLTS OF LIGHT THAT KILL PEOPLE. What is not cool about that?
più di un anno fa LilysLittleTwin said…
I know I just posted but I thought of another one.

590. Severus had more true love in four quotes than Twilight had in the entire series. 1)"Look...at...me..." 2)"Always," 3)"DON'T!Gone...dead..." and 4)"I wish...I wish I were dead". That's passion right there. If a supposed Romance book has less true love in it than four quotes from an action novel, there's something wrong with it. (R.I.P. Severus Tobias Snape)
Harry_Fazbear commented…
Four romance Citazioni from a mixed genre series overpowers an entire series of pure romance (if te could even call it that). più di un anno fa
Harry_Fazbear commented…
Also I pay my condolences to Professor Severus Snape, "One of the greatest headmasters Hogwarts has ever had"~Harry Potter, 2017 più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
591. I just remembered this because of the comment above. One quote in the last book was sadder than the whole New Moon put together:
"And Fred's eyes stared without seeing, the ghost of his last smile still etched upon his face."

592. The character- the ONLY character- that died in Breaking Dawn was the one that no one seemed to give a sh*t about- Irina. The only people who were pissed were her sisters... that shows us exactly how caring the Cullen family really is.

593. Bella can't imagine anyone liking someone else more than they like her. So what- face the truth, Bella. Your freak daughter liked Jacob more than she liked you... face it! And I can't blame that demon child. :P

594. Isn't it amazing how Stephenie Meyer can't think of writing anything when Edward isn't there? She just puts random stuff there- for example, in New Moon- when Edward leaves, the pages are just blank with months written on them. That just shows how many ideas Meyer has... none.

595. Bella doesn't look for inner beauty- it's all about the looks for her. She says in one book that one reason she wants to become a vampire is so she'll be breath takingly beautiful... Shallow, much?

596. I have to agree with 'Peaceoutsuckaz.' The only hot one in Twilight was Taylor and he was the only one who could act. =| There are many hotties in Harry Potter and hey, they can ALL act. ;)
Harry_Fazbear commented…
591: So true. I cried when Fred was killed da Pierce Thikness. più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa xvoldemortx said…
597. The creatures in harry potter are cooler and they MAKE SENSE.

598. Why would the Cullens want to live the shitty years of high school over and over and over again???

599. In HP characters don't need to be hot for fans to go gaga and scream for them.

600. I was seriously disappointed and upset by the fact that I didn't get a letter when I was eleven. If I don't get turned into a vampire when I'm 18 I don't think I'll give a shit.

601. Cannibals aren't attractive.
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
597. Harry Potter doesn't teach us to jump off cliffs to hear someone's voice.

598. JKR's main character doesn't go gaga in the second book.

599. The last book of HP series was much better than the last book of the Twilight series.

600. The Harry Potter fans have reached 600 reasons. :) There is no question on devotion and loyalty. :)
più di un anno fa xvoldemortx said…
actually, 605
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
601. Way of transport is WAY better! Floo Powder, broomstick or Apparition vs Silver Volvo,Volkswagen (sp?) or motorbike. I'm pretty sure which would win.

602. Hedwig's death was sadder than Irina's. -_-

603. The fact that Edward Cullen just said that he preferred brunettes- Harry is not so close-minded. *Cough* SM is a brunette *Cough* More proof that she think she is Bella.

604. SM fantasizes about a fictional person when writing which would be Edward Cullen. JKR doesn't fantasize about her characters.

605. And SM is married so it's just WRONG that she should do that. I wonder what her husband thinks...

606. JKR can take criticism while Meyer cannot. And to be honest, she could seriously do with some... maybe that way, she would improve.
Bunhead19 commented…
not to mention FLYING cars and mottercycles... più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa xvoldemortx said…
606. Green eyes vs. "Golden eyes?" you make the choice.
più di un anno fa xvoldemortx said…
oops, wait, 597-601 were on pg. 9.
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
Oh, xvoldemortx is right- sorry, I didn't see your reasons.

612. Dan never got introduced as Harry. Robert Pattinson did. Here's what I mean:

 Oh, xvoldemortx is right- sorry, I didn't see your reasons. 612. Dan never got introduced as Harry
Potterrocks112 commented…
? più di un anno fa
Bunhead19 commented…
I feel bad for Robert, being called somebody he absolutely hates più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
That makes it 613. :)
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
614. The fact that you can pity a house elf more than you can pity Bella- personal experience...
più di un anno fa taisa said…
615. Harry Potter is just BETTER!!

616. Twilight portrays characters without flaws..PERFECT to be precise..No one is PERFECT..everyone has flaws, and it downputs lots of people because they cant measure up to the characters..
Eg. When Nikki Reed was chosen to play Rosalie 'the most beautiful girl in the world' she doubted herself saying she cant play her because shes not even close to Rosalie's beauty..

più di un anno fa Mrs-Grint said…
Well, she's got that right.
più di un anno fa XDRoseLuvsHP said…
617. Harry defeated Voldemort, who was one of the most (if not THE most) evil and dangerous wizard of all time. Bella? She could be defeated by Pigwidgeon, for crying out loud!
Potterrocks112 commented…
nah, i'd think even errol could più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa LilysLittleTwin said…
618. Harry Potter has Wizard rock. I don't think Twilight has Twi-rock, but if it does, it's definatly not as good as Wizard rock. Has anyone heard Ministry of magic? Or Gred and Forge?
più di un anno fa LilysLittleTwin said…
Okay, I thought of another one. This has probably done before but it is completely awesome.

619. Voldemort. The fact that there was no Voldemort was one of the main reasons why Twilight (for lack of a better word) sucks. He is twisted, he's evil, plus he looks cool and can talk to snakes. Come on. What's not cool about that.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
620. In Twilight the readers are only limited to apparantly relate to one character, Bella.

621. In Harry Potter, the reader can relate to MANY characters in the book because the cast is so large.

622. The casts in Harry Potter is so much larger than Twilight's and is not ignored.

623. The cast in HP, most in wiki have an actual page of details on them.

624. Twilight's cast they are basically all ignored, the supporting characters I mean.

625. To show what I mean the characters, the MINOR ones, they have freaking small as details on their character page.

più di un anno fa Kersian said…
626. We wasted our freaking time on this forum post because we simply love Harry Potter.

627. Twilight fans are wishing that they had the Cullen's as a family.

628. If I found out that I had live with the Cullens I'd say no and run for it. I don't care how fast they are Ill kill myself just to get away from them.

629. Its terrible, how fans are blinded by Meyer's world. They don't know how good they have it.

630. Meyer obviously wrote this while in her own world, talking to herself.
più di un anno fa topez99 said…
630-"Vampire baseball" is an epic fail compred to "Qudictich"
più di un anno fa LilysLittleTwin said…
Okay, I'm not really a fan of OOC relationships, but

632. There's a lot more potential for non-canon ships. For instance: Dramione, Harmony, Severus/Hermione, Ginny/Draco, Larry (Luna+Harry, I think) etc. not to mention the revolting 'Drarry'.
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più di un anno fa LilysLittleTwin said…
633. (Okay, I'll try to stop posting right after I post.) Has anyone noticed the total lack of pets in at least the first two books? In Harry Potter the characters have pets. Like real people! There's Scabbers, Hedwig, Crookshanks, Pigwidgeon, Buckbeak, and Fawkes at least. EDIT: Yes, I am getting desperate.
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa LilysLittleTwin said…
You're just going to have to put up with me if we want to make it.

634. Harry Potter fans can actually type. Instead of a load of chat speak.

635. Harry Potter fans wil not egg your house if you don't like the series. I've heard horror stories of attempted drowning of a fifth grader because she dared to say that Twilight wasn't as great as everyone thinks it is.

636. Apparation, floo, and brooms or superspeed and volvos? I think that's pretty obvious.

637. The fact that you can actually understand the emotions of some of the characters. The way Severus had to overcome Harry looking like James to help Lily's son. The way Sirius must have gasped when he saw Harry for the first time. When Edward left you were saying 'Oh, get over it.'

638. The leading male role in Harry Potter is not a stalker. Honestly, slipping in the window and watching her sleep?

639. The love in Harry Potter is not based on lust. Harry loves Ginny because she is a hothead, pretty, and talented. Hermione loves Ron because he's funny, sweet, and loyal. Ginny loves Harry because he's heroic and selfless. I think that's enough for this reason.

640. Possession. Am I the only one that thinks that is completely awesome?

641. Sectumsempra! Crucio! Imperio! Avada Kedavera! There are so many spells that can harm. A lot more than Jane's torture-stare.

642. Let me just put it this way. If Meyer wrote Harry Potter, Harry's parents would stay back in the fourth book.

643. The fact that the Order is willing to give their lives to give a better life to the next generation.

644. Everone's Patronus' and/or Animagus' are different (sp?). Harry's patronus is a stag, Hermione's is an otter, and Ginny's is a horse. They're pretty different.

645. The fact that Harry has to save the world whether he wants to or not. Edward could just turn Bella into a vampire and have the whole 'series' over and done with at any time.

646. J. K. Rowling does not butcher mythology to her own ends because she was bored. In Harry Potter, werewolves are werewolves (RIP Remus)and vampires are vampires. Not shape-shifters and sparklepires.

647. I was able to read Harry Potter all the way through three times on the edge of my seat. While I got bored on Eclipse.

648. You can go 'Oh! So that's why it's call Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!' I said 'Why the *bleep* is this called Twilight?'

649. Voldemort can fly without a broom. End of story.

650. There are 650 reasons.

651. Harry Potter encourages to do what's right. Twilight encourages to do what's easy. (PUN) Hermione started the D.A. with Harry and Ron and I doubt that Bella or Edward would have done that.

652. Harry Potter does not advertise...things I'd rather not mention here.

Well, This is getting long, if I think of any more tonight I'll post them seperatly.
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più di un anno fa LilysLittleTwin said…
653. J. K. Rowling first thought of Harry Potter on the train where her parents first met. Meyer wrote about a sexual fantasy she had the night before. I wonder what her husband thinks...

654. I don't know if this counts but I just sung along to 'The Bravest Man I Ever Knew' and 'Escape from Azkaban' both from Ministry of Magic. Go Wrock! (Wizard Rock)
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
655. Meyer is an ungrateful middle aged woman who doesnt appreciate her fans.

656. Meyer never finished Midnight Sun because it was leaked and she got mad, immature.

657. JkRowling continued writing her shit even if Goblet of Fire was leaked, she still continued.

658. You may say I am jealous of this Meyer woman, yes I am because this woman had a dream wrote her book in like a week and got it fucking published and now its popular. While JKRowling took her God dam time to research everything.
più di un anno fa PirateNinja3815 said…
655. Harry Potter does not circulate around ONE real area. Twilight, on the other hand, is in Forks. Forks is a real place which is now frolicking in the huge attention that it is now recieving. Think about a Twilight-hater there. Stephenie Meyer has officialy ruined their life.

By the way, when we reach 1000, can we keep going? (after we've rubbed it into the Twilight fan's faces)
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
659. Meyer made all her creatures, monsters, freaking sexy. Noooooo.

660. The obsession over Twilight has made girls obsess over a freaking trailer for New Moon.

661. Girls make expressions at the trailer like it's the actual movie and they squeal.

662. We have sane fans of Harry Potter
più di un anno fa PirateNinja3815 said…
663. JKR created a whole new sport with it's own rules, history and leagues. SM just added a little thunder to baseball. This proves that JKR is SO much more creative.

664. JKR has also created HEAPS of creatures, linking them with reality and magic. SM has stuck with wolves, vampires, mountain lions and bears...
Bunhead19 commented…
And she adds depth to creatures we already know of. i.e. the purity of a unicorn, the strenghth and loyalty of a phoenix, the wits of a hippogriff (did I spell it properly?), and the terrifying growls of a werewolf, along with creating entirely new creatures più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa LilysLittleTwin said…
665. I personally find the idea of a struggling single mother more likable than a bored mormon housewife who has her husband to support her.

666. (Bwahahahaha evil) Bella Swan has ruined the name Bellatrix for me. Bellatrix is freaking awesome. While Bella Swan is a damsel in destress.

(PirateNinja3815, of course we can continue if we can think of more. I'm up for it.)
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più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
Kersian missed PirateNinja's one reason. So, I'm going with 666. (Mwahahahahahaha- devil number. :P)

666. The fact that Harry actually gives a sh*t about what he went through- how he doesn't want Lupin abandoning his child because he knows what it feels like to lose one's parents.

667. The fact that the trio (Ron, Harry and Hermione) get mad at each other for actual reasons. Bella gets mad at Jacob because he imprinted on Renesmee- come on, that wasn't even his fault. It was Meyer's.

668. See, Bella treats Mike like sh*t but he still likes her- that is NOT reality! Harry used to treat Kreacher like sh*t and Kreacher used to despise Harry- but when Harry got nicer, so did Kreacher. That's the reality!

669. PEOPLE DIE IN LIFE! You can't just make everything go sparkly perfect- something bad has got to happen.

670. Twihards are insane and Harry Potter fans have so much fun watching them get torn apart by other more mature fans. :) (Experience- garblemuffin vs nutty madam on YouTube.)

671. The fact that HP fans have 671 reason and are STILL not stopping. In fact, yeah, we DO want to keep going after we reach 1000. :)
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
And that actually makes it to Reason Number 673. ;)
più di un anno fa LilysLittleTwin said…
667. Not everyone is well off in Harry Potter. The Weasleys don't have much money. But they don't care. They have each other and a roof over their heads and that's all they need.

668. Their are just as many evil people as there are good people in Harry Potter. Some include: Avery, Yaxley, Lucius, Bellatrix, Voldemort, Rodolphus, Rabastan, etc.