Harry Potter vs Twilight 50 ways to piss of a Twilight fan

Kellykoo1 posted on Feb 18, 2010 at 01:07AM
#1-50, this how to harass, annoy, piss off, and depress a Twilight fanatic!!!

ok, this is the sequel to '50 WAYS TO PISS OFF A HARRY POTTER FAN' only made especially for those who hate Twilight. HAVE FUN!!!


#1 - Say that real vampires dont sparkle

#2 - Call Edward gay

#3 - Call Edward Edmund, Eddie, or Eddykins

#4 - Take away the current Twilight book they are reading

#5 - Say that vampires and werewolves dont exist

#6 - Tell them that Edward doesnt exist

#7 - Say that its just creepy that Edward watches over Bella while she sleeps

#8 - Say that youre going to burn all of the Twilight books that you can get your hands around

#9 - Say how dumb Twilight is

#10 - Read the books just to make fun of them

#11 - Tell them that there is no way that a vampire can be 'vegetarian'

#12 - Take away all of their Twilight merchandise

#13 - Say that Jacob is a creeper for imprinting on Bella's baby

#14 - Say that Twilight is the worst movie ever made

#15 - Say that Edward should just kill Bella

#16 - Remind them that vampires do not exist

#17 - Insist that Mike Newton would be a much better boyfriend for Bella

#18 - Go on and on about how youre going to write Stephenie Meyer a long hate letter

#19 - Tell them that Edward is no match for James

#20 -Ask for some cash to buy the Twilight series... burn the books.

#21 - Demand that since Edward left he does not truely love Bella

#22 - Say it would be funny if while they were running Bella accidentally let go and died

#23 - Tell them the time the spent reading those stupid books is precious time that they will never get back

#24 - Tell them you heard there will be a 5th book and when they get all excited, tell them that Edward comes out of the closet within the first chapter

#25 - Tell them that Robert Pattinson should have stuck to Harry Potter instead of getting caught up in this Twilight bullshit

#26 - Tell them Edward Cullen is a stupid name

#27 - Then change your mind and tell them that Bella Swan is much worse

#28 - Argue that the Cullens are the bad vampires and that James and Victoria are really good

#29 - Tell them that if Edward was real, you would sing the same song over and over again in your head, so any time he listened he would hear it

#30 - Tell them that Harry Potter is better than Twilight

#31 - Tell them all the reasons you think Harry Potter is better than Twilight

#32 - Say that Edward is the ugliest guy youve EVER seen

#33 - Tell them youre going to kill the werewolf gang

#34 - Say that Edward is eventually going to kill Bella

#35 - Say that Bella made the wrong choice and should have went with Harry Potter

#36 - Tell them that vampires and werewolves dont exist and that its all in their head

#37 - Say that when Edward kisses Bella his tooth is going to cut her lip

#38 - Say that Bella doesnt deserve Edward and he should just leave

#39 - Say that Edward is to pushy with the whole dancing thing

#40 - Tell them you dont see how they could read such a boring book

#41 - Say that you think Edwards a huge fake who cant play piano

#42 - Say that with his evil eye Edwards never going to get a date with Bella

#43 - Say that Edwards waaay to old for Bella and she should go for Mike Newton

#44 - Say Edward would look good with some scruff

#45 - Say Bellas to shy to really want Edward or Jacob

#46 - Say that theres no reason why Edward should have saved Bella from Tyler's van

#47 - Say that the only reason Edward didnt fall in love before is because hes GAY

#48 - Mention that hes gay, ALOT

#49 - Say that Alice has a bad taste in cars but especially in clothes

And of course for the last way to piss off a Twilight fan #50!!!

#50 - Think aloud that Jacob would be better off with Leah, Edward with Jessica, and Bella alone with her dad and 17 cats

I dont mean to offend anybody with this forum, i just thought that it would be funny. i made a Harry Potter one before this that is just as funny,maybe funnier. i think that it's better and i think i repeated some in this. well anyway, sorry to anybody who feels insulted or offended in any way please dont be mad at me
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più di un anno fa holesluver said…
#51 - Tell them that Edward should go elope with Jacob.

Your list = so funny. :P
più di un anno fa Kellykoo1 said…
lol, thanks. My brother helped alot with some of the different ways. I was kind of surprised cuz usually he doesnt care about what i do on Fanpop
più di un anno fa mooimafish17 said…
ha ha HA, wow that was funny,will defo try some of these ;)
più di un anno fa Kellykoo1 said…
I love Twilight and Harry Potter but I simply couldn't resist the temptation to add these, my brother has some awesome ways to piss me off with both. I added some of them and came out with this
più di un anno fa bmarme said…
i hate u
più di un anno fa snapeislove said…
^ now you're pissed off. have you read the forum title? it says: 50 ways to piss off a Twilight fan.
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa elderwand said…
Simply tell the truth about quality of twilight and they will be pissed of......

or ask them to sensibly read the book and they will be pissed of again.....
più di un anno fa FredWRules said…
big smile
#52 if you've read the series before they have, tell them that their favourite character dies. I did this to one of my friends, and she had a MAJOR freak out!!!!! IT WAS SO FUNNY!!!!
più di un anno fa pimp_my_alpacka said…
^ hahaha my sister did that to me with a different book, and i flipped. He did die aswell...in a way...
più di un anno fa kris10853 said…
wow your rite that did tick me off.........but no offense: a few were kinda corny.............
più di un anno fa zanhar1 said…
wow it really does work!!

im sorry, i had to do that.
più di un anno fa LoveforSeverus said…
Those were funny :)
più di un anno fa vskparaimer said…
i've got #52 - Ask them who Edward Cullen is. Be very serious. If they have doubts, ask does he support Obama?

as to the list...... awesomely funny.
più di un anno fa BellaCullen96 said…
I loved #24, #50, and #22 XD
più di un anno fa Princesshifi said…
5 ways to annoy a Harry Potter fan(did not have time to write more)

#1.Tell them there dress up is lame
#2tell them they are mean idiots
#3Tell them about this post on AW( link)
#4 point out that there is more than a 100 Character deaths in Harry Potter
#5 tell them they will never go to hogwarts
più di un anno fa FredWRules said…
^ you posted it in the wrong one. There is a 50 ways to piss off a Harry Potter fan one... go post those reasons on it.
(no disrespect intended.)
più di un anno fa luv_warriorcatz said…
Princesshiti, I am going to put up a response to your reasons since they are stupid:

#1: What dress-up? What if they are dressed in normal clothes?
#2: We'll tell you that you are an obessessed fad,
#3: link
#4: What is wrong with 100 deaths? Twilight had no deaths which makes no impact at all. And Harry Potter had a thousand characters so of course a lot of people has to die
#5: Tell twi fans that Edward will never love them (because he isn't real!)
più di un anno fa TheLoneWolf said…
#53 - Tell them we had Rob first
#54 - Go to the movies and when Edward shows up on screen yell 'Oh My Rowling! Cedrics alive! But..why does he sparkle?
#55 - Yell at the on - screen Edward 'CHO WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS CEDRIC!'
#56 - Keep - er - 'accidently' calling Edward, Cedric.
più di un anno fa DarkestZsusanna said…
Omg, I made this on my old account it was sooo fun
#57 - Tell them that they aren't worthy of the title Twi-Tard

più di un anno fa phoenixwand said…
#58. Tell them hot is not spelled as "HAWT!!!!"
più di un anno fa athena305 said…
58. Tell them that Leo Dicaprio is going to preform extraction on Stephenie Meyer to take out the information in the destructive dream she had many years ago that ultimately lead to Twilight.

Okay, I'm weird. That may have not made sense but whatever.
più di un anno fa phoenixwand said…
^ its awesome! LOL!! :D (only the numbering was wrong)

#60. Tell them its gross that Jacob fell in love with a new-born baby!
più di un anno fa azkaban said…
I love #29.
più di un anno fa loopyeyes said…
big smile
Thank you very much! -delighted HP fan