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posted by Celina79
Hotch/Prentiss Quotes

Episode 2x11 Sex, Birth, Death

Hotch: 'You mysteriously showed up at the BAU after one of my team members was involved in a questionable shooting.'

Emily: (whipsers) 'Right.'

Hotch: 'You've done good work, I'm not questioning that. But I will not put up with a political agenda.'

Emily: 'My mother's a career politician - te worked with her...did te like her?'

Hotch: 'She's an impressive woman.'

Emily: 'Well...I think politics makes people distrustful. I think it makes them hate themselves. I think it tears families apart, and damages people.'

Episode 3x02 In Birth and Death

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posted by Celina79
Here we go. I've listed all the "subtext scenes" from our favourite couple.
I will start with Season 2, than Season 3, 4 and 5.


2x09- The Last Word

Emily Prentiss's first appearance at the BAU - meetings with Hotch at the beginning and end of the episode. In the initial meeting, Hotch realizes that he knows Emily through her mother, and he inquires about her work and her parents. When she tells him she is due to being working with the BAU, he becomes cold and blunt with her, and says he never authorized her transfer to his unit. Undeterred, Emily waits for him in his office to meet him...
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da - FotoBridget2

Horror Movies, Statistics, and a Lifetime…

“Statistically, if this was a horror movie, the only one guaranteed to survive would be Emily.” Reid said. “And maybe morgan o Hotch.”

“What the hell te talkin’ about now, kid?”

“In the majority of horror movies, there’s a certain order to the characters’ deaths.”

“So who’s first?” Rossi asked, willing to humor the young genius. “According to these statistics of yours?”

“Most likely JJ. Young and blonde—she’d go early in the movie.”

“Spence, that’s not exactly reassuring.” JJ detto from her...
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posted by Celina79
Written da montiese@lairofthemuses on LJ.

Note: Emily is in her 50's, Hotch in his 60's, they have 4 kids:
- Jack (Hotch's Son, Haley died)
- Sabrina
- Alexandra and Dylan (Twins)
They are all teenagers.

- Gregory Prentiss(Emily's Dad)
- Natalie (Emily's Stpmother)
- Alexander, Tug Hotchner (Aaron's Dad)
- Amelia (Hotch's mother)
- Cece (Derek's Daughter)

Emily leaned on the doorframe of the study wearing a pleasant smile.

“Hey, Mr. Deputy Director, it’s bedtime.”

“Hmm?” Hotch looked up from nothing particular and saw the fuzzy image of his wife. “Hello.”...
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posted by Celina79
Fanfiction written da lairofthemuses on LJ.

Emily walked out of Rossi’s office with a box just as Hotch was coming out of his office. Rossi walked toward him to talk, Prentiss headed for the stairs. Neither of them saw her slip but they heard her fall.

“Prentiss!” Hotch exclaimed, rushing past Rossi and over to her. The other Agent was right on his heels.

“I'm OK.” She said, looking a little dazed. The box was on the ground, files scattered.

“What were doing carrying that heavy box?” Hotch asked.

He helped her back onto the...
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posted by MartinipartyXO
Criminal Minds. Hotch/Emily fanfiction.

He'd never been più miserable in his life, there was no possibility that it could get any worse than this. He'd tried eating, he'd tried sleeping, and he'd tried just about everything that didn't involve thinking about her. But nothing worked. He kept flashing back to that moment, to the lights of the taxi cab slowly fading in the darkness. Further and further away. He ignored the nagging feeling in his inside, ignored the urge to grab her and baciare her senseless. He became his usual stoic self again and held everything in. He'd never told her, there were...
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posted by Celina79
Fanfic written da montiese@lairofthemuses on LJ.
Beware it also contains sexual scenes!

Hotch pulled up in front of the dance studio and cut the engine. It was off the road a bit and could definitely use più lighting. Did the residents of Chevy Chase really think they were that far away from the real life dangers of the world? If they did then they were mistaken. He got out of the SUV, not bothering to take cover from the misty drizzle. The studio front door was unlocked so he went in. The place was virtually deserted but Hotch followed the pulsing Musica to one of the smaller...
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posted by AshlyAtrocity
The Hotchner boys were having a father, son giorno in the park. Hotch was watching jack swing on the swings and then watched as his son ran toward him.

“daddy, who is your valentine? mine is lily.” he detto with a big smile on his face.
Hotch thought for a moment then replied. “i don’t have one buddy.”
“but daddy, te have ta find one. So she can make te smile.” he pouted.
“umm, I don’t know what to tell te buddy.” he told his son. Hotch really didn’t know what brought this on. it was a little pathetic that his son had a valentine and he didn’t, but he was più focused on...
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posted by Celina79
Here we have Season 4, Subtext Scenes.


4x02- The Angel Maker

Following the bombing in New York, Hotch is suffering from ear/hearing problems. In a scene set in a graveyard, where a mechanical digger is opening up a grave, Hotch is overcome with pain caused da the loud noise. Emily notices, and runs to comfort him, obviously feeling both concerned and helpless. The two Agents spend much of the episode investigating a case together. Watch out for the final scene when Hotch hands Emily a plate of brownies! Emily seems disappointed when Hotch tells her that he won't be traveling back to...
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Written da Montiese on Livejournal.
Family fanfic.
Note: Emily is in her 50's, Hotch in his 60's.
They have 4 teenage kids, incl. Jack.
Nathalie is Emily's stepmother.


FBI Deputy Director Aaron Hotchner rushed through his own house, past Maryland State Police, Metro Police, and the FBI Quick Response Team. He plowed into the cucina and nearly sent BAU Unit Chief Derek morgan tumbling to the ground. His wife sat at the cucina table. Her stepmother held her hand and JJ was nearby. Despite the noise levels, the whole room was eerily quiet. As soon as Emily saw Hotch, she burst into tears....
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posted by Celina79
A Funny H/P Fanfic incl. morgan and Rossi. :)
Written da lairofthemuses@LJ.

“Holy moley, woman that is a serious bite.” Derek morgan grinned as he stirred his coffee.

“What?” Emily and Dave detto it at the same time, Dave backtracking into the BAU office kitchen. “Prentiss, te wouldn’t be dating a Count would you?”

“What are te talking about?” she put her mug down on the counter.

“Have a look.” Derek held up the tostapane and she looked in it.

“Oh my God,” she touched the purple mark with tentative fingers. It was high...
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posted by Celina79
Written da Mydnyte Houre.

Emily Prentiss closed the microwave door and set two steaming mugs of latte on the counter. She pulled two bright rosa plastic spoons from the drawer and placed one in each mug before pouring out two generous measures of cacao mix. Hissing softly as the hot porcellana, in porcellana pressed against her hands, she picked the mugs up and carried them into her living room. She shook her hands to relieve the burning sensation in her palms as she set the mugs down on the small coffee table, earning a questioning look from Hotch. "Hot," she explained with a sheepish smile....
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posted by Celina79
Subtext Scenes of Season 3.
Season 2 te can find here:link


3x02- In Birth and Death

Emily encounters Hotch talking to Strauss in his office at the beginning of the episode. She tells him she's planning to resign from the BAU and take the Foreign Service exam. Hotch tells her he thinks that that would be a mistake. She tells him his team needs him, knowing that Strauss is planning to sposta him from the BAU; after an argument with Haley, Hotch arrives at Emily's apartment and convinces her to come with him to Milwaukee to unisciti the team on a case. They discuss Emily's plan to leave the BAU...
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Written da Sienna27 on
This is Part 3 of 4.


My New Resolve

It’s been three days since our baciare on the side of the road.

For those first twenty-four hours I was going insane with worry. I didn’t know what to do. If I should call her, if I should make sure that she was okay.

But then I decided to give her some time. To let her figure out her feelings before I bombarded her with mine.

After all she was the one who was married.

But . . . she was also the one who had sobbed that she missed me. And she was also the one who initiated our kiss.

That wonderful kiss.

When she first...
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posted by Celina79
Written da ilovetvalot.
Third part after, "The End of the Delusion" and "“Not Without A Fight”.

Lies I Told Myself

The sun was just dawning on the horizon as Hotch pulled his grey sedan into the parking lot of Emily’s upscale apartment building. Sighing as he shoved the car into park, he took a moment to study the building in front of him. Inside that modern looking structure was the woman he loved. And, he had a sneaking suspicion that even as he sat there, she was hardening her cuore against him. He didn’t have any time to waste. But until he could breathe normally again, he knew anything...
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posted by criminalminds15
It doesn’t take much time to say three words. And “I Amore you” is just that… Three little words… “I Amore you”… No, not long at all. Well, I mean, it doesn’t take long to say the actual words but getting to that point where te can say it, and mean it? That takes a long time. But she supposed if te work alongside a man most of your time that must amount to enough because right now she was ready to say it and ready to say it with conviction. She was ready to shout it from the rooftops, all-day, everyday and she never tired of letting him know that, he didn’t either. The fist...
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posted by Celina79
A Valentines Hotch & Emily Fanfic (one shoot).
Its very sweet ;). Enjoy!!
Written da

It was too damn early to be lying awake, and no matter how many times Emily changed position o tried fluffing the pillows beneath her head and along side her, it made no difference.

She groaned and as she looked at the clock on her bedside table.

Just before 4 am.

“Fine, fine. I’m up. Might as well be productive,” she muttered as she dragged herself out of bed.

She stood beneath the hot spray of the doccia and berated herself on how pathetic it was that she was up at this time of...
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posted by Celina79
Written da Kavi Leighanna on

Fairy Tale

She’d planned the perfect outdoor, spring wedding. Flowers, seats the while thing. She’d been so wickedly excited as she should be and it had all been going so well. Then the storm had floated in. Well, moved in, più appropriately. It had clouded over faster than anyone could track. They’d managed to sposta everything indoors deciding to use the reception hall. It was still a beautiful ceremony even though it hadn’t been exactly the dream she’d been picturing. She’d told him that it didn’t matter so long as she married him.

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posted by Celina79
Another Fanfiction I know, but I Amore that one, so I thought I have to share it with te :).
Its after the very last scene of 4x17 Demonology.

Written da chandlerina@Livejournal.

The darkness had crept up all around her and seemed to linger just inches away and although she wanted to walk home alone to clear her mind from everything that had happened, she was starting to feel even lonelier than before. The snowflakes were all around her in the wind, dancing, twirling, and if it’d been another night with another feeling, she’d noticed how beautiful...
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By Kavi Leighanna

Of Mistletoe and Five-Year-Olds



Emily Prentiss was on a hunt. At least, a metaphorical one. The little five-year-old had gone missing, and while no one was particularly worried, per se, the last time he’d gone missing without a word, Hotch had almost Lost it.

Stupid Foyet and his stupid vendetta ruining everyone’s stupid lives.

It was a mantra she’d gone through più times than she’s prefer to count since they’d found Haley’s broken, beaten and bloody body in the home she’d once shared with Hotch. Actually, before that even, when things started to go...
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