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Hayho! This is one articolo for Missy and well my thought of her.

I wanted to write this articolo not because od pity o to make her feel better but to mostra her that she's not alone.

I guess I have to start with what happened in the Huddy spot. Days fa I don't remember if it was Saturday o Friday, someone opened a thread speaking that fanpop users were stealing her artwork and that they should credit properly, I got involved because I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It really wasn't such a big deal but this user wanted to shut down the gallery and the Huddy spot.

Missy soon arrived...
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I Didn't Put The Official Video, It Kind of Freaked me Out, So I Put this one instead =)
tainted Amore
Marilyn Manson
miss arancia, arancio
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today I found a pretty good tutorial on how to make screencaps (automatically, te don't have to press a button each time te want to create a screencap).

I found it on livejournal, downloaded the programm, tried it and I'm currently uploading my first own screencaps from the House episode : 1x19.
The quality is pretty good, altough not HD like the screencaps here:
So if te need screencaps of House, te might cerca for them over there before te make your own, but they don't have all the episodes there, so if te need screencaps of an episode they don't have, te can easily make your...
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Lisa Cuddy came to Michigan a few days fa and today it’s her first giorno of collage at the università of Michigan. She’s very excited about it. It’s the first time she’s going away from her family and Friends for such a long time, but Lisa it's completely convinced about what she wants to do with her future, and she wants to become a great doctor.
Now let’s talk about Greg House. Who doesn’t know him at university? With just twentysomething years old, he is one of the promises of the campus. He has a brilliant mind and a particular acidic sense of humor. Although there are people...
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