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posted by HouseFreak
Once again an amazing episode.

The first time I watched this episode, I didn’t think too much of it. But now after re-watching it several times, I realize how amazing this episode is, it is defiantly one of my superiore, in alto episodes of season 1.

Through out this whole episode Hugh's recitazione was fabulous, absolutely flawless.
The pain and emotions he portrayed through out this episode took the viewer on an emotional rollercoaster, I found myself on the verge of tears più then once.

The scene where House smashed his hand was beyond amazing, te could really see and feel the pain he was going through at that...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
House was seated at the end of his conference tavolo in the DDX room. Taub, Foreman and Thirteen were narrating all the conditions of their patient. He had his eyes closed with fingers on his forehead and his phone was on the tavolo in front of him.
House: Thirteen <the team stopped and looked at him> did anyone called up when I went down?
Thirteen: No
House opened his eyes, sighed and looked at his watch.
House: Taub…
Taub: I didn’t saw Cuddy in her office when I checked five minuti ago.
House: She wasn’t still there? I went down myself but she also wasn’t there. Where the hell is she?...
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posted by anonymouswriter
No Words Needed

“I Amore you…I wish I didn’t, but I can’t help it.”
They kiss. He kisses her, she kisses him.
He puts an arm on her waist, and against the bacheca behind her.
She puts a hand on his chest.
And it happens. Something neither of them had honestly expected.
It was sweet, gentle, and full of Amore and passion. It was nothing like his hallucination. It was better. This woman he cared about, thought about, loved, was here, in front of him, waiting for him, vulnerable for him. But so was he, he was vulnerable. At that moment nothing else in the world mattered to either of them. Memories...
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posted by Blazing-Fire
I wrote this in the vain hope that my Friends would want to do another film but to no avail. So I decided to post it on Fanpop. Hope te guys like it.

Scene 1: [Day 1: Daytime at a rural property. A 4-wheel-drive with lights and siren blaring pulls up. Lindsay pugile and Warren Jacobi get out and walk up to the front door. Camera follows L+W to the door. They knock and Alex opens the door]

Lindsay: I’m Inspector Lindsay pugile and this is my partner Inspector Warren Jacobi. We’re here to arrest Stevie for the murders of Claire and Tess McCloud.

[Outside the house Stevie is picking up her BMX,...
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posted by CampRockLuver98
It is told from House's POV.

When I woke up in the morning, it felt like an electrical surge went through my body. I did not know why. Maybe.... because I get to look at Cuddy's glorious body? No... I see that every day. I got out of bed, and staggered drunkley until I found my cane. I looked at the calender.
"Oh yeah... My giorno to shine." Today was April 1st. April Fools Day. I got dressed as fast as possible, and ambled out the door.
When I got to the hospital, I saw Foreman and Thirteen talking to each other. I walked over to them. "Hey, none of that crap here. This is a hospital for crying...
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posted by Lela48
House limped back to the conference room, his team must already have the results of the test back, he was almost sure it wasn’t lysteria but the tests could indicate something else. He was surprised with the amount of people in the room when he walked in.

On one side of the room, Thirteen and Kutner were Scrivere on the chart and Taub was getting himself some coffee. On the other side he saw Chase, sitting on a chair, looking at nowhere, clearly thinking on something, successivo to him was Cameron, she had her arms in his shoulders and was looking at him with a caring look. Standing successivo to the door...
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posted by huddysmacked
So this is something I made in Literature class because we're seeing poesia and well, I decided that House deserved and Ode

Magnificent mostra it is
when it's gone I'm sure we'll miss
the joy it's brought da it
But let's not hink about that part,
not yet,
the ending is far.

It's unknown the charm
of that sarcastic ass
who likes to prank
his best friendat times.
But it's a known truth
his attitude is rude
and that we don't mind
his continous snarks.

His beard, his cane
makes him rare,
unique, if I may say.
His eyes are lightning rays
taht allow us to see
the genious and human he is.

Our Amore is devoted
and we trust them
to keep him in shape
and not change his grace.
It unites us fans
the crazy teenage girls
that wouldn't care
to be insulted da
this aroogant man.
posted by HouseMindFreak
Ever wondered exactly what is going on in House’s head? What’s actually making him be a jerk?
Some say that he is simply a jerk but I beg to differ. Someone is not born being a jerk, they are either made that way due to life experiences o a mental disorder. In the fourth episode of the 3rd season “Lines in the Sand” House treats an autistic patient. Wilson begins to wonder why House wants to treat this autistic boy and comes to the conclusion that House may suffer from Asperger Syndrome a type of autism that causes difficulties in social interaction, restricted and repetitive patterns...
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“Merry Natale Cuddy,” words uttered with such an underlying weight to them that what should have been, and was, a breathtaking and joyful (excuse the pun) scene was turned into a deep look into the psyche of House and the underlying melancholy tones of his unhappiness.

What makes this scene all the più gorgeous than it already was, was that it lacked so little dialogue, most of the important material lay not in the speech itself but the facial changes that the actors portrayed and as always, nobody is più of a master of this than Hugh Laurie. In the span of 30 secondi we see House...
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got bored, decided to start a series of stories about everyones preferito oncologist called: The Wilson Series-(TWS)

Please rate and commento :D


The supermercato Savior

He stood in the produce aisle, grappling at a rather large erroneous looking tomato, his eyes fixated across the room where a brunette woman paused, handling her own set of vegetables. Wrapping his pomodoro in a plastic bag, he twisted a tie around the superiore, in alto and placed the tarnished red Cibo inside his cart. Again he eyed the woman. She had finished her comparison of two sets of Kale greens...
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Legacy Games has just postato a free House, M.D. flash game (with NBC approval) for fans. It's online here: link.

Here's the official description: help the surly Dr. House break through his mental block. How do te do this? Well, da using the paddle to careful break up light bulbs and hit on good ideas. It's tough! Sort of like playing pong...in House's brain...which does make me curious about the rest of the game.
posted by mrshouse62689
Found this lista somewhere awhile fa and I had postato it on my Facebook. I thought I'd share it here. :-]

100: Being a complete jerk to people all the time will make them like you, and sometimes, they will also fall in Amore with you.

99: Vicodin will cure all wounds.

98: It's NEVER Lupus.

97: te should know all about your sperm donors before utilizing their sperm. te don't want your kid to be beaten up, after all.

96: Get a good alarm system and guard dog if you're going to be admitted into a certain Doctor House's care.

95: If you're a nurse and looking for spicing up your sex life, get a...
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We were watching clips of "As Good As It Gets" in psych class today and there was a scene in the restaurant with Lisa Edelstein and Peter Jacobson playing a young couple! It was all I could take not to shout "It's Taub and Cuddy!" in class.

It won't let me post a link from Youtube on here anymore so if te go to Youtube and type in "lisa e in as good as it gets" it will pop right up.

Anyway, thought te all would get a kick out of it, especially because they look so young and have worked together before! :D
starting a new fic peoples…its called two’s company threes a crowd…umm, it came to me after Leggere two similar stories…im trying not to make them exactly like the others, so sorry if it seems I am stealing your idea…yeah…so here’s chapter one…read and review (those on fp, please rate!)

a thanks is going out to autore Iane Casey for being my beta reader for this!!! THANK YOU!!!!!


Two's Company - Three's a Crowd
-Chapter 1-

House sat in his office chair not really doing anything other than staring into spazio with his feet propped up on his desk. He had recently solved...
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Lisa Cuddy finally ended up at home after a long stressful giorno at the hospital thanks to House upsetting another parent of a patient. She spent the whole giorno cleaning up his mess trying to keep the parent from suing House and the hospital. In order to relax she went and started a bubble bath to ease all the tension from the giorno away. After the bath it was late and she was tired so she decide to get ready for bed.

At 2 a.m. she is woken up da someone obnoxiously knocking on her door and ringing her doorbell. She sighs knowing exactly who it is and wonders why he is here. She thought maybe 'if...
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If Dr. Gregory House, MD lives in my country, he’ll surely be labeled as “Torpe” da the people. Torpe, pronounce as “tor-pe”, refers to a male person who is basically much in Amore with another person but loses his nerve whenever he feels like admitting his real Amore to the one he admires the most even though the girl/woman already knew what he feels. 
I happened to notice how “torpe” he is during the last scenes of House in “The Itch” and “Last Resort”. He could have walk right through Cuddy’s door that evening, could have say “yes, I want a relationship with you”...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Okay guys, this opinionated articolo is about the pregnancy rumors running since the time I opened my computer this morning.

I know this is all a crazy info to all of us because we know things aren't be the same when a Huddy baby sprout out like a fungo from no where and be in the mostra for <like what other said> no purpose at all.

My view is this, granted if it's Cuddy, let's just put our trust to the writers because i know, DS and KJ won't be putting characters just like that in a click. They won't risk the ratings of their superiore, in alto TV mostra da making it too soapy for the viewers and we know...
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*SPOILERS FOR SEASON 5, ESPECIALLY 5x20 'Simple Explanation'*

I'll start da saying that this is a selfish article. I am Scrivere so that I can vent. I need an outlet, and te guys are always so supportive, so I know te won't mind my venting.

I saw a stella, star Wars poster today and nearly cried.

I have seen a few commenti around the place saying "its just a tv show" and "get over it". The thing is, it isn't just a tv show. If it was just a tv mostra to us, we wouldn't be here, on this site. For a lot of us, 'House MD' is a huge part of who we are. We eat-sleep-breathe the mostra and we are emotionally...
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posted by housecuddy4ever
I wrote another Fanfic
I would like to thank Immunity for inspiring me. ^^
Oh there are no nuclear imaging.House broke all of the nuclear imaging.
The song I chose for the end of this episode is pretty random.I doubt it matches the ending.
I gave Chase più screen time
I think some of our preferito doctors are out of characters.
A small appearance da Wilson.
Sorry Wilson <3
Last but not least...

[open to a PPTH recovery room]
[8 adults,3 elders,4 teens,and 3 children are in the room]
[Recovering patient is on a hospital bed]

Kelsey(the recovering patient):You guys I'm fine!
[Kelsey smiles]
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posted by KaterinoulaLove

Dr. House:I want my old carpet back.
Dr. Cuddy:It was stained with blood.
Dr. House:Yeah. My blood. Which makes the carpet part of me. I want it back. I want to be buried with it.
Dr. Cuddy:You think te can get me to do anything te want, regardless of how stupid it is?
Dr. House:It's my office! It's where I work, where I think, where I save lives, allowing te to brag to rich people so they'll give te più money to spend on MRI's and low-cut tops.


Dr. Cuddy They're sleeping together?
Dr. House: If da sleeping together te mean having sex...
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