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Disclaimer: I do not and never will (unfortunately) own House MD (still) But I know one giorno I shall take buy the show!! And kill everyone da making them wait in suspense

A/N: Okay here is chapter two I was sooo suprised that I actually got it done this soon (even though it wasnt that quick) I apologize for not updating sooner but yeah!! Oh and one più thing I forgot to add in the last chapter, I am co-writing this with not - lupus . everbody - lies haha she's my beta as well!! She is like an expert in Horror Film so its totally awesome! Anyways, Please R & R

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**Spoiler Alert***
This is just a general outline of what I believe to be the best episodes of House. Went into a lot of detail with the best ones, not so much with others. * means best episode of that season, and ** means best episode period.

Season 1

“Everybody Lies”
How it all started, this episode gives te a general idea of what the cast is like, not to mention House’s prickly bedside manner and his reasons for hiring Cameron, Foreman, and Chase.

“The Socratic Method”
One of the most interesting patients that House treats, Lucy Palmero is a supposed scyzophrenic who came to critical...
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::: Chapter 1 :::
2 Months Later

    Sergeant da the gateway came to attention as the bus was granted access to the all but deserted army camp. Out on the horizon was the outline of the inner fence and the shadow of the three storey accommodation block. The occupants of the bus stared out the windows. The sun was out, but the più fresco, dispositivo di raffreddamento winds of spring countered it. The erba was wild and a brilliant green and the small lake near the accommodation gave the base a summer camp feeling. House’s stomach churned at the thought of being on a military establishment again. The dirt...
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posted by ToriH389
Lollipop Isues 7

( 3 weeks later everything has been fine....house and cuddy.... Wilson and liz..... But something isn't right.... )
Cuddy-House wake up..
House. -what's wrong with you....
Cuddy-I don't feel good..
House-take an asprine...
Cuddy-I think I have the stomach flu.....
House-wel...than stay away from me...
( Cuddy than rushes to the bathroom...House hears her puke and starts to gag himself.... )
House-are te sure te are okay.....
Cuddy-I don't know....
( Wilson and Liz wake up and walk to House's room )
Wilson-what's wrong with Cuddy...
House-I don't know te should go check on her....
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posted by anaperez007
I just wrote this to say thanks to all the fan who make our addiction to House possible.

All of te that are posting news, links, pictures, articles, video and all sorts of things that make us laugh, cry and all the feelings that House make us feel.

All of te that are searching for news o things that te want to mostra to all the fans.

All of te that are making video to post in the spot.

All of te that are making funny images.

All of te that are Scrivere amazing articles.

All of te that are posting where to watch House onlie.

All of te that are posting spoilers.

All of te that want to know the fan`s opinion with the picks.

All of te that are conting how many fan have our spot.

All of te that are joining this spot.

All I can say is THANKS FOR ALL OF YOU!!!
 Claps For all of You!!!!!
Claps For all of You!!!!!
Wilson: We're not Friends anymore, House. I'm not sure we ever were.

Harsh words, probably the first hurtful words caring and sensitive Wilson ever detto to House.
Being the show's main character, we got to see più of House's side of that conversation than Wilson's, più what House was feeling and House's reaction to those words than what they meant to Wilson.
Hearing those words from your best friend must be devastating alright, but what about saying them? What about the feelings that led Wilson to speak them out loud?

I always find it funny the great ammount of House fan who are completely confident...
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posted by sarahuddy

Cuddy was sat on her sofa watching TV and drinking tea. She was thinking on House… she heard a bike coming and she get up to the sofa to go to her window….
C: It´s him… she detto for herself
She waits but he don´t mostra up, so she go sit down again on her sofa… KNOCK, KNOCK….. She open the door with a huge smile on her face, House´s face was sad.
C: Hi! Her smile faster disappeared…
H: we need to talk seriously!!! He detto with a sad face
She was worry and she let him enter in her house
C: Ok, come in!! What´s wrong, House!?!
H: I´m going to quit!!! He detto to her watching...
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posted by peoplesuck
Sorry it took so long, I've been extremely busy. As always please commento and review. =D

This was his chance to kill the asshole. This was his chance to avenge Cuddy.
Or get shot, He thought to himself, te sure te want to die trying to cane her rapist?
The box auto, garage was too dark to see anything clearly. It was fall, the sun was starting to set earlier and earlier. Plus the land around Cuddys’ house was surrounded da trees. House was about to bash in Tritters’ skull when the gun was, all of the sudden, withdrawn. It fell to the ground with a loud clatter followed da the soft rustle of fabric....
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People were shocked to see that very cuore breaking episode ( season 5 episode 20) where Dr Kutner was found in his apartment with blood everywhere, and his gun successivo to him. Why did the writers of House m.d make this happen? It's because the actor, Kal Penn, has taken up to a job in the White House, as the associate director in the office of public liaison. This big change will be an exciting new adventure to the cast and crew of House m.d. i am very excited to see what the writers of House will do successivo in the series I hope it will be shoking and keep me on the edge of my seat. This is a very,...
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Like the titolo says, I miss the old days, the early seasons of House.
When I talk about the early seasons I'm talking mainly about seasons 1-3, but also season 4.
Why is it that I get this warm fuzyy feeling when I think back but get a nasty feeling when I think about seasons 5 and 6?
Does anyone else feel like this? I haven't even watched many episodes of season 6 yet, because I'm just not excited to watch them anymore.

The reason I'm Scrivere this articolo is the newest spoiler I just read. I couldn't believe it, I want to think it's fake.
Spoilers detto that Cuddy intends to marry Lucas.
Now I'm...
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posted by huddy_aimee
it might be crap cause i haven't done a draft o anything so yer...anyways... read and review!!!

Five minuti later, like House had promised, the Cibo was out on the tavolo and now he was outside on deck playing with the rubber ducky [small inflateable boat] making sure it would work for later.
Cuddy, on the other hand, had just got out of the doccia and was getting dressed in the bedroom; completely forgetting about the sky light. So, House, who heard the doccia shut off, leant over and peered through the skylight. He knocked on the plastic cover and waved. Immediately, the towel came up to...
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OK, I don´t own Chase, House, J.D., Dr. Cox, Wilson o Nurse Brenda, neighter do I own J.D.s awesome prank. This is just a silly thingy I put together being really bored. I don´t think it´s even to be called a "very funny fanfic", but it really helps the titolo get attention :Þ
Warnings: Very silly, VERY random, only funny if te share my weird sence of humor...
Perfect background music: Lazlo Bane - Superman

Dr. Robert Chase was exhausted after a long giorno at work. The team was trying to diagnose a girl with cronic pain who keept fainting every fifth minuto o so. There had been hours of differentials...
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posted by Irene3691
successivo giorno Lisa goes to pick him up and they get to the hospital. ‘Well, I have to work, so go to annoy your team o something...’ She approaches a bit to baciare him on his cheek but then realizes that they are in the hospital and separates from him again. They smile and she goes to her office, whilst House goes to Wilson's office.

House opens the door and sits down on the sofa. Wilson looks at him surprised and then at his watch.
‘House? What are te doing here? On time?’
‘Yeah... couldn't sleep.’
‘Yeah sure... Does this have to do with Cuddy?’
‘Why do te think something like that?’...
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"I'm so tired of myself. If for a few hours I could just lose myself in some Thelonius Monk I would be feeling ten times better." House detto to himself within the confines of his small room at Mayfield.
"Just my ipod for a few hours..."
"Yeah, like that's gonna solve this problem." The blonde snarked from the other side of the bed.
"Why can't te just leave me alone?"
"The better domanda is why can't te leave te alone?" She detto as she rested a hand under her chin and stared back at him.
He sighed deeply and began to look up at the ceiling.
"You're a reflection of my subconscious. te are...
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posted by Chandlerfan
As some of te may know, I’ve been going on about the ‘perfect song’ for a fic but never got round to Scrivere one due to the damn writer’s block! But I have now managed to finish it. Finally. So enjoy, and let me know what te think! =]
One shot. Song lyrics in italics. Set in S5.

Sitting in his office, a lonely soul, wondering what went wrong. She was there for him, the only one sitting beside his bed. The reason why Wilson wasn’t there, he could understand, although he still expected him to forgive him sooner, being Wilson and all. But that didn’t quite work out the way he...
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A solid chapter, which makes us clear that money does not buy happiness, only for moments away, what it is miserable arguably remains like that, because if the level of happiness is established in the DNA, is predisposed biologically. There is nothing we can do.

Changes?? No changes, I feel that no one is changing o will change! A Foreman who wants to mostra how cool can be and fail, which makes him bitter, a Chase who is tired of prostitute's life, womanizing, and not as fun as before, which also becomes bitter, a 13 that has become a copy of House, dark, unhappy, I mentioned the word bitter??...
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posted by TheHiddenCane
So I've finally finished the chapter!

A Son's Promise

House couldn't know why his mother was killed... she was one of the nicest people Wilson had ever met! surely she didn't provoke John?
"House... What the hell is that supposed to mean? What? She had a secret life o something?" Wilson detto this in anger, not realizing how close to the truth he actually was...

House didn't answer.
He knew he owed Wilson a lot of things and he really wanted to try to make things right... just he couldn't tell Wilson, he didn't owe him this answer.


Oh yes, Blythe...
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posted by amberRocks
Disclaimer:Made for fun,not profit.I don't own anything of the characters and/or the show.

Wilson is cute
and Cameron too!

They Lost their loves
but they will come throught!

House was mean
and make them cry!

But they will Amore eatch other
and make him see the light!

Wilson will kiss
Cam on the lips!

And they will be
sweet as a strabery!

Cause they both want
the same fluffy things!

And I Amore them the most
for being funny geeks!

The will be together
and live hapilly!

Despite the bitterness
of someone named Chase!

And House then can go for Cuddy
since Cam is out with her cherry,fluffy guy!

And they both live well
in a tower made of pie!
posted by TheHiddenCane
 Dr. James Wilson. (Robert Sean Leonard)
Dr. James Wilson. (Robert Sean Leonard)
I thought I'd try to ease the distress of all the Wilson fan here after those Season 5 promos da giving te my well-funded reason why Wilson can't leave:

if Wilson leaves, the effects on House would simply be disastrous... it's like action and reaction:

The things that make House who he is apart from his brilliance and his gift are his constant self-destructive behaviors (interesting and intriguing), his drug habit and his obvious talent for insulting and mocking other's with great credibility. Those are also the things that give him an edge on all the other doctors on TV and the reasons House...
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so i am so jazzed about the baciare between house and cuddy in ep. 6!!! i mean who isn't?!?! besides the hameron fans. and i was thinking, what if the baciare is a flashback?? i mean (spoilers ahead) the writers did say they were going to get più into their personal lives this season. and we know there's a house and wilson road trip coming up and i believe i read somewhere a long long time fa about how there might be flashbacks on the trip?? (or am i having delusions of grandeur again). so maybe the baciare will be a flashback, which will be kind of bittersweet if it was. i mean we are dying to know più about house and cuddy's past but we also want to see them get it on this season! well whatever it will be, as long as we see house and cuddy make out!