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Roo016 posted on Jan 15, 2011 at 11:18PM
Help me out here, because I don’t understand when people moan that the show has changed or that Huddy is ruining the show. A TV series is essentially a story, the same as in any other form whether a book, film etc, now imagine House M.D was a book or film, at the start house is miserable, addicted to drugs and alone would you really still want the character to be miserable, addicted to drugs and alone the whole way through? Because to me that is what it seams some people want, House is still House, he still insults people, he still argues with them, he’s still in pain and grumpy because of it, he still has a negative worldview. But at the end of the day he has someone to go home to, someone who loves him and cares about him, isn’t that what we all want? Don’t we want others to have the same whether they’re real or fictional? If fictional characters can’t even be happy, what hope is there for us?

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più di un anno fa misanthrope86 said…
- Some people feel that the Huddy storyline has turned the show into a soap opera.

- Some people just don't like House/Cuddy together and don't find the storyline believable.

- Some people prefer House when he is not in a relationship.

Personally, while I love Huddy, I much prefer them when they are NOT together, because I feel that the sexual tension is much higher and they are at their best together, as characters, when the possibility of their relationship is tantalising them. I think that, realistically, House will be, and possibly should be, on his own in the end, because that is more in line with his character. In saying that, I realise that that opinion is based upon the earlier characterisations of House from earlier seasons. The season 6/7 House is the result of a number of traumas, trails and tribulations, so it remains to be seen if he has grown enough to participate and maintain a romantic relationship with a woman he will, by the nature of their working relationship, have to be in conflict with.
più di un anno fa jonanne said…
I absolutely agree with you. Go read my comments on thread " twenty vicodin was awful".