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Yup! Me again! Sign the House petition!!!



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Here is the full text: Are you a House MD fan?
Is House on your "don´t miss" list?
Are you mad if you don´t get your weekly dose of House?

If your answer is yes to these questions, sign this petition.

Let the writers, Hugh, Robert, Lisa, Jesse, Jen, Omar and everyone else on the show know that you appreciate their work and want more!!!

Anyway, I think you now know what´s the petition about, so please sign it!!!
posted più di un anno fa.
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cocacola said:
Can you just leave us alone? What is the petition even doing???? If this keeps up buddy, you could get reported!
posted più di un anno fa.
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fargo1 said:
Yeah, no one is going to be signing it anytime soon. Most people think it's spyware or adware. You're just going to end up getting reported. What's the point of this anyway? I'm sure the writers and actors already know that they have millions of crazy fans.:)
posted più di un anno fa.