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posted by HouseOfficeFan7
 She totally did!
She totally did!
AUTHOR'S NOTE- I was re-watching Sandcastles in the Sand (for the 1000th time xD) and I thought that it would be fun to write out the end scene as like a kind of fan fiction. This story is told in the third person but it's from Robin's POV. I had a really great time Scrivere it and I'll hope te read it and enjoy it! :D lot's of love, HouseOfficeFan7 (AKA Claire [: )

Robin knew Ted would have to leave soon, but she wished he wouldn't. She had been holding back tears all night and she knew that once she was left alone, it would be impossible to prevent them falling.

Finally, the moment she was...
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posted by germany123
Now I'd like to start off da saying that I'm a Bobin fan. I don't ship- mainly oot of principle- but I do Amore them together and would like to see them ending up together. Only I would like to see them unite in the very last season (Season 10?).Why?

I have been doing a little re-watchathon and saw the odd episode here and there from all seasons( admittedly mainly season 1&2) and one of the things I noticed and I had almost forgotten was the incredible inappropriateness of Barney!
And not even the crazy over the superiore, in alto ideas o theories like the "Lemon law" o the "Hot-crazy scale". We have...
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 The actors/actresses on this programme are 'hot', and the people talking about axing HIMYM are 'crazy'.
The actors/actresses on this programme are 'hot', and the people talking about axing HIMYM are 'crazy'.
I remember my first glance of How I Met Your Mother very well, and ever since, I've not watched another American comedy, NEIGH, PROGRAMME OVER ANY GENRE that comes close to it.

It was a Sunday in the Summer of 2006, the 13th of August if my memory serves me well (I didn't Google it... HONEST!), just came back from my first completed mese of my new job. I went upstairs to my room, turned on the PC and then the TV successivo to it as I tend to have it on in the background for something to watch while the PC gets going. I was flicking through the channels... not much on, not much on at all, the same...
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