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Credit: House M.D. on YouTube.
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Is anyone able to translate the French articoli da LE & HL that are mentioned and postato on Twitter. I don't speak French and would Amore to read them. Hugh's one he apparently discusses S7 and LE departure. And from what I gather LE mentions her relationship status as "single!"

Both articoli are darted 2011. So I am curious to se what they have said!

o if anyone can tell me which mags they were published in I can try and translate them myself.

Looking inoltrare, avanti to House S8 on October 3, 2011.

I miss the gorgeous Mr Laurie when he is gone for so long!
I know the titolo sucks but that is just how I feel, miserable.
Okay, apart from the obviously devastating thing (Lisa E leaving), I feel like we have been hoping for something the writers, David Shore, etc, had never planned to give us.
Once upon a time, I was a rabid fan. I loved the medical mysteries, the storyline, Huddy (I've always been a fan), but most importantly, House. He was perfect, he was a one-in-a-billion character, and he was just great. Then, when the Cuddy-in-a-relationship thing happened in season 6, the mostra just began to lose its magic. It Lost its magic not because Cuddy...
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So here we are, chapter 2 of All in the Family! Sorry that it has taken me so long to update…I’m a little short on ideas and have had little time to update! I’m going to try and get a chapter o 2 up this weekend because it’s a holiday! Enjoy ;) P.S. a little reminder that this is an alternate House universe; nothing after Braveheart happened in this story. So things are slightly “inaccurate” lol
    James Evan Wilson was a successful oncologist who had been very unsuccessful with relationships in his past. It wasn’t until a chance encounter with Amy Valentine,...
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First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! My wish for te all is...amm have lucky in the successivo year, a lot of Huddy and a lot of Huli!! Leave your comments, if te really want.

Christmas passed. Wilson had comforted Cuddy giving support. They spent Natale together, House spent the night with his good friend Mel, in those few days after what happened with House and Cuddy, he spent his time helping his friend Mel doing some pediatric surgeries. Wilson had gone to visit the House but he always ran him because Wilson always detto he was a fool for have let Cuddy go, told him she was wrong emotionally.
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It's my very first story in English so please don't be too cruel ;)
I will be grateful for all corections.

And a huge baciare to Agatt, for her help!! Enjoy.


She had a dream. She dreamt of her own home - the true one. With a full family and a big dog. She dreamt of a home that she once had in her childhood. That she has someone in her life, who would care for her and Rachel. That she doesn't have to come back to an empty house anymore, because someone is waiting. With a mug of hot tè and some good words.

She woke up feeling empty inside. The feeling...
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It was just another normal day, well for me at least. No one else would probably think it was a normal day. However today,it felt different, like I felt like something was going to happen. I was right. I was doing paperwork in my office when suddenly my doors swung wide open. I jumped, it was only House. I should have known, he never knocked he just came right in."What do te want House?" I detto not really caring because he probably just needed me to say ok for some procedure. He just stared at me with his amazing blue eyes. Sometimes I feel like I can get Lost in them.

He didn't respond....
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"You Amore her." Lucas stated to House as he took a sede, sedile on the couch. House rubbed his chin and sat down on the nearby recliner.
"Yes... and nothing I have tried will make her break it off with you."
"What can I say, she likes me." Lucas detto with a grin. House rolled his eyes and chuckled.
"She does like you... but she loves me... She just doesn't want to admit it."
Lucas propped his feet on his coffee table.
"You may be right. Hell, te two obviously have a history based on all she's done for you... but if after twenty-five years te two still haven't gotten it right, what makes te think...
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"Everything from my dream told me something. Everything that occurred--it was either a fear, a dream, o part of reality. But--" as he spoke his voice had slowed down..
"What? What's wrong."
"I wanted to be with her. The drug trials was reality. The accident was part of reality. The adoption was--want? Stacy was--a fear. What happened to her was a want. My mom, a reality. Cutting--a fear. Something I would have to resort to? Suicide--fear. Another thing I would resort to. Her death. Why should it be a fear? It's not a want. It can't be. It can't be a fear either--a reality?"
"What the hell are...
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It was 7 PM. Cuddy fastened her collana in front of the mirror, she Heard someone’s knocking to the door. She took her borsa from the tavolo and went to open. As she expected it was House. He was dressed like always, this time in his motor jacket, casco in the left and cane in the right hand. He checked her out from her feet to the head and smirked. She always looked like 5 million bucks but this time she applied to look better if that’s even possible. She remembered his words about plunging necklines and short skirts and she knew he wasn’t joking, so she wore her new skirt, same length...
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Ok, so I've been dancing around fanpop ever since the incredible-- yes, I detto incredible season finale and I thought that my fellow Huddies could use some cheering up.

First of all: JUST BECAUSE THE SEX WASN'T REAL DOES NOT MAKE IT MEANINGLESS. Far from it, actually. It is (in my opinion) even più meaningful having it be just a story House's brain made up than if it had actually happened. Here's why: House's subconscious was obviously dwelling on House's feelings for Cuddy and since his brain decided to make that House's memory of the night he must know how he really feels for Cuddy. Especially...
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