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He lay there staring at her as she slept. He didn’t have to stare at her because he had a mental picture of every detail about her. She had been angry for 2 weeks and he had missed her so much. We had been in a standoff about a lie I had told her. She wanted an apology, and although i finally succombed and gave the speech of a life time I am not really sure that I believe I was wrong. I just missed her and I had hurt her so many times that maybe it was just a good idea to say I am sorry.
It had been almost 4 months since the night she had walked into my bathroom. On the floor with vicodin in hand I felt like I had Lost everything and doing the right thing was not getting me anywhere.
The night had started out at that tragic sight. A gru had collapsed on a building in Trenton. There were still so many people unaccounted for. As we arrived I could hardly believe my eyes. They had reached the gru operator and pulled him from the wreakage and he was on his way to Princeton where my team awaited him.
Cuddy had been recitazione strange and I was trying to find out what was going on. I made a call to Wilson to see if there was trouble in paradise.
Then there came a clanging from somewhere. As I was trying to figure out where it was coming from I yelled to the crew that someone was down there. As they came over to cerca they didn’t hear anything. I knew I had heard something. I saw a sprinkler pipe and took my cane and beat up against the pipe and it was the same noise.
Is anyone down there? I know I heard something. This is such a small space. Maybe I should go back. What am I doing? What the h…? How am I going to get through here? Why am I doing this? I should just turn around and go back. There she was and as she grabbed my cane it startled me. I heard her say help me. Her leg is trapped and I can’t lift the beam and I can’t pull her out. I have got to get help. I know te are scared but I have to get help.
I finally get back out of the hole and reach some people to get down there to help. ForH annah a connection was made with me. I begin looking for Cuddy again because I have to find out what is going on.
As I approach her I want her to tell me she broke up with Lucas. I want her to give me a chance. But the words that rolled from her lips were anything but wha tI had imagined.
“I am getting married House.” The words were loosely penetrating my cerebral cortex. No! te can't marry him Cuddy. te Amore me I detto to myself. I know te do.
Hannah’s situation is slowly escalated all night and they don’t know how long they can keep this building sured up and amputation was being considered. I would have argued to the death against the amputation.
They made one più desperate try to lift the beam but it caused another collapse and the debris flew and came close to an artery on my shoulder. Hannah I’ve got to go. I’ll be back.
As the worker approached he detto we needed to get Hannah out and that required amputation. Cuddy continued arguing with me and i was arguing back.
”I know you're angry, but please don't put her life at risk just to get back at me House.
~House: Really? (standing up and towering over her) Wow. So this is all about te now.
~Cuddy: te took her side against me right after te heard about my engagement.
~House: Yeah. That must be it. It's not that you're a pathetic narcissist.
~Cuddy: I don't Amore you. So just... accept it and sposta on with your life instead of making everyone miserable.
~House: That's great. A life lesson from a middle-age single mom who's dating a man-child.
~Cuddy: Screw you. I'm sick of making excuses for you. I'm sick of other people having to tiptoe around te and make their own lives worse while they try to keep te from collapsing. I'm done. (She walks away from him)
~House: (calling after her) Fantastic. Just stay away from my patient.
~Cuddy: (turning around and coming back toward him) What are te clinging to, House? You're going to risk her life just to save her leg? Really worked out well for you, didn't it? What do te have in your life honestly? Tell me. I'm moving on. Wilson is moving on. And you... You've got nothing, House, nothing. I'm going down there, and I'm going to convince her to let me cut her leg off. If te have any decency left, you'll stay out of it.
"She doesn't Amore me." It felt like a coltello had been run through me. "She’s right. It didn’t work out well for me." I have nothing. All those years I had wanted to be with her and I had really finally Lost her. I had punished her and taken advantage of her and she had finally had enough. I can’t let her do that amputation. It would haunt her forever. The only thing I have is medicine.
As I went down in the hole I talked to Hannah. I told her that I made the wrong choice that the doctors had to do a risky surgery because I wanted my leg. I am in pain every day. It made me a harder person and a worse person. I am alone. te don’t want to be like me.
Cuddy I saw the release in your eyes and the tear slid down your cheek. I had hurt te so much over the years. I had detto so many cruel things. Why couldn’t I just tell te that I was sorry and that I wanted to be with you? Why couldn't I just say those words? No it was too late.
I will take care of Hannah. I have got this. For all the pain te have suffered at my hands maybe I can take a little of it of from your shoulders this time.
I grasped Hannah’s hand as she asked me hw bad it would hurt and I told her it would hurt like nothing she had ever felt before. I can still hear her screaming. That saw cutting through the Bones in her leg. I think I will always hear her screaming.
"In those ashes I made my choice to let te know that I was wrong and that all those years I was a jerk. I set te free from the guilt and the responsibility of fixing me and keeping me from hurting myself. When I shut those doors on the ambulanza and I looked into your eyes I knew te were gone and any chance I might have had to be with te was gone."
In the ambulanza ride to the hospital it really began to set in. She is engaged to Lucas. I had really Lost you. te are getting married.
“I don’t Amore you.” The words kept repeating in my head cutting deeper each time.
"I’m moving on."
"Screw you."
"I am sick of making excuses for you."
She didn’t believe in me anymore and she wasn’t going to put her cuore out there to be walked on da me anymore.
Then the EMT shouted the words, “her blood pressure is dropping."
Hannah began struggling to get her breath. She couldn’t breathe. I thought it was a clot but as I tried to bust it I found it wasn’t a clot. I fell back. Oh no!! I looked at her almost pleading but there was nobody there for me to plead to. It was a fat embolism and there was nothing I could do. "Oh Hannah", as te looked at me I could hardly hold back my anger and frustration.
"Oh Hannah I am so sorry."
I had broken my own rules about making connections with patients and I had gave te false hope. I had told te that the amputation was the only way to save your life and now te were looking up at me as if to tell me te knew I had done everything I could. All I could do was watch te take your last breath. Everything I touch I destroy.
"I sat there for a while inside the ambulanza as Foreman tried to help but there was just no way to help me. The entire night sinking in to my brain. I had Lost everything that I had been working so hard to gain. I had tried to prove myself worthy only to find out I wasn't worthy of anything. I had done everything right and I still had nothing."
Foreman is following me through the hospital into the lobby still trying to help me but I was far beyond any help.
I had followed Dr. Nolan’s consigli to the letter and I still had nothing. Well not quite nothing, I had one più thing. I had always been able to depend on the………….
I got on my bike and I left the hospital. She is marrying Lucas. Wilson is moving in with Sam and I my patient is dead. più loss in one night then I could take. I can't take this anymore.
As I arrived at the apartment I had fixed a hole in the bacheca behind the mirror in the bathroom years fa in case something happened and I couldn’t get any pills. I stood there looking in the mirror for any reason not to take this pain away and on the verge of completely breaking down. The struggle of being clean for a anno ripping at my cuore and the desire to have something to take away the pain and the loss I had suffered tonight taunting me, tearing at my soul. I jerked the mirror off the bacheca and threw it into the bathtub shattering it into pieces. There, in the hole was the crutch I had depended on for almost several years of my life. I had left one crutch (in the form of my cane and all my excuses) in the hole underground that night now just to be reaching out for the another. I had freed the people I had imprisoned for so many years. I grabbed the bottles and fell to the floor. My hands were shaking and water filling my eyes as I opened the bottle and poured two vicodin in my hand. Go ahead, take them, te tried, te still have nothing, take them! It will make the pain go away.
My hand started upward and then I saw her shadow and I looked at her wondering if she really was there. Are te going to leap across the room and jerk them out of my hand? As te began talking I still wasn’t sure te were there. I was listening but still not sure that this was real. Did I really hear te say te had broke it off with Lucas? What?! Did te really say that? Are te really here? Did te really say that te loved me? As I held his hand up youhelped me up. Am I hallucinating this. Are te really here?
I leaned down and softly brushed your lips across yours. te feel real but I pulled back to make sure that I wasn’t hallucinating.
How do I know I am not hallucinating?
“Did te take the vicodin” te asked me?
“As I looked in my hand the vicodin were still there.” I threw them down as I moved in closer to te and leaned down and I abandoned all thinking and all logic and I deepened my baciare this time.
“I need to change the bandage” I thought I heard te say.
“It’ll wait.” I need to be close to te I thought to myself. I was too tired to hide my feelings anymore. I was afraid to let te in but I was più afraid of letting te walk away out of my arms o out of my life. As te touched my chest I leaned into you. Your hand sent waves of electricity through every part of me. Being in the room with te always made me feel a little funny. Earlier that night I thought I had Lost you. Now te were standing just inches away from me. Softly my lips met yours again and I brushed my lips back and forth across yours as the honesty of the moment was overwhelming for us both. I could barely breathe o get my bearings. The feel of te unlike anything I had ever felt. The moment was raw and like two battle worn soldiers as our hands and fingers interlocked the baciare deepened. There were no words and not really any actions that could describe the emotions that were pouring out of my soul.
te pulled away and led me to the bedroom. te helped me take my giacca off and te checked the wound. As te undressed me te washed me with a cloth and when te came to the scar te embraced all that we had been through as the healing began for us both. For a moment it was più than I could take in but as te looked into my eyes all my fears melted with your words and as I pulled te back up I had never known a Amore as faithful as what te had dato me for so long. As I lowered my head and my lips met with yours again I drank te in like water for someone dying of thirst.
te were a dream, a fantasy, and before this moment I thought te were out of my reach.
When I picked te up as much as it hurt I wanted te to know I would never let te fall again. I will go through the pain and the fear that rest deep inside my soul to be with you. Inside te that night I couldn't get close enough.
And now here we are 4 months later and te have just forgiven me again. Maybe te just needed to hear an apology because of all the times I didn’t say it. I lied to te about a case and although I didn’t think I was wrong I knew te were upset and for the first time in my life I needed te più than I needed to be right. più than needing to make my point I needed you.
te are opening your beautiful stormy gray eyes and as I brush your hair behind your ear I look at your beautiful face and I still find it hard to believe that you’re here. I promise te I am learning from my mistakes.
Cuddy I Amore te for what I am when I am with te and for the man te make me want to be. te loved me long enough and strong enough until I could no longer be without you. One giorno I will tell te this but for now these words are the ones that come from my lips:
"Are te planning on sleeping all day." No one needs this much beauty sleep. I couldn't be with te if te were that ugly.
Shut-up House.
As I lean down to baciare te your beauty washes over me and after 20 years te still take my breath away.
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Suddenly she broke their baciare and took a step back. Fireworks start blowing in the sky colouring nicely, but they stood staring at each other. Cuddy took step closer to him again and moved his mask off, taking her mask off too. They both stood staring at each other with surprise, but her eyes were bigger, probably she recognised him just kissing.
“-House...omg...”, she was in total shock
“-Happy New anno Cuddy..”, he smiled little in the end, thinking how crazy is that
“-You... te knew?! OMG te knew !”, she shouted on him couldn’t believe
“-I didn’t... I didn’t knew...”...
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House picks up his things from the office and takes a bus to go to her house. There, he goes back and forth from one side to another of the room and finally puts all his things in his suitcase. When he’s about to leave, he writes a note and leaves it on the sofa with his key’s copy.

After her little encounter with Wilson, Lisa goes to her office and draws the curtains, then sits down on the divano with her head between her hands and remains thinking about what she just did.

House gets to his home and leaves the suitcase on the floor. He sits on the sofa and thinks about what has just happened......
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so first of all, I must say.
I did not expect that....
I mean, sure, I read all the spoilers *shifty eyes* but I didn't expect some things.
However, this articolo isn't gonna be about the episode at all...
I'm gonna focus più on the fan and the problem that seems to be Lisa Cuddy
[SPOILERS for those who haven't watched it yet]

First of all,
House and Cuddy in this episode are completely the same.
Yes, te read well, THE SAME.
Both are trying to be something they're not, and failing at it.
First House.
He's trying to prove to Cuddy that he's changed.
Sure, we see that slight change, but, it isn't that...
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I've been thinking a lot lately and I ended up coming up with this fan fic story. Titles had been taken from my fave songs and guys, I hope te like this. Thanks for reading!

Featured song: link

There’s nothing new this morning but Cuddy find it unusual to feel no body sleeping successivo to her. Her eyes would Amore to be shut again but she instantly jumped on her feet the moment she learned how late she is for work. She sure does thought of killing someone for not informing her to wake up and get dress for a meeting that was bound to start in 20 minutes.
“You’re an ass,” she detto as she walked...
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Chapter 4
About 30 minuti later the wedding proceeded and the couple detto “I do”. House and Cuddy walked to the car with “Just Married” painted on the back and headed off to their honeymoon cruise in the Bahamas.
“I can’t believe we just got married.”
“Believe it Dr. House I’m all yours now.”
“Yes te are Mrs. Dr. House.”
She laughed at him calling her that.
“Lisa House has a nice ring to it.”
“Lisa are te happy te did this?”
“Of course I am Greg I’m just as in Amore with te as te are with me. I wouldn’t have detto I do if I wasn’t.”
“I was just making...
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Some poems da one of my preferito poets, Erich Fried.
Some of them are so Huddy, te will see ^^.
I hope te like them.
Some of them I had to translate myself.
Here's a little selection.



To be able to breathe out
ones unhappiness

to breathe out deeply
so that one can
breathe in again

And perhaps being able to speak out
ones unhappiness
in words
in real words
which are connected together [coherent]
and make sense
and which oneself
still can understand
and which perhaps even
somebody else understands
or could understand

And to be able to cry

This again...
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"It's raining." House detto to himself as he stood in front of the window in Wilson's office.
"Really? I hadn't noticed." Cuddy detto from behind him.
House turned around to see her amused grin staring back at him.
"I did my clinic duty so te can go harass someone else."
"If te consider doing clinic duty as sleeping in an empty exam room I guess te filled your quota." Cuddy mocked as she handed him a file.
"We just finished a case." House detto as he held the blue file.
"Just read it."
House looked into the folder and discovered that instead of a patient history there was a menu for Les Fleurs.
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Part 6


Wilson: Who is he?

(House looked straight at the door and saw Cuddy answer the door with a smile and let the man in.)

Wilson: So what now?

(House looked at Wilson and then back at Cuddy’s house.)

House: I ring her bell.

(House opened the car door and made his way to Cuddy’s house, leaving Wilson in the car to oversee what drama could entail.)


(Cuddy was with the mysterious man drinking coffee in her living room—his name was Matthew and Cuddy had met him through the social services.)

Cuddy: I didn’t think you’d call actually.

(She looked away quite timidly before letting out...
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From: thedeepgrave
Hugh Laurie
lisa edelstein
fan video
postato da housefansite on te Tube, they got it from link. This is the full one as the other promos that have been postato missed the first 5 seconds, and OMG :)
house md
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Cuddy felt movement and opened her eyes. She saw House looking at her with his hand on her thigh.
“Good morning my cute vixen. How did te sleep?” he kissed her.
“Good morning my cranky Doc. Well, I see that I wasn’t dreaming.”
“Dreaming about what?” he asked suspiciously.
“About te and me. But I guess it wasn’t a dream. It was true.” She smiled.
“It definitely was.” He kissed her lips.
Their baciare was full of desire and love. They were like this for a long time and the alarm clock rang. She rose up with murmur and turned the alarm off.
“We have to get out of the bed…I...
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He put her on the letto and just looked at her for a second. ‘She’s the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I can’t believe we’ve been waiting for so long…’ His thoughts were interrupted da her voice.
“What are te thinking? ” Cuddy asked smiling at him.
“What have I done to deserve you” .
She just blushed and grinned from ear to ear.
“I ask myself the same question”. And she kissed him dragging him on the letto with her.
House smiled and answered her kiss. He turned them so he was on superiore, in alto while baciare her. Then he removed her camicetta baciare her neck. It felt so good to be...
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posted by huddy4everfan
Savour The Moment

It was precisely 2.00 am when somebody rang to Lisa Cuddy’s door. At first she didn’t hear it, but after the 4th ring she opened her eyes. She was annoyed, ‘Well who wouldn’t, it was 2.00 in the morning for Christ’s sake …’ she detto to herself walking to the door.
On the other side of the door Gregory House was pressing his cane furiously against the doorbell. He was nervous, ‘Well who wouldn’t, it was 2.00 in the morning for Christ’s sake… Who rings at a doorbell in the middle of the night ?!?‘ he thought.
‘Who could it be?! If it’s not the cops,...
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posted by jatehuddy
Set a few months after season 5th finale, some time after House was released from Mayfield, and Yes, I know I haven't included Rachel *hides*

Cuddy panicked as the storm came closer and closer. This was the thing she was really ashamed of - her phobia of thunderstorms. Thunders were driving her insane. She was terrified every single time the storm hit Princeton Plainsboro. She slowly slid out of her bed, put on her accappatoio, vestaglia and got into the car. The direction she knew da cuore and soon she was standing on front of green front doors. Having her own key she opened the doors and locking them up behind...
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posted by HouseAddict87
Chapter 3

“So te sleep with her one time and you’re in love? That’s not the House I know.”
“I know normally I would be making snide commenti about her culo and whatnot but something about that night… the way she held me and kissed me she was just… different.”
“Not the normal one night stand?”
“Not at all, it was so much più than that.”
“Well House this is big even for you.”
“I know. I didn’t even feel about Stacy this way. Cuddy’s just different. I loved Stacy but Cuddy, I don’t know, I… Amore her more.”
“Then te should tell her how te feel.”
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A Happy Life: Chapter 17
[Early morning sun rays are streaming through a window. House opens his eyes to see where the offending light is streaming from. Cuddy's head is on his bare chest with her dark curls covering him like a blanket. House smiles as he remembers their Amore making the night before. The first time they had made Amore he awoke with a panic thinking it was another delusion. He then felt her arm across his chest and heard her soft breathing. House had never been so relieved in his life. House remembers how Cuddy stired when he jumped. She instinctively hugged him tightly. House...
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A Happy Life: Chapter 13(6/11/09)

[House was awoken da the sound of his cell phone ringing. Cuddy was nuzzled up against his chest with her dark curls splayed across his chest like a blanket. Cuddy's leg was slid onto the superiore, in alto of his thigh and her hand was resting precariously close to little little Greg. House smiled and grumbled as he reached his free hand over and grabbed the annoying ringing phone. House flipped the annoyed object open.]

Foreman: House
House: No, I'm not bailing te out jail! Someone had better be dying if not then go back to fondling 13 before she starts pinch hitting for...
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A Happy Life: Chapter 8

[Early morning in PPTH and nurses and doctors are bustling around the doing their jobs. Wilson is sitting in his office reviewing some files. The team are up in the differential room going over files of their latest patent while having coffee. House enters the hospital lobby. House walks into the differential room.]

House:[singing]Lets spend the night together.Ill satisfy your every need (every need)And I
now know te will satisfy me.Oh my, my, my, my, my Lets spend the night together.Now I need te più than ever Lets spend the night together now.

[Foreman,Taub, and 13...
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