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posted by huddy_aimee
A/N sorry i havent written in a while, ive been really busy with school and social any who this is part two...(you might have to re read part 1 because its been so long XD)

"Taub, Thirteen, I want te to go to the girls' house and inspect the place for the usual, Foreman, i want te to talk with the girl's family." House detto and again the team got up whilst House stood infront of his white board thinking about possible diagnosies.
Cuddy had remained in House's office, whilst he had detailed the team with their specific tasks, but now emerged once she was sure that they were alone....
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No one yet had really noticed her, but that all changed quite quickly when a little Musica started playing and Cuddy pulled herself up onto the poker table. Mic in hand and background Musica playing Cuddy began to sing, as she walked along the tavolo skewing the chips and cards, to House.

“If te change your mind, I'm the first in line. Honey I'm still free, take a chance on me.
If te need me, let me know, gonna be around. If you've got no place to go, if you're feeling down.” as she stood with her shins about three feet away from House’s face.

As Wilson came running, slightly stumbling,...
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House and Cuddy walk in tothe restraunt, praying to god that wilson will not see them together,They walk up to hostess....

"reservation under House."

"Ah, yes right this way please."

The hostess leads them to there table,on their way they pass Wilson but thankfully for them them he was talking to Sam and didnt see them.They make it to the tavolo and the hostess hands them there menus.

"What is Wilson doing here."

"Isnt it obvious , hes's on a data with the devil."



"I know te dont like her but Wilson is dating her so te should give a chance."


after they ordered cuddy went to...
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Cuddy’s eyes got wide as she swallowed and coughed a bit. It had been a long time since she had just done a shot. In fact, the last time she remembered doing one was in college…with House. She didn’t know what the hell it was about him that made her do and say some of the things she did sometimes.

“What was that?” asked Cuddy in a slightly airy tone, her throat still burning a bit.

“It’s called Damned If te Do. Seventy five percent whiskey, twenty five percent Hot Damn. One hundred percent one hundred proof!” detto the girl, looking pleased.

“What are te drinking Wilson?”...
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posted by livi_wells
Now I've gotten in too deep...And for every piece of me that wants you, another piece backs away...But te give me something, that makes me scared, alright...This could be nothing, but I'm willing to give it a try...Please give me something, 'cause someday I might know my heart...

House was at the whiteboard. His case was solved and the entire team had gone home, only the night nurses and the janitor roamed the corridors of Princeton Plainsborough. He swiped it and the symptoms disappeared one da one. Fainting, gone. Headaches, gone. Loss of vision, gone. Seizures, gone. One da one they went...
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posted by migle
story after "Help me", how I imagine what could happen.

House was baciare her softly, very very softly, like she would be porcelain, he was afraid to ruin it, he scared to hold her tighter, scared to baciare passionately. He just enjoyed of that taste, enjoyed of her lips, but with every baciare he felt himself stopping less and less, with every taste of her lips he felt that he can’t resist anymore.
His put his right hand on her back and start holding her tighter and tighter, taking her closer and closer. He felt her start melting in his hands and he totally Lost in her, he start baciare deeper and...
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Omar Epps' Hints on Huddy-sex Scenarios

What can I say? When I saw Omar Epps' pics I fell in Amore with him! xD Anyway, the only thing left to say is commento THIS AND SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS WITH MEEEE!

What's this? This is not a normal CT Scanner, this is TEH CT Scanner. This is the place where everyone, included Hugh and Lisa *sins*, thought about having sex in. In my opinion this is a massive turn on. Gosh, this is a CT scan and...oh god...

I'm picturing House sitting on it, with his cane (the hard one, hmmm, I mean the wooden one, te dirty minded!)in a hand, while massaging his leg. Cuddy...
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posted by Irene3691
The successivo morning they get dressed and walk to the house’s door. Greg breathes deeply. ‘Well... here we go...’
Cuddy smiles at him. ‘You’re gonna be alright.’
They go out and get into the car to go to the hospital. When they get there, they go to the elevator and people stare at them. She didn’t say anything about their relationship while he was in a coma, but it was obvious that they weren’t just old friends.
‘Love the feeling of being observed...’
‘Yes... it's really nice...’ They go to Lisa’s office and he sits down.
‘Well...?’ Asks House.
‘Okay, I don't want you...
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posted by Hughlaurie4ever
Greg and Lisa laid on the ground with each other after being locked in a janitors closet.

" Hey..." Greg detto as he laid underneath Lisa as she used him as a pillow.

" What?" Lisa detto as she looked up to his face.

" I know what we can do to pass the time." Greg detto as he wiggled his eye brows suggestively.

Lisa looked at him incrediously

" That is what got us into this mess!"

" So?" Greg said.

Lisa's eyes turned from confused to mishevious as she started rubbing his crotch from the outside of his pants.

Greg moaned his approval.

Once he was fully erect and incredibily turned on Lisa stopped.

" Huh?"...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Lisa finally got up from her bed. It’s a giorno break for her since finally, their filming days of House are over, well at least for a mese o so. She went straight to put on her clothes before freshening up herself in the bathroom.

After giving herself an oil massage on her thighs and arms, she logged in Facebook and decided to drop da forum site for her to know what fan thought about her after the Huddy sex. She was smiling and laughing every after commento fan posted. Some were disappointed while others where so happy that they finally got the chance to see Hugh and her baciare like...
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posted by Hughlaurie4ever
" What the hell do te think te are doing?" Greg asked, His stare could've killed somebody.

" Give us your money o we kill her and you."

Greg, Being a 20 anno old ignored the man, and ran up and started to punch, punzone him, in hope that he was doing some damage.

He was doing damage. The man let go off Lisa to defend himself.

" Greg!" Lisa yelled as she witnessed Greg getting punched in the face from afar.

After spitting out some blood that resulted in being punched, Greg said," Lisa! Go away! NOW!!!"

Lisa was just about to run when 2 big guys came up...
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posted by Irene3691
In the morning, Lisa gets dressed and goes to William’s room. He puts on his T-shirt and they go down to the cafeteria to have breakfast. After that, Will and Lisa go to the bus to go sightseeing with the rest of their colleages. Greg runs before the bus leaves. William sees him and thinks: “Damn it... he’s a pain in the ass.” Before Greg can see them, Will kisses her girlfriend, so she can’t see him either. They get off the bus and get to the Louvre Museum. When they’re about to come in, Greg sees them and approaches. ‘Wow, what a conincidence!!’
‘Yes... how are te man?’...
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 "CruciFICTION." S7-8 "small sacrifices."
"CruciFICTION." S7-8 "small sacrifices."
“Small Sacrifices” continued...

Later that night, a few scenarios that came to mind. Rated G.

Inspired da @HLforever’s recente
topic suggestions. (hiatus therapy).

Happy holidays everyone!

Message red light blinking: Beeep..
Cuddy’s voice: “House..wait up for me. I’ll...stop by.”
House’s gut reaction: “Oh yesss!”

History repeats: oh nooo..
House’s conscience felt exactly one & a half pangs of guilt for sending a jilted, tipsy Wilson home to cry his sad self to sleep. Quickly convincing himself his best bud is a big boy..he’ll be fine. Tomorrow he’d spring for cafeteria...
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posted by maverickangel35
Here is my submission to the Season 7 Huddy Challenge, in which we proclaim to the world how we think the first Huddy scene of the new season should go!

    “You rang?” House pushed Cuddy’s office door open, then realized that Wilson was sitting in one of the chairs in front of her desk. House quirked an eyebrow at his boss. “How can I help you?”
    “Got a case.” Cuddy got out of her chair and came around her desk, reaching for a file sitting on the corner of her outbox. “Wilson just brought it in.”
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posted by livethislifeup
Post Ribelle - The Brave Heart, Happy Belated-Halloween Huddies. Let's just say this compensates for the lack of episode this week. :)

"Duck? Again?" House asked Wilson. In his office, House just kicked back in awe of Wilson's costume. He was also wearing an outfit--Batman--but at the moment there was no contest.
"It's my preferito costume, so what?"
"You expect to give scares with that?"
"I'm appealing to the younger demographic."
"Do I need to repeat myself?"
"I'm taking Rachel out with my godson tonight and wearing your spilled guts costume might frighten them a bit."
"She's one, how are te taking her trick-or-treating?"...
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posted by BeforeItWasCool
For the complete story please visit: link

Sorry, for the delay in posting new chapters, fans. School is now out for the summer. I think that’s enough of a reason but I’ll also add that I’ve been out of town on family vacation. Good. Let’s begin. I’ve decided to make this little fiction into a full-blown fic-isode. Yes, I made that up. I’ve done some medical research and some of the facts are from personal medical experiences, but please remember I am not a doctor nor do I even play one on TV so be kind and just take it for what it is. I promise it won’t get into the unbelievable....
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posted by SissiSunshiner
Hi guys, this is the first fanfiction I carica here.
I’m italian so English is not English mother-tongue. This is a translation of my original fic writter in Italian.
If there are any mistakes, please, feel free to tell me and I’ll correct them..
If te want to read the italian version here is the link: link

I’d Amore to know what do te guys think about it.

“Happy Birthday”

At 8:30 am, Lisa Cuddy opened her office door like every single day. She took off her cappotto and hid it with her bag, in the corner, between the bacheca and the couch.

She run into the bathroom and half shut the door behind...
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posted by lizzie22xo
OK so, I wrote a fan fic a while back about House and Cuddy in college, well im making a new one about them in college! So, hopefully this one is better! Anyways, here te go!

Greg House had been accepted into John Hopkins University. Lisa Cuddy then got into John Hopkins three years later. When Cuddy was on her way to the unviserty little did she know she'd find Amore there.

Once she had gotten to the university, she got the things out of her tronco and headed to her assigned dorm. While she was walking to the dorms, she happened...
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posted by emzypemzy
Wilson and Cuddy had an idea, it was the annual charity event coming up and it was going to be a Bachelor Auction. Knowing full well that House would only grudgingly come to the event, Cuddy and Wilson had a plan; Cuddy was to engage House in a bet of some kind and make sure he lost, the price being he had to be the auctioneer at the event.

When House came barging into her office for the 'meeting', Cuddy began to discuss his patient manner and the fact that he constantly belittled and put down his staff. House replied that he did it because they were idiots, but Cuddy countered this saying...
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So for all those who are lazy to cerca for them. Here they are and they SO fit Huddy!!!!!

You've had a hard time
Livin' with a hard heart
You hardly feel a thing
And te don't know where to start
It's all te want, all te want, and te run,
but it won't change a thing
So it won't be long, won't be long, won't be long, long
Before te can make it sing

It won't go away
It's comin' after te all day
You're surrounded
When te look at me that way
I don't ever think to say
But I just found it
C'mon, c'mon and drive
C'mon, c'mon and drive

Maybe it's bad luck
Leaving while I'm not for loan
When te leave everything...
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