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A/n sorry for the delay...i haven't had the time to i hope te enjoy this fets better as the story goes on...i've written part 8 xD and review.

House got off the elevator at the 4th floor and made his way to his office, sat down and opened Wilson's lunch as he pulled a fork from the inside of his coat. He smiled greedily.
He took a mouthful of the pasta but as soon as he did that he was interrupted da none other than Dr. Foreman.
"We've got a case," he detto lazily.
"Can't," detto House with his mouth full of food. Foreman glares at him whilst thrusting the dark blue...
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Ok this is my first articolo ever so be gentle if its not in the best contexted.
There are alot of poeple right now giving there opinion on the episode "Unfaithful" and i just wanted to give mine own, on the song.
I would Amore if everyone stated there own opinions as well, in the commenti :).

My thoughts on the song is that its set into 2 parts:
1)The jewish song part(i don't really know the name) and 2)'You can't always get what te want'

In the beginning of the song its a simple melody thats not really apart of the song yet then the Musica pauses. When the Musica pauses we see here House and...
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