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I got so many reviews! Thank te all so much!:D:D Enjoy!

He gently lay her down on the letto and sat down successivo to her as she tried to decipher the emotions written in his face. He grab her hand and started to rub it gently to make her and himself relax for what he was about to say. ‘Lizzie…’, he started as he looked straight into her eyes and saw fear mixed with hope, ‘I’m not going on that data tomorrow.’ She looked at him questioningly as if she didn’t understand why. ‘I’m not going because…, it would be useless to go on a data with a woman when I already Amore someone else.’,...
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posted by Noeloe
Hey! Thanks to everyone who read & reviewed! Sorry for the wait on this part... I hope te enjoy it!

When they arrived at the studio Hugh went straight to the coffee machine while Lisa wanted to go to her trailer first. ‘Good morning!’, Robert detto enthusiastically when he saw Hugh walking into the lounge. ‘Morning…’, Hugh didn’t look at Robert. ‘So, how was your data with Mindy?’ Hugh turned his head and frowned, ‘Are te freaking kidding me?’, he detto irritated. ‘I really think there aren’t any other people in the world più wrong for each other then we are. It...
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Hey Hulies, we can’t get enough fanfic can we??? XDD Well here’s the part 5. Rate, revie and ENJOY!!! Thanks for the awesome commenti te leave!!! Amore ya!!!

Sinners FTW!! (:C

Hugh took the cell phone and hided it in his pocket. He was not going to steal it but he needed to check the recente calls. He will give it back at the end of the giorno and Lisa wouldn’t notice. He directed himself outside the dressing room and went to the set to start shooting.
As they shoot, they pretended to be perfectly fine. But the other people around could see the tension.

“Hugh” David called as he approached...
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ciao sinners!!! So yeah my computer it’s being stupid so that’s why I haven’t post but here it is.. And yeah I will be gone for a few weeks (not that I want to) but anyways here is the secondo part sorry for the late update…
Sinners for Evah!!! (:C

Norman was sitting in Lisa’s letto Leggere the magazine they had been the cover of. He heard the front door slam and some tough footsteps coming from the living room. Lisa came to the bedroom, took the phone and disappeared through the door. Norman put the magazine down for a sec and put it up again shrugging.

Then he heard Lisa shouting. He...
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