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posted by maverickangel35
    Lisa looked in the mirror one last time and turned a bit this way and that. The dress shimmered magically around her and the heels Mindy had packed brought her legs into stunning relief. She had, of course, followed Mindy’s orders regarding her hair and pulled it back into a curly, messy ponytail that cascaded down the back of her head and did not in any way cover her smoky kohl-lined eyes. Leaning closer to the glass she ran a finger under her left eye to remove an invisible smudge and examined her lipstick.
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Previously, on Just Friends...

    Hugh shook his head sharply, looking closely at his wife. She was avoiding his gaze. And suddenly, he knew. They were talking about two entirely different things.
    “Why don’t te start from the beginning?” He asked gently, inwardly bracing himself. Jo nodded, to all intents and purposes looking as calm as ever. Only Hugh knew, from unfortunate experience, that it was all a show. She was panicked. She spoke.
    “I met someone.”

    “Um—” Hugh gaped at her, his mind...
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From youtube: Filming of one take of the Club scene of House 7x01, Thunder Roadtrip. If te copy, PLEASE CREDIT ME, whatsuplisae.
house md
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