Ian Somerhalder e Nina Dobrev Not an Anonymous Quote?

LavenderLou posted on Feb 22, 2011 at 05:25AM
A tweet from Nina Dobrev's twitter page today.

"This weather reminds me of falling in love you" - Anonymous

Now, leave it to me, all 'Nian' crazy, to over analyze...

But I googled, I binged, & AskJeeves about this quote.

Couldn't find it in that context.

Not one hit, other than the quote from Nina herself.

So, do I dare ask, is this quote so anonymous? ~LOL

Or could this be a quote from Nina herself?

Also must add, she tweeted this short after, or before Ian tweeted - Jus' sayin'.
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più di un anno fa minimew037 said…
It could possibly be made my Nina but you can never be sure. I am think maybe even Ian might have said it so that's why it's says anonymous. But i am almost positive its made by Nina

I don't understand why she is making her & Ian so obvious. If your dating just say it !
If its not Ian that she is directing this tweet to then who else could it be? It has to be Ian :) <3
più di un anno fa Aubreykarew said…
Yeah this quote is from nina to ian only hehe,, saw this on twitter,, also nina retweet two things, nothing much but ian tweeted abt last lions and nina re tweeted it. Then ian retweeted leonardo s tweet and nina retweeted that too !!! Also these days they cum on twitter at almost d same time,,,. Its like they r slowly trying to confirm they r together but not openly say cause of tvd luv triangle
più di un anno fa 68beats said…
I think that Ian said it to her.