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SangHelion posted on Aug 19, 2009 at 04:27AM
I've been an Ice Age fan for a while now, but to say the truth I really don't like how FOX is only making sequels because they make money.

As I've said on my lenghty article, they need to have an appealing so that everyone goes to see it, sadly Ice Age: Th4w is likely to happen although not much anymore since if it were a rumor FOX spread on the net, it has gotten over control, I think if there's a fourth film it is only like 20% of being Th4w now.

Anyways, what I want to say is my proposed continuity to the series, I think we need a fourth and a fifth film, with at least Buck returning, I think Diego must find love in the fourth and Sid in the fifth, since he's the trigger for the adventures our friends have, he'd have to be the last one.

I'd like to see at the end of the series in a fifth film the herd disbans because they all have a family on their own, that's my proposed ending to the films.

Also, I can only say I really don't want Th4w, but we have to admit that it'd be awesome to see Buck in the urban jungle.

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più di un anno fa 18wanda said…
It sure would be. They need to make it good. It seems that the more they go on, the cheesier they get from the first one.
più di un anno fa 18wanda said…
Why is the fourth one called Th4w?
più di un anno fa SangHelion said…
big smile
"to melt" reffers to turning an ice cube into water, "to thaw" means something is frozen inside an ice cube, the ice cube turnes into water and whatever it's inside is released

the 4 means it's the fourth film, and in internet slangs, the 4 can be taken as an A, the 3 as an E, 0 as an O and 1 as an I
più di un anno fa Kinkystar said…
I would love to see Buck again in a fourth or fifth movie, but he has be just as cool as in the third mvie. I don't want him to become soft like Diego. I don't think Diego needs a girlfriend, he's simply not a family guy. Sid on the otherhand must get a mate! I would be sad if the herd would disband in the end of the series. I'm not really pleased with the IAth4w plot but I think it's a little early to panic.
più di un anno fa iloveSid said…
I would like to see Peaches grow and her adventures conserning her parents! he he!it would be fun! and Sid have a mate beacouse he wants so much to have kids!
It's not necessary for the herd to split! They are more than firends, they are like brothers.

And I would like to see them all having their great adventure maybe at the 5th...
But who knows, maybe more, adventure can goes on as long as you can imagine!
più di un anno fa imnum1fanofkate said…
sid doesnt need a mate; but diego needs 1. sid has had waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many chances before! diego has never had a chance. and besides, it's already too late because they r making a 4th film and diego is going to have a love interest named Shira!and besides, i thought it was called continental drift.
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