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IU's official light stick has been revealed!

Along with the announcement about her official fan club, Fave Entertainment released foto of the singer's official light stick. Light green and white are the theme colors. The light stick will be available in white and silver and it will illuminate a neon yellow light.

fan are glad that IU is finally having an official light stick after 10 years since her debut.
How do te like the design of IU's light stick?

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아이유(IU) 좋은날 연습 영상.
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lee ji eun
Over the course of their careers, idols maintain an unbreakable bond with their fans. From their very first stage to their first anniversary, and up to every other significant memory in-between, they share a handful of heartfelt moments that further prove the strength of their everlasting relationship.

Amidst some of these moments, idols are so thankful for the Amore and support they keep receiving from their fan that they can’t help but burst into tears either during a concert, a Musica mostra win, o a fan event. That being said, here are seven times fan made idols shed tears of gratitude....
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