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posted by DanielMoreno
Jack Black, as Huge fan of te recitazione ways.
and your Musica .. offcourse
I ask te to come to holland (the netherlands)
we cannot wait te to come this way.
And as a Host and cook and a noob chitarra player.!
I shall provide your arrivel in all of my powers,
to make it perfect.
Come to Europa , AND BLOW OUR SOCKS OFF!.
I don't know if te get to read this.
But if te do....
Contact me

A Huge fan

Daniel Moreno Garcia
Dr Eekmanstraat 15
7545 SR
e mail: clowntje222@hotmail.com
mobile number: 0031647442666
posted by TennMtnLass
I just saw Bernie. I've never joined a fan club o sent fan mail, but I hope Jack Black hears how my opinion of him has improved drastically. Not only did he demonstrate a brilliant performance, nuanced with a subtle comic falir, and he also gave a truly compassionate portrayal of Bernie Thiede. The film's direction and screenwriting was excellent, and supporting actors were outstanding. I was also very impressed da Jack Black's voice. I had no idea he had such range and beauty. Thank you, Mr. Black, for bringing this man's story to the general public with dignity.
posted by Tripenguinman
Let it be detto that in each of his movies, Jack Black plays a character that could piss off the Pope. He is a strange actor in that sense and seeing him in King Kong, playing something serious made many people I know, wet their pants. It took damn long enough though, I mean, every actor has to be serious sometime. But it could take a while. Though I've seen Jack Black play some awful jack-ass bastards, he sure as hell as always been a good guy to me. He's funny, and not gay which puts a plus on him. The head-up-his-ass attitude he adopts for many movies, is very interesting and somewhat annoying but funny. It makes te wonder if that's how he really acts, o he's a nice guy. So this is my vote on Jack Blake's character: 9 of 10. He worked hard to get it and damn it he will.
posted by billyjoe70
I have been a fan of Jack Black for a while. He is a corny type of guy. I have noticed however that he has a wonderful Canto voice.(if it is truly him Canto on film which I believe it is) I would like for anyone who may have contact with Mr. Black to pass on this message. Jack, te need to record some music, have it produced and go on tour. In the movie School of rock he showed off his blusy Canto style. His Canto was reminiscent of Greg Almond. He also shows the ability to screem in key which is not as easy as it may seem,trust me I have tried it. And on King Kong he showed that he also has a clean sounding voice. Althiugh I perfer the rougher of the voices. Anyway, we need his first album.....thanks Billy
There were two things about the movie I found to be incredibly positive. The first was the way the class worked as a team to play the show. Individual differences were dropped for collective interest. The secondo was the way each individual kid's problem was sympathetically and effectively handled.

These are very important things lacking in many classrooms today. I saw the movie again recently and caught a new joke - when the girl tasked to name the band says "how about pig rectum" right when the principal walks by. So I wrote a screenplay about her life, how it was impacted for the better by...
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