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Chapter 12: Starry night sky.
“Come on Ness, we’ll go for a swim." Jacob took her hand in his.
"That sounds great!" Renesmee smiled.
"It’s quite a walk, is that okay" Jacob teased.
"It sounds like an adventure to me! Let's go!"
Renesmee tied the hem of her baggy T-shirt in a knot just below her hips. Jacob yanked his camicia off over his head and tossed it onto a low branch.
It had taken them an ora and forty-five minuti of hard running to get to the river, but it was worth it. The surface of the water was smooth and dark, reflecting a sky full of stars. Renesmee took a step towards the riverbank,...
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Chapter 11: Choosing the right path.
Renesmee shifted away from him, pressing her back as far against the car door as it would go. The small spazio was too close and his scent was overwhelming.
"Why?" she whispered. His eyes crinkled for a moment and he looked at her, his silver eyes stirring with hidden emotion.
"I'm not sure. The same reason your Jacob has one with you. It's not something we can control,"
"You can't have one with me. I Amore Jake," He didn't flinch but she saw the deep hurt in his eyes. Her cuore stuttered. She didn't want to cause him any pain. His hand slowly moved up into...
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