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JD and Elliot Do te think we need a new icona now JD and Elliot are Together?

20 fans picked:
No. i like this one.
 rockandroll89 posted più di un anno fa
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tushtush picked Yes.:
I think them kissing when they arrive at Hope Town would be a nice picture. Or when it all started in My Happy Place. Or them kissing in My Cookie Pants. There'll probably be some nice pictures from My Soul on Fire Part 2, as well. But I do like the ope Town arrival kiss best. :D
posted più di un anno fa.
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ritergrl picked Yes.:
I agree, we definately need a new icon.
I'd personally like something from My Happy Place or MYSOF
posted più di un anno fa.
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rockandroll89 picked Yes.:
I agree ^^^^
posted più di un anno fa.