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Roketfan detto …
I bought the Rocket statue from Suckerpunch.
Then life kicked in and i had to sell it. It was my
Centerpiece for about a year. I will get another!
Someday. postato più di un anno fa
Roketfan detto …
Oh yeah sorry u were brilliant in Hunger Games.
I just wanted to see te on screen more. Im just selfish.
I want to see te on screen 😉 postato più di un anno fa
Roketfan detto …
Suckerpunch just blew me away. te grew up so well.
recitazione that is. I tried to follow te other projects.
Im still trying to follow. Life.... it gets in the way!@@ postato più di un anno fa
Roketfan detto …
te were so brilliant in Contact. Your eyes just said
Stop looking at the stars and learn about them. TY! postato più di un anno fa
-JWaylandFTW- detto …
Can't wait to see her play Johanna in Catching Fire! postato più di un anno fa
deniselvsjeff detto …
Jena Malone u rock! postato più di un anno fa
KatiiCullen94 detto …
Dedicated Medal. postato più di un anno fa
Andressa_Weld commentato…
Congrats più di un anno fa